Whitney a good fit for Habs, Canucks?

On Thursday an article in the Globe and Mail as well as on faceoff.com suggest that free agent left winger Ray Whitney may be sought after by both the Montreal Canadiens as well as fellow Canadian team, the Vancouver Canucks.

This deal makes some sense for the Canadiens despite Whitney’s small stature. At 5-10 178 pounds, he would be yet another small forward on an already small team. However, he excels on the Powerplay, an area that has been less than stellar for the Habs in the last couple of seasons. With 42 powerplay points last season, Whitney would be be a welcome addition to the Canadien’s struggling powerplay. Also, he would come relatively cheap at about 3 million a season. For a reliable scorer who is great on the powerplay this seems quite worth it for a team that has had a stagnant offense.

From the Vancouver standpoint, this deal also makes some sense. Although they don’t have as many offensive problems as the Canadiens, the Canucks are in need of a second line scoring threat to replace Andrew Cassels who left via free agency before last season. With 24 goals and 76 points on Columbus’ second line, he could surely produce on a Canucks line with even more scoring help. Also, he would help make up a great powerpalay unit playing the point with Jovanovski while Bertuzzi, Naslund and Morrison reap havok up front.

Either way, it looks as if Whitney may be heading back to his home country after playing several seasons in Florida and Columbus. He may also get a chance to reach the playoffs for the first time since 1999-2000 with Florida.

Overall, if either of these teams does end up signing Whitney, it will probably be Vancouve, looking to match the offense produced by their division counterpart the Colorado Avalanch. With a top six forwards of Forsberg, Sakic, Karya, Hejduk, Selanne and Tanguay, the Canucks have no chance of matching the Avs but a top six of Bertuzzi, Naslund, Whitney, Morrisson, Linden and Cooke isn’t too shabby.

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  1. comrie44 says:

    Whitney stated on the Team 1040 that he was hoping to play in Vancouver, however, that doesn’t mean he’s going to take a paycut. I’m hoping we land him, but who can ever predict these things?

    Whitney would surely take some of the scoring pressure off of the top line, possibly even allow Bert and Naslund to be split up.



    There is also some speculation out there that we could get Prospal, but with the Wings looking for a center its unlikely we can compete for him.

  2. amok says:

    Picking up Whitney would make a lot of sense for Vancouver. He fits the salary structure and would give the Canucks a legitimate offensive threat other than the big three. Brian Burke had better sign Whitney or the Vancouver fans will be even more restless than they already are.

  3. Tradedude says:

    neither, sign with the wild, they been saving up cash, and look wut they did last season.

  4. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    He is a perfect pick up for the rangers. That will be an inexpensive reliable fill for their weak left side. Also he played with Bure in Florida. Bure scored 50+ goals playing on a line with him and Barnes. Even if the Rangers don’t sign any big names like Fedorov, they will get a small player with heart. Sure a guy like Fedorov would help the team in the middle and on the back check but Whitney will immediately address their LW problem. If Leetch is resigned, even better, and maybe even resigning Mironov, or dumping Mironov and signing De Vries. It would even cut salary, because Messier, Lefebvre, and McCarthy would leave as well. Richter may also retire which would free up 4 million.

    their lines would look something like this. Bure’s agent also said he is not retiring and at http://www.pbfc.org it is stated that he is to check his knees in NYC next month.












    Ward (veteran, who when Messier is gone will receive his chance)


    De Vries




    Tjutin/Purinton (If Tjutin passes training camp)



    solid team/defensively sound too



    Even though this is a long shot maybe even offering up Lundmark and Lundqvist to the stars for Lehtinen. This could work since the Stars are in selling mode. But unlikely. Lehtinen and Holik i am sure would work wonders tegether on the PK.

  5. Rampage_Winger says:

    The Stars are not in sell mode, contrary to Signor Pants-on-Fire Larry Brooks’ posturing in Rupert Murdoch’s Post. They are on cruise control. In fact, with the departure of Hatcher, they’ll be closer to buy mode than sell. So, sorry Rangers fans, you still suck.

  6. rrudd says:

    sorry new york fans.

    lundmark and lundqvist and lundberger and lunden’s britches do not get you jere lehtinen.

    doug armstrong’s not proven to be a good GM to date, but he’s not insane.

  7. rrudd says:

    are the stupid new york fans the ones keeping brooks in business? i’ve never A) heard an accurate report of any type from brooks, or B) met anyone foolish enough to believe him.

  8. wingerxx says:

    I agree on both your points. Us Rangers fans who are not ignorant, hate Brooks waaaaaaay more than most other hockey fans!

  9. TheMinister says:

    I think the Canucks need both of them.

    Prospal would be a good fit, especially if he can prove 55 assists wasn’t a fluke. I’m always wary about players coming off career seasons when they are 28 years old. Plus I’ve heard he’s looking for a 4 year deal. But a 6’2 playmaking center is exactly what the docrors order.

  10. DaMick says:

    He is probably going to be the most popular Free agent this summer.

    it will be up to what team ponies up the cash & contract length he wants.

    Vancouver & the isles would be the best fits.

    Montreal might want to add size so id rule them out in this hunt

    ,while the Isles & Nuks have the money & the place for him on each team.


  11. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    OK Not Lehtinen

    but Whitney and De Vries together and dumping Messier, Mironov, Richter, Lefebvre, and Sandy McCarthy would be smart because the younger players can play and the LS is stronger and Leetch (if resigned) would be pretty good with De Vries.

  12. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    Second I didn’t get it from Brooks, I don’t read the times mainly because:


    i live in toronto.

    i heard that “stars were sellers” on this site

  13. sluggo says:

    Your compairing Bertuzzi, Naslund, Whitney, Morrisson, Linden and Cooke to Forsberg, Sakic, Kariya, Hejduck, Selenna and Tanguay? LOL, now thats funny. The Avs fowards would be heads and shoulders above the Vancouver offense.

    Vancouver needs a goalie, or if they can get one, a better defense infront of that backup they call a starting goalie. The Canucks should concentrat on getting Potivn, Cujo, Burke or Osgood, that is what would give them a better chance at winning, not a second line winger.

  14. Tradedude says:

    He’s not comparing, itf u read the whole thing, it says they dont have a chance of matching it but its not too shabby.

  15. Tradedude says:

    whatever happened to balckburn, he should be there starter, and he’s a 3rd stringer?

  16. Habfan1234 says:

    And Colorado does not need a goalie? I highly doubt that an unproven backup like Abby can get the Avs to the promise land (he ain’t no Roy or Dryden). To get Theo it will cost them at least Tanguay or Hejduk plus Skoula. The Avs also need a better defense in front of their backup goalie soon to become starter. They have three top defenders in Foote, Blake, and Morris but the rest of the three are not that good. What’s the point of having three stud defensmen when the third pairing goes out plays 10 minutes or so and gives up the momentum and 2 goals a game?

    They will be a good team if not great in the regular season but I do not think they have what it takes to win it all, namely a goalie they can take them all the way.

  17. sluggo says:

    Black, Morris, Foote and Skoula are better top 4 D men that most teams have.

    Also Abby doesn’t need to play as well as an Elite level goalied, with the offense he has infront him of he just has to play well, not great. That offense will easy get 3-5 goals a game for him.

    Cloutier on the other hand doesn’t have strong an offense. Vancouver needs a goalie, badly, if they want to be able to take a serious run at the playoffs and/or the cup

  18. drhellhole says:

    i would like to have whitney he would be a good fit but y in the hell would u want to split up nazzy and bert???? that would be stupid with the numbers they put up in the last couple seasons.

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