Who Wants A Goalie!?

Early in the season and almost every team could use a goalie…… Goalies are still available all over the place.

This might be one of the biggest years that almost every team has their goalies up on the trade block….or need a goalie just as bad….Starting with……

St. Louis- Everyone of there goalies are on the trade block…. (and almost all of them are hurt)

Rangers- Will almost always have Richter on the Trading Block….

Boston- Still haven’t decided on there starter.

Toronto- Belfour is still a mess…..

Atlanta- Is rumored to be looking at Dafoe….

Carolina- Don’t have a starting Goalie…..

Philly- Still have a nut job in net and could move him…..

Islanders- Starting to worry about there Osgood

Pittsburgh- Have 2 goalies that are holding over well…. (so Far)

Montreal- Their MVP goalie doesn’t look the same….

Chicago- Has goalies up for sale.

Dallas- Have Turco, but still have a good starting Backup to keep Turco on his heals….

San Jose- May have fixed their problems….

And Nashville- Well….. Hey why not…..

Well, Barrasso was grabbed, but Dafoe is still hanging out. And many other Backup’s are still on the block as well.

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  1. rrudd says:

    are you implying dallas is looking for a goalie?

    are you implying dallas is looking to dish a goalie?

  2. MossRocks says:

    I think he’s implying that the situation COULD lead to a controversy which COULD lead to a trade. I don’t see one coming in Dallas, so it was a wasted statement.

  3. Sands says:

    No just saying they have a good back up that could take Turco’s place if needs be……

  4. -Swizz- says:

    yea, but why would they need to replace turco? he’s an awesome goalie…

  5. morrow10 says:

    I am happy to see someone that finally gives Marty a little respect where respect is due. You are smarter than a lot of NHL fans, buddy.


  6. bjtew says:

    The Canes don’t have a starting goalie? Please dont blame the Cane defense’s inability to adjust to the “new nhl” on Kevin Weekes.

    Kevin Weekes’s numbers on the year

    KEVIN WEEKES CAR 7 3 2 1 2.06 0 195 0.933

    Not too shabby, eh?

    This is the same exact thing they did splitting time between two goalies (last year barasso and irbe) going with whoever is hot. Also, it seems Rutherford is hesitant to offically hand the job over to Weekes; Personally, I’d love for it to happen. Irbe currently is in a slump and if anything I would think the Canes are far more likely to trade him than to trade for another goalie as you are implying.

  7. -Swizz- says:

    thank you

    i dont get why nobody else thinks so..

    i dont have the numbers in front of me, but last 2 years behind belfour, he had a gaa close to 2.00, save percentage in the 0.920 range, 3-4 shutouts….

    i remember one time over the summer, i projected his numbers over 60-65 games, and he had Patrick Roy type numbers….

    he’s the reason i’m #1 in my hockey pool!

  8. Habs4ever says:

    If ever Turco gets hurt. Or when Turco goes into a slump they’ll need to replace him. Maybe at the end of the season hell be a little tired from being no.1 all year, then they’ll probably need Tugnutt to start a few games.

  9. Sands says:

    Turco is on all of my fantasy teams….

    Believe me I have a lot of respect for this guy.

  10. mikster says:

    Talking to someone…

    Brathwaite might be picked up by a few teams once he’d have to clear waivers when Barrasso is on the team. Maybe the Flyers might replace Esche with a better back up in Brathwaite, but i disagreed with that idea….i went with the Bolts trying to get Brathwaite from waivers.

    Hackett will be traded, he is doing well and this is the right time to trade him. Where to? Who knows, i say Atlanta.

    In the end, i think there will be enough goalies available at a much cheaper price, and Dafoe will be left unemployed.

  11. guinsfan4life says:

    I disagree with the goaltending situation of the Penguins. I think their goaltending has been satisfactory at best. Hedberg is giving up rebound after rebound and not consistent with cutting down the angles the shooters take.

    Aubin has impressed me more than Hedberg. Especially after the season he had last year.

  12. MantaRay says:

    Braithwaite will not be put on waivers, he has some trade value and besides: Johnson is still hurt and Barasso will need to get in game shape.

    Flyers do not need a back-up goalie. Do you even know who Esche is??

    Hackett will not be traded, Theodore is back to normal after last seasons aberation, Hackett is need by the Habs.

    Dafoe is a quality goalie who SHOULD end up in Atlanta to turn that franchise around.

  13. MantaRay says:

    St Louis is going through a rash of injuries, but have still WON 5 in a row. Once Johnson is healthy and Barasso is in game shape. Braithwaite will probably be dealt.

    Richter is plagued by a poor team in front of him and no back-up goalie. Blackburn is two seasons away from the NHL and it shows this season.

    Boston has found their goalie in Steve Shields 3-0-2.

    Toronto: Belfour is just coming off an injury

    Atlanta SHOULD sign Dafoe.

    Did you see the Stanley Cup playoffs last season, the gentlemens name is Irbe…Arturs Irbe and was a candidate for the Conn Smyth

    Don’t delude yourself Philly is set in nets for at least the next 3-5 seasons. Both Cechmanek and Esche are quality goalies.

    NYI: Yes, Osgood looks shaky.

    Pitt: they are winning with Hedberg

    Montreal: Hackett is an adequate sub for the off again Jose Theodore

    Chicago, Dallas, Nashville & San Jose are set in nets.

  14. big_booty says:

    You should have expected this. He is, after all, still a novice.

    Esche has looked great. Two wins, no losses, and a 1.50 GAA is pretty damn good for a backup. Brathwaite is unecessary.

    Theodore will go back to having a .500 record.

    Dafoe will be a Thrasher by mid-November at the latest.

  15. mikster says:

    The site you write for….TFP says…:

    “With Barrasso now on board, the Blues must expose one of their two protected goalies in order to make room for him on the roster. Fred Brathwaite will be exposed to waivers, but general manager Larry Pleau will try to trade him first. Possible destinations include Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia and Phoenix.”

    As i said, i DISAGREED with the Esche being replaced by Brathwaite idea. You should read more carefully. I should have said that once Johnson is healthy, then Brathwaite will have to clear waivers. Sorry i missed that, but it was OBVIOUS that i meant that as well. Don’t be too picky now….

    Also, TFP says….

    “Montreal general manager AndrĂ© Savard continues to shop Hackett….”

    SO……i think he will be traded since he is good and cheaper than Dafoe.

  16. mikster says:

    Maybe you need glasses, i did say i DISAGREED with the idea of Brathwaite to the Flyers. You two just made yourself look like asses…….

    Read my comment more carefully….

    I did make the mistake of Brathwaite. He will first be offered, duh, and once Johnson comes back he will have to clear waivers….

  17. mikster says:

    “Richter is plagued by a poor team in front of him and no back-up goalie. Blackburn is two seasons away from the NHL and it shows this season.”

    Watch games more closely, as you’re really clueless.

    As of now, Richter has not played a solid or ‘good’ game yet. Only the one against the Maple Leafs was solid. Richter has played poorly in his games. As for Blackburn…..what does show? He looked sharp against the Kings, and was almost 2/2 on breakaways except one trickled through his pads. So…he has not even played 5 games yet…WHAT DOES SHOW? What are you a retard? A goalie who only started 2 games shows that he is 2 seasons behind, after playing a rookie season that satisfied everyone in the league and tied a record when carrying the Rangers when Richter was injured, he is two seasons behind?

    Wow…..very poor observation, very very very poor….

  18. mikster says:

    Hackett WILL BE traded, and maybe now is not the right time, but now his trade value is quite high.

    Again…i quoted: “Maybe the Flyers might replace Esche with a better back up in Brathwaite, but i disagreed with that idea….i went with the Bolts trying to get Brathwaite from waivers.”

    Noticed how i said, i disagreed with that idea.

    Also, Clarke wouldn’t be the type who’d want to acquire a back up goalie who is twice the salary of Esche.

  19. MantaRay says:

    Poor observation only from your perspective. 3 goals in 20 shots is not “looking sharp” in goal, at least on competitive teams.

    We’ve had this argument before: Richter has been the teams MVP the past five seasons and with good reason.

    They can’t win without him and that is a fact.

    You are correct, he is not having as good year this year, but playing with an unorganized and lazy forward group will burn you out quickly.

    If you took away the Pittsburgh & Kings game he actually is having a good statistical year with no defensive support.

    Blackburn will probably be in Hartford before Christmas if he keeps playing like he has.

  20. MantaRay says:

    A: you should have said that earlier (TFP).

    B: your grammer needs to improve, at first glance the sentence leads one to believe you were in agreement with the Braithwaite to Philly.

    C: I apologize for misreading it.

  21. nskerr says:

    I totally agree on the Osgood comment. He definitely has the talent to turn it around but he has been torched games against Philly and Buffalo as well as letting in softies against Nashville and Florida. Can anyone say, DiPietro?

  22. Habs4ever says:

    Hackett an ADEQUATE sub???????Talk about amazing sub. Hell, he is the no.1 goalie in Montreal for now, and with reason. Did you watch the game against Ottawa? No you did not. Hackett faced 48 shots and managed to stop 45. That is great goaltending, and to top it off, tied a franchise record with 23 saves in the 1st period. The other goalies to have done it are..Ken Dryden…and I forget the other one. But still tying a Ken Dryden record has to count for something. Hack is no.1 in Montreal now and they need to keep him until Theo finds his game. Trading Hack now would be suicide for the Habs. Oh, and Blackburn is doing fine for a backup, he is 2 years away from being a starter. 17 shots out of 20 saves isn’t good for a starter but you have to admit its acceptable for a backup.

  23. Habs4ever says:

    DiPietro is the Man! I like his style, he controls the puck alot.

  24. mikster says:

    A: No i shouldn’t have because i was talking with the person from TFP, and i checked to make sure today and he told me where to get it. So…no i shouldn’t have said it was TFP.

    B: Maybe the Flyers might replace Esche with a better back up in Brathwaite, but i disagreed with that idea. Well, if you read it carefully, it says that maybe the Flyers might want to replace Esche, BUT I DISAGREE with that idea. I am sure there’s a clearer way to write that, but only one who reads with his eyes and not using his mind would read it incorrectly. My gram. isn’t excellent, English is my 2nd language and at least i know how to almost perfectly speak and write two languages, and i only was in Italian (strict school with nons beating me up!!!!) for the 3rd grade.

    C: No need to really apologize, we all make mistakes, and if i wanted for you to apologized…i would have been more of a pain in the ass đŸ™‚

  25. mikster says:

    Well, Brodeur is know to allow goals on low number of shots against, his save percentage shows that. So….3 impossible goals to save for a teenager, and making some great saves in those other 17 shots.

    Two games where he only looked rusty, overall, does not tell you squat. He will stay with the team.

    Again, tell me which team can win games, especyally key games, without their world class goalie? Richter 300 wins!!! Well deserved, he finally got his game back.

    If you take away the Pens and Kings game, the Rangers, overall, wouldn’t have been this bad.

    By the way, tell me which colors you want your bubble to be.

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