Who and When???????

Try to imagine you are given a chance to go back in time for a five year time frame and that you will return to the point in time when you left. You will return unaged and nothing you do would change history as it was when you left. No you can’t bring Velcro back with you and give to a relative for the purpose financial gain.You would have sufficient funds and would be able go about through that time frame doing as you please. No need to work. Don’t fall in love because you can’t stay there. This would allow you to choose an era of hockey that you would like to have seen but, only know of it as history.

I would choose 1955 and spend 5 years then. No not because Dr Emit Brown’s delorean sent Marty McFly back to that time. This would be a time of hockey that would allow me to go around and see the PRODUCTION LINE, Henri and Maurice Richard playing together. I would see the Famous Poke Checking goalie Jonny Bower and see a Terry Sawchuk shutout. I would love to have seen players like Jean Beliveau, Frank Mahovlich, Ted (Teeder) Kennedy, Bobby Hull ,Red Kelly, Stan Mikita or Milt Schmidt. I could also hear a Leafs game broadcast by the Famous announcer Foster Hewitt. What an amazing time those must have been.

You might choose an era that was earlier. Somewhere in the early 1900′ S Maybe? Perhaps your interest could be in seeing one Player like Art Ross, Fred (cyclone) Taylor, George Vezina or how about One eyed Frank McGee? You go back that far in time and you could have the chance to see a Stanley Cup championship team crowned twice in one season.

Maybe you would like to see “The Kid Line”, of Joe Primeau, Charlie Conacher and Busher Jackson or “Kraut Line” with Milt Schmidt centering boyhood friends, Woody “Porky” Dumart and Bobby Bauer? They were both legendary lines!!

Imagine what people 50 years from now will have to say about todays players and lines of players from the last 5 years up to now. The Yzerman, Shanahan and Federov line, The “Russian 5 line” of Larianov, Federov, Kozlov, Fetisov and Konstantinov, The “Grind Line” of Maltby, Draper and McCarty will all be well regarded here in Hockeytown.

How about some of the Dynamic duos of late also like LaClair and Lindros, Karia and Selanne, Sakic and Forseburg, Lemieux and Jagr or Gretzky and Kurri?? Also some great individuals like Brett Hull, Dino Ciccerilli, Luc Robitelle, Al McInnes ,Raymond Bourque, Larry Murphy, Mike Gartner,Dale Hunter, and Essa Tiekinin. How about the Legacy of Tie Domi in 50 years?? Goalies you say?? Well Patrick Roy , Martin Broduer , Domonic Hasek, and Grant Fhur, Please feel free to remind me of anyone I may have miss here.

We should all be thankful to have seen the players and Lines that we have and if you Think about it having seen “THE GREAT ONE” was a blessing. I was hoping to create an article that we could all simply post our comments about what players we are grateful to have seen and what players of historic time we would like to have seen. I have to say that although 1955 was a great time to have seen some serious hockey greats. I wouldn’t trade the greats that I have seen to see the greats of any era. Would You?? If so what era and who??