Who will be the next Captain???

We are just a few weeks away from NHL training camp and still no words on who will wear the “C” in Montreal? There is a few candidate but nobody really knows who will be the next Habs Captain?

The players that could wear the “C” are Gomez,Markov,Lapierre Maybe even Hamrlik or Plekanec, but I’m pretty sure 3 out of those 5 players will wear a “C” or an “A” when the season begins. The rest of the team is either too quiet, too Young, too new to the team or doesn’t have enough talent to show leadership.

So lets’ try to figure out who will be the next captain and his assistant captains will be.

1.Andrei Markov- Has been the best on-ice Player with the Habs for the past 5 years but way too quiet in dressing room and refuses to speek with Medias, in a town like Montreal the Captain will have to be able to answer the numerous questions from the Media. Markov might not get the “C” but if he doesn’t get an “A” it will be a surprise.

2.Thomas Plekanec- Plekanec has a huge heart, always works the hard in Practice and loves playing in Montreal,he’s also a vet in Montreal entering his fifth season with the club, only Andrei Markov has played more games than Plekanec. I know a lot of you will say but he had a terrible season last year but i think that was just a bump on the road for Plek and will rebound this year, plus 40pts isn’t that bad considering the kind of year the habs had last season. It’s pretty clear Plek won’t get the captaincy but an “A” seams fit.

3. Roman Hamrlik-I for one don’t think he should get the captaincy or even an “A” but who has more experience in NHL than Hamrlik right now on the habs roster? Hamrlik isn’t flashy but RARELY makes a mistake which could allow him to speak in the dressing room?

4.Scott Gomez- To me Gomez is too new to the Habs to be the Captain but has spoken to the media already, looks like he can take the pressure and said that he started french lessons which shows that he wants the captaincy and when you make 7+ mil/year you should be able to take upon greater tasks.

5.Maxim Lapierre- Nobody else on the team works harder than Lapierre either during a practice or a game, Maxim bleads Bleu Blanc Rouge and I don’t think that there is a player on the team that’s more proud to be an Habs than Maxim Lapierre, He might not be the most talented player on the team but plays with great energy and shows a lot of leadership. I think the habs should take a chance a make this guy captain.

Keep in mind that the new captain will get a boost in popularity throughout the hockey world. Sure everybody who watches hockey in North America knows who Scott Gomez is but if Gomez gets the Montreal Canadiens captaincy he will become a hockey Legend instantly, look what happened to Kovalev, before he was an Habs he was just Alexei Kovalev, after a few years with the habs he became a Legend(The Artist if you like) and would of never reach that kind of popularity playing with the Phoenix Cayotes and Kovy’s wasn’t even a captain with the habs. I’m not trying to say that the Habs captain will be the NHL’s best player I’m just saying that when you become a Captain in a market like Montreal or Toronto per say, things changes for the player in question.

These are my picks-Lapierre “C”, Markov “A”, Gomez’A”

Most likely picks- Gomez “C”, Markov “A”, Plekanec, Hamrlik or lapierre “A”

What are your picks.