Where Poti is going

Everybody is wondering what the Oilers are going to do with Tom Poti. Even our local sports man, Brian Hall, who usually sticks up for every Oiler on the roster, said that he would never want Poti on his team. So I think Kevin Lowe knows he has to trade this guy while his value is high, and besides that the defense is just fine, the second line needs somebody the centre it.
So with all this being said, the perfect trading parterner would be the Pittsburgh Penguins. Now there was something said on Spectors site yesterday that said these two teams were talking about this trade. It said the Oilers were wanting Milan Kraft, but don’t you think they could get Kris Beech for Poti. I know he was the center of the Jagr trade, but d-men are very hard to find, espically one of Poti’s potential. Beech would be great on the Oilers second line, however, if they can’t get Beech, Kraft would be a good fit as well. But Lowe will want more than Kraft, maybe Poti and Reasoner for Kraft and Andrew Ference(local boy). He would also be a great fit with the Oilers, but who knows.

If a trade with the Pens dosen’t go, watch for the Rangers maybe to swing something. Poti for Jamie Lundmark would be good for Edmonton, I don’t know if the Rangers would want Poti however because they already have Leetch and Berard that play the same way, but who knows. Sather did stock up on offensive d-men while he was the GM in Edmonton, and he did draft Poti. Ludmark on the other hand is Mike Comrie’s best friend and another local boy, would look great centering the second line of Hecht and Cleary.

All and all though, Poti has to be moved, that’s the only Oiler that should be moved. This team is falling fast ever since he came back from his injury, and I think that Oiler fans would much rather see Scott Ferguson out there making sure he dosen’t do anything stupid with the puck, then Tom Poti trying to be a hero.

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