Where should Dafoe go?

by wingman

There are still a few teams that could benefit from a goalie like Byron Dafoe. He has put up some solid numbers in his career, but has limited playoff experience.

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Here are some teams that might fit:

1. Atlanta – The Thrashers could become a very serious playoff contender with Dafoe as the backstop. This would compliment the moves they made this summer and This all depends on if they could afford him.

2. St. Louis – The Blues have loosely made Brent Johnson their no. 1 goalie, but that will still be up in the air next year. Dafoe might help break that question mark and give the Blues a better chance come playoff time.

3. Chicago – Thibault has shown some signs that he was the right choice 1, but always seems to fall when the pressure rises. Dafoe could be a great help if the price is right and may give the Hawks a trading chip with Thibault.

The market for a number one goalie seems to be pretty well saturated, which is probably why Dafoe is still available. The longer Dafoe remains unsigned the more his asking price will likely drop. All of these teams have been mentioned as well as LA over the course of the summer at tsn.com and espn.com.