Who Montreal should target

Well Montreal should target a LW/RW
1.ATLANTA:RW: M.Hossa, :D: K.KLEE…
Montreal should offer M.Ryder, 1st round draft pick, J.Halak, M.Grabrovsky, J.Gorges, And throw in J.P.Cotee or J.Ferland or both who cares really

Atlana will not get a better deal than this.. no one will offer what montreal could offer for an UFA ryder a 30 goal scorer, 1st round draft pick, young upcomming goaltending prospect wich they need big time lethonen aint doing it, grabrovesky a good prospect, Gorges a good young block shooting prospect and the throw inns

If it doesnt work go for the next trade

2.CALGARY:LW: A.Tanguay
MONTREAL should offer M.Ryder, S.Begin, M.Grabrovesky, 3rd round draft pick, J.P.Cotee
Calgary will get ryder 30 goal scorer s.begin total keenan player grabrovesky good prospect, J.P.Cotee defensive prospect an they shed money to sign their players

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  1. sanj91 says:

    its funny how one of your trades gives up way to much and the other doesnt give up enough…..to get hossa, you need real value…not throw-away players…ryder, 30 goal scorer my ass, he'll be lucky if he pots 20 this season….halak is not going to replace lehtonen!! halak will be given 10 games…MAX…grabovski has some value  and gorges has too much…every game he plays he gets better….im thnking hes might be a very solid 5th d-man next year….he could permanently replace bouillon….the 1st round pick i admit is necessary, but i hate the idea of giving up picks….our team was built from within….y throw away a 1st rounder in one of the deepest drafts in a long time???

    your other deal gives way too much….ryder and grabovski plus a 3rd should b enuff….no need to throw in begin or cote…..

    oh and i should have mentioned this at the start….WE DON"T NEED A WINGER….higgins, k1, k2, kovalev, should be our top 4 wingers….we need someone to take 2nd line centre….move pleks line to 1st line….move koivu to third line centre or get rid of him….and find a big centre to play 2nd line who doesnt cost us 8M like hossa will…..

  2. honestabe says:

    What do you think it would take to get Shane Doan from Phoenix?

  3. alex_nrv says:

    Hell yeah!! Koivu should be down the 3rd and leave place to more energetic players…
    But instead of having such a waste of talent on the 3rd line, I'd prefer see him traded… and he would be a GREAT value on the market. Let's trade him to a cup contender so he can have a taste of the deep playoff run… and let's get some younger center with energy… veteran for youth… that could be fair.

    Plekanec on the 1st line… it depends on the center we can get. Plekanec is an extraordinary player, and in 2-3 years he should be near his top. Right now though, I think many centermen could be 1st line before Plekanec.
    Anyways… the 1st+2nd line are both important… and actually, Montreal DOESN'T HAVE 2 productive lines for good attacks… and they almost never did in the past 10+ years.

    WINGERS ARE NOT NEEDED, except maybe a good strong RW that actually shoots right… (real Power Forward), but we have plenty of talent to fill the 2 first lines on the wings.

    Bring back Adam Oates… this guy knew how to create plays 😛 Way more than Koivu…
    Too bad Montreal didn't got Jason Arnott before Nashville did… he would have been a REALLY GREAT addition to Montreal's team…


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