Who Wants A Goalie!?

Early in the season and almost every team could use a goalie…… Goalies are still available all over the place.

This might be one of the biggest years that almost every team has their goalies up on the trade block….or need a goalie just as bad….Starting with……

St. Louis- Everyone of there goalies are on the trade block…. (and almost all of them are hurt)

Rangers- Will almost always have Richter on the Trading Block….

Boston- Still haven’t decided on there starter.

Toronto- Belfour is still a mess…..

Atlanta- Is rumored to be looking at Dafoe….

Carolina- Don’t have a starting Goalie…..

Philly- Still have a nut job in net and could move him…..

Islanders- Starting to worry about there Osgood

Pittsburgh- Have 2 goalies that are holding over well…. (so Far)

Montreal- Their MVP goalie doesn’t look the same….

Chicago- Has goalies up for sale.

Dallas- Have Turco, but still have a good starting Backup to keep Turco on his heals….

San Jose- May have fixed their problems….

And Nashville- Well….. Hey why not…..

Well, Barrasso was grabbed, but Dafoe is still hanging out. And many other Backup’s are still on the block as well.