Who suffers?

Who does the lockout actually effect? Has anyone sat down and thought of how this work stoppage really hurts a lot of people? I know some members to the site have mentioned in brief their compasion but let’s sit down and list those involved.

The Boston Globe had a very interesting montage of pictures involving people called “Portrait of a lockout”.

Who do you think are the people that are in this pictorial? Is it the fan? Is it the player? How about the owners?

How about none of the above? Our smarter members probably saw right through that…so here is a list of people that truly suffer during this lockout..some may be people never thought of.

1. Your NHL ref. Out of work.

2. Your building ushers. Out of work. Or in some cases half time work (if you house an NBA team).

3. Your gang crew. Guys in charge of ice maintenance, setting up, moving floor boards and so on. Out of work.

4. Parking lot manager. Loss of profit. Hopefully there are some concerts and NBA games.

5. Restaurant owners and workers in and around arenas. Business down 30 to 40 percent.

6. Panhandlers. You know, homeless people. Yea, they can lose up to 40 dollars a game day. You can say what you want here but the bottom line is that these people are directly effected.

7. Trainers, conditioners, coaches and pro shop attendants.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Just thought I would shed some light. The montage made me open an eye that was shut. Plus, I think we are in serious need for something different to talk about. Just remember some people are missing hockey a lot more than any of us.

Lets hope for a speedy return.