Where Do You Bet? My Choices For Fantasy Leagues and Hockey Betting

Thanks to the rise of the internet, fantasy leagues have become a staple for sports fans, especially hockey fans. In terms of fantasy, the best league I have ran across is run by the good people at Fantasy Sandox (www.sandbox.com). The stakes are high, your rosters are secure, and its a great way to get involved with a team of self-proclaimed hockey experts.

Enough with fantasy already, isn’t it more fun to bet the money lines on NHL games anyway? The best betting site i have had the pleasure of running into is BETonSports (www.betonsports.com). Its highly secure, offers direct credit card payment, or its very own paypal clone. Again security is great here and its easy to use. Plus it comes without all the ads you are accustomed to seeing on these kinds of sites (thankfully no porn advertisements). In addition, the site offers great teasers, all the major sports, and even betting on political events (money line is set at -300 that dudya will be re-elected).

I wrote this article to give you guys websites I use and hopefully to arise a debate in order to learn more about fantasy leagues and online betting, so please give your feedback!

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  1. Forsberg21 says:

    I first started off playing fantasy hockey a couple years ago at Smallworld.com. It was free and had a great setup. You started off with $50 M to sign 4 fowards, 3 defensman, and 2 goalies. You were provided 5 trades per week and you could sign any player whenever you wanted provided you had enough money, you didn’t have to trade another GM for him. The players price would rise or fall depending on how many people bought the player, making it possible to make money off players the way the stock market works, by selling the player and making a profit, thus adding to your budget. After a month or two, a decent GM would be up to $60 M to spend on his team. If you were the top GM at midseason, you would win tickets to the ALL-Star game, and if you were top dog at the end of the regular season, you would win tickets to a Stanley Cup Finals game; but like most of us I didn’t play expecting to win, just for the fun of playing GM. The best part was this was totally free.

    The next year Smallworld teamed up with The Sporting News, and provided the same quality fantasy hockey for free. But this year it looks like they are going to charge for the league. I am very dissapointed because I am cheap and don’t want to pay to play in a fantasy league, so I probably won’t be using them this year. However if there is anybody who isn’t cheap like me, I would recomend their league, because if I was going to pay for a league I would probably use them again.

    Does anybody know of any decent fantasy leagues out there, that have a fun setup and most importantly, are free of charge?

  2. garry1221 says:

    well, just tonight i got invited to join two diff. fantasy leagues on yahoo….. free and could be fun if you know a group of ppl who could join the league,

  3. DaAvs says:

    Actually there’s Fantasy Hockey Season 1 on SportingNews.com it’s 30 Mil cap no charge to join, 1 center 2 Wingers, 2 D, 1 goalie and an extra attacker. Other is yahoo. Haven’t tried it yet but looks good a lot more complex though.

  4. Leb_Boy says:

    im new to fantasy leagues, and yahoo is simpe, not complez at all

    you can join up to a maximum of 4 leagues on yahoo, very fun. no salary cap, and the owner of the league setups up the rules, so thats where the trades per week come in.

    very fun! but it’s gonna be way to long till hockey season starts! gonna go crazzzzy

  5. tyeekiller says:

    How do you get in?

  6. Coldwar says:

    I’m in the Sporting News’s 17.95’er deal. I don’t mind shoveling out 18 bones for a little pre-season entertainment.

    Although, my division is a bit shy on teams, so if ennyone wants to join ….

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