Who will be the next number retired?

Many players who are around the league now or recently retired players could be eligible to have their numbers retired with their respective teams or former teams. Here’s a list of each team and the player who will have their numbers retired next……Anaheim- Paul Kariya #9

Atlanta- Ilya Kovalchuk #17

Boston- Joe Thornton #19

Buffalo- Dominick Hasek #39

Calgary- Jarome Iginla #12

Carolina- Ron Francis #10

Chicago- Eric Daze #55

Colorado- Joe Sakic #19, Rob Blake #4, Adam Foote #52, Peter Forsberg #21

Columbus- Rick Nash #61, Rostislav Klesla #44

Dallas- Mike Modano #9, Derian Hatcher #2

Detroit- Steve Yzerman #19

Edmonton- Jason Smith #21

Florida- Roberto Luongo #1

Los Angeles- Mattias Norstrom #14

Minnesota- Marian Gaborik #10

Montreal- Saku Koivu #11

Nashville- Greg Johnson #22, Tomas Vokoun #29

New Jersey- Scott Stevens #4, Ken Daneyko #3, Scott Niedermayer #27, Martin Brodeur #30

N.Y. Islanders- Rick DiPietro #39, Kenny Jonsson #29

N.Y. Rangers- Brian Leetch #2, Adam Graves #9

#34 John Vanbiesbrouck

Ottawa- Daniel Alfredsson #11

Philadelphia- Keith Primeau #25, Eric Desjardins #37

Pittsburgh- Mario Lemieux #66

Phoenix- Shane Doan #19

San Jose- Evgeni Nabokov #20, Mike Rathje #40

St. Louis- Al McInnis #2, Chris Pronger #44

Tampa Bay- Martin St.Louis #26, Vinny Lecavalier #4

Toronto- Mats Sundin #13

Vancouver- Markus Naslund #19

Washington- Peter Bondra #12, Olaf Kolzig #37, Brendan Witt #19

This is of course if none of the above players get traded in the next couple of years….

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  1. Bacon077 says:

    Though some of those young players are very talented, it is entirely too early to speculate as to whether their numbers will be retired. Ex: Dipeitro, Gaborik, Klesla.

    Rathje? Daze? Jonsson?

    I could possibly see Toronto ”honoring” Sundin’s number like they have with many other players, but not retiring it.

  2. pop0331 says:

    You must be joking with this list!

    Greg Johnson? Nabokov? Vokoun? as well as 3/4’s of your list?

    Next to the Cup, a retired # & the Hall Of Fame is best honor you could receive in hockey

    That means you’ve played the game a very long time and had an insane career, it doesn’t mean your # gets retired if you were a good or very good hockey player

    On top of that, how could you possibly imagine Scott Niedermayer’s # would be retired in NJ?

    He’s hated and viewed as a traitor by fans and bickered back and forth with management about his salary for years!

  3. AHLoldie says:

    Mario’s @66 was retired over 5 years ago.

  4. Kamakaze says:

    Of this list… I could see these EVENTUAL picks…

    Anaheim- Paul Kariya #9

    Buffalo- Dominick Hasek #39 (maybe)

    Colorado- Joe Sakic #19

    Dallas- Mike Modano #9 (years from now)

    Detroit- Steve Yzerman #19

    New Jersey- Scott Stevens #4

    N.Y. Rangers- Brian Leetch #2, Mark Messier #11

    Pittsburgh- Mario Lemieux #66

    St. Louis- Al McInnis #2

    Washington- Peter Bondra #12

    I think this is much more realistic. Also, I doubt most of these guys will get their number retired, it’s not all that common, but of the list, these are the guys it would probably happen to. The most likely being Yzerman, Messier (either Edm or NYR) and Lemieux.

    Francis, Sakic, Modano, Deneyko, Leetch, McInnis and Bondra will probably not have their numbers retired, although it is possible, but more likely will be honored by the team if they haven’t been already.

    Otherwise, don’t expect much…

  5. h8rangers says:

    Your list can be shortened quite a bit because some of those player like Kovalchuk will not have there numbers retired for maybe 18 years if ever. These are ones that I think are ligit to have there numbers retired.

    Anaheim- Paul Kariya #9

    Buffalo- Dominick Hasek #39

    Carolina- Ron Francis #10

    Colorado- Joe Sakic #19, Rob Blake #4, Adam Foote #52, Peter Forsberg #21

    Dallas- Mike Modano #9,

    Detroit- Steve Yzerman #19

    New Jersey- Scott Stevens #4, Ken Daneyko #3,(if I remember correctly they retired his number) Scott Niedermayer #27, Martin Brodeur #30

    N.Y. Rangers- Brian Leetch #2, Adam Graves #9

    #34 John Vanbiesbrouck

    Pittsburgh- Mario Lemieux #66 (retired his number)

    St. Louis- Al McInnis #2, Chris Pronger #44

    Toronto- Mats Sundin #13

    Vancouver- Markus Naslund #19

    Washington- Peter Bondra #12, Olaf Kolzig #37, Brendan Witt #19

  6. sketchy says:

    What’s up, Cracka?

    Jason Smith?

    There are at least five guys in line from the 80’s in front of Gator. Try numbers 4, 5, 9, 10, and 11, or even 94.

    In all seriousness, the Oilers unwritten policy on jersey retirements is that they don’t retire a number until the player gets to the hall of fame.

    Besides, Jason Smith still has more years than Ryan Smyth does.

  7. shippyleaf says:

    A retiring of the number is for great players not middle of the road players. Plus on the other hand you cant say a person whos only been in the leauge for a few years will have there numbers retired, cmon now wake up. Daze? ya he is a real winner he has done nothing to deserve that honor.Put his number up there with the likes of Savard. Dream on. Adam Graves who do you think he is Messier. You have to almost be bigger than life in the city you play for.In my opinion the almost sure fire ones are …………………………………………………………… Hasek for Buffalo #39. Francis for Carolina maybe Pitts. #10.Sakic for Colorado #19 and perhaps Forsberg #21, Modano for Dallas #9,

    Stevie Y. #19

    S.Stevens #4 should be

    M.Brodeur #30

    B.Leetch #2

    D.Alfedsson#11 Ottawa first real superstar and Sundin #13 or perhaps on honoring….

  8. jimbojones123 says:

    sakic, stevens, yzerman, and modano ONLY! all the rest are just team hoppers.

  9. jimbojones123 says:

    and brodeur –sorry

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:


    They won’t be retired, but they’ll be honored.


    #1 Turk Broda

    #1 Johny Bower

    #5 Bill Barilko

    #6 Ace Baily

    #7 King Clancy

    #7 Tim Horton

    #9 Ted Kennedy

    #9 Charlie Conacher

    #10 Syl Apps

    #10 George Armstromg

    #27 Frank Mahovlich

    #27 Darryl Sittler

    Are (some will be more confirmed after a few more stints here.)

    #14 Dave Keon*

    #31 Curtis Joseph

    #20 Ed Belfour

    #13 Mats Sundin

    #92 Jeff O’neill

    #88 Eric Lindros

    #7 Lanny McDonald

    #21 Borje Salming

    #19 Paul Henderson

    I may consider Allison, but I doubt he’ll be back after this season, I personally don’t like him, he’s a floater.

    *Dave keeps rejecting us… he’ll come around

  11. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Smith and not Smyth? Hell I’d retire Pronger and Peca before Smith…

  12. morrissey says:

    Saku Koivu????

    You must be kidding! There are several HALL OF FAME PLAYERS with MULTIPLE STANLEY CUP rings in Montreal that have yet to be retired.
    Seriously, What has Koivu ever done?

    Cup: No
    Scoring Title: No
    Major Trophy: No

    I seriously doubt his number will ever be retired except maybe by his amateur team back in Finland! Robinson, Gainey, Dryden, Roy and many others who obviously played when you were still in your Dad’s nutsack are miles ahead of Koivu.

  13. JannettyTheRocker says:

    As large of an Oilers fan as I am, I don’t see Jason Smith’s number getting retired anytime soon. We still need to retire Kevin Lowe #4, Steve Smith #5, Glenn Anderson #9, Esa Tikkanen #10, Mark Messier #11, and even Charlie Huddy #22………..also to add to this list. Edmonton will eventually retire Kelly Buchberger’s #16 (I think). I’d also expect them to retire Bill Ranford #30, Andy Moog, Curtis Joseph, Doug Weight, or Ryan Smyth. I just think Jason Smith is far down the line for a number being retired……………..Oh, don’t forget, Chris Pronger #44 will need to be retired in the Blue and Copper too…………..Oh yeah, Dave Semenko and Lee Fogolin as well. So many I keep thinking of new ones.

  14. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Don’t be bitter just because the Toronto Maple Leafs gave Jason Smith away for a bucket of golf balls……….Must say, what a steal that was for my Edmonton Oilers.


    leafs and flames suck!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. flyersfan10897 says:

    The Flyers have retired four numbers since 1967.

    1 – Bernie Parent

    4 – Barry Ashbee

    7- Bill Barber

    16 – Bobby Clarke

    Parent, Barber, and Clarke are Hall of Famers and Ashbee was forced to retire because of an eye injury and soon died of leukemia. So they dont retire numbers just for the hell of it. Not to mention, all four of them won a Stanley Cup.

    So with players like Kerr, Propp, Hextall, Tocchet, Recchi, Leclair, Lindros, Howe, Leach, and MacLeish, and none of their numbers being retired, i doubt Primeau and Desjardins will ever be retired.

  16. JannettyTheRocker says:

    You’re exactly right. Considering Kerr, Propp, Hextall, Tocchet, Howe, etc are all players who made it to the Stanley Cup Final at least twice (both times losing to the Oilers). The Flyers were one of the dominant teams in the 80’s and 90’s, and even now. Primeau is not nearly good enough to get into the Hall of Fame let alone have his jersey retired. Desjardin will more than likely not have either the HOF or the jersey retirement, as he is a decent d-man, but not in the same category as a Mark Howe.

  17. Flyer_Dman says:

    Sundin has been the heart, brain, lungs, nervous system, digestive system, and kidneys of the Toronoto organization for the past ten years. Other than Lemieux, there is not another player in the league that deserves his number to be retired more than Sundin.

    I’m sure you could make a strong argument for other players. But Sakic had Forsberg, and vice versa. Ron Francis, although having a stellar career, never really stood out any particular season unless he was on a line with jagr and lemieux.

    Looking over the names…you would probably have a very strong case with Yzerman. So what I said above does not count with him.

    I could care less about Toronto tradition. Sundin deserves the works. He is such a spectacular athlete and competitor. It would be a disgrace if his number is not retired.

  18. Flyer_Dman says:

    Read my reply above. It is a shame that Sundin is left out of this list.

  19. Flyer_Dman says:

    After reading the comments about who you think is legit and who is not…I have to be honest. I find what you people think of Sundin is astounding.

    I don’t like Toronto. I HATE Tucker and Domi. I hope the Leafs never make a playoff apearance for the rest of my life. Yet I feel like I am the only one that sees how special Sundin is.

    He is world class. Single handedly kept the Leafs in playoff series year after year. Huge, great hands, great shot, extremely intelligent hockey sense, and one hell of a competitor. As I said before…he is the brain, heart, lungs, digestive system, nervous system, and kidneys of the Leafs. Screw Leaf tradition. If the Leafs don’t retire his name that would be disgraceful.

  20. Flyer_Dman says:

    All this guy did was jot down every team and write the first couple players that came to mind.

    Personally, I will never ever ever forget Primeau’s performance in the 03-04 playoffs. But I dont care if he averaged 3 goals a game, one solid playoff series will not land you a retired number….especially if you do not land a cup.

    And I like Desjardins and all….but come on.

  21. mush124 says:

    AHHAHAHA, I guess the crack is awsome in NY? how the hell did htr post this stuff??!!? disgrace to the good writers here…

  22. mush124 says:

    Do you understand what it takes to get your jersey retired in professional sports? This post angers me beyond comprehension…. i’m not even gonna bother typing who belongs/doesn’t on this crapshoot

  23. JeffBurnz09 says:

    When Modano re-signed with Dallas, they said at the news conferance that no one else would wear #9 for the Stars. I don’t know how long they’re going to wait to retire his number after he retires, but they seem to plan on it.

    I can’t see Colorado not retiring Sakic’s number. They retired Roy’s and Bourque’s, I’d say Sakic is a sure thing.

  24. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Dallas confirmed when they re-signed Modano that no one else will wear #9. Yzerman I’d have to think is a lock. Mario’s has already been retired. I’d say Sundin will likely get his retired from Montreal, and Forsberg might get his from Colorado. He left the team as a free agent, but they retired Bourque who only played two years for them. Broduer will probably get his retired to.

    The rest are too young to know for sure. Iginla might get retired from Calgary, but I think he, along with Thorton and guys like Lecavalier are too young and haven’t done enough for their teams to say they’ll get their numbers retired. If any of them got traded in the near future, I’d say they didn’t earn having a number retired by their teams yet. It’s very possible, but they’d have to stay with that team and continue to have great careers.

  25. shakrmakr says:

    hahaha. Yeah they are going to retire every Oiler player’s jersey right? Most of those players were mediocre at best. You guys got to sort out the ordinary from the elite. Steve Smith? Tikkanen? Huddy? Jason Smith? Buchberger? Moog? Weight? Moog? Joseph? Fogolin? Semenko? lol.

  26. 19Yzerman says:

    I was shocked to see the Coyotes unretire the #9 which Winnipeg retired when Bobby Hull retired as a JET so Brett Hull could wear his Daddy’s #. I suppose Bobby Hull didn’t care nor any fans of Pheonix or Winnipeg but, I feel that this just promotes other players to try and do things of this nature.

    I also feel that only the team who a player plays his last season for should be able to retire a # to promote teams and players staying together. An example of this would be that only Colorado would be able to have retired Bourques #77. If #77 hanging from the rafters at the Fleet Center meant anything to Bourque and the B’s then he would have stayed in beantown.

  27. pilourse says:

    WAKE UP!!!!!!

    Saku Koivu number’s retired ????

    Don’t you think that Geoffrion, Roy, Cournoyer, Savard, Robinson, Dryden and cie is a better choices???

    Koivu never did something like one of these player… please be realistic with your post…

  28. nyr42205 says:

    Johnson and Vokoun were both key contributors in Nashville’s first playoff birth and if they stay, could be keys in other playoff runs as well.

    Nabokov can do the same thing if he stays with San Jose…

    Rathje, i believe is the all time leading scorer amongst Sharks d-men. He is an original Shark and has been through all the ups and downs, even if he’s not the greatest player in the world.

    Koivu may not be in the same league as some other Montreal greats, however, he has served as an inspirational leader on and off the ice and will continue to do so. He is adored by fans and i think will some day bring the cup back to Montreal…

  29. AHLoldie says:

    I think 90% of those posting on this site are just teenagers who weren’t even alive before 1990. They think Tim Horton only made doughnuts. I SAW him play in 1949/50 as a ROOKIE with the old AHL Pittsburgh Hornets. Koivu wouldn’t have even made an AHL team in those years.

  30. donkey_kong05 says:

    Last time I looked, usually the player retires before their jersey. Are you expecting Modano, Koivu and Sundin to finish their careers topless? What are they going to have to do tattoo giant letter C’s onto their left nipples so the refs will know who the captains are?

  31. Kamakaze says:

    You can make the “heart and soul” point about a lot of players, and hell, some of them get traded! Doesn’t mean they will get their number retired. Karyia WAS the Ducks organization for years, doesn’t mean he will get his number retired. It’s possible, but in all likelihood, not happening.

    Only strong Hall Of Fame contenders seem to be in th running honestly. I mean, I figure the Devils should probably retire Ken Deneyko’s number, just because he has played his entire career with them, won 3 cups, 4 cup apprentices, countless Conference Championships, and has been a great guy locally, donating money, spending time with fans, all of that stuff.

    I don’t know much about Sundin and what he does locally, I guess I could see if he is really that kind of guy, the fans might call for it and the organization might comply, but, I mean with such a storied franchise, why Mats Sundin? Kind of doesn’t make sense…

  32. mojo19 says:

    I think you were a little generous with some.

    Ken Daneyko? They retire numbers of players who were great for a long period of time with a team, not guys who were average.

    He was the sixth d-man forever with Jersey.

    also, aside from the young guys who its too soon to call (Klesla for one) Heres who I think definitely wont be retired from your list.

    Jason Smith, Mattius Norstrom, Greg Johnson, Kenny Jonson, the Bieser, Rathje.

    Good article overall though. If you were going to include Doan in Phoenix or Primeau in Philly, why not Shanny in Detroit, or Jagr in Pittsburgh?

  33. mojo19 says:

    Kariya’s best years by far were with Teemu, after that he’s been one of the best players in the league, a top 25 to 50, and now even lower.

    And, Mats Sundin will obviously get retired, he’s 4th on the teams all time scoring list, behind Keon, Salming and just 161 points behind Sittler for first.

    He could be the leafs all-time highest point getter within a couple of years. Don’t be stupid, if the leafs can’t retire Sundin’s number, who’s can they?

  34. mojo19 says:

    The Leafs traded Jason Smith for a 4th round pick (Jonathan Zion, now with the ECHL, no longer a Leaf) and a Second round pick (Kris Vernarsky, he played with some team called the Everblades last year, and is currently unsigned by any team)

  35. mojo19 says:

    a bucket of golfballs would have been nice.

  36. mojo19 says:

    by “good article”, i meant “fun to read” it evoked some thought in me.

  37. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I didn’t mean they are going to retire every number the Oilers ever had, I just mean’t that there are tons of guys ahead of Jason Smith………..Geez.

  38. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Hahaha……..great comment.

  39. Petr89 says:

    Nick Lidstrom anybody? 3 Norris trophies, 3 cups, Conn Smythe, Red Wing for life. Cited by El Capitan himself as “by far” the most important guy on the team after the 2002 cup run.

  40. Freeze says:

    I like Hasek, Yzerman, Sakic, Brodeur, & M. Lemieux: The Lords Of The Rings.

  41. nyr42205 says:

    it angers you beyond comprehension…you need another hobby dude…try getting laid or something…

  42. nyr42205 says:

    what i meant by the article was that after they retire they would be the next to get their numbers retired with that team…retard

  43. Marky2Fresh says:

    Leafs have to do something will Gilmours 93, I doubt anyone would be stupid enough to wear 93 though if they played for the Leafs, they would just be boo’ed. Same with 13.

  44. Marky2Fresh says:

    I’d like to see the Habs retire Sundins number too, the first time a player got his number retired by a team he never played for.

  45. donkey_kong05 says:

    What I implied by my comment is that it’s too early to judge a player when they are still in the middle of their carer. Retiring a jersey is usually done a decade after a player retires not a decade prior retirement.

    Nonetheless, I strongly suggest you consider apologizing for your insult.

  46. Beckfan5 says:

    Funny, I guess the Oilers nor the Rangers have no plans to retire Messiers number in your mind.

    Maybe you think the Canucks will instead.

  47. habsoverserver says:

    Ironic if they hang it next to Linden’s.

  48. habs_27 says:

    Yzerman, Brodeur , Sakic and Hasek for sure…Lemieux’s #66 is already retired

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