Who should be the next Leafs coach?

It is looking more and more like Ron Wilson will finish this season behind the bench of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

That is probably a good thing, considering that if/when GM Brian Burke decides to make a change, there will be more head coaching options in the summer. In particular, Kirk Muller could be available. And not to jump a step and look too far ahead, but he would be the ideal candidate.

That is not just because everyone seems to think Muller, who is currently an assistant coach with the Montreal Canadiens, would make a great head coach. But because he appears to be the anti-Wilson. And after three miserable seasons, a change is all that fans really want.

The question is whether Muller returning to Toronto, where he spent two seasons as a player, is even a remote possibility.

Muller, who was hired as the Canadiens assistant coach in 2006, is reportedly in the final year of his contract. And a story by Montreal hockey writer Fran├žois Gagnon in Cyberpresse.ca suggests that the 44-year-old is interested in becoming a head coach.

That could happen in Montreal. But it does not appear as though head coach Jacques Martin is going anywhere.

So Muller’s options would appear to be the New Jersey Devils (who drafted Muller second overall in 1984), the nearby Ottawa Senators and, of course, the Leafs.

Of all the teams, Toronto makes the most sense. That is, from the Leafs perspective.

For one, Muller is a Kingston, Ont., native. Second, he already has a reputation as a players’ coach. And if there is anything that the Leafs need during this rebuilding phase, it is someone who will coax a modi***** of talent into playing above its ability.

That might have happened when Paul Maurice was the coach. But it has not happened under Wilson.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    In all fairness to Nords' knock on Wilson – Ruff and Trotz never had the type of roster that Wilson had with the Sharks, he was definitely in a better position to win a cup then most coaches are given. In fact, those Sharks were so good that had they won the Cup and Wilson ended up in Toronto now, people would be saying things like "anyone could have won a cup with that roster" in order to knock Wilson. The fact that he didn't win with that team should really make you question that guy.

  2. realistic_leafs_fan says:


    I have no real interest in Semin, unless we were able to add more size with talent before hand.
    He is a skilled guy…but we need a power forward more.

  3. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Gilmour, Clark and Sundin? Really?

    All great Leaf captains for sure…
    Don't you think we need someone with a little more experience than, well…none.

    I understand the idea, but we need a guy with some kind of track record behind the bench. Maybe Gilmour ( who has a little experience)as an assistant with Clark and Sundin in player development.

    I may be wrong and maybe they would be great…odds are against it though.

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