Who Is Left And Where Might They Go?

List of which players are left:
Player:Danny Markov

Position: Defenseman

05/06 Team: Nashville Predators

Asking Price:3.5 million dollars

Rumored Destination(s):Nashville Predators, Detroit

Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks, and Florida Panthers

Markov is still one of the top defenseman left without a contract, he will most likely be returning

to Nashville next year.

Player: Brendan Shanahan

Position: Winger

Asking Price: 5 million dollars

05/06 Team: Detroit Red Wings

Rumored Destination(s): Detroit Red Wings and an

unnamed team

Most likely has already signed with Detroit as a post from hockeybuzz.com states, but you never know. He would bring leadership and scoring with

the right center for him.

Player: Anson Carter

Position: Center

Asking Price: 3 million dollars

05/06 Team: Vancouver Canucks

Rumored Destination(s): Toronto Maple Leafs, L.A

Kings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings

Last year he played center with the Sedin twins, he

was only earning 1 million dollars and was the best

bargain in the league.

Player: Mike Peca

Position: Center

Asking Price: 2.5 million dollars

05/06 Team: Edmonton Oilers

Rumored Destination(s): Toronto Maple Leafs

He is asking 2.5 million but he may take a paycut

to play in Toronto. Would be a great addition on any


Player: Sergei Samsonov

Position: Winger

Asking Price: 4.5 million dollars

05/06 Team: Boston Bruins/Edmonton Oilers

Rumored Destination(s): Edmonton Oilers

Would be a great addition to any team, I am surprised he hasn’t been picked up by a team yet,

he is one of the top wingers in the NHL.

Player: Jan Bulis

Position: Forward

Asking Price: 2 million dollars

05/06 Team: Montreal Canadiens

Rumored Destination(s): unnamed team

The Montreal Canadien were foolish to let him go,

reportedly close tto reaching a deal with another


Player: Aleksey Morozov

Position: Forward

Asking Price: 3 million dollars

05/06 Team: Kazan Ak-Bars

Rumored Destination(s): any team, for the right price

Would come back to the NHL for the right price. Is

a great player, wouldmake a great addition to any


Source = Tsn.ca

55 Responses to Who Is Left And Where Might They Go?

  1. The-President says:

    i like the leafs retard

  2. The-President says:

    i like the leafs retard

  3. Kamakaze says:

    Yeah, I don’t get it. After like 6 years of garbage he FINALLY realizes he can’t buy a good team, so he dumps all his crap veterans for young players in the system, which there were/are plenty of.

    Then he picks up a couple of talented players, the best of which I think is Rucchin.

    THEN he goes and gets MORE crap players. They are so crappy, one even makes the team worse, by a lot.

    THEN they let go one of the best guys they picked up last year, AND bring in an even OLDER player!

    Come on man… they had a really good thing going… I love a good cross-town rivalry, but this is getting ridicules. I will give you Shanny. He is actually still talented at his age. But why get rid of Rucchin and keep Sykora? I think the younger guys proved they could be a winning team, I say reward them with some more ice time and a roster spot, don’t just ditch them for “name” players…

  4. NCREDiBLE says:

    I’m really hoping Edmonton picks up samsonov for at least 2 years.. I’m Hoping that Peca will resign but if he goes anywhere I am happy to see its to Toronto the team is really starting to look good..

    I hate it that Spacek is gone..

    Any one hearing of anyone gettin signed to Edmonton or are they done ?

  5. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    Thats why i wasnt replying to your qoute asshole… i was replying to the one by Dugg1er which is why mine is directly under yours not indented to the right

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