When are the Bruins going to sign Felix Potvin??

When are the Boston Bruins going to sign veteran free agent goalie Felix Potvin? We all know it will happen. Why hasn’t it happened yet? What is Mike O’Connnell waiting for? With Cujo out of the picture because of the injury and the fact that Jeremy Jacobs went public with the matter basically saying that Cujo to Boston is not going to happen because it would tie up the Bruins payroll and the Bruins like most teams out there are scared of the furture of the NHL. They don’t want a $16 million dollar goalie on their hands. Potvin is the most likely choice. The only other guys that are out there are Jamie Storr which wouldn’t make sense because he’s a backup and the Bruins already have a backup in Steve Shields. And Sean Burke still might be available. But Phoenix would be stupid trading this guy. When Sean Burke is healthy he has shown over the past couple of seasons that he’s one of the better goalies out there. I think they will keep Sean Burke atleast for awhile this season. If they haven’t gotten rid of him by now they probably will keep him this season and maybe trade him at the deadline when his trade value is much higher. I highly doubt anyways that the Bruins would want Burke. They wouldn’t take on his $4.5 million dollar contract.

I would suspect that Boston will iron out a deal for Felix Potvin in the next week or so. Camp is coming up and they will need a starting goalie. Boston can get Potvin at a reduced rate. Potvin would be inclined to take a 1 year deal in the vicinity of $2 million which would be affordable for Boston.

With Boston signing Potvin they have a little problem on their hands. Steve Shields likely would be the odd guy out but would the Bruins be willing to eat his contract? Probably not. Will anyone pick him up in waivers? Probably not at this stage in the offseason. What might happen is this. They keep Potvin and Shields atleast for awhile until some injury goes down to a backup goalie on another team. They can then trade Shields to that team and bring up Andrew Raycroft from Providence during the season.

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  1. titans says:

    Isn’t it kinda silly to call Potvin “The Cat” when in reality he’s known not to have the quickest of reflexes? Justa thought.

    As for him going to the Bruins…this is the Bruins, when’s the last time they ever did anything intelligent?

  2. BosBrn77 says:

    I have mixed feelings regarding Potvin. I think Potvin could get Boston into the playoffs but I think Raycroft is ready as well. If we brought in Potvin, I would want Raycroft as the back up. They could trade Shields to Colorado so he could be a veteran back up behind Abby.

    On the other hand, knowing Bruins’ management, they will probably just go with Raycroft and Shields to save money. Could it work? Most definitely! But they need to let Raycroft know that they have faith in him.

    As for Burke, he WILL be traded soon. Otherwise he will be lost in the waiver draft for nothing. Phoenix has Bierk, Boucher, and Burke and one will have to be left exposed. I see Burke getting traded so they do not have to lose him for nothing. Will he go to Boston? Not for what they were asking before.

    What will happen, is one of three things….

    1)Sign Potvin and trade Shields so Raycroft will back him up.

    2)Go with Raycroft and Shields. Raycroft deserves the shot… give it to him.

    3)Make a big trade to bring in a big name goalie.(And NOT Cujo because of his salary!) Do a package deal and get Salo, Khabibulin, Biron, or Thibault

    I would not mind #1 or #2 since it would not cost us a roster spot on any of the lines. To get a bigger goalie, it would have to include a youngster a pick and possibly more depending on who we are looking at.

  3. BosBrn77 says:

    “As for him going to the Bruins…this is the Bruins, when’s the last time they ever did anything intelligent?”


    I’d say when they drafted Thornton, but isn’t that past the statute of limitations???

  4. godblessHABS says:

    I think Potvin is waiting for a call from Pierre Lacroix. The Avs need an experimented goaler and two years a go LA and Potvin pushed the Avs to a 7th game in the playoff. My bet is Potvin going to Colorado. Sorry for you Bruins fans.

  5. titans says:

    Oh come on! Drafting Thorton was a no brainer! A monkey coulda figured that one out! The Bruins take screwing things up to a whole new level! And if they lose Samsonov that’ll be the last straw for me!

  6. JimMorrison says:

    Some of your comments i agree with but on some of them i don’t. Mike O’Connell doesn’t have the faith yet in Andrew Raycroft and this is so obvious because of all the rumors about goalies coming to Boston. And if that isn’t enough for you, Mike O’Connell in an interview about 6 days ago or so on NESN said that he doesn’t know who the starting goalie will be. He said it could be Racroft,Shields and he said there is still a possibility in getting a goalie. If he really had faith in Raycroft, he would have said it. It’s obvious that O’Connell wants a goalie and the Bruins really need a legit number 1.

    And i don’t know about Sean Burke being traded. I think they might keep him and send Bierk down. The only two places that Burke will go is Colorado or Boston. Colorado is sticking by their young goalies. And Boston already rejected a deal for Sean Burke months ago. I don’t even think they would want his $4.5 million dollar contract. He is very injury prone anyhow.

    Boston isn’t going to get a big name or any goalie for that matter in a trade now at this stage in the offseason when teams are pretty much set on thier rosters. Why would the Bruins want Tommy Salo when they could get Felix Potvin who is basically the same goalie. Same age, couple of all-star seasons, both have good reflexes. The big difference is that the Bruins would have to give up something to get Salo and Salo’s salary would be more than Potvin’s. Potvin is the better bargain. Potvin is better in the playoff’s as well.

  7. JimMorrison says:

    I highly doubt it. Colorado is sticking by their young guns atleast for awhile until mid season. If their going well they might not need anyone, who knows. I don’t think they would want Felix Potvin to drive them all the way to the Cup. Potvin, at this stage in his career, isn’t good enough to lead even a great team like Colorado to the Cup. They would be just wasting money on something that they don’t really need. With that offense they can win games 5-4, 6-5. If the really need goaltending down the line, they will make a trade for a bigger name goalie. Colorado also has a history (until this year) of not going after free agents. Felix Potvin is a free agent. Felix Potvin would be better suited on a team like Boston that really needs a number 1 goalie.

  8. BosBrn77 says:

    Yeah… drafting Thornton was easy. So then…. I’d have to say the Pederson for Neely and a 1st(Wesley) many moons ago.

    If they get a goalie like Khabibulin for Samsonov, then I will still watch. But if they get a Cujo or Burke, I will beat OC’s ass!

  9. BosBrn77 says:

    Again….. I never said Mike had convidence in Raycroft… I said he had to tell Raycroft he does. Yes… if it has to happen… lie to him. Hell…. all of us Bruins’ fans don’t have convidence in Mike! LOL

    I don’t think sending Bierk down works. I think he counts against the roster regardless. So Burke would be odd man out. Bruins may be able to get him for a 3rd or 4th rounder now. Which is the best I would offer.

    I think you are right that Potvin and Salo are about even. The only difference is Salo gives a team stability. He has been with Edmonton for years and really has not had up and down seasons like Potvin has.

    And honestly… I think the waiver draft comes into affect with Boston if they sign Potvin as well. They can only protect two goalies, and they probably do not want to risk losing Shields or Raycroft.

    Just a thought.

  10. BosBrn77 says:

    I agree. Colorado would go after Storr as a backup to Abby before they would sign Potvin as a number one.

  11. godblessHABS says:

    I didn’t follow the Samsonov case. Is he really on the trade market? And why? Because of his wrist injurie last year. I think he is one of the most spectacular player in this league….

    If he stays in Boston do you guys see him playing with Thornton and Murray, or is the coach will want to split them in two more equilibrated lines with Rolston?

    I’m planing my hockey pool so if Bruins fans can help me on this.


  12. BosBrn77 says:

    If Samsonov stays in Boston, and it looks like he will, he will play on the second line. I do not see Sullivan splitting up Knuble/Thornton/Murray. I’m hoping the Bruins sign another center so they do not break up the third line either. The Axellson/Rolston/LaPointe line is one of the best third lines in the league. So they will need another center(Oates and Nieuwendyk have been mentioned in the Herald in the past) unless they give Hilbert a big boost of convidence and let him play 2nd line. That sounds crazy… but who knows with Boston!

  13. Malurous says:

    Raycroft is exempt, right? So they don’t have to protect him.

    If Salo doesn’t have up and down seasons then why was he an allstar goalie a while back and downright bad last year?

    Phoenix probably wouldn’t give Burke that cheap. They’d look really stupid if they traded him for a fourth-rounder after asking for Barret Jackman at the deadline. And Boucher could be the odd man out, too, because he lost his job to Bierk last year when Burke was injured, and hasn’t looked anything like the Coyotes’ goalie of the future during his tenure.

  14. Malurous says:

    Problems with #3:

    Scene 1: Bruins get Salo.

    Edmonton ends up with their highly regarded starting goalie… TY CONKLIN! And the backup… umm… Stephen Valiquette? Yeah right.

    Scene 2: Bruins get Khabibulin.

    Tampa Bay goes with John Grahame and Evgeny Konstantinov. Yeah right.

    Scene 3: Bruins get Thibault.

    Chicago can pick a tandem out of Steve Passmore, Michael Leighton and Craig Anderson to man the crease. Yeah right.

    These are not realistic ideas.

  15. Malurous says:

    If he’s traded, which I highly doubt, it would be because of his RFA status. With Boston’s tight payroll, sticking to free agents seeking a raise is often difficult.

  16. BosBrn77 says:

    I think Raycroft will have to be protected this year. Depends on how many games he played.

    Salo has had “some” ups and downs, but not nearly as bad as Potvin. And Salo has played on inferior teams as well.

    I don’t think Phoenix would get any more for Burke considering injuries and age. And actually, they looked stupid asking for Jackman period! Burke is not worth that much.

  17. BosBrn77 says:

    Problems with your response…. I was only mentioning names that I have heard may be on the block.

    Rumors out of Edmonton is they want to go with Conklin and maybe sign Storr.

    I live in Tampa and there have been reports that Khabibulin is on the way out. It was reported that Tampa was talking with Potvin, and they were interested in moving Khabibulin.

    And I have heard Thibault is on his way out too.

    And who knows what Boston offers. But again, I mentioned names I have heard… nothing in stone!

  18. BosBrn77 says:

    His repaired injured wrist is the biggest stumbling block.

  19. JimMorrison says:

    Those rumors are just laughable wherever you heared them BosBrn77. Why would the Bruins want Tommy Salo when they could get Felix Potvin for cheaper money and they wouldn’t have to give up anything for him. Plus Potvin is better than Salo in the playoff’s. Potvin has had an up and down career, but Salo had a terrible regular season and even the playoff’s were even worse for him. He could be going on the downside of his career. It’s best to stay away from him. Who would be Edmonton’s starting goalie anyhow if they trade Salo? Conklin? Would Edmonton in turn sign Potvin? I mean none of this make any sense. The Tampa Bay rumor really doesn’t make any sense either. Khabibulin is atleast 50% of that team. They can’t trade Khabibulin. He is too important to that team. If they were going to trade him they would have done it months ago. The Bruins couldn’t afford his salary anyhow. And who would be the starter then for Tampa? John Grahame? Would they sign Potvin? Why get rid of Khabibulin when your going to replace him with a guy like Potvin?None of this makes any sense. Thibault is just an ok goalie. Nothing special. Yet again, why go after Thibault when you can get Potvin cheaper without giving up anything in return. It all boiles down to Felix Potvin for the Bruins.

  20. JimMorrison says:

    Sean Burke is making $4.5 million you know lol end of story. The Bruins are not going to pay that much for an old,inury prone goalie. And even if Burke was young and healthy i still highly doubt the Bruins getting him because in the Bruins history, the Bruins have never paid that much for a goalie. With Samsonov and Boynton still out there and waiting to be signed, the Bruins are not going to add a $4.5 million dollar player onto their roster anytime soon. It basically boiles down to if your the Bruins to Felix Potvin or going with an inexperiened Raycroft or just a decent backup in Shields. I wouldn’t want to take the chance again if im Mike O’Connell. O’Connell took the chance last year and look what he got out of it. O’Connell is in his final year of his deal and if the team doesn’t get past the 1st round of the playoff’s, O’Connell could be out of the job. If i was O’Connell i would rather have Potvin as my starting goalie than Shields or Raycroft. Potvin has the experience, playoff experience and past success to have a pretty good year with Boston.

  21. BosBrn77 says:

    Very good point regarding O’Connel’s contract. Potvin would make logic since it would not cost them any players or picks. But if they could move salary for another goalie to compensate for the contract the goalie has, then I think they would do it.

    I personally do not care for Burke. If I’m trading for someone… I like Biron. He has talent, he is young, and he comes cheap. But what would we have to give up?

  22. jonrazor says:

    Your comments on Potvin going to Boston is crazy. The Avs are going to probably sign Potvin. Don’t feel like elaborating on this sorry.

  23. BosBrn77 says:

    Again, JimMorrison, like i said…. I’m only mentioning names I have heard that are on the block. So your response is just laughable. I’m not just throwing names out…. I’m repeating ones that I have heard were attainable.

    As for signing Potvin, they would have to move Shields or they would lose him in the waiver draft.

    As for what you feel does not make sense… I could care less! I’m only posting names I have heard that might be traded. Does Edmonton want to dump salary? Does Tampa have other ideas? They did sit Khabibulin in the playoffs which pissed him off! Who knows. Again… before you jump in my $#IT about what I’m posting, read my post first.

    Maybe Potvin does not want to come to Boston? Maybe they have tried. Honestly, knowing Boston, they’ll stay with Shields and Raycroft.

  24. BosBrn77 says:

    The Avs have already said they are going with Abby. They have already given him the word so he is ready. If they sign a goalie, it will be a backup that has some veteran leadership. Someone like Storr would fit as a backup that could win 15-20 games for them.

  25. TheMinister says:

    What about Huml? I thought he was pretty solid for a young guy. I saw him play here in Vancouver (WHL) and he was the best player on the ice.

  26. Levitate says:

    i don’t particularly hate the bruins or really even dislike them…but i can’t stand their managment…they rarely do anything to benefit the team and at this rate it’s only a matter of time before they run thorton out of town for asking for too much money

  27. Levitate says:

    i don’t know a whole lot about how many games in the NHL raycroft might have played…but depending on his age and amount of NHL games played, he still may be protected from the waiver draft

    has he played lots of games in the NHL? if he hasn’t played any he probably is exempt still

  28. Levitate says:

    from what i’ve heard he might be asking too much in a new contract…$5 mill and up and the idea is the bruins may not want to pay him that much, coming off an injured wrist and all

    but that’s the ONLY reason i could see them wanting to trade him…

  29. BosBrn77 says:

    From what the Boston Herald was reporting, he wasn’t concerned too mcuh with the money, he wanted a long term contract. With the CBA expiring, Boston has been signing most of their players to 1 year deals. I think they will get it done considering that if Samsonv sat out this year, it would hurt him more then help him.

    I think Boston will sign him to a 1 year deal with an option for a second. He should be in camp.

  30. Donovan says:

    Did anyone else notice that Boston and Pittsburgh have the same color bubble?

  31. defenestrate says:

    So do Titans and Anna Nicole Smith…

  32. orlandomac says:

    I think Potvin and the Bruins would be a good match….

    Potvin is a much maligned goalie, and gets little respect.

    He got pushed out for a selfish bum in Toronto…

    Then had to endure The Isles, Vancouver when they had no defence or offence for that matter.

    He finally ended up in Los Angeles where his hard work payed off…

    still Los Angeles injury prone lineup didn’t help but he still posted decent numbers…

    single handedly pushing superior teams in Detroit and Colorado, in their playoff heydays.

    I was a fan of his from his Toronto days where he averaged over 40 shots a game one year, and had a stellar Save percentage and goals against average.

    This guy is a fighter, and thats what Boston needs.

    I know too well what an ownership like boston’s can do to their fans, I lived through it here in Toronto for decades. So I’ve always sympathized with you folks in Boston. You are great fans, with a lousy ownership, ours is still lousy too, they spend only enough to get us in the playoffs, and ruin every draft pick we get….

    As for the guy that made the comment about his reflexes, this couldn’t be further from the truth….

    He has the quickest reflexes, thats why he sits so far back in his crease and still is effective.

    If he would push out a little more, Boston would get some primetime numbers out of him, not to mention knocking off some of the Easts big teams come playoff time.

    Unfortunately I don’t think your ownership will be smart enough to pick him up, here is hoping they do.

    Best of Luck this season!

  33. Gforce says:

    I wouldn’t mind Potvin,Burke is a bum,a history of injuries.he’d play 4 games and be out the rest…To answer your question :when are they gonna sign potvin 10yrs and he’s going to be a scout.

  34. Blade_Runner says:

    Mike O’Connell has stated his interest in Cujo for a while now. He very recently stated that he intends to “keep in touch with Detroit on a deal.” The $8 million salary could be handled provided that Boston unloads $5 million disappointment Martin LaPointe and the Wings toss in some cash. This deal could still happen, provided that Cujo makes a complete recovery from his ankle surgury. He should be back in about a month.

    The Bruins have known about Cujo’s salary from day 1. I would be surprised if that, all of a sudden, is a reason for souring on Cujo. I think his health is more the issue. I’m not sure how Detroit is going to play Cujo to showcase him as a healthy and effective goalie so they can trade him when Hasek and Lagace are #1 and #2 respectively. Stay tuned.

  35. orlandomac says:

    I wouldn’t wish Cujo on the Bruins I have to much respect for their fans, although I can think of a few teams I would like to see him go too….

    Boston wouldn’t be one of them.

  36. BosBrn77 says:

    Huml is a very good player and I think he has a great deal of potential. But he plays the wing. It would be nice to switch him to the right side so he could play on a line with Samsonov and whatever center they put in there. I know the Bruins will not sign two more players, but Oates would look great on the second line. That line could be Samsonov/Hilbert(Oates if they sign him)/Huml.

    I think Goren will turn into another huge mistake. The Bruins should not have let him go. I put Goren in the same status as Hilbert and Huml. Just my opinion.

  37. BosBrn77 says:

    Very well said!

    I think another upside of Potvin would be… not having to give up another player.

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