Whitney signs with Canes!!

Sportsnet.ca has reported that Ray Whitney has signed a two year deal with the Carolina Hurricanes. Whitney, bought out last month by the Detroit Red Wings will earn $1.5 million per season.

The all-star forward has 17 seasons in the National Hockey League including his debut with the Red Wings in the 03-04 season. Whitney has 535 points in 700 career games.

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  1. DeathCab says:

    This is a good move for the canes, and I’m not sure why Whitney has been available for this long. He’s a good player who has flirted with becoming a great player a few times in his career. Stick him on your 1st or 2nd line, and you won’t be dissapointed. Especially at 1.5 million per year.

  2. monley89 says:

    TML you beat me to it for reporting this, :)lol oh well, good signing by canes.

  3. tacitus says:

    Whitney never got the credit he deserved ever in his career just cuz hes a smaller guy. Give him 20 minutes a game, he will get 80 points atleast this year. I just wish Donald Audette got recognized like this too. Poor short people

  4. Prynce says:

    if im not mistaken…isnt like the previous MVP like 5’8 or 5’6?

  5. CechmanekForVezina says:

    He also kind of won the Cup. He’s saying good guys that are small on bad teams don’t get credit.

  6. CaptainInsano says:

    Actually, Whitney has 13 seasons in the NHL.

    At 1.5 million, the Canes are getting extremely good value, and I’m surprised there wasn’t more interest around the league in his services.

  7. Neely4Life says:

    Canes still wont make the playoffs, Lighting are gonna beat up on everyone in the division, i dont care who florida signed, or atlanta. Now, if we can just move them out of Tampa, then the hockey world would be a better place

  8. EmptyNetter says:

    I don’t think the Canes have any kind of plan to build a playoff team. I’m just happy they’re making moves to get some offense. Bruins vs. Canes games have been painfully dull for quite some time.

    Once Washington and Buffalo get in the game the Eastern Conference games will have nothing but great matchups.

  9. NemiNA says:

    Ok their getting better and I like that. There just not getting tougher, and thats not good.

  10. dcz28 says:

    Whitney is a good player but it didnt work out with the wings and that was prolly one reason teams didnt go after him more or he wanted to only go to certain teams

    for the price this is not a bad signing for them and should help the offence there

  11. tacitus says:

    i was making a generalization, but if u really wanna use mr StLouis then do u think Calgary would trade iginla straight up for him?? or Boston trade Thorton i bet columbus wouldnt trade Nash for him. Dam if i was a gm i would have the most offensive team in the league cuz these talented 5’8 guys would be on my team and u can get most for under a mil

  12. NemiNA says:

    Yeah man. Had Whitney been 6’2, he would rule this sport.

  13. desgros says:

    I don’t CARE what ANYBODY (At MLS&E) thinks, they should have signed this player too , AT 1.5M per/ come on TORONTO, you could not have found a cheeper scorer if you fell out of bed.

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