Who to blame… McCabe or Maurice

Once again, the Leafs let another slip through their butterfinger-like hands. But this time, there are no denying that someone screwed up royally. Now, do we blame Paul Maurice for putting Kronwall on the ice with little time left on the clock (and allowing the tying goal) and then decides to put Antropv and McCabe as two of the starting trio. Or do we blame McCabe, who we should now call Mr. Overtime. He seems not only to be the achilles heel for the Toronto Maple Leafs this year, but the worst part about it is that he doesn’t even care that he causes so much misery. The look on his face after giving up that pass was priceless… take a good look at it… it looks as though it was indifference.

I know what most of you Leaf bashers will say…. good for us.. we deserve it.. but I put out a challenge for you guys. Obviously it seems as if our GM and coaches can’t do their job, so I ask you… what would you do to remedy the situation in Toronto… I know that you guys can critique the team very well, now lets see if you can use your brains in a positive manner.