What's Your Number?

Inspired by the recent article on Favorite Names, Uniforms, and Jerseys, It got me wondering what most people would put ON THE BACK of their jersey – What’s your Number?

Almost every hockey fan has donned a uniform at some time – A late-night roller league, Weekend Tournament, As a kid in pee-wee or even just Street Ball in your favorite players jersey – most folks have a special digit or two they favor to put on the back. Some guys just dont feel like themselves playing the game if they dont have “Their Number”.

Number carry a lot of superstion, tradition and meaning to the person wearing them.

My favorite – #87. Couple reasons, One, I just like the Digits, 2nd, I was born on August 7th, or 8-7.

The only NHL player I know of wearing that number is Donald Brashear, and I didnt choose it because of him!

Some other numbers I consider “cool” are:

3, 7, 12, 14, 17, 31, 56, 74 and 97 (after Jeremy Roenick, one of my favorite players)

The “Uncool”

2, 4, 5 ,15, 20, 24, 40, and anything in the 60’s. I dont know why I dont like these, I just wouldnt wear them.

So what would be “your number”?

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