Where to go from here?

First, there was Jonas Gustavsson — The Monster — who came to us with the proviso that he was “the best goaltender outside the National Hockey League.”

Turns out, he was. In the same way that Fabian Brunnstrom was “the best player outside the NHL” when Toronto was courting him. Today Brunnstrom, who signed in Dallas, is on Detroit’s farm in Grand Rapids.

Gustavsson has stayed in the league, but he’s nowhere near the franchise goalie Toronto hoped he could be.

Then arrived James Reimer, from nowhere, really. A fourth-round draft pick from Morweena, Man. The way he played in the second half of last season, Leafs Nation assessed, he’d give Toronto more than enough in goal to make the playoffs in 2011-12.

So general manager Brian Burke signed Reimer to a modest three-year deal, only to watch him slump to a 60th-ranked save percentage in the NHL this season.

Reimer’s game remains inconsistent, leaving Burke to wonder if he has enough goaltending to reach the playoffs. Never mind beating anyone once the Leafs get there.

Where does he go with his goaltending?

“I don’t know,” Burke told sportsnet.ca Wednesday. “It’s a fair question.”

The Maple Leafs will investigate the goaltending market, though we do not see them making a major deadline trade to bring in a Jonathan Bernier, Cory Schneider (who’s not available) or Ben Bishop. (Remember the last time Toronto was this desperate to shore up its goaltending? The Leafs gave up Tuukka Rask for Andrew Raycroft, a trade they’re still suffering from.)’


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  1. Steven_Leafs says:

    that would be awesome, doubt it ever gets done though.

    Philadelphia doesn't need D anymore so that deal would have to be something like

    Grabovski, Kulemin, ???
    Schenn, ???

    I would consider it depending what the other pieces would be, I doubt Philly would.

  2. toronto77 says:

    if the leafs lose to the caps on saturday i think burke will blow his top. and make a trade to shake up the team.

  3. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    I would love it if leads traded for biron from ny and ended up meeting them in the first round only for biron to play unreal like he has in the past and we upset ny in 7 games to move on lol I can dream but seriously I think biron is a good option.

     Also one of this years goalies in this years draft matt Murray who's rated number 2 in na happens to be from thunder bay and happens too be one of my best friends so maybe I'm being a little biased here but I'd love for the leafs to draft him he's a big leafs fan and the most dedicated kid ever to hockey. I honestly can say by knowing him he's going to be a star because he has his mind set on it and has all the tools. At 6 4 the kids a monster lol but I still give him a fair go when we go attet in the summer no big deal haha
  4. toronto77 says:

    As a leaf fan I really hope they miss the playoffs, they are just garbage right now and don't deserve to make the playoffs. It's not even a matter of not being good enough. It's a matter of not showing up to play. and it's not even a matter or wilson being a good coach or a bad coach, for some reason they don't play hard for him. I keep on repeating myself, what is wilson doing to motivate them? not to mention what is phaneuf doing to motivate his team? once again he was one of the leafs worst players tn.

    Fire wilson, fire francois alair(how ever the fcuk you spell it) and i don't know what burke sees in phaneuf but for a player still under 30, he looks like old age is getting to him or something, no fire in the most important player on the team.
  5. LeafsFTW17 says:

    It's weird, I don't see Phaneuf being the greatest leader either. The other players on the team never have anything bad to say about him though, they all worship him as a captain and look up to him.  In the summer Grabovski was saying how he thinks Phaneuf is a great captain and how he wants to be a leader like him when captaining Belarus.  There is obviously alot more to it then what we can see, come HBO 24/7 next year we should all get an understanding on the type of leader he is. I'm excited.

    But you are dead on about the players not wanting to give their all for Wilson.  It doesn't matter if you have the best coach in the world, if the players don't want to play for them, they will never be a good team.

    I think for the leafs to be most effective Schenn should be playing the shut down role against the other teams top players, that's one thing he is good at and Phaneuf can't handle it.  If Phaneuf is against the other teams weaker players he can put up mad points and he won't be a hinderence on defence.  Not to mention absolutely destroying those smaller second line forwards that try to cut through the middle.

    I also really liked the 3rd line tonight, so close so many times.  Oh and #Brownbeaut with the sick tilly.

  6. lafleur10 says:

    luke schenn for dustin brown this is a deal i think the kings and leafs make schenn replaces johnson on the kings blueline,and brown gives the leafs the tough gritty goal scoring winger they need. probably won't happen just though i'd through it out there.

  7. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    No way, Leafs only do that trade if LA throws in AT LEAST a 1st round pick.

  8. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    The players need to stop being babies and have to start giving their all, that's what they're payed to do.

  9. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    What the hell? Is BB retarded?

    Why did he not offer more for Carter?
    Schenn, 1st, 4th = done deal
    Aulie, 1st, 2nd, D'Amigo = done deal
    BB better get Halak or Nash or something….I swear to god if he does nothing I'm marching over to the ACC and woopin his ass
  10. mapleleafsfan says:

    I'm actually 100% in NLFAG's favour here… WTF?!?!?! Johnson + 1st??!?

    The most overrated Dman in the league, and a medium 1st round pick???
    A guy who's what, almost -100 in his fcuking 6 year career???? You wouldn't offer Schenn, kadri + 1st for carter? Are you mental? Kadri, an absolute 100% at best prospect at 1ppg (100% pushing it, completely ribeiro mold, more than likely far worse than carter), a 2nd pairing defenceman ("shutdown" who has no footspeed) and a 1st round (who knows what it will be), for a 1st liner who can hit PPG AND 30+ goals… At the very least he's a grade A first liner…
     Ugh, WTF!!!!! Is this team good enough in Burkes eyes, really?!…. Get game breaking talent at all costs, especially when the cost is that low.. Carter makes our team 10 times better…. Jeez. Carter makes grabo expendable, giving us nice prospects/picks for when we don't make the playoffs, AND makes us a better team now. This blows my mind. For a huge Burke supporter, I'm shocked.
    Also, f' Phaneuf, not a fan at all.. I want a real captain, not a *****head.
  11. dumbassdoorman says:

    You know I think I might be the only one who deosn't really care we didn't get Carter. He is not a grade A firstliner yet, as one said period. We are talking about a guy who has averaged 60 pts a season, and until now has pouted all year.

  12. Steven_Leafs says:

    I dont believe Brown is available, and if he is I cannot see LA doing that kind of a deal. They just swapped Johnson + 1st for Carter because they need scoring, if they swap Brown for Schenn then if looks like this:

    Johnson for Schenn (an upgrade but not that much of one)
    Brown for Carter (I would argue this is a downgrade, some might argue differently)
    1st round pick for nothing

    so they swap the names and lose a 1st round pick straight up. Cannot be done IMO. Not a bad swap in general but LA cannot do it.

  13. thisgamewelose says:

    What would you give up for Biron?

  14. TheLeafNation91 says:

    No,but he's another great socring option.

    And he was one of the better Blue Jackets this year, even though he pouted.

    And he would be cheaper then Grabovski…And a better player.

  15. dumbassdoorman says:

    Though in light of the trade, which makes Brown avail, I like that option better as a whole package, not a scorer obviously, lol

  16. mapleleafsfan says:

    Ya, typo on my part… I meant at the very least he's a Grade A second liner.

  17. mapleleafsfan says:

    Not sure if we'll get 24/7 next year… Burke has stated he wouldn't want to do it.. Also HBO wants american markets, not sure if they'd get the same viewers with a Canadian team there. 

  18. Uncleben says:

    We havent drafted a lot of goalies, but keep in mind thats bc Burkes bring reeling in all of the big fish free agent prospects.

    Jonas Gustavsson
    Ben Scrivens
    Jussi Rynnas
    Mark Owuya

    Leafs actually have some of the better prospect goaltending depth in the league. Gus is already getting his chance, but the other three all could turn out to be something (or nothing), but we really need to draft another one this year. Not unless we trade one of those guys for another piece at the deadline.

  19. Uncleben says:

    apprently Howson asked for Gardiner and a 1st from Burke.
    Burke said no.

    right call imo.

    Burke wanted to do grabovski, schenn, pick for carter and johansen
  20. Uncleben says:

    why would you want to give that much for Carter though.
    he's shown he doesnt have the best attitude when things go right, hes got a shitty contract that would handcuff us from making other moves for the next 11yrs and schenn and a 1st and then more is a steep price.

    LA paid exactly what market price was. i'm glad Burke didnt try spending more.
    we need to save prospects and picks. we've gone way too many years giving those away
  21. Steven_Leafs says:

    While I'm ok with not getting Carter considering the cost, we could have used him. His salary is good, very good actually, in 2-3 years, assuming they keep prodcing, we will be paying Kessel 7-8M and Lupul 5.5-6.5M (and if they keep producing at a point per game, maybe even more).

    Carter's contract 5 years from now will be a bargain. 8 years from now is when his contract may be bad but only if he fails to keep producing at which point he will be making next to nothing in cash and will be an excellent contract to any cap floor team.

    Schenn, 1st, + is a bit much to pay, but I guess I wish we were in the running. 

  22. Steven_Leafs says:

    Smart move by Burke for saying no, Gardiner is looking crazy good, if he keeps improving we could have an Erik Karlsson type player. (one can dream, Karlsson is insane).

    Burke should have offered Kulemin, Schenn, pick for Carter, Johansen (assuming there is truth to that). Grabo being a UFA is a bad pickup for Columbus. Oh well, LA's offer was better either way.

  23. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    To Toronto 

    To Minnesota
    Gustavsson and 2012 3rd 
    No real risk of a move. Minnesota gets a capable back-up and a pick while getting some return for Harding. We get a potential starter.
    To Toronto 
    To L.A.
    Gunarrson, Frattan,2012 4th 
    L.A. Gets D after losing Johnson  and prospect + pick. We get size and leadership.
    To Toronto 
    To Philadelphia 
    MacArthur, Kadri, Holzer, 2012 2nd 
    Philadelphia gets secondary scoring with a little grit, top prospect, young stay at home D prospect and a 2nd rounder and a little cap relief. We get young possible star and more size.
    Brown Grabo JVR
    Kessel.Bozak Lupul 
    Armstrong Connolly Kulimen 
    M.Brown Steckel Crabb 
    Phaneuf Franson 
    Liles Gardiner
    Schenn Aulie 
    Reimer Harding 
    We don't sell the farm but get better and bigger.
    Go ahead and rip it apart now.lol
  24. Steven_Leafs says:

    "Go ahead and rip it apart now.lol"

    If you insist, lol. Actually those are not that bad.

    To Toronto 

    To Minnesota
    Gustavsson and 2012 3rd

    personally I would take out the 3rd, and add a conditional pick going both ways based on if the goalie re-signs.

    To Toronto:

    conditional 2013 3rd

    To Minnesota:

    conditional 2013 2nd

    Minnesota gets the better conditional pick since Gustavsson is a downgrade.

    The Brown trade is interesting, I mentioned on another blog on here that LA shouldn't trade Brown unless they get a forward and a defenseman that can play now. Maybe swap Frattin for Lombardi or something. Also we do not have our 2012 4th.

    And even though that would probably be the price for JVR, I wouldn't pay it. While MacArthur is a downgraded version of JVR I wouldn't send away Kadri+ for that upgrade.

    I personally would love to see Grabo, Kulemin, pick for B.Schenn. We would have 2 top prospect big centermen in Schenn and Colborne, I would love that. 

  25. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    shut the f*ck up, you sound like an idiot.

  26. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    All is fair as I respond.lol

    Didn't even look at what picks we had available…replace with what might work.
    Gus deal, it works either way to me.
    I can't see L. A.  Wanting Lombardi and his contract. 
    Philadelphia does not have the cap room to take on Grabo and Kulimen while giving up Schenn. This also leaves us without a real centreman. Who's left? Connolly?….I hated the Connolly signing and now everyone knows why:) Wouldn't we rather have that cap space available to make a real trade.

  27. Steven_Leafs says:

    true about Lombardi, IMO we would have to give back a top 9 forward plus the defenseman so I'm not sure who we would give them that doesn't look like a loss for us.

    I'm ok with taking back cap in the Philly deal, if anything that is a player to help with the playoff push. But remember that Schenn's cap hit is 2.774M (3.11M if he was in the NHL all year) while Grabovski is 2.9M and Kulemin is 2.35M, they would only take on about 2.5M which they may still be able to do, if they cant it wouldn't be hard to take back a bit.

  28. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Honestly, I wouldn't give up Grabo and Kulimen +pick for Schenn. Too unknown yet.

  29. toronto77 says:

    I agree, these guys are professional athletes they don't need to be given motivation, they should be motivated to play every single game. 

  30. toronto77 says:

    ya, i'm not too crazy about brown and schenn has a lot of potential. Schenn is good friends with doughty and the two of them paired up could be deadly. But LA already traded their pick to CLB, i guess i could settle for a second though.

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