Who will be the next Captain???

We are just a few weeks away from NHL training camp and still no words on who will wear the “C” in Montreal? There is a few candidate but nobody really knows who will be the next Habs Captain?

The players that could wear the “C” are Gomez,Markov,Lapierre Maybe even Hamrlik or Plekanec, but I’m pretty sure 3 out of those 5 players will wear a “C” or an “A” when the season begins. The rest of the team is either too quiet, too Young, too new to the team or doesn’t have enough talent to show leadership.

So lets’ try to figure out who will be the next captain and his assistant captains will be.

1.Andrei Markov- Has been the best on-ice Player with the Habs for the past 5 years but way too quiet in dressing room and refuses to speek with Medias, in a town like Montreal the Captain will have to be able to answer the numerous questions from the Media. Markov might not get the “C” but if he doesn’t get an “A” it will be a surprise.

2.Thomas Plekanec- Plekanec has a huge heart, always works the hard in Practice and loves playing in Montreal,he’s also a vet in Montreal entering his fifth season with the club, only Andrei Markov has played more games than Plekanec. I know a lot of you will say but he had a terrible season last year but i think that was just a bump on the road for Plek and will rebound this year, plus 40pts isn’t that bad considering the kind of year the habs had last season. It’s pretty clear Plek won’t get the captaincy but an “A” seams fit.

3. Roman Hamrlik-I for one don’t think he should get the captaincy or even an “A” but who has more experience in NHL than Hamrlik right now on the habs roster? Hamrlik isn’t flashy but RARELY makes a mistake which could allow him to speak in the dressing room?

4.Scott Gomez- To me Gomez is too new to the Habs to be the Captain but has spoken to the media already, looks like he can take the pressure and said that he started french lessons which shows that he wants the captaincy and when you make 7+ mil/year you should be able to take upon greater tasks.

5.Maxim Lapierre- Nobody else on the team works harder than Lapierre either during a practice or a game, Maxim bleads Bleu Blanc Rouge and I don’t think that there is a player on the team that’s more proud to be an Habs than Maxim Lapierre, He might not be the most talented player on the team but plays with great energy and shows a lot of leadership. I think the habs should take a chance a make this guy captain.

Keep in mind that the new captain will get a boost in popularity throughout the hockey world. Sure everybody who watches hockey in North America knows who Scott Gomez is but if Gomez gets the Montreal Canadiens captaincy he will become a hockey Legend instantly, look what happened to Kovalev, before he was an Habs he was just Alexei Kovalev, after a few years with the habs he became a Legend(The Artist if you like) and would of never reach that kind of popularity playing with the Phoenix Cayotes and Kovy’s wasn’t even a captain with the habs. I’m not trying to say that the Habs captain will be the NHL’s best player I’m just saying that when you become a Captain in a market like Montreal or Toronto per say, things changes for the player in question.

These are my picks-Lapierre “C”, Markov “A”, Gomez’A”

Most likely picks- Gomez “C”, Markov “A”, Plekanec, Hamrlik or lapierre “A”

What are your picks.

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  1. palindrom says:

    we cant rules out josh gorges,  he was captain of his team to a memorial championship in his junior career, and lately steeve begin (or another player, im not sure i remember well!) told to the media he thought gorges could be the captain!

    if you want my opinion..i would let the player vote, and offer a co-captaincy for the 2 player who get the most vote!

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     Why would anyone think that Gomez would be the Captain? he has stated himself that he has not been a captain of any team for almost 20 years, that alone takes him out of the running for any NHL team.

     If the Habs have a captain this year it will be either Gionta or Lapierre, those are the only 2 choices for captain and because Montreal really needs a french speaking Captain that gives the nod to Lapierre, except that I am not sure they would give him the "C" right away, I think he would have to show that last years play was not a fluke and that he really does deserve the "C".

     So eventually I would like to see the "C" go to Lapierre, and the "A"'s  go to Markov (a given) and either Gionta or Gorges.

  3. bbruins37 says:

    id like to see markov get it. i also think he will

  4. hockey_lover says:

    Doesnt the Captain of a team require some talent and respect and experience?

    I dont get these choices like Lapierre and Plekanec. Their talent isnt elite. They only have a couple of years experience. And what kind of respect can Lapierre possibly have? He is a gritty type of player. Captains are "lead by example." What is Lapierre going to teach the rest of the team that will be beneficial?

    To me, the captaincy goes to a player who has at least 6 – 8 years experience, as some high end talent and the respect of the players on his team AND across the league. You also should been a mainstray on the team. A veteran if you will. I dont believe a captain of a team should be a player who hasnt played a game for the club. Look around the league .. other than Dustin Brown and Mike Richards, the rest of the captains are veterans. Richards is unique in that I think he naturally exudes leadership out of his pores .. as much as I hate to admit it.

    On the Habs:  Markov and Hamrlik are the only real choices in my eyes.

    In case your wondering, even as a Pens fan, I dont believe Crosby should have been given the captaincy when he was given it. I dont care how amazing a player he is .. you need to be in the league for a while to earn that respect.  While I think he is getting there, he is still only going into his 5th season. To me, the Captain on the Pens should have been Gonchar (at the time when Crosby was named).

  5. KingCanada says:

    There are plenty of young captains in the league my friend…

    Jonathan Toews (21)
    Sidney Crosby (22)
    Dustin Brown (24)
    Mike Richards (24)
    Rick Nash (25)
    Ilya Kovalchuk (26)

    Thats 20% of the league in their early to mid 20s.

    Ill take it a step further…for potential captains..on teams who dont have one or will have their captains retired soon.

    Toronto: Luke Schenn (20) maybe not this year but probably the next..
    Minnesota: Miko Koivu (25)
    Anaheim: Ryan Getzlaf (24)..once Neids retires hed be 25 at the time.
    Washington: AlexOvechkin (23) im sure eventually he will be given the captaincy…say when hes 25 or something.
    New York Islanders: John Tavares…definatly too early for him but it could happen one day.

    Point being it is becoming more and more popular to have a young captain and isnt as much of an absurd idea as u might think.

  6. hockey_lover says:

    Never said it was absurd.

    Also, for all the guys you listed, I never said the captain shouldnt be young. Reading comprehension is key. The two main points I made were that they needed experience and not be new to the team.

    – 2 of the guys you listed (Nash, Kovy) have 7 and 8 years experience (all on the same team)
    – 2 of the guys (Toews, Brown), in my opinion, shouldnt be captains of their teams anyway
    – 1 of the guys (Crosby) I dont believe should have been named Captain when we was but now, it doesnt seem like such a bad idea. Still, I believe the captain of the Pens should be Gonchar
    – 1 of the guys (Richards) is the only one that I believe to be ok. The guy just spews leadership

  7. nordiques100 says:

    give it to laraque.

    he is a key player in that he is one of the handful with size and toughness.

    he has experience and i think is a good role model.

    he is articulate in 2 languages and can handle the media frenzy of mtl.

    he is french canadian

  8. Kramer says:

    The Habs should make a big trade to break the ice.

  9. hab_electron58 says:

    My pick would be Lapierre.  His work ethic, is second to none.
    Maybe talent wise, he isn't the best, but he has improved every year, and I expect him to keep getting better.  He's on the ice, against the best players, so he is on at the most critical times.
    I would have kept Koivu. I certainly don't agree with what Gainey is doing.
    If somehow, all these changes work out, then he will be lucky.
    Otherwixe, he is gone.  It would be to Montreal's advantage, to make Lapierre captain, because it would give  the media, one less thing to criticize!!!

  10. hab_electron58 says:

    If I had my choice, I would get rid of BGL.
    I don't want anybody on my team, that asks another player for permission to fight, and can't skate fast enough, to throw a check.  Just another one of Gainey's mistakes.  (and there have been many!!!)

  11. ICELIZARD says:

    If you strickly look at talent, then you really only have 2 options:
    1. Markov
    2. Cammalleri

    If you look at leadership qualities, players whom will go to war every night and not be afraid to drop the gloves when need be, the top 2 picks are:
    1. Mara
    2. Moen

    If you are looking for a captain whom is a liaison between the players and coaches + the media, my top 2 picks are:
    1. Lapierre
    2. Gomez

    What do I think will happen?  I believe Cammalleri will emerge as a leader on and off the ice during training camp and pre-season games.  Coaches and players alike will vote for Cammalleri to be the next captain of the Habs.  His "A"'s will be: Markov, Moen & Lapierre. 

    I don't think Plekanec or Georges will be considered since I believe they will be traded before the Christmas holidays.  In return, we will probably see a solid 2nd line center such as Antoine Vermette or Andy Macdonald.

  12. HABSFAN19 says:

    For the first time i can ever think of a team lost not only their captain but two players who were the official assistants, and an alternate. So it leaves me thinking who wears the two A's and the C this year or possibly what three players will wear an A?

    Markov is the only player remaining on the team that wore an A last season and let's face it thats what he should keep. He's a great dman but not a great leader, add this to the fact the he can't really even speak english, or dare i say it french

    Of the new aquistions only two i think are real candidates for it, those two are, Travis Moen, Scott Gomez.

    Travis Moen– is the Canadiens new Tom "cant wint a fight" Kostopulous only difference is Moen can win a fight and in my opinion is a more solid player, if any of the new players could wear the C, i say he's the overall favorite.

    Scott Gomez– Wore an A in New York and i think took the C when Drury was out, moved into Montreal early and seems eager to take on the challenge or wearing the CH, but would he be eager to wear the C or the A?

    of the current players on the team i think there are about four players that could wear an A or a C.

    Glen Metropolit– another grinder hard working player the Habs didnt have enough of theses guys last year and as much as i dont see him wearing one he definatly could.

    Josh Gorges.- TK was quoted saying Gorges should be the next captain of the habs, i dont see a C on his chest but an a is a possiblity, but the image of bergeron knocking him out, dosent sit well with me.

    Guilallume Latendresse- has been coming into his own the last few seasons and could afford a bigger role on the team, last season had 26 points in 56 games and was on fire before his injury and after. If he could be a more solid player and have a little more anger into his game i could actually see him with the C.

    Maxim Lapierre– Hardest working player on the team last year hands down, steadily improving every year, and pisses of bruins fans i cant see a better reason for him to have a letter.

    Pretty much what it boils down to for me is players that i think deserve them and wont be a pre-madonna and will go heart out for the team

    if it was a 3 A system in place i say, Markov, Moen, and Lapierre, with latendresse and Gomez as alternates.

    If there is a captain next year, i'd say Lapierre or Latendresse with the C, with Markov and moen having A's with Gomez as an alternate.

    I think it wouldn't be a mistake to have laps or lats with the C they aren't that young, are hard workers and would be the first french canadian captain since Damphousse wore it frm 96 to 99.

    Your thoughts?

  13. ChrisGoalie39 says:

    lol I stopped reading when you said "doesn't have enough talent to show leadership." hahahahahha oh god

    Latendresse C (captained the canadian world juniors team)
    Markov A
    Lapierre A

    Gomez , Cammalleri and Gionta won't be offended if they don't get the C or an A guys … this is hockey , a game of class .. people don't complain because they weren't chosen to be leader. And they just got there , they will completely understand .

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