Who Will Go Where?

The March 9th trade deadline is on the horizon and

who will be availible by that date? I have compiled a

list on who is availible:

Olli Jokinen-He is no doubt the biggest player on the

market. The Leafs have called and Darcy Tucker is having the bet season of his career, he could be very valuable trade bait. How does Tucker, 2nd round pick for Olli Jokinen sound?

If the Ottawa Senators still plan to acquire Jokinen they may have to give up a very high draft pick and a good young player, Antoinne Vermmete

an a 1st round pick? Calgary has also been calling

in about picking up Jokinen for Lombardi and a 1st

round pick, maybe?

Keith Tkachuk-The Boston Bruins and Philadelphia

Flyers are the most interested in Tkachuk, who by

the way makes $7.6 million dollars this year but a

much more cap friendly $3.6 million dollars next year. He has a no-trade clause but can waive it if

the right team calls up. The Blues could get some

great young talent in return if Tkachuk agrees to a


Mike Ribiero-After the signing of Saku Koivu to a

3-year 21 million dollar contract the hopes of getting a big center probably spells the departure of

Mike Ribiero.

Darcy Tucker-Tucker is having a great year and could be valuable trade bait to try to get the Leafs

out of their current slump.

Tyler Arnason-Arnason isn’t what the Blackhawks expected him to be and he has been shopped around. The teams most interested are the Toronto

Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadians.

Sergei Samsonov-Samsonov and the Bruins have had bad relations this year and the Bruins have clearly been shopping him around. The teams interested are the Toronto Maple Lefs and Chicago Blackhawks.

Keith Carney-this defenseman has reportedly been

targeted by the Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers, and the Vancouver Canucks.

Brendan Witt-This guy can help out any team defensivly and has said he wants out of Washington.

Jason Cullimore-This guy brings so much depth to

any defense-core and is a great 3rd-4th d-man.

Willie Mitchell/Filip Kuba/Mateus Tjarnqvist- These

guys are all on the Minnesota Wild and can add depth to any defense-core of a team looking to make a run at the cup.

Martin Biron- This guy has been really good this year but there is a goaltender crisis in Buffalo right

now. The Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers have been most interested.

Andrew Raycroft- This young goalie is currently under the sophomore curse but excpect him to break free of it soon. The teams most interested are the Chicago Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers.