Who Should've made it 1998 Edition

I do this for fun, and decide who I would’ve picked for the Olympic team in certain years. I believe the 2002 team was perfect, and I submitted my 2006 team already, so I skipped those two. I often say it would’ve taken a monkey or Bobby Clarke for Canada to lose in the Olympics. It’s true, the only person not to pick a winning team with professionals in the Olympics is Bobby Clarke. Although considering Wayne Gretzky is the only person to win, that’s not saying much.Not really many changes, but some real key changes, and I realize one or two of these guys were hurt.

Just imagine it’s 1998 at the hockey hall of fame for the announcement…

Of Brantford Ontario, and the New York Rangers, the captain of our hockey team…

Wayne Gretzky

Of Toronto Ontario, and the Philadelphia Flyers,

Eric Lindros

Of Burnaby British Columbia, and the Colorado Avalanche,

Joe Sakic

Of Napean Ontario, and the Detroit Red Wings,

Steve Yzerman

Of Whitby Ontario and the Dallas Stars,

Joe Nieuwendyk

Of Toronto Ontario, and the Carolina Hurricanes,

Keith Primeau

Of Oxbow Saskatchewan, and the Calgary Flames,

Theoren Fleury

Of Mimico Ontario, and the Detroit Red Wings,

Brendan Shanahan

Of Kamploops British Columbia, and the Montreal Canadiens,

Mark Recchi

Of Vancouver British Columbia, and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim,

Paul Kariya

Of Sault Ste Marie Ontario, and the Pittsburgh Penguins,

Ron Francis

Of Rouyn Noranda Quebec, and the St Louis Blues,

Pierre Turgeon

Of Weston Ontario, and the Washington Capitals,

Adam Oates

Of Montreal Quebec, and the Boston Bruins,

Ray Bourque

Of Iverness Nova Scotia, and the St Louis Blues,

Al MacInnis

Of Montreal Quebec, and the Philadelphia Flyers,

Eric Desjardins

Of Dryden Ontario, and the St Louis Blues,

Chris Pronger

Of Simcoe Ontario, and the Los Angeles Kings,

Rob Blake

Of Weston Ontario, and the Philadelphia Flyers,

Paul Coffey

Of Scarborough Ontario, and the Detroit Red Wings,

Larry Murphy

Of Keswick Ontario, and the Edmonton Oilers,

Curtis Joseph

Of Montreal Quebec, and the New Jersey Devils,

Martin Brodeur

and Of Carman Manitoba, and the Dallas Stars,

Ed Belfour

Notes on Team: Gretzky’s captaincy means alot, Lindros was a dorky kid back then, and shouldn’t have been captain, and as for Roy, he’s sucked internationally, and has always had some attitude issues, Belfour, Brodeur, and CuJo can all get the job done, sorry for Belfour though… two gold medals for sitting on a bench…

Turgeon, Francis, and Oates I believe are amazing play makers, and still got alot of assists back then. Hell up until the 2002 Olympics they were still top ten in points players (check NHL.com they actually were in the top 10 in points in 2002)

The defense may be a little older, but it’s offensive, and against Hasek and the Czechs, that’s a hot comodety.


10 Responses to Who Should've made it 1998 Edition

  1. leafs_flames99 says:

    I think kariya didn’t make it because he was injured didn’t he?

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    He did make it, he was cut because he was injured, I noted that he was off because he got hurt.

  3. Resmo112 says:

    Paul Coffey was pretty washed up in 1998 while one of the greatest OFFENSIVE defensemen of all time he was a huge defensive liability. Same with Larry Murphy never been a big fan of his despite winning two stanley cups with him.

  4. Bacon077 says:

    That’s a lot of centers.

  5. wingerxxx says:

    That’s too many playmaking centers. Turgeon can stay since he could play the wing and was a very good goal scorer back then, but the first 4 centers you have on there can get the job done up the middle. You have all of the scoring and play making you need with Gretz, Lindros, Sakic and Yzerman. Francis could stay because he could play any position under sun. Guys like Linden and Zamuner were very questionable picks. Problem was, in 98, there weren’t a lot of Canadian wingers lighting it up, in terms of scoring. Brind’Amour also could play the wing, and back then, he was good for about 30 goals a year. He was also a member of the Nagano team. He has to stay, especially over a guy like Oates. With that roster, Oates is redundant.

    In 98, I’d take Stevens and Niedermayer of Coffey and Murphy any day. Neither of those two would have any business being on the Olympic team 7 years ago.

  6. wingerxxx says:

    Coffey was a huge defensive liability even in his glory days. It got worse as the years went on…his last Norris Trophy was a joke to me. I like to pretend that Coffey’s brief stay in Boston never actually happened. It was painful to watch.

  7. wingerxxx says:

    *Stevens and Niedermayer OVER Coffey and Murphy*. Hate it when I do that.

  8. morrissey says:

    Roy sucked internationally…when? Hands down best Canadian goalie of the past 20 years, was snubbed for no good reason.

  9. leafsrule31 says:

    actually, like the gutless prick he is, he announced that he withdrew his name from the team for absoloultly no reason at all other than he wanted to relax. patrick roy was the one who didnt want to play for his country in those olympics, another reason hes nothing but a waste of skin.

  10. goodfela26 says:

    That was 2002.

    Anyhow, how can you fault a guy in his mid 30’s for wanting to rest for a few weeks, spend some quality time with his family, and be more refreshed for the playoffs? Didn’t he also want to watch one of his kids play in a tournament as well?

    It’s a privilege to play for one’s country, but it’s definitely not an obligation (in the free world at least).

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