Who is the Greater Euro player in the NHL Forsberg vs Jagr

While they are both unreal hockey players and will leave a mark in the NHL history books as one of the greatest players ever.
First I’ll start with Forsberg this guy can play like no other hockey player in the NHL. I’m a big Avs fan and i watched him a lot, so I have to say there’s not much players in the NHL today that can change the outcome of a game like he can.

When he’s playing other players chase him around the ice and try to get the puck away from him, which leads to open ice and free room for his line meets.

While that’s what it did in Colorado he setup a lot of players there the likes of Tangury and Hejduk.He did unreal this for them and made them into superstars.

Forsberg always brings his a game to the NHL even if he’s not 100% I’ll give it he’s all.

His NHL career so far in points is 803 while only playing 622 games in the NHL l

Now I’ll get to Jagr.

Boy this guy can play too, he can control a game just like Forsberg if he is willing to play. Everyone though Jagr was done with in Washington he didn’t like playing he would show up and not have that smile that he does now. While in Washington he lost the love for the game and now that its back, he’s where he was when he was playing with Super Mario with all the smiles and joy.

Jagr he is hard to judge is he going to play or not but i think he will now with all the rules in the NHL he’s been playing like a champ and leading the Rangers on the right road to the cup.

His NHL career so far in points is 1,397 while playing 1,085

With that all said both man are unreal players and will be in the hall someday and they both help the Euro players come along way and many more to come into the NHL l………

So who do I think is better, while it’s a close call. They are both great in there way and style of game so it’s like a tie and only at the end of there careers with it all said in done you can Debate then…..