Where to from here?

This is in no way a rumour, it is more speculation on some of the moves that the Leafs could make from here.

These trades seem realistic to me, but lets not dwell on the trades as much as the potential for similar trades to happen.

Players i wouldn’t touch are:

Antropov – Just starting to show what he can do.
Stajan – Good 3rd line defensive specialist with some offensive upside.
Steen – I still think this guy will be a 1st liner, good leadership qualities are starting to show.
Kilger – Good 4th liner who finishes checks EVERY time.
Tlusty – A lot of potential.
Devereaux – Good versatile player with infectious work ethic.
Bell – I’d give him another year to see what he can do.
Toskala – This guy is the real deal.

Now for some trades that i would try:

Sundin, Tucker, Kaberle to Calgary for Phaneuf, Boyd http://www.hockeysfuture.com/prospects/dustin_boyd, and a cond. 1st rd pick that would go to the Leafs if Sundin resigns in Calgary.

Blake, White to Anaheim for Marchant, and Bobby Ryan http://www.hockeysfuture.com/prospects/bobby_ryan. (probably only happen if Burke knows he is coming to T.O. in the offseason. lol).

Kubina,Wellwood to NY Rangers for prospect Alex Bourret http://www.hockeysfuture.com/prospects/alex_bourret, and a 1st rd pick.

Ponikarovsky to Atlanta for Garnet Exelby

Gill to NY Islanders for Andy Sutton, and a 2nd rd pick.

waive Wozniewski, and Raycroft.

resign Steen, and Stajan to 4 year 1.5 million dollar contracts.
resign Sundin to a 1 year 5.0 million.
resign Phaneuf to an 8 year 7.0 million.
resign Belak to a 1 year .5 million.

new lines for next year:

Antropov (2.0) Sundin (5.0) Steen (1.5)
Kulemin (0.7) Tlusty (0.7) Ryan (0.7)
Boyd (0.6) Stajan (1.5) Bourret (0.7)
Devereaux (0.6) Bell (1.7) Kilger (0.9)

scratch : Belak, Marchant

Phaneuf (7.0) McCabe (5.75)
Colaiacovo (1.2) Stralman (0.6)
Exelby (1.4) Sutton (3.0)

scratch : Vorobiev, Kronwall

Toskala (4.0)
Pogge (0.7)

This lineup is tougher, younger, and quicker, and has more potential. You add a 1st, and a 2nd round pick to our existing picks.
Cap hit is approx. 43 million so an upgade though F.A. in July is a definite possibility.

I might be dreaming but i don’t think this is too far outside the realm of possibility.