Where will they go?

There are going to be a lot of quality free agents this off-season, Curtis Joseph, Ed Belfour, Mike Richter, Byron Dafoe, Bobby Holik, Robert Lang, Bill Guerin, Chris Chelios, Teemu Selanne, Tony Amonte, Ron Francis, and Theo Fleury. The question is where will they go? Well I’ll see if I can help you out.

First CuJo, the Leafs offered him 3yr/$28 million. The Red Wings apparently won’t offer a goalie more than $8 million/yr (what Hasek made). So, CuJo is probably out of the question there. Watch out for the Rangers (of course), Blues, and Flyers to make serious pushes for CuJo.

My Prediction – New York Rangers

If I’m right with that prediction then Mike Richter will probably sign with Leafs. He’s only seeking 3yr/$18 million so he’ll be much chaeper than CuJo. Detroit could also make a push.

My Prediction- Toronto Maple Leafs

Ed Belfour is going to be very interesting this off-season. If either of those top two goalies sign with Detroit, look for Belfour to go to other Toronto or New York. Also Belfour will be cheaper than either of those two so the Red Wings could make a run at Chris Chelios.

My Prediction- Detroit Red Wings

Byron Dafoe, My Predicition- St. Louis Blues

Chris Chelios, My Prediction- N.Y. Rangers

Bobby Holik, My Prediction- N.Y. Rangers

Darius Kasparaitis, My Prediction- N.Y. Isles

Tony Amonte, My Prediction- N.Y. Isles

Bill Guerin, My Prediction- Dallas Stars

Teemu Selanne, My Prediction- San Jose

Ron Francis, My Prediction- Carolina

Robert Lang, My Prediction- New Jersey

Theo Fleury, My Prediction- Florida Panthers

I hope this clears a few things up for you.

P.S. the only reason I think Fleury is going to the Panthers is because they’re the only team that will take a chance on him.

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  1. titans says:

    Oh man! Holik on the Flyers!!! (salivating) What do ya think we could get for Primeau?

  2. Jonathane says:

    I don’t know if it is withdrawl or not, but things seem to be taking on a personal attack type of nature.

    I’ll be honest here, I love coming to this board. I think of it almost as a Cheers type of bar. Sure a biligerent drunk walks in everyonce in awhile, however it is not a typical thing. I have been on boards where it jsut degenerates into name calling. Trust me, its not a great place to be.

    Like I said, I think of this place where we all get togeather and swap some news, a few personal jobs for FUN, and go on.

    There are a few people on this board that have some really good info. I appreicate that. There are a few clowns that seem to have some really off the wall things. (Why do most of them come from Toronto?)

    Ok that last bit was a joke. But still, lighten up a little bit. This post was meant to be a little game for people to get involved in. This article had over 100 replies so it served its purpose. But lets not attack anyone personally about it.

  3. DARTHJIM says:

    You wouldn’t be sayin’ that to me if you were in the same room with me. I’ll knock the shit out of you and your “Big Booty”. Also talk about geeks, I’m not on my computer every single day like you wuss!

  4. Flyers_01 says:

    Byron Dafoe – Rangers

    Chris Chelios – Red Wings

    Bobby Holik – Flyers

    Darius Kasparaitis – Islanders

    Tony Amonte – Islanders

    Bill Guerin – Stars

    Teemu Selanne – Sharks

    Ron Francis – Hurricanes (already signed)

    Robert Lang – Capitals

    Theo Fleury – Coyotes

    Curtis Joseph – Maple Leafs

    Belfour – Red Wings

    Richter – Blues

    Richardson – Rangers

    ***Off the Wall Predictions***

    I think the Panthers will sign RFA Iginla to an offer sheet and work out a deal with Calgary or give up the 5 picks. It is a young team and they’d be better off with Iginla than the picks.

    Everyone knows Derrik Morris is being shopped. Even though I still don’t know why, I predict he’ll end up Colorado.

  5. mikster says:

    It’s called a voluntary job, so yah it is a job.

    If you tell me to lighten up then you lighten up. It was obvious this article was made for fun, everyone got it, a lot of people participated yet you were the only one to complain about it. You lighten up kid.

    I preach respect indeed, i respected Manta enough times but he didn’t respond even when he said he would respect me. He is a perfect example of what i was talking about. He also criticized this site with major stupidity when two Rangers articles were posted in a matter of 3 or 4 days yet he doesn’t say a thing when there are 3 Flyers articles posted in one day.

    He can’t earn my respect for him after he was rude and criticized this site.

    You took this article too seriously because if you didn’t post such a comment, then nothing would’ve have happened. There was just no need to post such a comment to this article, that is my point. Get it?

  6. Hockeyman93 says:

    Just think of how large that eraser would have to be.

  7. mikster says:

    My God.

    Ok, where did this all begin? big_booty made a big deal about this article. You tell me if it was necessary of making such a big deal about this article.

    I am not being immature, i just think it is unfair for people to make others look like total idiots. That was the whole point of my comment to big_booty. It was pretty simple to understand. I mean, do you think it is fair for someone to basically say “people are retarded and make retarded comments so i am only going to follow a group of people”. Do you think that is fair? Do you think that is fair for some HTR members who posted their opinions and to the author of the article as well?

    Well, i don’t think it is fair and i got pissed because i’ve seen it happen too many times.

    I am not jealous of Mantaray at all because i got my sources as well, which i’ve named. I really don’t care how much hockey knowledge he has because if i was jealous of his knowledge of hockey than i’d be jealous of too many other people. There is a reason why i am totally pissed off at manta and i am not even sure if he knows it, i hope he does. It doesn’t have to do with his Rangers bashing, not with his intelligence and anything that deals with hockey actually.

    I am not crying for anything and i actually did post something in an adult way. I simply told big_booty to show more respect. Some people lack it, and it bothered me to see a few people show disrespect to about a hundred of them, or more.

    I can do what i want about the Rangers when i write about them, which i rarely do anymore.

    All i am asking for is for people to show more respect when it comes to criticizing others, is it such a big thing? Seems like it to me since everyone made such a huge damn deal about it.

  8. mikster says:

    No i am not jealous of you, i am pissed at you. If i was jealous of you i’d be jealosu of too many people. If you noticed….we used to talked differently before and now we lost respect for each other. There is no jealousy involved Manta, i am just pissed at you.

    Thank you for finally naming your sources.

  9. mikster says:

    Once again, i am not jealous…i am pissed at Manta, you don’t know why…i guess neither does he….so let it go. But, i am not jealous…the last time i was jealous was of my brother when i was….oh about 10 years old or so and all i got in return was a harsh lesson from my parents to learn from, jealousy isn’t right.

    I called him Brooks Jr. because Manta never named his sources. Finally he did, and now i believe in the rumors he took from other people.

  10. mikster says:

    This was a fun post. One person made a big deal about it. It wasn’t nice at all, i defended the site and the people who he thought made the dump predictions, and i get attacked. Now they say i am jealous of Manta. That i am making such a big deal about it, that i am immature. I mean, seriously…..who the hell started this thing in the first place? big booty.

    Thanks for also reminding these people that this was a FUN article.

  11. cop2035 says:

    Interesting, and these picks could all be on the mark. I wrote a similar “Where will they go” article during the middle of the playoffs. And obviously lots has changed since then. I still think that Chicago is going to make a push for a goaltender and that Dafoe will end up there. They have a very tenous situation with Jocelyn Thibault, who was benched in the playoffs, and Steve Passmore. I think the Hawks see Passmore as a career back-up.

    And by the way, don’t be surprised at all if Adam Oates winds up back in Boston. Lots of free agent predictions are based on conjecture but Oates to Boston, to me, is as close to a lock as you get. I have heard (though not straight from the horses mouth) that he is VERY interested in going back to Boston before it is all said and done. It all depends on what the Bruins want to do…and if the B’s lose Guerin and Dafoe, as expected, they may want to bring Oates back as a “pacifier” for their fans. (And also to feed Joe Thornton the puck so he can go from “star” status to “superstar” status.)

  12. mikster says:

    Once again, you explain to these people the purpose of this article. Though i might have gone a bit out of hand, that was the whole purpose.

    They should follow your intelligence.

  13. Flyers_01 says:

    The Flyers rumors just started a few days ago, apparantly by Holik’s daughter.

  14. rrudd says:

    perhaps you’d like to name belfour’s wife for me.

    do you have to be married to be a wife-beater, or is he beating someone else’s wife?

  15. mcpuff says:

    As a displaced New Yorker I love coming to this site and finding about what happening with my Rangers…good or bad.

    One of the reasons I love this site is also the free exchange of ideas. You may not like what other people are saying fine thats ok even amongst the roughage their is sometimes gold.

    I don’t want to be involved in these personal attacks, but I thought Micki was out of line with his hypocritical comments and I agreed with Big Booty’s post.

    Lets just move on.

  16. MantaRay says:

    1) Whats is the point to disclose my sources to someone like you? When I do, you just trash them, so whats the point?

    2) The exact quote was: “if Sather doesn’t hire a lackey/inexperienced coach, he will coach the team himself”. Your selective memory is in high gear as usual.

    You go Paddock!

  17. MantaRay says:

    Imperious Rex!!!

    First off, stop with the “he was rude and critcised this site” rubbish. This type of “lets rile the troops up against the Manta” is a poor strategy to employ, because no one take this as personal as you do.

    If I critize this site its not because I think it sucks, its because I think it can be better.

    Its not a personal affront.

    I, like many others enjoy this site as a source of information and exchange of ideas and much humor (Titans, Big Booty).

    If you run essentially the same Rangers article every other day and ignore the rest of the league, then yeah I will harp on this mistake (the polls in particular are sometimes fraught with ineptitude and should be improved).

    I am sorry your upset that I don’t respond to your posts. I will try to try to pay closer attention in the future….but don’t complain if I call you out on some of your unfounded theories.

  18. MantaRay says:

    What difference does it make what my sources are? You usually disparage them if what the authors say doesn’t fit your Pollyanna world.

  19. titans says:

    Ahh a Namor fan I see? Aquaman would kick his ass!

  20. MantaRay says:


    Don’t get me started on this one, because Aquaman is a totally sissy. Only the one true Prince of Atlantis Namor the first is the only ruler of the seven seas.

    Aquaman is a pedophile

  21. habs_88_4life says:

    Everyone around this site thinks Selanne won’t be a hab. Atleast someone else around here researches.

  22. habs_88_4life says:

    You seem pretty convinced Oates will go to Montreal but he is just getting to old.

  23. habs_88_4life says:

    Byron Dafoe-Atlanta/Canucks/Penguins

    Chris Chelios-Canadiens/Hawks/Wings

    Bobby Holik-Devils/Wings/Stars

    Darius Karparitus-Kings/Flyers/Isles

    Tony Amonte-Canadiens/Isles/Canes

    Bill Guerin-Avalanche/Devils/Ducks

    Teemu Selanne-Canadiens/Sharks

    Robert Lang-Penguins/Devils/Caps

    Theo Fleury-Sharks/Coyotes/Flyers

    Curtis Joseph-Leafs/Flyers/Bruins

    Ed Belfour-Wings/Leafs/Preds

    Phillipe Boucher-Canadiens/Kings/Rangers

    Luke Richardson-Leafs/Rangers/Sabres

    Mike Richter-Leafs/Rangers/Stars

    Andrew Cassels-Canadiens/Canucks/Wild

    Cliff Ronning-Wild/Blues/Senators

    Adam Oates-Blues/Bruins/Leafs/Avs/Wings

  24. titans says:

    Namor’s a punk! Aquaman would drop a hump back whale on his ass before he could know what hit him. It all comes down to Ferocity. Aquaman’s one bad mutha! He fights dirty, Namor can’t fight on his level hence aquaman would end up winning!

  25. isles4life says:

    And if you are blaming some of you “freind’s” “intelegence”

    This is Intelegent my friend?

  26. isles4life says:

    Guys.All I was saying is show some respect for other posters.We all have opinions but its not right to voice it upon another person.There are other boards i am a member of and even the Isles/Rangers fans show more respect for another.I do have a deep skin but I was just looking after another poster.I would of even stuck up for another Rangers fan if he were verbally bashed by an Isles fan.Just my opinion.I always treat people the way i would like them to treet me.Mikster and myself dont always see eye to eye but everytime i get annoyed at what he says I dont start bashing him.Just show some respect and be an adult even if you are not.Thx

  27. isles4life says:

    I really hate Larry Brooks.The post is the national Esquire of New York.LOL

  28. MantaRay says:

    Ferocity???? Great Odin’s beard, Namor is known as the Savage Submariner!!!

    They guy has the worst temper all in of the omniverse, top that off with regal pride and he will kick the carp out of Aquafag.

    The Whale incident that you refer was obviously some paralell universe scenerio where logic doesn’ t exist. I think I saw a Daily Bugle paper in the background with the Rangers winning the Cup!

    So the whale incident doesn’t count

  29. cop2035 says:

    Well, so much for locks. DOH!

    Now that Oates is a Duck, how happy is Paul Kariya?

  30. NYIchooch75 says:

    Please tell me that Belfour isn’t a locker room cancer. The guy is 37 years old and was replaced midway through the season by Marty Turco who is still not proven. Dallas was not a championship caliber team? It was not like Belfour was playing for the Lightning. And yes, he was arrested about 2-3 years ago on a domestic dispute charge.

    Another thing is, although I love Richter, I was just reporting a rumor. Isn’t that what this sites all about? And Sean Burke was an All-Star goalie, Richter was not. To me, Richter is better, but I would take Burke over CuJo and Belfour. He is younger, cheaper and if they could upgrade their D, would not be a bad fit.

    Luke Richardson is an overrated player. That’s all. The guy is going to get a lot of money becuase of the lack of quality defensemen out there on the FA market. I compare him to Eric Cairns. That’s all.

    What I post is what I hear. Unless you have “insider info” or are under the employ of one of the above mentioned teams, you’re in the same boat as me guys. I’m also very sorry that my opinion doesn’t matter as much as yours. I’ll try harder next time. I promise.

  31. NYIchooch75 says:

    Wow, some big push. I think I deserve an apology.

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