Where They Will Go

There’s still many “big name” free agents left in free agency and here is where I think they will all go:

Byron Dafoe – Not An NHL Team | This guy is done. He can`t play the way he used to play. He`ll end up with a European team.

Michael Nylander – Boston | He`ll re-sign with Boston only because Boston needs him. They need SOMEONE. Boston will be so much worse compared to last year seeing that Murray most likely gone and who knows what`s up with Thornton.

Glen Murray – Detroit | Just a weird feeling I have. Detroit is going to nail someone big and this is their guy.

Alexei Zhitnik – Toronto/NYI/NYR | Toronto will go after him if they don`t re-sign Kaberle. Rangers will go after him no matter what. Islanders will go after him if they lose one of their original four defensman (Aucoin, Jonsson, Hamrlik, Niinimaa). All of these teams have a good chance of getting him. Big chance he`ll land in New York only because he stated he would love to be there.

Dave Lowry – Calgary | I don`t know why I decided to comment him but I felt like it. He`s dedicated to the Flames and he`ll be a Flame probably till he retires.

Sean Hill – NYI | I really don`t know about him. I`m sure other teams are interested but the Isles will make a run at him only because they need a big guy like him seeing that their only fighter and tough guy Cairns is gone and they have no other physical defenseman.

Teemu Selanne – San Jose | JUST A GUESS! I haven`t heard a damn thing about him except for the fact that he isn`t returning to the Avs. He wouldn`t mind going back to San Jose and I`m sure San Jose wants him back.

Brian Holzinger – ANYWHERE | I don`t know why I decided to put him in here, but I did. He`s been all over these past few years. He could land anywhere.

Richard Matvichuk – Detroit/NYI/Toronto | He`s another question mark. Dallas has alot to take care of but they won`t take care of him. Detroit will make a bid for him if they lose Schneider. Islanders will make a bid for them if they lose any of their original 4 defensman. And Toronto will make an offer if they lose Kaberle.

Teppo Numminen – Dallas | Another guess. I`m suprised the Stars haven`t re-signed him. THEY SHOULD! They need him and I`m guessing they`ll do eveything to keep him.

Chris Chelios – Detroit | I can`t see him anywhere else and from what I`ve been hearing Detroit`s making alot of offers.

Brett Hull – Dallas/St. Louis | He`ll deffinitly go to one of these teams. It`s the same as the Recchi situation. We all know he`ll land on one of these teams.

Brendan Shannahan – Detroit/St. Louis | Detroit is making offers. One reason he`ll play in St. Louis is if Hull lands there.

Stevie Yzerman – Detroit/NYR | Red Wings cannot lose him. I also can`t see him anywhere else. UNLESS… Sather`s interested… haha. Woudln`t be suprised to see him land with the Rangers. If Messier`s gone, they`ll need a captain and Yzerman would be an excellent choice.

Peter Nedved – Vancouver/Florida | Many rumors about Vancouver making a run at him. It`d be a good move for the Canucks. Without Bertuzzi, they need another big name. I heard a rumor of the Panthers being interested. That`d be another great move for the Panthers. I`d like to see them get Nedved. I`m tellin ya`s… Florida is gonna be awesome this up-coming season. They`ll also get Guerin… watch…

Lyle Odelein – NYI | The Isles tried getting him at the deadline… they`ll get him now. They need him and they`ll do all they can to get him.

Ziggy Palffy – NYI | Milbury has been queit this off-season but this will be one of the many big moves he will make. Palffy wants a place to win and retire… he`s loved it here and the fans are crazy for him, he`ll come to the Island. He`ll be a BIG upgrade for the Islanders offense.

Alex Kovalev – Montreal/Pittsburgh/NYI | He may just stay in Montreal afterall… they want to keep him. Pittburgh is another big chance, he`ll help them win big time. Islanders… don`t be surpised if he goes there. Him and Yashin would be a force to be reckoned with and I`m sure Milbury`s taken that into serious consideration.

Garth Snow – Philidelpia | Another guess. Snow can land anywhere. He`s a great back-up. I`m guessing Philly only because he was great there. He`d like to go back and I`m sure they`d want him back.

Pavel Bure – Vancouver/Florida | Bure`s ready to dominate. He`s pissed and ready for some action. Whatever team gets him, that will be a great pick-up. He`d like to go back to Vancouver and Florida. Also a guess but I think both teams will make a HUGE run at him. Big possibility he`ll be in one of these cities.

Eric Lindros – Toronto | I don`t think Toronto really would want him but that`s where Eric`s daddy wants him to be so he`s closer to the fam. If he doesn`t go to Toronto…. he could be anywhere. All I can say is, whoever gets him… GOOD LUCK.

Mark Messier – RETIREMENT | Mark… do yourself the favor and retire… there`s no point in playing with a team that just SUCKS.

Peter Bondra – Vancouver | Another guess. He can land anywhere. I`m guessing the Cancucks will try and get him because they`re trying to get a winger.

Vladamir Malakov – Phoenix | Don`t ask me why. It`s a guess but crazy things happen like that. They need a BIG GUY and this is the move.

Alexei Zhamnov – Toronto | He`d look good there.

Mario Lemiuex – Pittsburgh | NO WAY HE`D LEAVE.

Al Macinnis – St. Louis | He wants to stay there… he won`t be anywhere else.

Chris Osgood – ANYWHERE | If St. Louis doesn`t swing a deal for another goalie there would be no reason of letting him go. He may just stay in St. Louis.

Scott Mellanby – Florida | You heard all the rumors.

Vinny Damphousse – ANYWHERE | He`s a good pick-up… every team should try and get him.

Dave Andreychuk – Retirement | Dave… your too old… you finally got the cup… enjoy your family.

Ron Francis – Retirement | He`s done. Hang up the skates…

Bryan Marchament – New Jersey | He`d look good there. It`s just a guess again.

Robert Reichel – Vancouver | I heard a rumor.

Martin Ruchinsky – NYR | He was good there and they`ll try and get him back. Another guess.

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  1. commonwealth says:

    I just want to know where the Isles will get all the money to sign all those players AND still keep sean hill….

    I don’t think as many players are as excited at the idea of playing for the Isles as this guy thinks. I could maybe see Ziggy and Matvichuk going there with Hill resigning MAYBE.. but it’s a big maybe. I can’t see Nedved turning down Vancouver for Florida, unless Florida gives him a huge amount of money. I’m also not sure about Bondra going to Vancouver, Washington or Colorado makes more sense. I admit I’d like to see Bondra and Konowalchuk on the same line in COL.

    I hope Andrechuk signs with some other team and wins the cup again, just so no one will ever say someone is done before they are..


  2. greatlife15 says:

    I was in a hurry and it was meant as a joke, I got no problem with Leafy except the disastrous comments made about the Leafs (refer to Lint’s thoughts about a 12 year old)

    I mean this, happy birthday Leafy, enjoy your 12th birthday.

  3. greatlife15 says:

    Actually.. I’m not a Canadiens fan, and I’ll believe that the Islander glory days are back when I see em’. And what people in Canada are what?? Wait.. don’t answer that question. Canada and America war has happened before with no clear winner and two definite losers (being Canada and America if you hadn’t noticed.)

  4. gr8haluschak says:

    ok loser overvalue your players more, and those that do actually “graduate” to that dump of an arena in Long Island will be traded away – as usual by that great Milbury.

  5. gr8haluschak says:

    that was great

  6. Pucked says:

    Sharks are not interested in Selanne. He was basically a bust in SJ. Sharks are looking though since they let Ricci and Damphousse go to FA. They were interested in Bondra at one point, could this happen? Maybe not since money is tight and the Sharks want to promote within.

  7. IKovalchuk17 says:

    your predictions must be good because Richard Matvichuk went to the Devils & you dont have him listed on the Devils….. and where is Pavol Demitra on your list?

  8. rangers99 says:

    Paul Karyia—Boston they need help saved money not signing knuble, o donnel and rolston so they can spend it to sign him also played hockey east college hocke at maine.

    Sergei Gonchar—Boston because if they dont who the hell knows will be playing defense for them unless they call up the providence bruins defense.

    Glen Murray— NY Rangers why not they traded everybody and you know glen sather has to overspend for someone so why not murray who was a no show in the playoffs except for the ot goal which was a gift from the bad actor alexi kovelev.

    just my thoughts love the site !!

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