Where should Dafoe go?

by wingman

There are still a few teams that could benefit from a goalie like Byron Dafoe. He has put up some solid numbers in his career, but has limited playoff experience.

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Here are some teams that might fit:

1. Atlanta – The Thrashers could become a very serious playoff contender with Dafoe as the backstop. This would compliment the moves they made this summer and This all depends on if they could afford him.

2. St. Louis – The Blues have loosely made Brent Johnson their no. 1 goalie, but that will still be up in the air next year. Dafoe might help break that question mark and give the Blues a better chance come playoff time.

3. Chicago – Thibault has shown some signs that he was the right choice 1, but always seems to fall when the pressure rises. Dafoe could be a great help if the price is right and may give the Hawks a trading chip with Thibault.

The market for a number one goalie seems to be pretty well saturated, which is probably why Dafoe is still available. The longer Dafoe remains unsigned the more his asking price will likely drop. All of these teams have been mentioned as well as LA over the course of the summer at tsn.com and espn.com.

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  1. bruinsfan12 says:

    Dafoe should go to Boston

  2. freshprince says:

    I don’t think he will go to Atlanta with 2 really good goalie prospects and Hnlinka. St.Louis and Chicago are possibilities though.

  3. freshprince says:

    I don’t think he will go to Atlanta with 2 really good goalie prospects and Hnlinka. St.Louis and Chicago are possibilities though.

  4. lovas84 says:

    this is when Vancouver should open there wallet with the money the saved on the departed lachance and cassels

  5. vanfan says:

    i think that after last year’s success in the regular season there is no way that burke would bring in another goalie to challenge for the starters role . over the last few years there has been a revolving door of goalies in vancouver and i think that burke wants to build stability and confidence in cloutier as their go to goalie . that being said , if the canucks start off like last year , moves will have to be made , whether that is between the pipes or not remains to be seen.

  6. mikster says:

    I think it will be either Chicago or Atlanta. I think either team will see how their goalies will do. Dafoe will be unemployed until a team realizes that their starter and back up just can’t do it. Dafoe’s agent overpriced him with $6 million a season. So, no matter who wants him, they’d have to pay up to $5 million to $6 million a season on Dafoe.

    St. Louis is happy with Johnson. Chicago is hoping that Thibault will be as good as he was last season. I just wouldn’t trust a goalie who came out of nowhere at age 27. He’s had decent numbers in his career. Dafoe has been successful for Boston and he became a great starter. GM Smith wanted to upgrade his goaltending status, this is his chance. I doubt Atlanta would go for a goalie at $5 million.

  7. acebailey says:

    Richter is one bad turn on the knee away from retirement. I am not a Rangers fan and don’t follow them closely, but I don’t know the last time he played a whole season without an injury that kept him out for a little while. Dafoe is in the position he is in because he assumed that Richter would retire this summer and he would be snatched up by either Toronto, NYR, Detroit, or whoever was left. Richter staying around made one less vacancy, and Dafoe was the odd man out.

    When Richer goes down, look for Dafoe to get a phone call from NY, and possibly Barrasso will get a call from Slats as well, with Dafoe being the 1st choice.

  8. Habs4ever says:

    This is a toughie, there is nowhere really in the NHL that is in need of a goaltender. The three teams mentioned above do not have many openings for goalies. Atlanta has Milan Hnilicka, Scott Frankhouser, Pasi Nurminen and Kari Lehtonen. St.Louis has Brent Johnson and Fred Brathwaite and Chicago has Jocelyn Thibault and Steve Passmore. If I was Doug Armstrong, I wuld not have done the Tugnutt trade for the stars and I would have signed Dafoe instead. I know that all of the stars’ fans on this site are gonna scream bloody murder, but Turco can not jump from a 30 game season to a 60+ game season. with Dafoe, the Stars could have split it 45-37, for Turco. In order to do this though, the Stars would have had to make Dafoe understand that there are no oppoutunities to sign with another contender and to take a paycut from the 6 mil his agent is seeking to say 4 to 4.5 mil. Otherwise though I guess Dafoe could go to either St.Louis or Chicago and those teams could send their goalies for defensive depth and offensive help respectively. Atlanta would stall the development of their young goalies by bringing Dafoe in.

  9. cwhockey says:

    With Hnilicka signed, Atlanta won’t go after Dafoe. They believe in Hnilicka and he is their number one going into camp. Only if Atlanta has a shot at the playoffs and Hnilicka is hurt would they go after Dafoe, assuming he’s not signed by that point. Even then, Dafoe would have to back off quite severely on the money issue.

    Besides, Lehtonen is two or so years away from starting and the Thrashers have another great young prospect who might blossom if given the time to develop, Michael Garnett. Waddell, the Thrashers GM, has said here in the Atlanta paper a few times he wanted Hnilicka as his starter and would only pursure Dafoe if contract talks stalled. Waddell could change his mind, of course, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I know one or two people around here in Atlanta that are on the inside (ie they know this type of information before it goes public). From what they have said with Hnilicka signed, Dafoe is out of the picture.

    St. Louis would be a good place because they could pay Dafoe close to what he wants. Atlanta wouldn’t be willing to pay him in the area of $5M a year, and I for one am damn grateful for that.

  10. edmontonrules says:

    I think that Cloutier did a reasonable job last year but Dafoe could put Vancouver where they want to go. Challenging for the top 3 positions.

  11. mikster says:

    If Richter goes down.

    98-99: GP= 68

    99-00: GP= 61

    00-01: GP= 45

    01-02: GP= 55

    Total : 229 GP

    Only one season where he really didn’t play a lot. Tell me what are the chances of getting hit with the puck 3 times in one night. Not many. His knees are flexible and they were great in the Olympics. With a season of no knee injuries, plus a summer of rest, Richter should have a better season coming up.

    Sather wouldn’t dare to pay Dafoe $6 million a season. He is definitely not interested in Dafoe. If Richter does go down, he will give Blackburn a shot. If Blackburn (won 5 straight games last season with a terrible defense and PK) doesn’t make it….then he will go for a trade. He’d rather take Hackett than Dafoe.

  12. RangerSteve says:

    I definately agree with you as far as Richter goes and Slats could possibly go out and give Dafoe or Barasso a call. I personally think the whole signing of Richter was because the Rangers were able to save money, and it gives Dan Blackburn an opportunity to take the job in a few years. I can’t see the Rangers going after Dafoe and giving him “Richter Money”. As far as Dafoe goes, I think he is much better off back in Boston. I don’t think Boston will survive and they probably just made his price drop dramatically. The team I would definately like to sign him would be the Vancouver Cancuks. Cloutier’s been a goalie who just can’t win the games for them, and I’m sure they have cash from the likes of Cassels and Lachance, who they let go. Vancouver won’t be pressed into going afer Dafoe because of Brian Burke’s unwillingness to open the wallet.

  13. acebailey says:

    Like I said, I am not a Rangers fan, it just feels like Richter has been hurt alot over the last few years. If he does go down, the Rangers have an awfully big payroll playing in front of a 19 (I think) year old backstoper.

  14. acebailey says:

    I think the Bruins would sign him if they could get him REAL cheap. The Boston Globe eluded to this a few days ago. I would almost rather see them pick up Barrasso though. I am a Bruins fan living in N. Carolina, and I got to watch Barrasso alot last year. Dafoe choked in the playoffs, and the Bruins won’t improve with him. I don’t know. Maybe the Bs could sign one of those two, and package a deal along with Kyle Mclaren to St. Louis for Pronger. For the 1st time in Bruins history, one of the owners family, Jeramy Jacobs son, is working in the Bs front office, maybe this would cause the Jacobs family to open the wallet and make his kid look like the hero. This is of coarse speculation. The Bruins are almost certainly doomed again this year. Hey at least I have the Canes.

  15. darz says:

    it seems every team in the league is happy with their goaltending in september. by november there will be al least 3 or 4 teams looking to get a dafoe, or a hackett. boston, st. louis, la, and vancouver are the teams i think will be in need of a goalie by november.

  16. Habs4ever says:

    Blackburn’s the man! He should have no problem if Richter goes down, you’ll see Blackburn will be a good goalie in this leauge. He’s amazing. That and the fact that he’s only 19.

  17. mikster says:

    Ok, but as i said….Sather will test Blackburn, and if he can’t handle it….then he will get a decent goalie making $3.5 a season…somethign like that.

  18. meetak says:

    He will definately sit until December or January.Many teams are satisfied with their goaltending, and if they want to improve, they’ll have the option of the much less expensive Jani Hurme(400,000/year), who Ottawa will likely trade packaged with a defenseman, in return for a big winger(which will probably also be a salary saver for that team).

    Doubtless Dafoe wil be looking for 5 million or so /season, and not a lot of teams with goaltending doubts will be able to add that kind of salary burden.Perhaps if a contender faces an injury or serious doubts, then you may see him signed.

  19. garry1221 says:

    i still think that atlanta could do good to pick him up… rave about prospects all you want to ppl……. but there’s a key word there: PROSPECTS…. dafoe would do good to go there, like has been mentioned already, with the moves made this summer by the thrashers already, dafoe would be a great pickup…

    st. louis is a stretch, johnson and brathwaite did pretty good last season, but if i remember right there was no TRUE starter, in dafoe you’ve got a true starting goalie,

    …never really thought about chicago, but ya never know….

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