Who to blame… McCabe or Maurice

Once again, the Leafs let another slip through their butterfinger-like hands. But this time, there are no denying that someone screwed up royally. Now, do we blame Paul Maurice for putting Kronwall on the ice with little time left on the clock (and allowing the tying goal) and then decides to put Antropv and McCabe as two of the starting trio. Or do we blame McCabe, who we should now call Mr. Overtime. He seems not only to be the achilles heel for the Toronto Maple Leafs this year, but the worst part about it is that he doesn’t even care that he causes so much misery. The look on his face after giving up that pass was priceless… take a good look at it… it looks as though it was indifference.

I know what most of you Leaf bashers will say…. good for us.. we deserve it.. but I put out a challenge for you guys. Obviously it seems as if our GM and coaches can’t do their job, so I ask you… what would you do to remedy the situation in Toronto… I know that you guys can critique the team very well, now lets see if you can use your brains in a positive manner.

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  1. 92-93 says:
    Couldnt of said it better myself:::

    "Well at least we all know what we're talking about now.

    Honest to Christmas, some days you roll out of bed, fire up the interweb and are ashamed to be a card-carrying member of the human race. Especially one who works in the media.
    The fact that some lonely kid up in the Soo took a few risqué self-portraits last year and sent them off to a lusty female is front page news?
    (Far as I can recall, that was a slow Tuesday night back in the 'loops.)

    And while Damien Cox sounds outraged enough to call for the offending member to be lopped off and mounted, the real story here sits by the wayside. How on earth an everyday wang can create such a hullabaloo, I haven't a clue.

    It's not like they caught him with a goat.

    In all seriousness, Mark Cuban nails it, albeit a month before this particular bit of nonsense hit the trash cycle in Toronto (credit to Eric McErlain for the link):

    Read any newspaper. Any Magazine. Watch any news program. Any gossip or entertainment program. There is one single them that runs continuously: The Search for Vulnerability.

    It doesn't matter what walk of life you are in. It doesn't matter what profession or year in school. Whatever group you participate in or hover around. There is now a blog, website, social network, column, reporter, video, segment and ??? to cover it. The audience size can be 1 or 100 million. It doesn't matter. Someone is out there searching for your vulnerabilities to report or for the vulnerabilities they think you will be interested in knowing about.

    There is someone hoping they can snap a picture or video of you at a vulnerable moment that can be leveraged into a payday, career or opportunity. There is someone who wants as many people as possible to think you aren't a good…. you fill in the blank, and then call your boss, senator, customers, friends and tell them why they don't like you and why they shouldn't either.


    The real story here is another youngster you should be embarrassed for, a 20-year-old blogger from Thornhill who has designs on being "the Canadian Perez Hilton" and who is reaping the "rewards" of all this Tlusty nonsense.

    An old friend wrote about this fellow yesterday for a local publication, something that fills in some of the details as far as that goes.

    In any event, what's gone on with the Maple Leafs the past few months, between this "story," the Avery/Tucker nonsense, Mark Bell's prison sentence and whatever else I'm forgetting, has been absolutely circus-like. If you're a player in this market, the best strategy is generally to not feed the animals, but unfortunately press row now has more than enough to chew on.


    and i was thinking the same thing about Cox, who is a great writer. he's great at connecting the microlevel to the macrolevel and larger issues … but sometimes he is stretching a bit and in his article on Tlusty, he is just plain ridiculous.
  2. 92-93 says:

    again, at least there are some sane writers out there (not at the Sun of course):

    "All of this about a 19-year-old kid who did something silly, just like any teenager. This is the biggest glass house in the world, but it didn't stop commentators from acting like maiden aunts who came across their nephew's stash of girlie magazines.

    Five years ago, some jerk took a few pictures of former Leafs goaltender Ed Belfour drinking a beer at a house party. Then, he posted them on the Internet and alerted most media outlets. No one touched it, rightly figuring even Belfour, no stranger to public escapades that involved law enforcement, deserved his privacy as long as he was doing no harm to his team.

    The crush of media is such now that everyone's existence is irreparably altered, from the media themselves to the players, coaches, general managers and top executives at the Leafs' parent company, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

    The increased scrutiny, which seems at a historic high this year, does not mean improved coverage of the Leafs. It just means pack journalism at its worst, with the story du jour torn to pieces by everyone."

  3. morrissey says:

    It's not outrageous or scandalous and I'm not the least bit offended by any of it… but it is funny and I will definitely laugh.

  4. 92-93 says:

    yeah its funny and good for a laugh, but that is not really the point that is being made here.

    the point is that there are some out there who think of it as a morality tale and the sordid part of the whole thing is that the most popular paper in the Toronto market – which is super-shi* – is getting the highest readership by putting McCabe on the front cover or Tlusty.
    HERE is where the morality tale begins.
    there are so many other more valid issues, but because we are so quaker-esque and puritan-esque, there are people that not only think that this is funny (which it is), but also think that this is actually controversial or risque.
    just sad thats all.
  5. 92-93 says:

    i cannot believe you actually typed that first sentence…

    for petes sake its his first season in the AHL!!! playing behind a piss-poor Marlies squad. give me a break! how many solid NHL netminders play OK in their first professional season but then went on to do well in the NHL??? the MAJORITY.
    i never said Price isn't worth the hype (although some Hab fans – cough, cough – find a way to overdo it, which is fine, but that is over-hyping a player if you ask me).
    your Price-Toskala/Raycroft comparison, again, there is no reasoning there. you are telling me that all the defensive breakdowns, all of the giveaways, missed man-to-man coverage (that no NHL team plays anymore), all of the penalties taken … and Price would still have better numbers??? that is a HUGE ASSUMPTION on your part.
    i dont think EVER showed any lack of acknowledgement in my response to you about Price superstar qualities (re: my last comments looking at the Northeast). that is YOU reading something that simply was never typed by me. my issue is you downplaying and idiotically misreading the one year career and future potential of Pogge as a result of your rose-coloured, leaf-hating Hab glasses.
    so lets review:
    You love Price – he plays for your team and not the Maple Leafs
    You love Rask – he plays for Boston, not the Maple Leafs
    You dislike Pogge – he plays for the Maple Leafs.
    a pretty simpleminded pattern isn't it?
    take those glasses off, then we can talk.
    Price has played 6 NHL games, we'll talk when Pogge has reached the NHL and is playing for the Leafs. "It is unfathomable that anyone could realistically put Pogge in the same category as Price right now." … .um did I not just say in the previous post that it was impossible to compare the two because of the decisions of management?!?! are you blind? did you not read that sentence??? maybe you should put on a REAL set of glasses now. Pogge and Price are not at the same level LITERALLY because their managements are going diffrent routes with them. NOT because Price is waaaay better than Pogge.
    there is ROOM for Price with Montreal (Halak was inconsistent in camp, aebeshier is gone) … there is NO ROOM for Pogge in toronto right now (raycroft-toskala) and there is no point of getting Pogge to split duties in the NHL or be a back-up. he needs regular starts and that is what he is getting in the AHL.
    i can see now that all that reason i used in response was a waste of time and that you are hopeless.
  6. leafsfan86 says:

    price is the next patrick you-know-who

  7. Milohabs says:

    There is really nothing that can be done. Leaf fans seem to be looking for a quick fix / trade to turn the whole thing around, it ain't gonna happen. Habs fans lived through something similar when Houle & Trembley ran the team into the ground. it takes YEARS of good drafting and smart moves (and luck) to get out of the sewer.

    The real problem isn't McCabe, It's coaching. McCabe has had a decent career and can be utilised properly with the right man behind the bench. Why on earth were mcCabe & Antropov up there? If he is known to having brain cramps in his end, then as coach you need to address such issues. Play him with strong defensivly minded guys. Don't use him in situations which can result in games being blown. 

    The Habs have to deal with Brisebois, who is just as bad in his end as he was 4 years ago when he was booed out of the building. The diference is that Carbo doesn't count on him as a #1 or 2 guy, and he is used in safer situations. he's also playing with hamrlik who can cover his ass when needed. McCabe needs to play fewer minutes against weaker lines and he'll slowly get his confidence back. The result will also be a reduction in offense from him, but hey, that's why you have Kaberle.

    I question lots of moves Maurice does. I used to think he was a decent coach, but since joining Toronto, he seems out of his league.

    Again, Much of this falls on JFJ. Blake will be lucky to hit 20 goals (which I've been saying forever has been his average NOT 40). But hey, already in his mid-30's and you guys have him locked up for 4 years. great signing JFJ. McCabe & Kubina although not terrible should be carrying a larger load for the money they're making.

    To answer your question now, There's nothing that can be done. JFJ & Maurice need to go. They need to try and find a good, strong, knowedgable tandem for the office & bench and then Leaf fans will have to be patient while young players develop. It will only get tougher as Blake ages and Sundin gets traded, leaves, retires etc etc.

    Last note. Toskala is not a great goalie. Is he better than his stats have shown this year? Yes. is he a true #1 NHL goalie? No (especially behind a very weak defensive team).  I think a HUGE mistake was dumping Rask to get Raycroft.

    Sorry fellas. It must suck to be a Leafs fan right now.

  8. habs_punk says:

    You probably won't get a chance to read this, oh well.

    I'm going to disregard most of your post since the majority is mindless pro-Leafs nonsense.

    Just a couple quick problem areas.
    1. Did you watch the Montreal-Toronto game? Are you that blind that you can't see how much better Price was than any of the Leaf goalies have been all year? Price does this game in and game out. He is almost never caught out of position, he fills the net very well, and he eats up rebounds. He looks like a veteran goalie out there, and he's 20 years old. Maybe you can't see it from just one game, but he's been very consistent.
    2. You were the one that initially brought up the Pogge and Price comparisons. Pogge at 20 years old put up sub-par numbers in his first AHL season. Price at 19 won the Calder Cup and the playoff MVP in his first AHL stint. The issue isn't about Pogge being a decent goalie in the NHL, it's about your claims that Price isn't that far ahead of him, when clearly Price is MILES ahead.
    3. I love Price, he plays for the Habs.
    I DON'T love Rask, being the second goalie picked in that draft year to Price, there was always the risk that Rask would do better than Price, especially after his solid play in Finland. The fact that he was drafted by the Leafs made that possibility all the more sickening. Now for some reason, you have this idea that I like the Bruins or something? I'm Habs fan. Habs fans hate the Leafs most of all, but the Bruins are likely second most hated on many Habs fans lists. I recognize what Rask has done, and the talent that he has shown, but by no means is he a player that I'm going to be cheering on in the NHL. I hope he bombs, I don't want the Bruins to have a star goalie coming up.
    I obviously dislike Pogge. Why? Because of they constant hype he has had surrounding him despite not being that impressive since junior, that hype is because he's a Leaf prospect. At least Price has earned the hype surrounding him.

    That bullshit about glasses shouldn't even enter into a hockey discussion, grow up and read what I just wrote. If Rask was still with the Leafs, I would hate him, but still respect his talent, he is better than Pogge.

    Your last sentence really sums up your ignorance and disinterest in having an actual hockey discussion. The mere fact that Price is in the NHL and putting up better numbers than Pogge in the AHL should be ample evidence that Price is better at this point in time and has the brighter future.

  9. 92-93 says:

    for someone like you, … its too easy … all i have to do is Cut-and-Paste the comments, in succession, just to prove your whole theory of what i said. you cannot twist my words against me … when there is visual evidence that still remains:

    1) I, in response to morrissey, said: "pogge is developing just fine and will get his chance soon enough. the more hab fans prematurely dimiss Pogge the better his success is going to taste for Leaf fans. so keep it coming"

    [note that i dont mention Price ANYWHERE]
    2) then mojo responds "What Carey Price was doing in the AHL last year, Pogge is doing now. As of a few days ago the Marlies were 10-0-2, don't know what their record is exactly right now. Pogge is amazing"
    [i admire mojo's enthusiasm here but i decided to take a more measured analysis (in my view) of Pogge … also, its mojo who makes the price comparison]

    3) "well i dunno about that. most of the starts have gone to Clemmensen so far this year for the Marlies. Pogge is doing well, but he hasn't played his first few AHL games guiding the Marlies to the AHL championship. i think the leafs are doing the right thing with him and letting him craft his game. he's very similar to Price in that he his huge, quick, and pretty consistent. however, and i know i am speaking way too early here but i've said this the moment the Raycroft trade was made, JFJ traded the wrong goalie prospect and should have kept Rask."

    [hey, well lookie there … you and i agree on Rask … but also note that i take a more measured view of Pogge, as opposed to what you characterize as ''mindless pro-Leafs nonsense"]

    4) of course you respond by completely dismissing Pogge, and laying palms down in front of the feet of Price after 6 NHL games.

    5) "so all of this comparing of Pogge and Price at this point in their careers is pointless – NOT because Pogge is worse than Price – but because the managements of the Habs and Buds have gone different routes. I like what the Habs are doing with Price and I think the Leafs will do that with Pogge next season."
    [sounds like i am discouraging a comparison – i even throw in a few POSSIBLE comparisons – with Rask and Pogge – in terms of the draft selection, but in the end i conclude that its too early to tell, but reason and a balanced perspective of things won't satisfied a narrow-minded fan like yourself …]

    6)"It is unfathomable that anyone could realistically put Pogge in the same category as Price right now."

    [that's a pretty thick noggin you got there. its like you have one set of lenses on: the 'look-for-any-words-that-have-anything-positive-to-say-about-a-leaf-player-and-shred-it-to-pieces-because-it-cannot-be-true! set of lenses. FINALLY, i decide to take you and your one-sided, shortsighted views to task. I EVEN HELP YOU BY RECAPPING WHAT I SAID …]

    7) "i never said Price isn't worth the hype […] i dont think EVER showed any lack of acknowledgement in my response to you about Price superstar qualities (re: my last comments looking at the Northeast). that is YOU reading something that simply was never typed by me. my issue is you downplaying and idiotically misreading the one year career and future potential of Pogge as a result of your rose-coloured, leaf-hating Hab glasses […]  did I not just say in the previous post that it was impossible to compare the two because of the decisions of management?!?! are you blind? did you not read that sentence??? maybe you should put on a REAL set of glasses now. Pogge and Price are not at the same level LITERALLY because their managements are going diffrent routes with them. NOT because Price is waaaay better than Pogge."

    [a little harsh, i admit, but sometimes when you deal with morons some harshness is quite necessary. but it still doesn't seem to penetrate that skull of yours … you just want to read things one way or ignore some of the comments i made altogether … for you, Price is God and Pogge – who has yet to play an NHL game yet and yet shows no signs of not being a star goalie and is IN HIS 2ND YEAR AS AN AHL GOALIE FOR PETES SAKE – is absolute crap and can never measure up to Price. EVEN if that was true, its waaaay to early for you or anyone to say that. ]

    8) "The mere fact that Price is in the NHL and putting up better numbers than Pogge in the AHL should be ample evidence that Price is better at this point in time and has the brighter future."

    [i've underlined the one part that i think we can both find some middle ground on … an olive branch if you will. Its the only part of the nonsense that you found time to type … that actually exhibits some sense of perspective. Congrats on using the phrase 'at this point in time.' this miraculous, momentary decision on your behalf to actually take on some perspective enables me to say: I AGREE WITH YOU. at this point in time, of course Price is futher ahead than Pogge in his development. heck, i can even say he is better than Pogge right now because he is getting the NHL experience. BUT, there is absolutely NO WAY ANYONE can say that Price will be a better netminder than Pogge simply because their careers have hardly even STARTED yet. its not like we are comparing Price and Reimer here … we are comparing two very good world class goalies who are barely out of their teens. for you or anyone to decide at this point that one will be great or better than the other is absolute nonsense and a classic case of homerism …
    all i am asking for is some OBJECTIVITY and sense of perspective here. and finally, i beg you, i plead with you – READ WHAT I ACTUALLY TYPED and AVOID SEEING THINGS through the lens of the team you cheer for, then all of this nonsense would be avoided in the future. youre welcome.]

  10. habs_punk says:

    My initial problem was with what Mojo said. When I voiced my opinion, I fully expected Leaf fans to jump all over it, hence my defensiveness when you jumped all over it.

    In a nutshell, everything I've been trying to say has been:
    Price is better than Pogge right now, which we agree on, and based on their respective performances since leaving the WHL, Price is showing FAR more promise than Pogge. Price is looking like the real deal EVERYWHERE he plays, while Pogge has been looking very average. Is it that much of a stretch to think Pogge was just the recipient of having amazing defense in front of him? I'm not saying there's no chance for Pogge to be a star in this league, I merely feel that his stock has dropped considerably based on last year's performance, while Price's skyrocketed. Sure there's a chance that Pogge will be better than Price, but not a very good one. I guarantee there is not a single person outside of "Leaf Nation" that feels Pogge will be the better goalie in the long run.

  11. 92-93 says:


    fair enough.
    but to even say that  Pogge's 'stock dropped' is still way too much of a stretch considering his age and experience in the AHL. people don't realize just how much of a jump it is between junior and the AHL (which makes Price's performance last season all the more amazing).
    but to see a shooting start like Price – now in the NHL – and then to turn to Pogge (who is still very stellar and has a tremendous amount of potential) and say 'well Pogge's stock has dropped and he'll never reach the level Price has reached or will reach' … is a bit foolish if you ask me.
    its premature and just plain wrong.
    we dont know anything yet about how either one of these netminders will turn out. 
    and the crazy thing about all of this is: Pogge's numbers has been CONSISTENTLY IMPROVING from the midway point of his ROOKIE AHL season to this season. in other words, his trajectory isn't even dropping, its still going up. 
    the point is and remains: the management teams of these 2 clubs have gone in different directions on their goalies based on who is currently with their NHL clubs. Toronto is being patient with Pogge (which MOST NHL teams do) and Montreal is deciding to put Price in early in his career (if for no other reason because Aebeschier is gone and sucked, and Halak didn't impress anyone in camp). 
    for the most part, i agree with a lot of what you've said. 
    but i've heard the same thing from so many non-leaf fans about Kaberle, Wellwood, Steen, Stajan, etc. about how the leafs cannot produce NHL-level talent or that such talent is so subpar. and I KNOW the only reason why this is so common is that these players wear the blue-and-white … if they wore the Bruins' 'B' or any other lesser-hated jersey, a more balanced and less irrational consideration would be made.
    so i return to my very first comment (and i am not necessarily directing this at you): keep the negative or dismissive comments coming when it comes to Pogge (or Kulemin, or Earl, or whoever), because it is so much more rewarding when/if these guy make it. Watching Kaberle and Wellwood – two the most mesmerizing players to watch IMO – and thinking back to how they have been written off as too small, soft, or inconsistent or as 'sucking' … its made the whole experience of watching them develop (and continue to develop) that much more rewarding.

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