Who Does He Think He Is???

Jeremy Reonick gave Mike Modano probably the cheapest hit of the year…

He fully took more than 3strides before thundering Mike Modano from BEHIND, into the boards head first!…

It was given a five minute major for hitting from behind, but it wasn’t a game. Maybe that was a good thing because Hatcher had his chance to plunge Reonick onto the ice.

A couple of games ago Reonick also delivered a nasty hit to Svehla, and for that he did get a game misconduct.

But my take on both situations is when Reonick hit Svehla it was because Svehla had his head down and was defenseless. When Reonick it Modano, not only was it charging..It was from behind!…Obviously Reonick is will only check if it has CHEAP written all over it. In both cases he could have ended someones career…

The league must take some disciplinary action to stop assclowns like Reonick from going to take out a player when they are completly defenseless…

Or Tucker should pull a “Peca flex” on him to give him a feeling of how it feels when your hockey career could have been over….


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  1. cecilturtle says:

    First you complain about how all NHL teams are comprised of soft, high priced, wusy, players and that is why you root for the Titans. Then (two days ago) you complain about the Rangers having too many goons in their line up and their tuff play is a disgrace to the league. Now your saying (because it does not involve the Rangers) the NHL is not a ballet. If the NHL is too ruff for you then put on a skirt and toss me a salid! Make up your mind… I think your hatred for the Rangers has blured your better hockey judgement? To quote Hanz & Fronz, “Think about it now… Remember it later. Girly Mon!”

    Cecil Turtle

  2. cecilturtle says:

    Well… we have a pool and a lake… The lake would be good for you Flyers fans!!! The natural springs and all…

  3. Heinzee57 says:

    Just night putting… putting at night with the 15 year old daughter of the dean.


  4. Enchilada says:

    If the NHL is really going to crack down on this type of thing then they need to be less hypocritcal and not sell the clip of this hit as well as others to be put on “NHL’s Greatest Hits” type of video. It happens all the time it is like they are saying “Please refrain from this type of violence, but if you do not mind we are going to use it to help market the game.”

  5. fp64 says:

    if you “never seen the hit”, how can you comment on it?

  6. cecilturtle says:

    Let me tell ya something Betty… um Heinzee… A great Zen Master once said, “A flute with out any holes is not a flute and a donut with out a hole is a danish.”

  7. Bodster says:

    id you don’t want criticism do not put up an article or post

    p.s. leafs suck

  8. Habs4ever says:

    You’r thinking about Corson. Hoglund had JUST done a drop pass.

  9. Habs4ever says:

    You’r thinking about Corson. Hoglund had JUST done a drop pass.

  10. Freeze says:

    What’s this? A Philadelphia Flyer showing emotion on the ice? Could this be the first indications of a Flyer player that is showing some signs of character? Possibly even leadership? Might we be talking about a player who isn’t just interested in his scoring stats but maybe is interested in motivating his team? Oh My God. The sky is falling!! The folks in Hell are putting on their thermal underwear!!

  11. booty says:

    Even though I’m a hard-core Flyers fan, I gotta give it to you. That was a good one…

  12. booty says:

    I must admit, the hit was completely unnecessary, and Roenick deserves the suspension he got. As for this so called leaf expert, for the love of god, when are you gonna shut up? You’re still crying about the fact that he laid Svehla out with a clean hit. Then you call his hit on Modano cheap but then say he should get Peca flexed? Please, I’m asking you nicely, GO AWAY. And take that moron leafsrule31 with you.

  13. Leaf_Expert says:

    Why don’t you take your “booty” and shove it up “big_booty”!!!,

    and then kiss my booty!….

  14. flyersrule94 says:

    yea the little bitch, who goes around cheapshotting players yea i remember him, when fedoruk knocked his ass down at center ice earlier in the year he just layed there. Why? to get a penalty? yes and because he dont have the balls to get in fedoruk’s face. the guy’s a coward, just watch him play.

  15. Robert says:

    shall we name the countless islanders he beat the sh*t out of.

  16. Bodster says:

    that may have been the most un-funniest thing i have ever read

  17. jlarge says:

    Now that is funny. All they would need is Newey back, to put out with Modano and Marchment. That would be funny.


  18. jlarge says:

    Yes, it was retaliatory for Roenick’s cheap shot that year on Modano two games earlier. A few seasons before that, in Chicago, Hatcher took Roenick’s knee early in the season, that was when the Stars/Blackhawk games were physical.


  19. BWbullies says:

    Thats OK if you want it like that. We would just have Brashear take out Modano permently and if anybody has a problem with it they can talk to the fridge.

  20. BWbullies says:

    I don’t know who is worse Leaf fans or Ranger fans? Who am I kidding Leaf fans win that hands down. I understand that leaf fans are desperate to find something to make them feel better about thier average team. What I don’t get is there are 29 other teams that they look up to, so why do they have to attack Flyers at the first little opening. I personally don’t give a rats ass what they do in toronto. I’d rather watch an NBA game instead of watching them and I hate basketball. To sum this all up THE LEAFS SUCK…….

  21. BWbullies says:

    So what kind of Leaf expert are you? wait let me guess oak. You dumb ass.

  22. booty says:

    Of all the comebacks you could have come up with, that’s got to be the worst.

  23. FlyHigh says:

    exactly my point. domi will kill people that dont like to fight. but when he meets an enforcer, he gets killed.

  24. big_booty says:

    I didn’t get a harumph out of that guy….

  25. Rushing says:

    Fights “ARE” part of the sport of Hockey. That’s fine. They shouldn’t be taken away. “BUT,” running into somebody blindsided isn’t fighting! That is just as bad as walking up behind somebody and just punching them in the back or in the back of the head without them even knowing you are there. What a hero that would make you.

    The NHL went out and began calling penalties against Hatcher when he would take people down by backing into them and he pretty much quit doing that and now you are complaining about this?

    It was an illegal hit. PERIOD! That kind of hit could take somebody’s career if not their life. If it’s done on anybody, it should be called. If there is a fight, let it go, then throw them in the box.

  26. aaron says:

    It was called, Modano might be back tonight, what’re you bitching about? It happened, its over, move on.

  27. Tradedude says:

    i watch him play what? WHENEVER HE STEPS on the ice.

    Fedoruk beat up tucker. Another mystical dream by pathetic flyer fans. Listen! Tucker was cheap last year. He’s a little pussy this year. I want him gone from this team.

    reasons why he was cheap last year:

    1)Hit on Pavel Bure (on florida)

    2)Smoked Gonchar (out rest of reason)

    3)Peca hit, although it wasn’t too cheap (out 4 months)

    What has he done this year, skate around getting his ass knocked by everyone. He’s the victom not the instigator. he’s different now. learn that.

  28. Tradedude says:

    now when you say leaf fan(s) you mean leaf_expert right? ofcourse.

    just cuzz u hate the leafs, doesn’t make them suck, OK!

  29. UsedandAbused says:

    The Modano hit was a cheap shot and Roenick is justly punished. The other wasn’t even CLOSE. Plus I don’t see all this fuss when John LeClair gets boarded and is out for 3 months. There wasn’t even a penalty given! Plus what the HELL gives a Leaf fan the right to complain about cheap shots? Toronto is by FAR the cheapest hitting team in HOCKEY. Tucker, Domi, Roberts, and Corson have all done far worse. So stop crying!

  30. Tradedude says:

    ROBERTS? what the hell r u thinking?

  31. titans says:

    It was a pie not a salid slappy!

  32. UsedandAbused says:

    He’s a pussy… had to throw him in!

  33. cecilturtle says:

    Regardless, I’m not the type of person who will let facts get in the way of a good comment or story.

  34. habs_88_4life says:

    First learn how to spell Roenick and second the Svehla hit wasn’t nasty he gets what he gives out, only a clueless leaf fan would say so

  35. absolutehockey96 says:

    alright leave my boy roenick alone ill give you he deserved the suspension over the modano hit but who are you kidding when you say he only hits if its cheap. Maybe if you would stop watching the espn highlights and start watching the flyers games you would know more then the hits on espn for top ten highlights of the night.

  36. The_Coach says:

    I am a HUGE Leaf fan, (actually grew up just 15 minutes away from Maple Leaf Gardens, not that anyone cares) but even I am getting sick of reading all of the comments about the JR hit on Svehla. Let’s get over it, IT WAS A CLEAN HIT. Svehla himself called the hit clean as did Bryan McCabe. He had his head down and that is something that no visiting player should ever do when playing in Philly!

    As for JR’s hit on Modano, yep it was cheap and dirty and it does not surprise me in the least when it comes to JR. This guy is a self-proclaimed superstar who hasn’t really accomplished much at all. Remember his “I will save the world” comments during his signing press conference last year. Yep, the only thing he saved was a tee-off time for the second round of last years playoffs.

    But anyhow, I digress. Yes the hit was dirty, but really big deal. Dirty hits happen every game, even by those players that wear the blue and white, but it is hockey and shit happens.

    The real villian here is not JR, it is Gary Bettman and the instigator penalty.

  37. Styles says:

    Are you nuts?!?!?!?! Cheap shot? Anyone that thought that Roenick’s hit on Modano was cheap has never played hockey in their lives. I can see exactly what Roenick said afterwards about Modano looking like he was going one way and stopped. He did. He looked like he was going to turn back towards Gagne, who was behind Modano, but he stayed his course and Roenick nailed him. I agree with the suspension because what he did was technically boarding but don’t say it was a cheap hit. Hockey is a game of anticipation. It’s a fast game. You live and die by split second decisions. Sometimes people get hurt. Also, I have to say, any Toronto Maple Leaf fans that want to complain about cheap shots, need to take a look at their own team. Tie Domi alone is the king of cheap shots. He’s the weakest, most cowardly hockey player I’ve ever seen in all my years of playing, officiating and watching. Roenick needs to lay one of those “cheap hits” on Domi.

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