When will Price get his shot?

2 games in and the Habs are 1-1. I know, I know….Here it goes, when does Carbo give Price his first shot? Pittsburgh, Carolina or Florida?

I think we need to keep Huey in for 1 more game and see how he does against the Penguins. His performance in Toronto was, well let’s say Toskala made the saves when it counted. Up 3-1, you have to be able to shut the door, and Huet did not. So, let’s give him another shot. Carolina’s going to be hungry this time around. So, if Huet beats the Penguins, do we go back to Huet, or give the Kid his first shot at home? It could be the start of something special in Montreal. Mark my words, I think that if the Candiens do play well enough to make the playoffs, Price will be the go to guy! He’s the future of this franchise, and the hopes of another Cup in Montreal. Only time will tell. Any comments, thoughts?