when will the balance in bad officiating begin

Before i begin i would like to state that i’ve never been one to complain about officiating till now cause i’m sure like most habs fans, enough is enough. where do i start? Did last night’s blatent attempt to injure look familiar? rewind to last years playoffs when koivu’s career was nearly ended while the ref was 10 feet away and no call was made.
If emery is not suspended for at least a couple of games it would be a serious joke. For the 48th time in 56 games we had less pp’s than the opposition and boast the worst pp to pk ratio in the league. Every game the b.s. weak calls against and very rarely the same calls are made the other way. You can see the frustration in carbo’s eyes and also in the players. How does the league explain that most teams have had about 300 to 350 pp’s andthe habs like 250. Where is the balance?

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  1. habsfan67 says:

     I agree with you 100 percent ive been saying this for years montreal gets the marginal call against them but a shot in the face like lapierre gets  recieves only two mionutes isa *****in joke the habs are aware but they cant say anything for fear of being fined by the league if there is a web space to go to to voice our displeasure let me know this has to come to an end it is an injustice to the french hockey fans that seem to be taking this  without saying anything and its pissing me off. my friends and i are habs fans and it seems pretty obvious why cant anyone else step up and say something

  2. cristowall39 says:

    i agree 100% this is such a BS league we were on the powerplay 3rd to last (258 times) and we are the 4th most penalised team in the Nhl(311 times)
    i say the habs should have like a meeting witht the league but not publiclyso they wont get fined.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    it's really hard to blame the nhl for this.  unfortunately, it is more likely that coaching is to blame.  montreal gives up so many shots, that they generally are playing without the puck.  that's why they take penalties.  they need to play more of a puck possession game.  when a team possesses the puck, they force the opposition into taking penalties. 

    the high stick on koivu has nothing to do with what is happening here. 

  4. CanDude says:

    For the Koivu incident: I think that was just bad luck. High sticking calls are often unnoticed. Remember Bouillon on Crosby? No call there. The Koivu incident DEFINITELY deserved a Double Minor. But it would seem they didn't see it happen despite it being RIGHT in front of them.

    Okay.. okay.. mistakes happen. I'll take then..

    But let's get to Emery.

    HE SWUNG HIS STICK IN LAPIERRE'S FACE! Remember McSorley on Brashear? Perezhogin in the American League 2 years ago? If you swat a stick in a player's face, THAT'S A SUSPENSION. In fact, that should be immediate ejection FROM THE GAME.

    Sheldon Souray got thrown out of a game for fighting with another guy who also dropped his gloves (and first I might add).

    Emery deliberately swings his stick (the biggest stick on the ice..) in a guy's face. The refs SAW it because they called a minor penalty. So as far as I'm concerned, they SAW it and refuse to address it seriously.

    I try to be fair with the officiating. I never complain about it out-right (with the exception of old dumbass Kerry Frazier moments). But this one? AWEFUL call. It's not that they missed it, they just didn't get it the importance it deserved.

    The difference between 2 minutes and ejection? Was the fact that Lapierre wore a visor. If he hadn't, that this would be the biggest news in Hockey right now.

  5. bleedingblu says:

    ….anyone got tissues?

  6. the_purolator_guy says:

    i would love to see what would happen if this happened in toronto, with the way the fans and media are there this would of been the biggest topic on sportsnet for about a month, especially if it had happened to a first line player instead of a fourth, tell me i'm wrong

  7. the_purolator_guy says:

    what if this had happened to crosby? it would of been automatic 5 min and a game and probably a 5 game suspension.  I give full marks to lapierre for not pulling a crosby and dropping like he was shot and fake an injury, it just shows how much character he's got

  8. mikey64 says:

    lol refs are gay my dad hates the sport now ks of all the penalties

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