Who Will Be Buyers, Who Will Be Sellers?

Lately people have been wondering which teams will be buyers and which will be sellers and which will make little or few moves (neutral):


Atlanta Thrashers, Players Wanted:

Mika Noronnen, Brendan Witt

Buffalo Sabers, Players Wanted:

Brendan Witt, Mark Recchi, Bryan McCabe

Calgary Flames, Players Wanted:

Olli Jokinen, Marc Recchi, Jason Allison

Carolina Hurricanes, Players Wanted:

Bryan McCabe, Brendan Witt

Colorado Avalanche, Players Wanted:

Roberto Luongo, Olli Jokinen

Edmonton Oilers, Players Wanted:

Ed Belfour, Curtis Joseph, Martin Biron, Matthew Barnaby

Los Angeles Kings, Players Wanted:

Roberto Luongo, Martin Biron, Brendan Witt, Bryan


Montreal Canadiens, Players Wanted:

Todd Bertuzzi, Martin Biron, Tyler Arnoson, Mark Bell, Brad Richards

Nahville Predators, Players Wanted:

Aki Berg, Brendan Witt

New Jersey Devils, Players Wanted:

Brendan Witt

New York Rangers, Players Wanted:

Brian Leetch, Sergei Gonchar, Glen Murray

Ottawa Senators, Players Wanted:

Dwayne Roloson, Curtis Joseph, Olli Jokinen, Mark

Recchi, Martin Biron

Philadelphia Flyers, Players Wanted:

Todd Bertuzzi, Brendan Witt, Shane Doan, Glen


Vancouver Canucks, Players Wanted:

Brendan Witt, Bryan McCabe, Dwayne Roloson, Ed

Belfour, Martin Biron, Curtis Joseph, Willie Mitchell


Dallas Stars

Detroit Red Wings

San Jose Sharks

Tampa Bay Lightning


Boston Bruins, Players Availible:

Nick Boynton, Brian Leetch, Glen Murray, Sergei

Samsonov, Alexei Zhamnov

Chicago Blackhawks, Players Availible:

Jim Vandermeer, Jason Cullimore, Mark Bell, Tyler

Arnoson, Matthew Barnaby

Columbus Blue Jackets, Players Availible:

Luke Richardson, Marc Denis

Florida Panthers, Players Availible:

Olli Jokinen, Roberto Luongo, Joe Nieuwendyk, Sean


Minnesota Wild, Players Availible:

Dwayne Roloson, Willie Mitchell, Filip Kuba, Daniel


New York Islanders, Players Availible:

Miroslav Satan, Mark Parrish

Phoenix Coyotes, Players Availible:

Curtis Joseph, Sean O’Donnel, Geoff Sanderson,

Mike Ricci

Pittsburgh Penguins, Players Availible:

Sergei Gonchar, Ric Jackman, Mark Recchi, John

LeClair, Jocylen Thibault

St.Louis Blues, Players Availible:

Patrick Lalime, Dennis Wideman, Eric Weinrich,

Keith Tkachuck, Dean McCammond

Toronto Maple Leafs: Players Availible,

Ed Belfour, Bryan McCabe, Ken Klee, Alexander

Khavanov, Aki Berg, Darcy Tucker, Jason Allison,

Nik Antropov

Washington Capitals: Players Availible,

Brendan Witt, Dainus Zubrus, Jeff Friesin

15 Responses to Who Will Be Buyers, Who Will Be Sellers?

  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The Leafs will not be sellers. Trust me, whatever they sell, they’ll use the money to buy something.

    Tucker ain’t going anywhere. JFJ would be shot if Tucker left.

  2. The-President says:

    Paulk, you tend to cut and paste articles and then credit yourself with the information, cut the crap man, how do you guys let him post this?

  3. The-President says:

    McCabe is definately going to be gone, hes an ass, and he rejected his offer. That greedy bastard can go take his money and get the hell out of Toronto.

  4. muckies says:

    Trade Tucker, he’s useless now for the Leafs.

    He’s got nobody to fight with him on the team, the Leaves are all a bunch of pansies now.

    Start the rebuilding process. Trade Tucker.

  5. The-President says:

    The sad reality, Agreed, muckies

  6. bigmike says:

    Darcy Tucker will be a leaf tell he dies if jfj moves him he should be shot. As far as Ed Belfour ship his ass out as fast as u can jfj and the rest.

    Mccabe is leaving the leafs and i hope he does he can’t play d-fence for shit he gives the other team a better chance to win if yah ask me.

  7. bigmike says:

    Finally somone eles thinks like me Bryan McCabe is a bum when it comes to d-fence he is no good for anything except for helping the other team win McCabe can go get his money some where eles he anit worth shit anyways

  8. The-President says:

    I hope hes worth something, so we get something good back in return;)

  9. gohabs73 says:

    “if jfj moves him he should be shot”

    maybe you take this game a little too seriously huh?

  10. paul_dc10 says:

    personally, maybe im wrong but i think u copy pasted this, but if not, i definalty think canucks would want loungo

  11. trademan says:

    Where did this article come from . please inform so that credit can be given.


  12. GaryPuck says:

    How about this?

    To Phoenix: McCabe and a younger forward

    To Toronto: Joseph, Morris, and Sanderson

    To Tampa Bay: Belfour

    To Toronto: Dan Boyle

  13. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Because Muckies Senators are a groupe of hard asses?

  14. paul_dc10 says:

    for spectors not exacly it but close pretty much the same


    20 FEBRUARY 2006.


    CALGARY SUN: Steve MacFarlane yesterday looked at all thirty teams to determine who’d be buyers and sellers. As with TSN’s list several days ago, MacFarlane’s article is in bold and my comments are italicize. My thanks to “Dave” for sending this in:


    $34 million (Buyer)

    With the cap wiggle room for a marquee player, expect GM/head coach Darryl Sutter to be a major player at the deadline.

    Rumour has it he’s still hoping to land Florida’s Olli Jokinen. It might take a costly package of players and picks to do it with a handful of teams likely in the running. Defensive depth (an inexpensive veteran such as Blues D Eric Weinrich) and another skilled grinder in the Ville Nieminen mould should also be on the list.

    Landing Jokinen won’t be easy for any club. A defenceman like Weinrich or a grinder like Nieminen, on the other hand, are more affordable and consequently perhaps moves most likely to be made by Sutter.


    $38 million (Buyer)

    With some injury relief under the cap, the Avs may be able to replace Steve Konowalchuk before the deadline if the right player becomes available. They lost Ossi Vaananen, their plus/minus leader, to a broken ankle a couple of weeks ago and Rob Blake tweaked his groin before heading to Turin, so they could be scrambling to add a few more inexpensive healthy bodies.

    No argument here, but those inexpensive healthy bodies may not be that easy to find as there will be other clubs in the same boat as the Avs also shopping around.


    $34 million (Buyer)

    Goaltending has been the Oilers’ problem all season long and they’re no doubt still hoping to buy, rent or steal a serviceable No. 1 guy before the deadline passes. The problem is they’re not alone in the bidding for players believed to be available, such as Boston’s Andrew Raycroft, Buffalo’s Martin Biron, or one of Minnesota’s pending UFA ‘tenders Dwayne Roloson and Manny Fernandez. Another soon-to-be free agent, Coyotes veteran Curtis Joseph, has been linked to Edmonton recently.

    As I’ve said before, it’s not a question of “if” the Oilers obtained a goaltending upgrade, but “when” and “who”. They’ll be a closely watched club as the deadline approaches.


    $25 million (Seller)

    The Wild have some good young prospects but need help at every position except between the pipes to become a contender. One of the future free-agent netminders might be moved. Starter Manny Fernandez has the most trade value. Calgarian C Wes Walz might be an attractive playoff-type addition. Defencemen Willie Mitchell, Filip Kuba and Andrei Zyuzin — all UFAs after this season — are likely to be moved.

    I still think they’ll try to retain Fernandez, Mitchell and Kuba, but one never knows what decisions a general manager could make at the deadline. Walz would certainly attract attention from playoff-bound clubs.


    $38 million (Buyer)

    Injury relief may knock their cap number down because of Dan Cloutier’s lengthy absence. The Canucks are one of many franchises looking for veteran goaltending help but have been happy with Alex Auld’s recent play. Other buyers may be able to bargain for W Todd Bertuzzi or C Brendan Morrison, who has been pulled off the Markus Naslund line in spurts.

    There’s persistent but unsubstantiated rumours of former Canucks GM Brian Burke trying to bring Bertuzzi to Anaheim, but I’m not putting much stock in those. I think they’ll be looking for an experienced backup goaltender and possibly some blueline depth.


    $33 million (Seller)

    The Ducks will probably wait until deadline day to deal. Unless they’re in the ninth spot and playing well at the time, GM Brian Burke could make some waves. The solid play of backup G Ilya Bryzgalov could help the Ducks part with the more expensive and often streaky Jean-Sebastien Giguere. D Ruslan Salei and Keith Carney are both UFAs at the end of the season.

    Bryzgalov’s increase in playing time and Giguere’s public argument with head coach Randy Carlyle during a game last month has stoked the rumours of “Giggy” being on the block, and Salei or Carney could very well be moved by March 9th.


    $39 million+ (Buyer)

    The Stars have plenty of prospects on the wings and enough veterans to keep them honest in the playoffs. Their cap number is high but they won’t have to make any moves as long as their defence corps gets healthy and their aging stars produce.

    After acquiring Janne Niinimaa from the NY Islanders, Stars GM Doug Armstrong was quoted as saying he didn’t anticipate making any further significant moves for the remainder of the season. Given how well the Stars have played, he’ll likely keep his word.


    $36 million (Seller)

    In the thick of the playoff hunt in a competitive conference, the Kings probably won’t disrupt their roster too much. Goaltending has been a platoon effort this season and perhaps the Kings will package some picks in the hopes of a late upgrade.

    Word out of Los Angeles suggest Kings GM Dave Taylor is shopping around for a defensive blueliner.


    $32 million (Seller)

    The loss of Ladislav Nagy hurts the team’s chances of making the playoffs and, if they falter, veterans such as G Curtis Joseph, C Mike Ricci and defencemen Derek Morris, Sean O’Donnell and Denis Gauthier could be auctioned.

    That’s looking more likely given their current placing in the standings. A lot of attention is focussed on Curtis Joseph because of his UFA status and his experience.


    $28 million (Buyer)

    The Sharks stood pat after last season and have made their big move with the acquisition of Joe Thornton in November. That said, the goalie factory that gave the Flames Miikka Kiprusoff could part with Vesa Toskala as Nolan Schaefer now waits for his chance to be a backup. Perhaps Patrick Marleau can be stolen from the Sharks for the right price.

    I believe Toskala will be shopped at the deadline and the Sharks will bring up Schaefer. Forget about “stealing” Marleau for the right price. I realize anybody can be traded but I think he still fits into their plans.


    $33 million (Seller)

    The firesale has begun in St. Louis and the Jaroslav Spacek deal with Edmonton may signal the Blackhawks are following suit. Not even Nikolai Khabibulin is safe if a contender is willing to part with desirable prospects and picks.

    But no general manager in his right mind wants Khabibulin’s hefty salary, so rule that out right now. It’s believed veterans like Matthew Barnaby, Jim Dowd and Curtis Brown are being shopped.


    $33 million (Seller)

    When this team is healthy, it’s extremely competitive, as Calgary and Edmonton found out in recent shootout losses to the Jackets. Expect them to stick it out with their players unless they get an offer too good to refuse for goaltender Marc Denis.

    GM Doug MacLean is on record as claiming he won’t trade Denis and went so far as to tell Denis that personally. More likely trade candidates are defensemen Luke Richardson and Cale Hulse.


    $39 million+ (Seller)

    The budget won’t allow much in the way of an impact trade but the Wings could surprise at the deadline if they let one of their goaltenders or a defenceman go when D Niklas Kronwall — coming off a lengthy layoff after knee surgery — asserts himself. Robert Lang’s name has recently come up.

    I don’t rule out anything where Ken Holland is concerned as he’s shown in the past the willingness and the ability to swing deadline deals to bolster his club. If they shopped Lang they might attract some interest, but his salary ($3.8 million) might be a sticking point.


    $32 million (Buyer)

    C David Legwand is getting healthy and there aren’t any glaring needs for this Western Conference heavyweight. It would take a sweet offer to make the Preds part with any of their young d-men or prospects.

    Word out of Nashville is they’re seeking more blueline depth and there’s talk GM David Poile might be interested in Washington Capitals defenceman Brendan Witt.


    $32 million (Seller)

    They’ve already shipped out their top two scorers, Doug Weight and Mike Sillinger, and there’s nothing to stop them from continuing their salary dumping. Keith Tkachuk ($2M for rest of season), Dallas Drake and/or Patrick Lalime could go.

    Tkachuk would have to waive his no-trade clause and there’s conflicting stories out there adding fuel to the rumour fires. Drake could attract interest from playoff-bound teams, but Lalime is likely a tough sell.


    $39 million+ (Seller)

    The Devils have forced their way into the playoff hunt after a slow start but don’t have the cap space to make any deals that would add salary. They could look to swing a deal that dumps a little money but adds players for the playoffs. They’ll try to move Alexander Mogilny and his $3.5M salary.

    Good luck doing that, as the salary cap limits the desire to gamble on a player like Mogilny.


    $36 million (Seller)

    They’re on the outside looking in and could look to dump some players at the deadline if the playoffs are out of the question. They’d love to rid themselves of Alexei Yashin’s $7.6M salary but more affordable players up for grabs include W Mark Parrish ($1.9M) and D Brent Sopel ($2.4M) and Brad Lukowich ($1M).

    Parris is a good possibility to move, but one shouldn’t rule out guys like Sopel and Lukowich also being moved.


    $37 million (Buyer)

    Their salary-cap situation limits what they can do but, with loads of talented scorers and a sensational rookie G in Henrik Lundqvist, a defensive upgrade or added depth on the back end would be wise. The Rangers could give up a young player like Marcel Hossa or G Al Montoya for a deal.

    I’m not convinced they might shop Montoya but if they did they’d find some interest. I doubt they’ll find much in Hossa the Younger, whose NHL career thus far has been a disappointment.


    $39 million+ (Buyer)

    The Flyers have had goaltending troubles in the playoffs. While rookie Antero Niittymaki has been good, a veteran backup would alleviate some of the doubt about backup Robert Esche. They could benefit from dumping one of D Mike Rathje ($3.5M) or Eric Desjardins (2.28M).

    Desjardin’s injury history might dampen interest from rival clubs, as could Rathje’s contract. Rivals will try to pry one of their promising young players away.


    The Penguins are the perfect candidate for a complete roster overhaul that began with the retirements of Mario Lemieux and Ziggy Palffy.

    Teams looking to add experience may be able to pick up W Mark Recchi or W John LeClair. Underachieving D Sergei Gonchar may also be available for the right price.

    Like Khabibulin, Gonchar’s contract and poor performance this season makes him all but untradeable. LeClair would probably attract the most interest, and as for Recchi there’s been plenty of baseless rumours but it’s believed the Pens will retain him.


    $37 million (Seller)

    The Bruins are in a tight race for the final playoff spot in the East, a surprise to many after they traded Joe Thornton to San Jose. Even with the post-season in their sights, moving forwards such as Glen Murray, Sergei Samsonov and Alexei Zhamnov or G Andrew Raycroft could benefit them long-term.

    Murray’s production has seriously declined since Joe Thornton was traded and that could kill interest in him. Samsonov and Raycroft appear the most likely candidates to be dealt but that depends on where they are in the standings by March 9th. They’re in no hurry to move Raycroft but Samsonov’s UFA status could prompt them into a deal.


    $29 million (Buyer)

    With a lot of room under the cap and an extra goaltender to offer one of the many teams desperate for help, the Sabres will no doubt be a major player. With C Daniel Briere still trying to make a comeback and fellow C Tim Connolly out at least a month, Buffalo could use some scoring help.

    Their anticipated trade bait is goalie Martin Biron but GM Darcy Regier continues to play it coy.


    $36 million (Seller)

    Jose Theodore’s troubles continue. With their beleaguered starter now out six-to-eight weeks, the Habs could try to unload centres such as Mike Ribeiro and Radek Bonk, or wingers Jan Bulis, Niklas Sundstrom and Richard Zednik. If they quickly fall further from contention, all bets are off where Alex Kovalev is concerned, too.

    Bonk’s and Kovalev’s contracts make them unmoveable and Ribeiro’s work ethic makes him a tough sell. Gainey will likely retain Bulis, but Sundstrom and Zednik could also be on the way out. Don’t forget, however, that Theodore’s injury now frees up additional cap space which could be used for a short-term roster boost at the deadline.


    $36 million (Buyer)

    The Sens have an abundance of offensive skill players and one of the best defence corps in the league. Their playoff hopes, though, hinge on the health of Dominik Hasek. Count the Sens as a team that should be looking for an experienced backup. Ottawa would also love a talented centre to complement Jason Spezza and have a lot of young wingers to offer in return. They’re reportedly in the Olli Jokinen sweepstakes.

    Jokinen’s gonna cost them at least Martin Havlat, and with concerns about Hasek’s abductor injury, it could send them in a different direction.


    $36 million (Seller)

    The Leafs are clinging to playoff hopes in the East but have been overachievers for much of the season. They’ve reportedly been trying to unload C Jason Allison all year and could afford to dump G Ed Belfour, a soon-to-be free agent, to the highest renter. Backup Mikael Tellqvist has given them a chance to win and they have a great prospect in Hitmen star G Justin Pogge.

    I think that as long as the Leafs remain in playoff contention, management will resist the temptation to deal away Belfour. They’ve been rumoured for months to be trying to move Allison, perhaps for a defenceman.


    $38 million (Seller)

    Kari Lehtonen is back and the musical goalies game appears to be over but the Thrashers don’t have much wiggle room under the cap. With a roster heavy on offensive talent, any deal would probably include bringing in a top-four defenceman. Marc Savard, Peter Bondra, Scott Mellanby and Slava Kozlov are all potential UFAs this summer, along with G Steve Shields.

    Thrashers GM Don Waddell has guaranteed his club will make the playoffs and that could mean making some difficult decisions. Shields, Mellanby and Bondra would be the natural choices to move but there may not be much of a market for them.


    $28 million (Buyer)

    Plenty of room under the cap and a surprisingly competitive team means playoff revenue and more buying power for the ‘Canes. They already snapped up Doug Weight but could use more experience, specifically in net. Martin Gerber and Cam Ward have done the job but neither has started a playoff game in the NHL.

    They’ll stick with Gerber and Ward for the playoffs. They might still make a move or two but I don’t expect them to be major ones.


    $26 million (Seller)

    Despite all the Olli Jokinen and Roberto Luongo rumours, the Cats don’t want to trade their stars. But if they can’t sign them to long-term deals, there’s a good chance one of them could be moved. The Cats need D and future stars. They can afford to give up C Jozef Stumpel and veteran D Sean Hill, and hope for a bigger return on either W Martin Gelinas, W Gary Roberts or C Joe Nieuwendyk, to help rebuild.

    I think it’s more likely to see those other players moved at the deadline than Jokinen and Luongo, but who knows what Mike Keenan could have up his sleeve.


    $38 million (Seller)

    They miss G Nikolai Khabibulin terribly and need a proven netminder on board if they want a legitimate shot at repeating as Stanley Cup champs. There aren’t many of those available, though, so the price could be as high as Sean Burke and either Martin St. Louis or Brad Richards.

    Moving Burke is a possibility, but not St. Louis or Richards. The former’s contract could be a showstopper while it would make no sense at all to move the latter.


    $24 million (Seller)

    The Caps don’t have cap problems and have their centrepiece to build around in rookie phenom Alexander Ovechkin. They might have to sell off some of their veterans, such as D Brendan Witt and recently re-signed G Olaf Kolzig — whose contract makes him an even more attractive commodity — to playoff contenders in order to find complements for the young Russian. Everyone on this roster is fair game.

    They didn’t re-sign Kolzig just to trade him. Witt, on the other hand, is a different story, and unless he gets injured is a certainty to be playing elsewhere by March 9th.

  15. Senatorsfan78 says:

    Garry Roberts is coming to the Ottawa Senators!!!!

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