Who takes Wellwoods Spot?

This is for the Leafs board. If it is on the main page i am sorry to the anti-Leaf fans, who will take offense for some reason.

So how do you replace a Kyle Wellwood? You can’t, but as the old cliche says, one mans misfortunes is another mans opportunity.

Do you break up the Sundin-Antro-Blake line, which has enjoyed some good chemistry thus far? No. Another line which has enjoyed some chemistry is Stajan-Steen-Gamache. So who centers Tucker, and Ponikarovsky?

Well the most talented forward on the Leafs without a sure spot is Jiri Tlusty. Why not put Tlusty between Poni, and Tucker to see what he can do. It would be temporary until Wellwood or Bell return to the lineup, but i think the experience at this level would do him wonders. Do you put him on the Marlies right away to be the go to guy or do you put him centering the second line watching and learning from arguably the best center in Leaf history? He has been as good or better than the rest of the bubble boys, and definitely has not looked out of place.

My proposed lineup to start the season

Blake Sundin Antro
Tucker Tlusty Poni
Gamache Stajan Steen
Kilger Pohl/Devereaux/Battaglia/Newbury/Salmelainen……..

Once Bell, and Wellwood get back

Blake Sundin Antro
Tucker Wellwood Poni
Bell Stajan Steen
Kilger ? ?

We’ll know whether Gamache, and Tlusty are ready for the big time, and whether they will stay up with the big team or go to the Marlies. There are also plenty of pieces to chose from for fourth line duty. Either way there will be a ton of Marlies with NHL experience when its all said and done, and that will be very valuable down the road.

So should Tlusty get a shot for the first 15 games or is he better served down on the Marlies? I’d like to hear some thoughts on this.

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