Who is Left?

Big day on July 1st, certainly a lot of fireworks in the hockey world with big free agent signings, and many surprised. No time to review the new faces on the new jerseys. The train keeps rollin` and so, who is left?First of all, thanks to the active HTR members who submitted news very quickly. While we thank the people who compliment our work on the web site, we also give credit to the ones who make this hockey place great!

Sometimes our updates get a bit slow due to the major traffic, which is good news to HTR.com! But, you stick around and we give you the latest updates from around the media asap, and you get to comment without waiting.

So, who is left in the market?

Jeff Friesen: (CALGARY) Has slowed down offensive production, but still remains valuable depth to any team.

Ruslan Salei: (FLORIDA) Solid defenseman, clears the crease, plays with an aggressive edge and comes with good playoff experience. Not many quality defensemen left, he could go as early as tomorrow morning.

Serge Aubin: Not a meaningful player, but not a bad addition to a team that wants a pest on the ice to draw penalties.

Peter Bondra: Yes, he is old but he was on a good scoring pace. If paired with skilled linemates, he can provide some needed scoring on any team in need to fill a gap.

Mike Dunham: Has diminished consistently, but may provide some decent back-up goaltending.

Ronald Petrovicky: Almost like Serge Aubin, but lost his edge. Doubt anyone would take him anytime soon.

Travis Green: In need of a 4th line center who is good on face offs? He’d probably come in extremely cheap.

Brad Isbister: Has not shown any sign of improvements. Would be a depth winger, but quite insignificant.

Brian Leetch: For a Cup run? He’s still running on the last few gallons he has left. He may reach for the Stars?

Marty Reasoner: (EDMONTON) Solid 3rd line center, good for depth.

Mike Grier: (SAN JOSE) The forwards have had a hard time signing so far. The off-season is dominant for defensemen so the price on quality wingers has not been set yet. Grier showed tons of quality this year, he’ll get a job very easily.

Mike LeClerc: Just a depth winger for a team in need of depth.

Mark Recchi: Any team should try to sign him for cheap and either use him for the playoffs or use him as trade bait for playoff teams.

Aaron Ward: (NYRANGERS) Solid, hard working defenseman. Good addition on any team.

Doug Weight: (ST. LOUIS) Still a valuable center.

Matt Barnaby: (DALLAS) Is probably wanting to get his name back on the news as Chicago was a mistake for his career after a rebirth with the Rangers. Still an agitator and a yapper who can play hockey.

Eric Daze: I mentioned him before. I still think he deserves a chance. He may go for a contract similar to Jason Allison’s from last year. He is not physical, but his career is solid and I’d be one to give him a new fresh start.

Jan Hrdina: Still excellent on face offs and if he finds chemistry with wingers, he could put up decent numbers. Not bad for depth.

Trevor Letwoski: A very good penalty killer to have.

Radoslav Suchy: Not a bad option for a team in desperate need of a 3rd pair guy on D.

Jason Arnott: (NASHVILLE) Still a question where he could go. Montreal is heavily rumored and maybe the Rangers as well, although Slats dumped him as an Oiler. I think Arnott is overrated this year as a UFA because of the lack of quality UFA forwards, so that’s what makes him so valuable. He is a solid 2nd line forward fit to play on any team. He should be signing papers by tomorrow afternoon.

Bill Guerin: (ST. LOUIS) Many players have bad seasons, and he had one as a Star. Still a good skating forward for his size with the ability to net 25-30 g’s. I think he is a worthwhile winger to get. Pittsburgh may show some interest as they could use a winger with their young talented centers.

Manny Legace: Gerber out, Grahame out, Lalime out. Surprising, is it not? Florida and St. Louis are possibilities. I know he is overrated as he played for the top NHL team, but he is a good goalie nonetheless. As a starter? No, but any team that can have goalies sharing duties could use him.

Brendan Shanahan: I actually think this guy will get a lot of interest from other teams. He is an oldie, but any team with an excellent playmaker will want to sign him.

Radek Dvorak: No longer a scoring threat, but his speed is very valuable. Should stick on the West coast. Maybe the Islanders will show interest from the East.

Mike Peca: Quality center overall, a leader… with the Canes losing Cullen and possibly Weight, Peca could gain their interest. He showed a lot of value in the post-season this year.

Sergei Samsonov: A bit of a gamble with his injury issues, but a flashy winger who will most likely set the market price for forwards, moreso than Elias. He may be waiting for a guy like Arnott to sign to see where his asking price can be marketable. He’s an easy choice to make.

Jeremy Roenick: (PHOENIX) Well, it has to be a Canadian team, apparently. JR is a great character, great attitude….definitely what the Flyers lacked this year. He wants to prove something and he will prove it. He has the attitude to do it, so….for cheap…he’ll be a bargain.

Jan Bulis: Definitely not a bad depth player to have on your roster. Could be looked at as a less talented Martin Rucinsky.

Todd Simpson: He is enjoying the high prices set on defensemen so far. He won’t come in as expensive, but he’ll get a nice million dollar deal. Solid for depth purposes.

Ken Klee: Same as Simpson.

Viktor Kozlov: He wasn’t able to flourish his offense with the Devils, but he is a good playmaking 2nd line center with size and strength. Teams that are in need of a player to center skilled wingers must take a look at this guy. I’ve been watching this guy as a Panther and a Devil, he can bring more than expected to a team.

Erik Rasmussen: Showed his worth as a Devil. Plays hard, physical…solid 4th liner with grit.

Mark Eaton: (PITTSBURGH) Good defenseman who does the job quietly.

Danny Markov: I always have a blast watching this guy play. I just wish he’d be healthier. Definitely a solid defenseman with grit, good skating skills and brings a good attitude on the blueline. He’ll be quick to go.

Yanic Perreault: I thought he was deserving of a contract extension. He came in Nashville and exploded. Excellent on face offs and can still net a few good ones.

Mike Sillinger: (NYISLANDERS) This oldie exploded with offense. Good vet player to have, but not to fight over with.

Brendan Witt: (NYISLANDERS) I was sure he was going to be a Canuck. Definitely would choose him over Willie Mitchell. But, he may be asking for a lot of money too. Probably the last best defenseman available on the market. Maybe he was smart not to sign yet after all.

Tom Poti: Showed a lot of improvements defensively. I wouldn’t call him a bad pick up for any team.

Steve Rucchin: (ATLANTA) Still a valuable forward when healthy and it showed when he was out of the line up. A hard worker, wants to do what’s best for the team…good all-round player. Better fit as a 3rd liner, but he can fill in a 2nd line pretty well if needed.

Martin Rucinsky: If he could ever stay healthy. Excellent season with over a point a game. Solid two-way winger. He definitely wants a 2-year deal, which is what is giving the Rangers problem to re-sign him. He earned my respect, he plays good hockey.

Marty Straka: (NYRANGERS) When his wheels spun, he was all over the place. A very good center to still get for any team. Hope to see him back as a Ranger.

Petr Sykora: Very valuable on shootouts. Took a while to get in scoring shape. He’s one of the better wingers available, excellent shot. Speculation has it that he could go where Arnott goes.

Dominik Hasek: Just retire already.

Vaclav Varada: Seemed pretty useless to me.

Donald Brashear: Go join Peter Worrell with the Charolotte Checkers of the ECHL.

Oleg Kvasha: No more potential to be a scoring winger, but gives solid depth with his size and very good skating and speed.

Alyn McCauley: (LOS ANGELES) Anyone looking for a potential playoff hero needs to look at this guy. I’d like to see the Leafs get him back.

Petr Cajanek: (ST. LOUIS) Not much to do with his numbers, but not a bad player either. With a good team where he goes unnoticed, not a bad pick up.

Jason Allison: Similar case with Eric Daze as he is risky to get. He posted good numbers as a Leaf and all I read was complaints about his play. Blah blah. Allison is going to have a good season, if healthy. Skilled, big… he’s worth a shot.

Eddie Belfour: I said this guy should have been bought out last year! I think he is near done. Only if a team has a good young goalie, or a solid back up goalie like Markkanen or Auld, then he’d be useful.

Eric Lindros: He may have lost his offensive dominance, and he is another injury prone risk, but I’d take him any day.

Anson Carter: He is waiting to see the market price on good wingers. He should not be overpaid, so no rush to sign him. He is sought after, but either he finds chemistry or he finds himself useless.

Jaarko Ruutu: (PITTSBURGH) Why not? I can’t stand him sometimes, but that’s why I’d take him.

Jeff Halpern: Probably on no one’s radar, at least….from the media. A heart and soul player….gives it his all. He’s one of my favorite guys this off-season.

Jaroslav Spacek: One of the few good defencemen left. Plays a good defensive game and showed last year he has a wicked shot and can play on the PP. Should receive many offers.

Valeri Bure: Suffered from a back injury and did not even play for the Kings last year. Just like Daze or Allison, a team could take a chance on the pocket rocket as he still have an upside when healthy.

Teppo Numminen: (BUFFALO) Rumored to be back in Buffalo, but had another heart surgery this summer. Is a gamble but extremely reliable when healthy.

Brian Boucher: Quality goaltender but very streaky. Can still be a good backup at an affordable price.

Shean Donovan: (BOSTON) Gritty forward who plays with heart and passion. Solid 3rd or 4th line player who’ll come in cheap.

Cory Cross: Once was the most hated player in Toronto, showed he could use his size and be a solid depth player to any good team.

Dick Tarnstrom: Offensive d-men that did well in the playoffs when asked to play for the Oilers. Showed he could stand his ground defensively and still can quaterback a team’s PP.

Georges Laraque: Don’t fight so much anymore due to his hands condition, became pretty much useless in the ”New NHL”. Plays with heart though and won’t ask for much money.

Joel Bouchard: One very unlucky defensemen that won the Masterton trophy in 2001, Bouchard suffered from meningitis and almost die. Was considered one of the best skater in the league before that, Bouchard managed to come back in the league. Played for the Isles last year but suffered from an injury at the start of the season. The Habs could show some interest.

Mike Morrison: (PHOENIX) 26 year old goalie that showed some great things with the Oilers last year. Why two teams gave up on this guy is beyond me.

Eric Desjardins: Rumored to be retiring. Might just happen.

Geoff Sanderson: Rumored to stay with Phoenix, could receive interest form a bunch of teams as he still is a very good skater.

Dean McAmmond: Was 2 minutes short of joining the Oilers at the deadline last year, could’ve been a great asset to their cup run. Great skater and hard worker. Should be considered as a decent 2nd liner or very good 3rd liner.

Scott Young: Going for his last contract? Still a decent skater with a powerful shot. Could be useful on a solid team as a depth player.

Richard Park: Smooth skater that goes under the radar. Could be useful to a basement team looking to fill roster spot with veterans.

That’s it for the most noticeable players left on the market. Not such a great list, but interesting nonetheless. Expect the teams that barely made the headlines today to take action. I don’t think Chris Pronger will get traded until middle of next week, or late next week.

Stay tuned! The madness continues.

86 Responses to Who is Left?

  1. oiler1fan says:

    laraque not tough? hahahahahahha

  2. Mainer87 says:

    Big words from a leafs fan. A place where this year will be 40 years since your last cup and from where I sit you won’t be getting one anytime soon. You laugh at us even though you only signed two pylons on d WOW I’M SCARED!!!!!

    The leafs will ALWAYS be LOSERS.

  3. Lint07 says:

    where did you see that?

  4. LeafsLegacy says:

    I say T.O just goes for a winger now to play with Sundin…Sanderson, Bure, Halpern, Straka, Kozlov, Bulis, Samsonov, Daze, or Friesen sound good to me! 🙂

  5. 92-93 says:

    yeah, i really cannot begin to express how utterly disapointg all of this is.

    such potential.

    it makes you wonder if JFJ knows ANYTHING about hockey. oh yeah, i am an armchair GM and i know nothing – fine. but i DO know that signing Kubina, for that amount and for that long is utterly useless.

    i also know that the defence is SLIGHTLY better than Berg/Khavanov … and its way more expensive.

    JFJ needs to be dismissed and a new better GM needs to be installed.

    i look at ottawa … lost Pothier, lost Chara.

    but look at what they got … Corvo and Gerber … and it looks like they didnt break a sweat in getting those guys (same thing with Minny). and i look at how much fretting and effort the Leafs and their fans have put into this offseason, and all we get are Gill, Raycroft, and Kubina.

    i respect what JFJ has done outside of these moves (many of which were overkill resignings or buyouts of mistakes he made in the past mind you), but this was a make or break situation for him and he lost big time.

    its time for him to go.

  6. 92-93 says:

    i totally would have paid McKee that much.

    you think this is typical leaf fan hyberbole?

    you just wait and see.

    you just watch … and wait to see how utterly useless these signings are going to be.

    GIVE JFJ A CHANCE? hello! have you read any of the debates that nords and i have had on this site…??? I am the one who has defended JFJ time and time again. i am the one who has told people to stop looking at the last offseason period to judge him prematurely as a bad GM.

    i’ve defended him over and over again. not this time. not anymore.

  7. 92-93 says:

    they cant afford it now. do the math and you’ll see. that’s what you get for paying kubina 5 million.

  8. 92-93 says:

    JFJ … sign Alyn McCauley already!

  9. reznorwings says:

    That lineup might have worked if they had brought in a free agent goalie, but since they didn’t they will need to trade for a goalie so one or two roster players will have to go in the deal. If they get Biron it may only cost them one roster forward and I mentioned draper because fo their comparable salaries next year. That would allow enough cap room and a roster spot for Samsonov. If they have to go for Giggy or Nabokov the price may be high both in return and in contracts. Maybe if they can’t afford Samsonov, then Bondra or Dvorak but they need wingers with scoring touch especially if Shanny goes somewhere else.

    All i know is Datsyk should be the bait for a large trade in Detroit to get a No.1 goalie and some youth. But thats not gonna happen and i fear that a Hudler and/or Grigorenko might be traded for a goalie and we end up with no youth in the system.

  10. 92-93 says:

    oh and according to Simmons:

    “Defenceman Jay McKee might have wanted the Leafs, but they didn’t want him. The simple reason: McKee is a left-handed shot, Kubina shoots right”


    Simmons agrees with JFJ’s signings … and, therefore, you know they were poor signings if Simmons liked them.

  11. reznorwings says:

    Ha! I was just considering him as a nice fit in Calgary seconds before i read this. Great minds think alike I guess! (even if we don’t like the same teams)

  12. 92-93 says:

    but ok, what’s done is done.

    lets look at the leafs now:












    1) Tellqvist is traded for a mid-round draft pick

    2) Roberts is acquired via trade for a mid-round pick

    3) UFA signing: Anson Carter [no more than 2.75 million and no more than 2 years]

    4) Lindros, Wilm, Allison, Richardson, Khavanov are not resigned

    6) Coliacovo’s injury status remains up in the air

    7) Pilar and White make the team while Bell, Kronvall, Wozniewski, and Harrison play for the Marlies

    The cost of 21-man roster: $43.8 million [200K under the $44 million cap – note how utterly stupid these UFA signings are now compared to my previous estimations of signing the likes of McKee (4 million), Arnott (4.25 million), etc.?]

    Mats Sundin $6.3 million

    Kyle Wellwood $627,000

    Matt Stajan $805,600 million

    Gary Roberts $2.25 million

    Chad Kilger $1.2 million

    Alexander Steen $900,600

    Alex Ponikarovsky $712,000

    Darcy Tucker $1.596 million

    Jeff O’Neill $1.5 million

    John Pohl $450,000 million

    ANSON CARTER $2.75 million

    Nik Antropov $1.007 million

    Wade Belak $670,000

    Tie Domi BUYOUT $1.25 million

    [estimated Carter]

    Bryan McCabe $5.75 million

    Tomas Kaberle $4.25 million

    Pavel Kubina $5 million

    Ian White $650,000

    Karl Pilar $600,000

    Staffan Kronwall $612,000

    Hal Gill $2.1 million

    [estimated Pilar, White (does anyone know what his two-way salary amount is?), is Kronvall on a two-way contract?]

    Andrew Raycroft $1.5 million

    Jean-Sebastien Aubin $525,000

    Ed Belfour BUYOUT $770K

    [estimated Raycroft]

    the other, MORE preferable option is to do nothing else … no Carter, Roberts … nothing. just keep about 5 million beneath the cap and make a solid trade or trades during the regular season for a younger, skilled, speedy, offensive winger.

  13. 92-93 says:

    yeah who doesnt like McCauley. the guy doesnt score much but he does so well in his own end and creating scoring opportunties thanks to his defensive mindedness.

    great pick up for anyone.

  14. Lazarus says:

    he’s old and injury prone, give me a healthy young forward any day, LA doesn’t need the injury bug anymore

  15. bustaheims says:

    What? Did Bobby Clarke finally get fired?

  16. LeafsLegacy says:

    Well don’t we still have about 5 mill left??

  17. Veggetto19 says:

    No offense but the kings suck and roenick is an awsome talent i hope philly is intrested

  18. Lazarus says:

    yeah, well when you miss 500, 600 and 400 man games due to injury in consecutive seasons it’s kinda hard to be a contending team, hopefully that will all change…….

    dave taylor hired a bunch of injury prone vets and andy murrays grueling coaching style made it sure that too many people would get hurt

  19. 92-93 says:

    yes. but does it make sense to go right to the cap max?

    not really.

    JFJ could have gotten a better D-guy and a solid forward and 5 million left over for the rest of the year.

    why go to the max and straddle the team with another long term contract?

  20. goalieman32 says:

    it is funny that you say that, because that is just about how good your team is. all are old and slow and now you pick up hal gill, the human pylon. ribeiro and zednick would be on the first line in toronto. toronto has little cap room and few prospects ready to contribute in the nhl. also, no matter how bad ribeiro, zednick, or the habs in general are, they still made the playoffs, and that is better than the leafs can hope for in the next five years or so.

  21. LeafsLegacy says:

    Well if we want to make the playoffs I think it is neccessary

  22. oildude says:

    I’d like to see the Oilers resign Peca, Spacek and Laraque and trade Pronger to Florida.

  23. rcichard03 says:

    habs suk maby if jfj didnt have his head up his ass he coulda relised tht he should have tradedbelfour for bertuzzi and then maby relised tht aubin is way better then wht he expected

  24. BosBrn77 says:

    Jagr is the only skilled player i’ve heard say it. And that was before the lockout. Jagr had no trouble with Gill last year in the new NHL.

    As a Boston fan…. I’m not upset seeing him go. He never played up to his potential. A guy that size should make forwards cringe…. but he is like Baby Huey. If he can play tougher, and with an edge….. look out. I just don’t think he has it in him….. well he never showed it in Boston at least.

  25. BosBrn77 says:

    I still hate the Thornton deal. I think Sullivan should have gone before Joe. But… we did get Stuart in return, and that was one of the big pieces missing. I think Boston is working on bringing this team back to respectability.

    Chara(although over paid a bit), Savard, and now Donovan are all a great start.

    I see the difference with Toronto and Boston right now is prospects. I think Boston has the advantage right now. And honestly, I’m not wishing nothing bad on Toronto……. they have history too.

  26. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    ya the kings….to the tune of 3 years, 6 million smackers.

  27. 92-93 says:

    not a bad signing and not a bad price.

    i know gill is a defencemen, but the fact that he’s making 2.1 and McCauley 2 million, seems pretty ludicrous.

  28. 92-93 says:

    here’s a question to leaf fans:

    would you rather sign Shanahan or trade for Roberts?

    Roberts: 14 goals, 40 points in 58 games. 40 years old … salary of 2.25 million in the final year of his contract.

    Shanahan: 40 goals, 81 points in 82 games. 37 years old … will probably sign for a salary between 2.5 and 4 million and will probably want a mult-year deal.

    shanahan’s asking price will be higher considering he is coming off a good year. keep in mind that Roberts is probably just as fit as Shanny, played fewer games than Shanahan and for a worse team. Roberts brings intangibles to the game but so does Brendan.

    i am surprised he hasnt resigned with Detroit. if the leafs sign Shanny they dont give up anything other than cap space. but Roberts will be in the final year of his deal.


    i say if the leafs can sign Shanahan for less than 3.5 million and for no more than 2 years, i would do the deal.

  29. 92-93 says:

    where are the montreal canadiens in this UFA period?

    Boullion and Huet and that’s about it?

    and why oh why are people not coming out of the woodwork laughing and taunting hab fans over their team’s inactivity like leaf fans were in the last UFA period (and were justifiably inactive considering how much payroll had to be trimmed)???

    could it be that some HTR members are finally growing up and realizing that making UFA signings or being active in the UFA market isn’t always a good thing?

    no, i actually think that the Candaiens just dont rile up the kind of animosity that the Leafs do.

    however, there are some free agents left out there and i wonder if they are at all active in the chris pronger sweepstakes. tsn.ca is reporting that they think the deal will go down in the next 24 hours and that the Ducks appear to be the frontrunners.

    ouch for the western conference teams if niedermeyer and pronger team up.

  30. 92-93 says:

    the habs arent the only team that’s been quiet … at least they resigned some guys early on. Buffalo has been very quiet too. losing McKee will hurt them and what’s the deal with Biron?

    i think the winner for the northeast division teams so far is Boston.

    they got quicker with Donovan and Savard to add to Bergeron and Boyes. they got Chara on D now and have a solid tandem in net (not to mention Rask as a solid goaltending prospect and Phil Kessel).

    if i am Bruins fan, things are loolking up and the future is bright.

    the Sens lost Pothier and Chara but the Corvo and Gerber signings keep them the best team in the division. they resigned Redden to a sensible deal (JFJ, are you listening?) and there’s still the Havlat situation to consider.

    i put toronto about 3rd out of the 5 teams in terms of their offseason moves (behind ottawa and boston but ahead of montreal and buffalo). and by offseason moves i mean buyouts, drafting, resignings, UFA signings, letting guys go, everything.

    JFJ has made all the right decisions in terms of resigning guys and buyouts but the choices he’s made concerning the D and goaltending are very risky (and unnecessarily risky in my opinion). risk is always involved, but there are degrees of risk.

    my hope resides in Maurice and what he can do with a slightly better Leaf team from last year (along with some more unrealistic hopes for incredible, earth shattering trades).

  31. Maximus says:

    Teams that wait to get into the Free Agent spending will get value for their buck. Teams that overspend will be looking to unload some talent to make space for the cap. Also, as teams spend to the cap the more talent is available to less teams…Meaning that teams will have more bargining power. I do not think the team that adds the biggest Free Agent will be the most improve….The most improve team will be the one that adds the right players.

  32. 92-93 says:

    hey nords, if you click on the Kilger link you gave me, it says the following:

    “Kilger will earn $1.2 million next season, $800,000 in 2007-08 and $700,000 in 2008-09. He earned $475,000 this season”

  33. 92-93 says:

    well that is the problem with the pre-cap leafs. why settle for short-term .500, barely make the playoffs kind of mediocrity?

    i know i know. the oilers were the 8th seed.

    but really, we should be trying to rebuild a long-term future.

  34. nordiques100 says:

    cap takes the average salary, not what they actually make in a given year. add it all up and he’s has a 900K average salary

  35. peejoe416 says:

    ok but how will the leafs fair in the east compared

    to teams like ottawa just to name a few i’d say maybe seventh and a first round match up with lets say ottawa and out what else is new does 1967 say something to you lol

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