Which Canadian team will be the most active this summer?

As the playoffs wind down with only 4 teams left, the other 26 teams are already busy trying to decide what changes need to be done this off season. I am wondering which one of the 6 Canadian Teams will make the most significant changes. Each team is in a very different situation heading into the summer.



This team was slated for a cup and came up short YET AGAIN. Ottawa seemed to have all the pieces of the puzzle back in October, but now find themselves with lots of holes to fill. Goaltending is questionable. Although Emery is not terrible, will he win a cup with the Sens next year? Will Alfredsson be able to lead this team deeper into the post season or doea Ottawa need a new captain? Will Chara be back? My thoughts are that Ottawa will not make any drastic changes, they will attempt to sign Chara and the cost will be some of the 3rd & 4th liners who make over 1 million (Smolinski is a good example). Ottawa will sacrifice depth by adding even more youngsters in order to keep the core team around for ONE LAST SHOT. If they fail again next year, Muckler, Alfredsson, Havlat (UFA in 2007) & Chara will all be gone and Ottawa will have to re-tool.



The flames are in a similar position as the Sens. They had a great run last year, kept their team in tact and added a few players to bolster the line up. This year however, they came up VERY short. I think that Calgary needs to reduce size & grit and add some scoring to take the pressure of Iggy a little bit. A healthy hamerlik wouldn’t hurt either. They need upgrades from amonte. If they could addan extra 40-50 goals somewhere on the roster they will still be a true threat. Don’t look for Calgary to make any major moves. This team could still compete for a cup in 2007


The Habs are looking quite good for a VERY young team. Gainey will be active this off season as he looks to add ingredients into his current mix. I think he will upgrade certain positions which means a better #2 center to replace Ribeiro (who could be dealt). Sundstrom & Bulis will most likely be gone, and look for youngsters Latendresse & Chipchurra to make the line up. Ryder will need to play a bigger role and Koivu will need to be healthy for montreal to be taken seriously next year. I personally have a feeling that Gainey is going after a Top forward (Naslund or someone of that calibre). I also think he’s gonna try and land a Top D to play with markov. I would loveto see a blockbuster including Aebeisher, Zednik & Ribeiro for Naslund & Ohlund. I know Montreal will have to thro more into that mix.



The Oilers made their big moves last summer and are paying off. The additions of Pronger, Peca, Roloson & Samsonov have really made The Oils a contender and could very well be walking away with the cup. Look for Edmonton to make the LEAST amount of noise this summer (win or lose). Lowe is happy with the team he’s assembled and will keep them in tact for a few more years.



I think Vancouver will make the most moves. I think this teams is ready to self destruct and you could see several big trades going on here. They need to move bertuzzi and get on with life in Vancouver. He has become nothing but a distraction. Naslund can also be let go for the right deal. Vancouver has an excess of ‘D’ men now and NO GOALTENDING. If they want any hope of success they need an upgrade from Auld & Cloutier. Look for vancouver to go after Aebeisher (at only 1.5 Mill). He’s a good young goalie looking to prove himself.



Ironically, T.O. is the team that needs the most retooling, but unlike Vancouver, lacks the assets to make anything major happen. they could look to fre agency, but not sure what their cap room will look like. Toronto has WAY too many mediocre players (Belak, Domi, Berg, Wilm etc etc etc). They should keep Sundin and sign someone to playwith him. Allison & Lindros should not come back. Toronto needs to give much more ice time to the young guns (Steen, Stajan, Welleood, coliacovo). They have very good young talent, but need to get them experience. I think Maurice will be good for that reason alone. We all know that Quinn like a more mature squad. Goaltending is a HUGE problem. Belfour will not be back, and Telqvist stinks. If he is their starter, it’s over before it even starts. Aubin did a great job down the stretch, but don’t kid yourself for one second if you think he is an NHL starter who could be playing with a very weak defense in front of him and it’s a LONG season. He played well when Toronto was at it’s best playing for their life every night. Toronto’s first order is to sign a suitable goalie who can compete at a top level in the NHL. In addition what will happen with McCabe.; i don’t think they will re-sign him if he asks for 6 or 7 million. If they do, then they are stupid and deserve to play golf early again. McCabe should be making between 2-4 million at the most.

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  1. WhamBamCam says:

    I thought drury was captain?

  2. Marky2Fresh says:

    Really, you think Sutter should turn over his coaching duties?

    I wouldn’t know how good he is, I always hear he’s one of the best,

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    He’ll also hand the other team the puck constantly.

  4. muckies says:

    The trade is to much. Ruutu is the kind of fourth liner the Sens need and i’d like to see them get him

  5. rene says:

    everyone is mentioning arnott to montreal but i just dont see it he is lokking to make 5 million dollars and gainey still has tons of rfa’s to sign and they need another defenceman.

  6. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Manny Fernandez also resigned a multi-year contract with the Minnesota Wild. This is what allowed the Wild to trade Dwayne Roloson to my Oilers…………thought I’d point this out.

  7. hitman46 says:

    Jason Arnott. Another waste of $$$

  8. hitman46 says:

    keep dreaming. the leafs will not get Bertuzzi

  9. Habfanforever says:

    Ottawa: Definately needs some more grit and pride in that lineup. They have all the talent in the world but can’t put it together, that’s a big problem. I see them going after a guy like Arnott and possibly letting go of Arnason.

    Calgary: Built in the same mold as the Oilers (crash ‘n bang team) yet they could use a good scoring winger, not many changes are necessary for them to be highly competitive.

    Vancouver: They need to get a good starting goalie as well as get rid of some distractions (cough *Bertuzzi cough).

    Montreal: They have the cap room for free agents and also have some tradeable assets, notably Aebischer and Souray, and to a lesser extent Zednik and Ribeiro. Gainey will focus on signing Huet and Bouillon and then go out for a hunt. (He will be hunting, mark my words)

    Toronto: The answers to some of their problems are in their own back yard. As I’ve said numerous times before, Ian White is a HIGHLY underrated prospect and he is definately able to quarterback a powerplay with ease. They DON’T need to go out and get a goalie, their system is stacked with quality prospects and I’m ready to gamble that at least one of them could be ready for full time duty. Watch out for Suglobov to make the permanent jump next season.

  10. Habfanforever says:

    oops forgot Edmonton.

    Well they will need to fill some gaps this summer but I see them integrating some of their young talent. Pouliot and Schremp are both ready but there might be some wheeling and dealing in order to acquire some third line depth.

  11. JannettyTheRocker says:


    GO OILERS GO!!!!

  12. OilerEmpire says:

    that was awesome, oilers are going to actually do it again.

    go oiliers.

  13. Gretzkin says:


    We shot down those Ducks, game 1!!!!!!

    They lack the intensity that San Jose and Detroit had.

    Hey Jannetty, isn’t it totally fitting that since Anahiem is dropping the “Mighty” from their names after this season, and how we adopted it right away, months ago.

    Do you see a proper passing of the “Mighty” Torch!!!?

    And OilerEmpire, where have you been?

    You came on here, hoping to change the Oiler’s luck, and if memory serves correct, they haven’t lost a game since.

    Or am I mistaken?

    Anyways, you brought us some luck!!!


    GO OIL GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. EasternHockey says:

    Yeah, it’s a *****ing dumb move because Sakic isn’t playing for Colorado next season. His contract is finished, and unless the new GM, whoever that is, resigns him, he’s a UFA.

  15. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Gretzkin, you’re totally right. This is the series where the torch of the “Mighty” is permanently passed to the Mighty Oilers of Edmonton!!! Woooooo!!!

    I’m glad you’re back OilerEmpire. I think Gretzkin is correct, we’ve been on a winning streak since the last time you showed up. You’re our new good luck charm. Keep coming around.

    I still say Oilers take this series in 5 games. That’s my prediction. Either way, here we come to claim our cup!!!!


    7 MORE TO GO!!!!

  16. EasternHockey says:

    It’s fitting that Sharks can drown in Oil… so can Ducks.

  17. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Hahaha!!! Never thought about that. Great point!!!!


  18. wingerxxx says:

    Toronto will focus on resigning McCabe rather than go after Blake. And you’re right, Shanahan ain’t leaving Detroit.

    Lindros is a lousy winger, and dead weight to boot, you don’t want him. His top end is about 50 games and about 40 points. Not good enough. And he won’t be playing for home town discounts much longer. As such, he’s likely gone. O’Neill is not a first line winger anymore. And with Maurice coming in, you have to wonder about his future with the team.

    Also, Peter Bondra is not going to be playing on a 4th line on any team in the league, much less Toronto. Will never happen. It would make more sense to have Bondra in Lindros or O’Neill’s place in your proposed roster.

  19. wingerxxx says:

    Colorado can’t afford to make that trade right now, they would have a huge hole at center without Sakic. He is getting older, but he’s still a legit number one center. I don’t see him leaving the Avs. Colorado already has a very solid 1-2 punch at right wing with Hejduk and Svatos. Alfredsson just doesn’t really fit in.

  20. Marky2Fresh says:

    Well Jannetty after months of telling you the Oilers suck it seems it’s time for me to eat my words lol

    And now that the Sharks are out, I hope Edmonton wins.

  21. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    First of all, no one wants Lindros, he plays for hometown discounts, or he doesn’t play at all. Second of all Jeff O’neill is a first line winger. O’neill suffered in an injury plagued season in Carolina in 2004, and then was a victim of Pat Quinn spreading the talent, and spending most of the year as a linemate to fourth liners Kyle Wellwood and Tie Domi, and then when he didn’t produce, he was made the scapegoat, and was benched.

    Bondra… I don’t really like him, I just needed one more player to plug into that hole. Maybe re-signing Tom Fitzgerald.

    Well, actually, on Shanahan, what I’ve heard, Ken Holland may not want Shanahan back, and Shanahan may flee to Boston because that’s where his wifes from. Either way, I don’t see him in Toronto.

    Lindros if you keep him away from injury, is still one of the best players in the league, and on a line with Mats, he won’t be the centre of attention, guys will go to cover Mats and O’neill, it’s an ideal situation. The only reason he didn’t come back for very long this year was the doctors telling him not to get surgery… good ol’ JFJ fired our well respected (and overworked!) doctors in the summer, and brought in this medical staff…

    McCabe sucks, if he re-signs, we’ll come in dead last. John Ferguson is driving this team into the ground, and MLSE needs to grow the balls to stop him.

  22. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Buddy, Toronto’s prospects aren’t gonna do us much good next year, except White, Coley, and maybe that Williams kid, he played well in that game against the Penguins.

    White is a terriffic defenseman, I can’t believe people were starting to call him a bust.

    But Suglobov is going to bust, he’s the next comming of Sergei Berezin, or Mariusz Czerkawski.

    Tellqvist, Ford, Racine, Pogge, Rask… I can see Tellqvist being ready for a split duty. I’d sign CuJo for a year and see if they can win a cup. Aubin is nothing special, he just got hot at the end of the year. It’s funny, after the games against you guys in Montreal, it was all mourning, and the season was over. No one even watched the game against the Devils, and only a few watched the one against the Flyers, but then they really started to roll. I still have faith in Telly.

    I can see the Habs getting Bertuzzi. They could use the size, and they have some very tradeable assets, like Zednik, Ribeiro, Souray, and Aebischer. And with their prospects, they can afford to trade a first rounder. The Canucks need a goalie, making the Habs a great trading partner. I just feel sorry for Abby if that does happen, 2 trades in less then a year… well… remember when Anson Carter was traded to New York at the deadline, then the next February traded to Washington, and at the deadline traded to Los Angeles, and then let go, and had to sign in Vancouver? Crazy shit.

    Calgary already has a scoring winger, Iginla, and even Amonte can still be effective, they need a playmaking centreman. Joe Sakic is good friends with Iginla… oh, and JR says he wants to finnish his career in Canada.

    Ottawa’s problem isn’t a lack of pride! It’s too much pride, they’re the smuggest most arrogant group of bastards in the NHL! They need a great leader like Gary Roberts to bring them down to earth.

    And there’s one more Canadian team! And it’s still alive!

  23. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You just described the entire Senators line up!

  24. wingerxxx says:

    Carl Lindros is not going to let Eric play for hometown discounts for the rest of his career. That is crazy. No NHL player would do that, I don’t care how injury prone they are. And yes, some teams will inquire about him in the offseason. But Lindros is a center. Not a winger. Toronto is loaded at center, with some quality younger guys.

    And you said “if” you keep him from injury. You’ve got to realize, you are talking about a hockey player that has not had a good season in 5 years. And no, this last year does not count. He played 30 games. I don’t care how many points you score, when you are coming off an improperly healed wrist injury (any wrist injury takes a while to recover from, see Pronger), again, it’s not a worthwhile gamble, especially when you are loaded at the one position where Lindros can actually play decently. Makes no sense.

    Lindros can play well, but when you ask him to play Lindros-style hockey, you are asking for a serious injury to happen. Yes, he can play well for spurts, but he cannot sustain it. He has proved that fact during the last two seasons. He is one year older, and more brittle. And no, he is not one of the best in the league when healthy. He is noticeably slower and can’t play in traffic like he used to. It is not 1995 anymore.

  25. hope_4_leafs says:

    “Toronto will be active, but I am sadly seeing only McCabe and a couple middle-of-the-raod signings… no big names.”

    Dam you really think you know whats going to happen? Did you consult your crystal ball on that? Do us all a favour and don’t write this bull like you already know what’s going to happen. It’s what you think not what you know!

  26. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Oiler fans are the only fans who I haven’t heard refer to their team as “Canada’s team”, now, the Oilers truly are Canada’s team.

    GO OILERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Gretzkin says:

    God I Love the Oilers.

  28. OilerEmpire says:

    i’m hungover from last night’s win!

    whyte avenue is hopping!!!

  29. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    Ottawa: Olaf Kolzig, Steve Eminger

    Washington: Daniel Alfredsson, Billy Thompson

    Just a feeling.

  30. BelZeBu666 says:

    no way!!

    we had Hasek last year, i hope Muckler will learn from this.

    wosrt case go get him at the trade deadline for a lot less than Alfie

  31. JannettyTheRocker says:

    It’s cool, don’t worry about it……

    Let’s just enjoy the ride to the Stanley Cup!!!!

    GO OILERS GO!!!!

  32. rookieleafs says:

    The leafs will pick up one big name this summer, JFJ’s ass is on the line and he knows it. This is the last year in his contract, and if he doesn’t produce this year, he won’t get a contract extension.

    Paul Maurice is going to bring up quite a few youngsters from the marlies. There will be 1 player that is already inked, and will be playing on the roster this year; Marc Moro. The leafs are then going to pick up another defenseman, either redden or chara. Note: if they pick up Redden, McCabe will not get re-signed. However it seems like they want chara more than redden because they want more size on the blue line.

    What I think is feasible, and the best choice for the leafs behind the blue line is:

    Kaberle – Harrison

    Moro – Redden

    White – Richardson


    Bell – Coli

    Now the reason I think this ‘should’ be the defensive 8 is because of the following:

    – Moro can bring a gritty defensive style to an offesnive redden. Harrison is fast, and big. With him playing with Kabz, it allows for Kabz to get more offensive, since McCabe was the one being all offensive this year. I say the leafs should keep Richardson because he brings experience and size to the time. He’s fast, and he doesn’t make costly mistakes (all the time). Lining White up with Richardson would allow White to develop a lot faster. Note: This would mean the leafs wouldn’t be spending much on their defensive core, and I think those guys will do well. If they need too, they could always pick up McKee, as the rumours go.

    As for the offense, this is what i think should be done.

    Elias – Sundin – O’Neil

    Tucker – Steen – UFA (Marc Savard) 😉 lol

    Poni – Stajan – Kilger

    Pohl – Williams – Wellwood


    Lindros – Belak – Battaglia

    Okay, where do I begin. Well Elias would be a good acquisition since he’s a UFA, and the leafs have the coin to get him. O’Neil would play really well on that line because he’ll be the trailer. He won’t have as much pressure as he’s been having lately, especially after you know what. This way he’ll feel more comfortable that he’ll be playing with two better players. Tucker has proven that when playing with the right players, he could produce, he’s changing his ways, and keeps improving. Now i don’t know which UFA would fall perfectly into that slot, but i’m sure you guys know of one. 3rd line, all about size and speed. Kilger and poni on the wings call for danger ( look out for those 2 in the new season ). The 4th line will be the youngster speed line. They’re the line that’s going to get in there and pass the puck around, cause some damage because they’re all fast. Really good stick handlers, and smart players. However, the scratches are a bit off. I would keep Belak because you never know when you’re going to need a bruiser than can just hop into a game, such as a back to back game, where you lost the first one, and you need a TKO to boost the teams momentum. Don’t ask about the other two lol.

    I believe Aubin should be given the opportunity to be the leafs Goalie. I think the smart thing to do would be to split the duties (as someone stated earlier), to figure out who’s playing better. I don’t believe signing Cujo will be a good idea. If the leafs are really in need of a goalie down the road, they could pick one up after, just like Edmonton (GO OILERS!).

    Maurice is going to really rely on the youngsters, he’s going to want to bring speed as he knows that’s what the new NHL is about.

  33. broc says:

    What’s Calgary’s cap space like?

    This team just needs a slight boost in offence to round into form and potentially go deep next year. If they could convince and afford Patrick Elias to play in Calgary that would be the hizzle. My GF loves the Flames.

  34. 92-93 says:

    youre right, if the leafs won two more shootouts instead of losing them, they would have made the playoffs and have been in a SIMILAR predicament.

    only difference – most of the players that the leafs have on one-year contracts they dont really want back anyways.

  35. 92-93 says:

    just a thought on the McCabe situation.

    here’s how it should have went. at the last trade deadline, JFJ should have traded McCabe when his value had skyrocketed. then in this offseason, go after one or two lesser-known UFA D-guys who are effective in their own end, bring up one or two of their young offensive D-guys – Bell, Coliacovo, White – and go from there.

    now what has happened as a result of JFJ’s inability to trade McCabe:

    1) he has all the leverage

    2) all his teammates – including Sundin – want him back no matter what

    3) the no-trade clause he offered Kaberle now enters McCabe’s negotiations with Toronto

    i’d would rather see the leafs give McCabe a 5-year, 5.5 million contract with NO no-trade clause then give him a smaller contract with a no-trade clause. but by most recent reports (Sun, Spectors, Berger) … JFJ has no spine and really no option but to give McCabe the no-trade clause.

    meaning, that one of the few tradeable assets toronto has (outside of their young guys) cannot be traded.

    so what does this mean? well, McCabe will be in toronto for years to come for 5 million or less … not a bad thing totally. but JFJ continues to make deals and offers that are going to get his hands tied down the line.

    if McCabe is signed, that means Richardson SHOULD NOT be resigned … of course, he will be anyways. With Kaberle already on board and Pilar probably coming back, the Leafs should keep 2 or 3 spots opend for the young D-guys and maybe take their chances on the free agency period for a solid D-guy.

  36. 92-93 says:

    my ideal Defence for the Leafs for 2006-2007:







    [this assuming that Coliacovo can play again, that Pilar is healthy (all reports say that he is), and that the leafs sign McKee.]

  37. 92-93 says:

    take this with the grain of salt:

    “Another possibility worth considering is veteran Jay McKee landing in Toronto next season. The shot-blocking defenceman — so integral in the Sabres` playoff march this spring — is also eligible for unrestricted free agency in July, and has talked openly about considering offers from the Leafs. “Hey, I grew up [in Kingston, Ont.] rooting wildly for the Leafs, so if they`re talking to me this summer, it`s a bonus,” McKee told me during the Buffalo-Ottawa Eastern semifinal. And, he did so on the record, for all to hear on The Fan-590. Further to that, I got a phone-call late last week from an excellent Buffalo source (a prominent former employee of the hockey club), who told me to “expect” McKee in blue and white next season. The source explained that McKee and Sabres` coach Lindy Ruff do not have a warm and cozy relationship, and that McKee would be “very excited” to hear from Ferguson after July 1st. Of course, there is every chance McKee could remain in Buffalo, if the Sabres go on to win the Stanley Cup, and make it financially worthwhile for him to stay. Veteran players are often drawn to stable situations, and the Sabres have a lot of young, energetic skaters that could keep the team competitive for a number of years. This scenario will also be intriguing to watch.”

    Howard Berger


  38. rookieleafs says:

    I see where you’re going with that and that is highly likely too! however i think marc moro will be on the d this year, as per maurice’s comments about him.

  39. Aetherial says:

    Muckies have you lost it?

    There is no way I would make that Vancouver deal if I was Ottawa.

    No way I would make the Toronto deal if I was Vancouver.

  40. Aetherial says:

    Ottawa, despite being favored a couple times at least has had very little playoff success…

    As for Sakic being a UFA, I suppose there is the old sign and trade… but I don’t see that happening either.

    My suggestion was dumb.

  41. Aetherial says:

    The ONLY thing that scares me about the Leafs is the possibility of signing McCabe to 4 or 5 years with a no-trade.

    Other than that, I see some hope with the young talent and the lack of any serious horrible contracts beyond this years, which gives them flexibility.

    ALL I want from them, is to develop their talent, not trade away youth or picks and stay away from dumb contracts…

    Basically, I don’t give a rat’s ass if they win or are even competitive next year, or the year after … I just want to see the foundations of a solid organization forming.

    I HATE the idea of a no-trade for McCabe. JFJ should be fired for not trading him at the trade deadline… unless of course his hands were tied; which would not surprise me.

  42. 92-93 says:

    thats the point though, his hand ARE ALWAYS TIED.

    he cannot let go of Domi – why? – Tannebaum

    he cannot let go of McCabe now, why? – for once in his career, Mats Sundin has decided to chime in and he wants McCabe (which is SUndin’s right but i wish he didnt start it now with McCabe, lol).

    Fergy has to get some balls and say NO to some people (like Maurice WILL DO when it comes to sitting guys, including the owner’s buddy – Mr. Domi – i cant wait for that to happen!).

    at the end of this year, assuming the leafs resign Lindros to a one-year deal, the leafs have Lindros, Tucker, O’Neill, Domi, Belak, and Sundin having their contracts ended.

    now i would think that they would pick up the option on Sundin for over 5 million. but after that, its all up in the air.

    according to many pundits in toronto, not trading McCabe at the deadline would have sent ‘a message’ to leaf players – i.e. we arent going to make the playoffs …

    well DUH!

    but JFJ didnt want to send that message and didnt want to make anyone disgruntled. now he has no choice but to resign McCabe and he can ask for pretty much anything he wants. I dont mind McCabe being on this team – even on a 5 year contract … but a no-trade clause!?! maybe he could load the back-end of the contract and say that the no-trade clause doesnt kick in until the last 3-4 years of the contract. doubt McCabe will take it though and it will make him and his agent suspicious that something is up for this year.

  43. 92-93 says:

    well, i dont think Moro has a shot to be honest with you. he serves his purpose in the AHL and if the D in toronto got really, really thin, he might come up and prove some people wrong.

    but McKee is a ‘key’ for a lot of teams looking for solid defencemen who can keep up with a speedy team (i.e. Buffalo). any signals that are sent to JFJ that might suggest that McKee wants to play in toronto should prevent JFJ resigning a guy like Richardson. that way, you have your three veteran players (four if you count Pilar – and i dont), and 2 spots open for the rookie D-guys … who will be selected from a pool of 7 players who are trying to make this year’s team:

    Colaicovo (if healthy)







    chances are, 2 of those 7 guys are going to impress in training camp and play well. when offensive D-guy types like McCabe and Kaberle go down, other offensive types like White, Bell, and Coliacovo can be called up.

    again, i doubt Coliacovo is healthy this year.

  44. LeafsRule87 says:

    If I were Vancouver i like the Toronto Deal, but why would the leafs do that? I mean Stajan is one of their future players, and this team is in rebuilding mode. Also Tucker has become a good scorer, and has that edge and physicallity that every team needs.

    Now as for the Sens trade, again not going to happen, why would the Sens want to do that? I mean Havlat and Vochenkov are worth too much to get a backup goalie and a defenceman. Why then would you throw Smolinski in?

  45. LeafsRule87 says:

    The Leafs will not trade a 1st round pick. That is the last thing they need to be doing. They need to draft well and keep their young players. The defence should be McCabe (less than $4.5million or this is a no-go), Kaberle, and then 4 young guys from the follwing: Harrison, White, Coliacovo, Kronvall, Wozieski, and Bell. Take your pick, but either way these guys need a chance to play, and utilize the talent they have to become solid NHL players. Finally when it comes to the forwards, the same goes. Sundin, Tucker, a FA scoring winger, and then all young guys. Then fill in the holes with some mid-level FA’s. This team must let all those young guys play, I mean they did towards the end of this past season, and they almost salvaged a playoff birth.

  46. LeafsRule87 says:

    No way Sakic goes anywhere. He’s an Avalanche for life. I don’t see anything happenning there because the Avalanche will not let Sakic, plus he’s an UFA so Ottawa can only dream. Ottawa would be all over this if it were possible, but everyone knows Sakic is worth too much (not only in scoring but in the dressing room providing leadership).

  47. FlamingHomer says:

    Not saying he isn’t a good coach but I think he really needs to be a full time GM for at least a year and tweek his team into the style of the new NHL. Current assistant Jim Playfair has similar philosophies as Sutter and is ready to move up so that type of change wouldn’t be that drastic. Team could use a break from the highly demanding Sutter as well.

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