Where Will They End Up? Players From Teams A-M Edition.

After having a look at the deadline from a team-based point of view in the Buyers and Sellers articles, I’ve decided to look at it now from the players perspectives and determine where I think some of the big name players may be playing after Deadline Day this (March 10th Australia time) March 9th.


Profile: Stay at home defenseman

Currently: Ducks

Post-Deadline: Ducks

My Pick: Ducks

The Ducks have openly said they will not trade away their core players ala Kariya in the offseason. Carney is indeed one of those, being the central defensive asset for the struggling Ducks. He will be well sought after but staying put.


Profile: Goaltender

Currently: Thrashers

Post-Deadline: Thrashers, Maple Leafs or Avalanche

My Pick: Avalanche (if he’s uninjured)

There was a time when Dafoe’s play was so poor he had no market value at all. Nowadays he may have some but for his back injury. If the injury is still bad at the deadline, he’ll remain a Thrasher, otherwise, expect teams such as the Leafs and Avs to be making inquiries as a cheaper backup alternative than Olaf Kolzig.


Profile: All-around defenseman

Currently: Sabres

Post-Deadline: Maple Leafs, Avalanche, Blues, Flyers or Predators.

My Pick: Avalanche if price on Gonchar is too high, otherwise Blues or Sabres.

Expect someone to bite at Zhitnik, however also expect for the Western Conference teams such as the Preds, Blues and Avs to have priority. Zhitnik would be a good pickup, and depending on injuries, may suit the Flyers. The Leafs on the other hand may look at some others (notably Gonchar and Smith) before considering Zhitnik. I doubt he’s still a Sabre in mid-March.


Profile: Sniper wing

Currently: Sabres

Post-Deadline: Sabres, Devils or Redwings.

My Pick: Sabres

Miroslav Satan has the capacity to be one of the big name acquisitions come deadline day. With the Sabres now out of contention, they may trade some of their bigger, more expensive players, such as Satan. The Devils, in need of some scoring, may go after a goal scorer such as Satan, but right now their more pressing needs which are a faceoff man and filling in D may take priority. The Redwings may not make any more moves now that they have Lang and he’s slotted straight in (3A vs Flyers in his first game) but Holland has said he may not be done yet, now that’s scary news.


Profile: Tough defenseman

Currently: Flames

Post-Deadline: Flames, Rangers, Devils, Maple Leafs, Blues and Predators

My Pick: Flames

The only way I see Gauthier being moved is if the Flames have packaged him in a deal to further improve their chances. The Flames have a fairly solid D, which may make Gauthier expendable, and teams such as the Devils and Leafs who have obvious holes in their D right now, or the Preds who want more depth at D may make a run at him.


Profile: Goal scoring power forward

Currently: Hurricanes

Post-Deadline: Avalanche, Flyers, Canucks, Blues, Kings, Canadiens or Devils.

My Pick: Canucks

O’Neill may conjure up some of the greatest interest from other teams this deadline, with there being almost a guarantee that he won’t be a Hurricane after the deadline. Whilst the other dubious Hurricane players seem secure, he will be moved…but where? Maybe the Avs will want him, but they’ll probably look to a backup and another dman. The Flyers, well it all depends, but I doubt it because apparently the news on JR and Primeau may not be absolutely tragic. With all the others there is a real chance. The Habs need some strength which he would bring in, the Canucks need a second line RW which he can bring in, the Blues were rumored interested in both he and Bondra, so with O’Neill still available there may still be some interest. The Kings have said they may be buyers if someone at the right price emerges, and with as many injuries as they have, there are gaps in LA that O’Neill could fill. And the Devils, well they need scoring and O’Neill may help there. He’s the biggest sweepstakes of the deadline.


Profile: Stay at home defenseman

Currently: Blackhawks

Post-Deadline: Devils, Predators

My Pick: Predators

The Blackhawks are in mini-firesale mode and Karpovtsev seems like the next natural progression after Sullivan and Zhamnov. Teams like the Leafs will look to make bigger splashes than him, so look for the Devils or the Preds who are looking for depth dmen and solidarity not the big prize to be the main players here.


Profile: Stay at home defenseman

Currently: Oilers

Post-Deadline: Oilers, Maple Leafs or Islanders.

My Pick: Maple Leafs (JFJ knows what he’s doing)

Jason Smith for mine is THE defender of the deadline. Forget Gonchar, unless offense is a serious deficiency of your defense my advice to teams seeking D would be consider Smith first. The Islanders wish to have the best defensive group in the league it seems and are interested in Smith, whilst for the Maple Leafs he would provide that tough, solid defensive bit that they are lacking right now. Perhaps the Gonchar deal hasn’t happened for a reason…hopefully for the Leafs sakes, the reason is cause JFJ is going after Smith.


Profile: Goal scoring gritty forward

Currently: Oilers

Post-Deadline: Oilers, Canadiens or Devils.

My Pick: Oilers

Unlike O’Neill, teams such as the Canucks who are in the same division as the Oil won’t have a shot at Smyth. In fact my take on Smyth is that he’s being groomed as the next Oiler leader and that he’s either staying put, going to the Habs or GM Lou and the Devils will make an offer the Oilers can’t resist for him.


Profile: Stay at home ageing defenseman

Currently: Panthers

Post-Deadline: Panthers, Devils, Maple Leafs, Blues, Islanders or Predators.

My Pick: Devils

Like Karpovtsev, Odelein may be one of the more cost-effective, low-risk potential dman acquisitions at the deadline. For that reason I think teams like the Preds and Devils who are looking at defense from a depth point of view may be the biggest players for Odelein. He may stay as a Panther, particularly if the Panthers keep winning heading into the deadline, and I wouldn’t expect the Leafs to merely settle for him. The Isles are looking for a number 4/5 dman and he could fit that bill, whilst the depleted St Louis Blues may pick him up for cheap.


Profile: Goaltender

Currently: Wild

Post-Deadline: Wild, Avalanche, Maple Leafs or Rangers.

My Pick: Wild

Fernandez was an important part of the fairytale Wild run last season, but has been it seems ousted from the tandem of starters by a more consistent Dwayne Roloson. With that dream seemingly over, Fernandez may indeed be available this deadline. Teams perhaps interested in having him as insurance/a backup include the Avalanche (deal might be halted by division status), the Maple Leafs (though no rumors have suggested so) or the non-playoff bound Rangers, despite the fact no deals including him going to the Rangers seem to make sense.


Profile: Faceoff winning center

Currently: Canadiens

Post-Deadline: Canadiens or Devils

My Pick: Canadiens

I really don’t see Perreault being moved unless the Devils make a play at him to help them win more draws in the post season. The Devils need D to fill in for Rafalski and Stevens more right now, but their lack of faceoff winning middle men is also a glaring problem that the likes of Perreault may be able to fix.


Profile: Playmaking center

Currently: Canadiens

Post-Deadline: Canadiens or Avalanche.

My Pick: Canadiens

I highly doubt Koivu gets moved, as he, along with Souray and Theodore is the heart and soul of the Habs franchise. In saying that though, rumors involving him with teams such as the Avalanche aren’t totally inconceivable considering the uncertainty of Forsberg’s future, whilst he could even be helpful for teams such as the Kings or Devils if they wished to pursue him. Don’t get your hopes up though.

That will do for now, sorry if I missed any major players from the teams starting A(naheim) through M(ontreal). Soon the N-W edition will surface, with a lot of Rangers and Capitals expected to feature.

Until then…

Ross Byrnes (Nothingman)

Vice Admin of Wowhockey

22 Responses to Where Will They End Up? Players From Teams A-M Edition.

  1. jouby says:

    Since I’m a habs fan, I’ll concentrate on Koivu and Perrault.

    As of Late Koivu is on fire and I think he got the message when he got booed to weeks ago that habs fan take their team at hearth and that fighting with Ribeiro might not have been the best thing to do. Let’s say also that since this fight, the Habs have won 4 straight for the first tiem this year. So yes, Koivu will stay with Montreal.

    Perrault might leave. He’s a great depth player and I’d really like him mor than Juneau but that is only my opinion. If Gainey trades Perrault, you can bet it will be to the west. The last thing we want right now is to face the best faceoff guy somewhere in the series before the finals. Don’t know for who but I suspect a big D-man or a 3rd line physical winger.

    Finally, I’d really love to see Odelein back in the bleu blanc rouge. With the loss of Quintal and Souray, he’d be a great addition for grit and leadership. And he can’t possibly be worst than Dykhuis.

  2. Scottman75 says:

    Jason Smith to Toronto?

    I like the idea of this happening but,

    -Wouldn’t this present the first friction between Quinn and Fergie? (Or is Quinn admitting his mistakes through Fergie)

    -Quinn may not like this guy much still

    Just curious….

  3. Dober says:

    I totally agree with u. Jason Smith would be the perfect fit for the leafs.

    I’m still wondering how Smith got traded from the leafs for future considerations.

    JFJ has got to start trading, but we all know that Quinn is still the GM no matter what anyone says.

    Maybe next season Joel Quinville will be the new coach and Quinn will be gone..


  4. Habfanforever says:

    Satan will not go to the Red Wings, they basially have got their two top lines covered.

    The Leafs need Jason Smith more than they need Sergei Gonchar. Gonchar in TO would be a useless trade.

    The Habs won’t deal Koivu. Gainey signed him to a two year deal for a reason. He’s a hard worker that shows up every night. His consistency will keep him in MTL. I also agree that Perreault will not likely be traded to the Devils, he’ll more likely be traded to Dallas or maybe even San Jose.

    Lyle Odelein will probably get moved to a cup contender.

    Devils will seriously consider adding another d-man in the absence of Stevens and Rafalski. Probably either Karpovtsev, Jason Smith or Denis Gauthier.

  5. sens4cup says:

    It appears that John Muckler has had talks with Edmonton about acquiring Jason Smith for Karl Rachunek. This would be a fair trade considering both teams are addressing a need. Edmonton gets an offensive defeneman with tons of up side and Ottawa gets a stay at home gritty defenseman with lots of experience.

  6. edmontonrules says:

    “In fact my take on Smyth is that he’s being groomed as the next Oiler leader and that he’s either staying put…”

    He has been the leader for quite some time. In my opinion he had that job passed on to him when Weight left. And he is doing quite a good job with what he has. I highly doubt that the Oilers will trade him. It would take a lot.

  7. Cortland says:

    I also think that Smith would be a great fit for the leafs. Do you think that if Pronger and Gonchar don’t come to the Leafs(rumored of course), they will look for Witt and Smith as d-men and maybe Smyth up front from edmonton?

  8. NYR-Rangers says:

    When will the other one be posted?

  9. spazmainia13 says:

    Smith was traded for 2 2nd round picks. Thats how the deal was from the beginning.

  10. bpanther83 says:

    In regards to Oniel, I think u left out one obvious team…The Leafs. Their have been rumors that the leafs are inquiring about him, and I think they should. With Roberts getting up there in age, they need another player like him, and Oniell is that player. Now, whether or not this would ever happen remains to be seen, but I think the leafs should be mentioned with those other teams intrested. As for Smith, I totally agree, but I don’t see it happening. I see more the Gonchar & Witt package. The leafs have said they are looking for 2 more defenseman. SO I am assuming they mean Gonchar (offence) and a stay at home defenceman (Witt or Smith or Carney…) But who knows…the leafs are known to dissapoint at the deadline. C’mon fergie

  11. spazmainia13 says:

    If Kevin Lowe made that deal I would lose what little respect I have left for his GM abilities. Besides Rachunek isn’t 6 ft 3 or over so there is no chance of this trade happening unless he grows 2 inches.

  12. Adam_0486 says:

    Jason Smith to Toronto… Not likely…he will probably end up in Boston or New Jersey.. Witt and Conchar to Toronto thats my bet.

  13. wayne2 says:

    I doupt Edmonton would make that trade one for one but the sens can afford a pick or youngster to

    sweetened the deal and i hope they do get Smith,

    he would make a great partner for Redden can you

    imagine come playoff time:

    Redden-Smith,Chara-Phillips and Simpson-Volchenkov.If they can add White and get Laracque

    would make my day.Hell,even add another pick for

    those two.

  14. Kraut182 says:

    Kevin Lowe would have to crazy to trade away Ryan Smyth (crazier than anyone and everyone that he doesn’t think Comrie’s and good and then trying to get fair value to trade him crazy). The city of Edmonton loves Smitty, a trade would lead to some very angry fans. Ryan Smyth’s value to the Oilers (leadership, fan support, and all out effort) can’t be measured in a trade so there’s not way they’d get fair value for him.

  15. kuntakentai1 says:

    I know Toronto won’t go for ZHITNIK because in Buffalo he is known as ZHITNIK-THICKDICK, and the Russian translation is “The Coke Can”. Belfour has it in his contract that there can be no one on his team that has a bigger schlong than him or drink as many beers as him.

    Dallas isn’t happy because CORSON has already tagged Stu Barnes wife in the ass and is making progress with several other wives of Dallas players. He has allegedly only fingered four of them in the cornhole!


    Profile: Stay at home 48 yr old man at mama’s house with a dog that licks peanut butter off his balls

    Currently: Who gives a *****

    Post-Deadline: KFC

    My Pick: Send this fudgepacker packing back to WOW hockey where he belongs. We don’t need him invading our space.

    Nothingman needs to get kicked in the balls over and over until he crawls back under the rock he came from. He has listed KEITH CARNEY, YANIC PERREAULT, MIROSLAV SATAN, MANNY FERNANDEZ, RYAN SMYTH, and DENNIS GAUTHIER as his picks for being traded to the team they are currently with. Hey *****nuts, don’t you think you just wasted everyone’s time? WOW hockey sucks Scooby Snacks out of Shaggy’s ass anyways!

  16. scottyboy says:

    Zhitnik? Satan? Gauthier? Koivu? The teams that all of these players play for are currently in the playoff hunt and would not even think about moving these players unless they got more in return than they give up.

  17. OilersRush says:

    No one talked about it but the Devils aquired Viktor Kozlov from the Florida Panthers for Christian Berglund and a defencemen.

  18. old_el_paso_Jr says:

    I dont why Toronto ever gave up a great player in the first place like Jason Smith. They traded him away for pratically nothing.

    It would be a nice fit for Toronto

  19. kidhenry1 says:

    I just have to bring up the old arguement against Leaf Fans–just because a trade would be good for Toronto doesn’t mean it will happen.

    Of all the teams in the Smith bidding, the Leafs are offering the least. They could have Parrish and/or Papineau and/or a top pick from the Isles, and he warrants a top prospect if they decide to deal him to a Western Conference team.

  20. markodj says:

    jason smith was traded because pat quinn didn’t like him as a player (doesn’t fit into quinn’s system for whatever reason)…. i doubt ferguson would acquire him when u consider that….

  21. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    they all are on the block more or less, and have been for awhile. just cuz ur in the playoffs doesnt mean you cant move a couple of bigger players to address a current need.

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