Where Do The Habs Stand At The Deadline?

Sorry to non-Habs fans for another Habs article, it’s just I haven’t written about them in nearly 6 months. So yeah, sorry.

Now, over the last 4 or 5 days, I’ve been asking myself just where does Montreal stand going into the Trade Deadline, which isĀ in 30 days. Should they be big buyers… and go after the Marian Hossa’s and Mats Sundin’s? Or should they continue to do what they’ve they’ve the last several seasons and aquire minor pieces like the Todd Simpson’s and Jim Dowd’s? Or should they stay the course with the current roster and the only changes should be the promotions of players like Kyle Chipchura and Carey Price near the Play-Offs?

As of right now, the biggest name’s I’ve heard (though the names may or may not be truely on the move) thus far are Alex Tanguay, Mats Sundin, Olli Jokinen and Marian Hossa. Should the Habs make a play for one of these players and give up quality prospects and draft picks for a player may or may not be here when Montreal’s ready for Cup Contention?

I think we can all agree that Montreal isn’t a Cup Contender this year, so that should rule out trading for Hossa and Sundin, well at least Sundin anyway. That leaves a possible though not likely trade off for Hossa, Jokinen or Tanguay. I personally believe none of them will be moved to Montreal and in Jokinen and Tanguay’s case, they are important pieces to their respective teams and neither Florida or Calgary should be making moves for Sundin considering they each have a bright future without Sundin.

Montreal has a very good and deep Prospect pool that could potentially be moved to aquire the “missing piece”, so to speak. Montreal’s highest ranking prospects according to hockeysfuture.com are: Carey Price, Ryan McDonagh, Kyle Chipchura, Max Pacioretty, Ben Maxwell, David Fischer, Sergei Kostitsyn, Jaroslav Halak, Mikhail Grabovski, Alexei Emelin, Ryan O’Byrne, PK Subban, Pavel Valentenko, Ryan White, Matt D’Agostini, Mathieu Carle, Ryan Russell and Mathieu Aubin. That’s a solid core group right there that includes 2 Goalies, 9 Forwards and 7 Defencemen. That’s depth for ya however, their exists such a thing as being too deep. Not all of these players are going to make it in Montreal and the only names I see being a valued part of the team are Price, McDonagh, Chipchura, Pacioretty, Fischer, Kostitsyn, O’Byrne, Valentenko and D’Agostini and I still believe that not all of these guys will make it in Montreal.

As of right now, Montreal’s biggest concern should be getting a good face-off man. They’ve gone this far without a Big Centre that it really isn’t necesarily needed right now like it has been in the past but in time, it will be needed again. So, why not play the part of a small buyer this year and get either Mike Peca or Jarret Stoll and let the team grow as a whole without disturbing anything? Both are Free Agents however Stoll is an RFA, is 8 years younger then Peca and offers more offensive upside. As for addressing the toughness issue, that can wait until July 1st when the likes of Georges Laraque, Eric Godard and Andre Roy and others like them hit the open market (The Free Agent market sucks this year).

I’d love to see a deal like this get done but I believe it won’t for various reasons.

To Edmonton:
Michael Ryder
Mikhail Grabovski (I believe he’d flourish with Gagner and/or Cogliano’s soft passes)

To Montreal:
Jarret Stoll (Give’s Montreal the desired Face-Off man they need)

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  1. Habfanforever says:

    What I would like to see for the playoffs (should they make it) is for the team to let the young forwards go into the playoffs and just gain experience. I say let the forward group go in untouched. They could make a push for Rob Blake who would instantly make Montreal's defence a painful experience to get around.


      Gorges, Brisebois as insurance replacements

      Probably would be one of the toughest d-cores in the east heading into the playoffs.

       If they were to tweak the forward core, the only thing I would like (probably a pipe dream) is for Gainey to sign Selanne and dump Ryder for a pick somewhere.


      Not a bad forwqard core if you ask me. GREAT mix of everything. The only thing would be Selanne being the only "pure" goal scorer on this team. Otherwise could be surprisingly good.

  2. camerak says:

    Selanne has repeated stated he will only play for Anaheim, so your idea is a pipe dream.

    Montreal should make a push for a veteran presence with some playoff experience if they want to make a push.  There's nothing wrong with the group of players the Habs have now.  They are playing pretty decent hockey and have been in the majority of games they've lost this season.  Who that veteran player who could help them win the games they haven't been in is, I don't know.  Last season, Montreal were miracle workers when it came to come from behind victories, this year, I think they lost their black hat.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    wasn’t this article posted last week?

  4. darcysucker says:

    that's what i thought

  5. Archion113 says:

    For all you Flyer/Briere haters…

    The situation that the league was investigating has been resolved and no disciplinary actions will be taken because nothing was found.

  6. Oil-Life says:

    Nah, I don't want Ryder.  Much rather have Higgens!  But I'm just being greedy.  Haha.  PK Subban or Kyle Chipchura would be nice to have too.  If I'm Montreal, I get one more defencemen and maybe another forward.  That should be enough for the playoffs.  You guys are in good shape, hope yah make it and succeed.

  7. CanadaIsGold says:

    If the Habs were serious I feel Gainey would target Olli Jokinen out of all the players mentioned above. He is a proven goal scorer and playmaker on some nights and is exactly what the Canadiens need to make a strong playoff run.

    If the Habs could go for Jokinen that would be swell, as you know the only player I wanna see is Vinny Lecavalier come to the Habs(next summer watch, his father has stated numerous times he wants to see his son play for the Habs and he has nothing to prove in Tampa Bay so just watch!), but with Tampa Bay’s ownership in a flunk that unlikely to happen anytime soon.

    But going for Jokinen would make our team better over-all on the scoring department and keeps Saku happy for this season and next with a player he’s familiar with in Inernation Games, I say send:
    Dandenault or Gorges
    1st rounder
    3rd rounder

    to Florida for


    If the Habs were to do this they would be a very good team come playoff time if they continue to stay healthy and play strong like the showing against the Devils the other night. If they get a few more wins on home ice this team could quite possibly be the Cinderella story of the NHL this year, anything can happen, GO HABS GO!

  8. habsrock99 says:

    Why did my article get posted again???

  9. Habroller says:

    Greedy indeed. I don't see how we would send you our #1 LW for your third center, considering we ARE the buyers!

  10. Kramer says:

    If the Habs are gonna make a playoff run, they still have to get past the Leafs.

  11. CanadaIsGold says:

    More like if the Leafs are gonna make a playoff run, they have to get past the HABS, 12 points ahead of the Laughs, I think Montreal's already schooled the Leafs this year.

  12. habsoverserver says:

    because you made more sense than everyone who wrote that montreal can get a first line all-star for ryder, danenault and a pick.

    they might as well repost your article everyday and keep the stupid stuff in the trash.

  13. FarFromFreedom says:

    im a major Leafs fan and hate the Habs with a passion but honestly how can you say the Habs arnt cup contenders? any team that gets in the playoffs all have a legit shot at winning the cup. The Habs are a very fast and skilled team and from what i know from playing the Leafs there is grit on this team. 3 games in a row now i can honestly say Montreal knocked around Toronto. The only real question is goaltending and can Huet get you guys to the final's .. i doubt it but who know's hes what 4th overall in GAA and first in save%. i dont know the actual stats because i dont follow the habs but this is just from what ive seen against the Leafs. I dont see Sundin being moved to Montreal/Ottawa .. but who know's .. i dont think Cliff actually cares about rivals, he's here to shed space and make this team better. If it was to happen i wouldnt mind despite my hate towards the habs/sens aslong as the Leafs got a great return for their future.

  14. habsrock99 says:

    I can easily say they aren't Cup Contenders because they have virtually no experience where it counts. Here's the Habs line up with the amount of Play-Off games under each players belts, then tell me if the stand a chance(* denotes Rookie):

    Higgins(6)-Koivu(43)-S. Kostitsyn*(0)
    A. Kostitsyn(0)-Plekanec(6)-Kovalev(100, 1 Cup)
    Begin(11)-Smolinski(111)-Dandenault(70, 2 Cups)

    Gorges(11)/Brisebois(87, 1 Cup)


    TOTAL: 583 Total Play-Off games and 4 Stanley Cup rings between 22 Players

    In comparison, Montreal's 4 coaches and GM, Bob Gainey(182, 5 Cups), Guy Carbonneau(231, 3 Cups), Kirk Muller(127, 1 Cup), Doug Jarvis(105, 4 Cups) and Roland Melanson(23, 3 Cups) have combined for 668 career Play-Off games and 16 Stanley Cups, far superior then an entire 22-man roster.

    That's why I don't believe Montreal is a Cup Contender. But, by making the Play-offs this year and in all likelihood being put out, all it will do is give the whole roster the Play-Off taste and the necessary experience to put them over the edge. Look at last year when everyone thought Sid's Pens would go far and they were just man-handled by the far more expierenced Sens.

  15. FarFromFreedom says:

    you may have a point and yes experience means alot however it doesnt mean everything .. take Anahiem for instance, heres the playoff totals they had before entering to the cup run.
    Getzlaf (16)                                 
    Perry (11)
    Mcdonald (16)
    Selanne (65)
    Pronger (107)
    Kunitz (8)
    Beauchemin (15)
    Huskins (0)
    S. Niedermayer (162)
    Marchant (49)
    O'Donnell (60)     
    Pahlsson (37)
    R. Niedermayer (68)        
    DiPenta (10)
    May (61)
    Miller (0)
    Parros (0)
    Moen (9)
    Giguire (27)

    Overall Playoff Games: 721 between 19 players

    Yes there is a difference of 138 games played however the Ducks had many players who barly had any playoff experience and also note Pronger and Niedermayer have a combined 269 games in total out of the 721 playoff games played throughout the lineup. As you can tell experience doesnt mean anything but obviously having the 2 best defenceman on your team will increase your chances of winning the cup ie.Pronger/Niedermayer.

    If the Habs were to pick up a player like Mats Sundin who is a great playoff performer, and another defenceman with experience .. it would increase their chance to win a stanley cup.

    Mats Sundin Playoff stats:   83 – 35 – 39 – 74

    Hes almost a point per game player in the playoffs and would inprove any clubs cup chances dramatically. I think if the Habs were to pick up  Sundin and defenceman with playoff experience, this team is a major contender.

  16. habswinthecup-again says:

     The '86 Habs had very little playoff experience as well.

  17. FarFromFreedom says:

    also note, Anaheim only had 3 Stanley cups on that team and all of them from Scotty Niedermayer. once again playoff experience and cup experience doesnt mean anything.

  18. Kramer says:

    The Leafs are gonna sweep the Habs in the semi-finals and face Anaheim for the Stanley Cup.

  19. lafleur10 says:

    i think you had better put the crack pipe down!!go have a good night sleep wake up and quit dreaming!!!!

  20. habsrock99 says:

    I never said it meant everything because their are a lot of cases where experience didn't matter BUT look at that same Anaheim team and look at all the KEY members: Niedermayer, Pronger, Giguere, Perry, Getzlaf, McDonald, Selanne, Niedermayer, Pahlsson, Marchant, Beachemin. They all had at least 10 Play-Off games under their belt. Look at Montreal's top 6, both Kostitsyn's, Plekanec and Higgins have less then 6. That's 4 of Montreal's Top 6 forwards and they have next to no experience. Montreal has a lot of "new comers" going into the post-season and all are key contributors. Look at that Ducks team, they had just 3 guys with zero experience come April. Look at Montreal, they have Andrei, Sergei, Latendresse, Lapierre, Streit (he has just 1). Now factor in that they missed the Play-Offs last year.

    Look at the Pens from last year, they added veteran talent and had players like Recchi in their line up but because players like Crosby, Malkin, Staal and Fleury, who ARE the Pens, they didn't have any type of Post-Season experience, they stood no chance in beating an experienced and hungry team in Ottawa.

    All I'm saying is that Montreal, realistically stands no shot at winning the Cup. HOWEVER, with the valuable experience they will surely gain, come this time next year, I'll be saying the Habs are Cup Contenders. They aren't there yet.

  21. Bure96 says:

    He was joking. Well, I think he was…

  22. FarFromFreedom says:

    well since they arnt cup contenders, it doesnt mean they arnt capable of going on a run during the playoffs, personally i could care less what the Habs do but i understand your overall point.

  23. Oil-Life says:

    Ha, no it was a joke.  He is one of my favorite Habs, great hockey player.

  24. Oil-Life says:

    That's actually not that bad, considering how young the new NHL is.  If you look at the Penguins, they are much of the same.  But they are a big favorite in the East to make some noise.  Sometimes its not so much the experience, but the gel a team has together, such as the Oilers in 2006.  And don't worry the Habs will swing a few deals at the deadline to bring in so talent and experience.

  25. Kramer says:

    Of course I was joking. Instead of Anaheim, it might be Detroit.

  26. my_sphincter says:

    Finally, someone with sense.  Bravo!

    "I think we can all agree that Montreal isn't a Cup Contender this year"

    That is a ridiculous statement.  The team sits 2nd in the conference only 6 points back with 1 game in hand.  They also sit 5th in the league with games in hand over 3 of the 4 teams in front of them (2 of the teams only lead them by 1 point).

    I would like to know the definition of a contender if the Habs aren't it?

  27. Peenz says:

    kramer u were dropped as a child I can clearly see.

  28. hab_a_holic says:

    Not sure who you mean when you say "we can all agree" Montreal is not a contender? Lets see 1) second place (points wise) in the east 5th overall in the league. 2) 2nd best power play 3) Playing and winning as a team without any "superstars". 4) speed 5) disciplined 6) and 3 solid goaltenders

     Oh yes 1 more thing HEART wins the second season not $$$ and these days the Canadians are playing with more heart and desire than any other team I have watched this year.

     We dont need a trade that would change the chemistry that is so obviously a major part of our success at this point? The ONLY thing would be a faceoff man other than that if it aint broke dont fix it


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