Who do we just HATE in the NHL? Come on….. Let's hear it.

Let’s get some controversy and hate on HTR. Let’s get some Star name players, and beat on them. who do “we” fans not like?

Whether it’s someone lot’s of people love or hate. Make your point and Rant about this guy or guy’s we just don’t like in the NHL.From the Greatone A.K.A Mr. Lovable. to the evil Owners who buy everyone. Tell us why and who ya hate. Let it out now, because it’s about time.

I’ll Go first……….

Marty Broduer. Liked by most people, loved by some. But Me? I hate the guy. Why you ask? well, it’s not that I’m a mad fan, he makes some great saves here and there, but when a goalie faces 15-20 shots a game like he has for the “prime” of his career, ya have to think that if it’s only 15 shots a night he better save them.

Why do I not like this guy? well….. simple first, to me, the TRAP (or Crap) has made him 60% of what he is. Yes he has skill, yes he’s good with the puck. Yippy….. when a team has to dump the puck in just to get a shot, you better know how to go behind the net and move the puck well….. I mean come on.. let’s look at the facts, Marty without the trap facing 30 or more shots a night would not do what he’s done. His shutout’s are amazing…. Why? because there was 1 shot on him DO TO THE TRAP. Boring.

Second, No class, to cheat on your wife and kids when on the road (which I’m sure more then just he has done) is disgusting. You just don’t do that shit. He talks about all the players in the league like they are nothing to him…. He needs to come down from his big head and settle down.

Gary Bettmen:

Wow do I hate this guy. 1 word, idiot. The guy does nothing right, can’t hire the right people, can’t settle problems of a lockout, and expects to have a 30 million salary lock? Come on… the disaster that will have at such a low CAP is amazing. The guy must be an idiot. Bottom line… he does nothing for the NHL, Sick to watch this guy come up with bad ideas and still suck.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh got it all out. Bash me if you want…. I don’t care, as we all know….. but make sure you post who you hate in the NHL too.

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