Who Will Go Where?

The March 9th trade deadline is on the horizon and

who will be availible by that date? I have compiled a

list on who is availible:

Olli Jokinen-He is no doubt the biggest player on the

market. The Leafs have called and Darcy Tucker is having the bet season of his career, he could be very valuable trade bait. How does Tucker, 2nd round pick for Olli Jokinen sound?

If the Ottawa Senators still plan to acquire Jokinen they may have to give up a very high draft pick and a good young player, Antoinne Vermmete

an a 1st round pick? Calgary has also been calling

in about picking up Jokinen for Lombardi and a 1st

round pick, maybe?

Keith Tkachuk-The Boston Bruins and Philadelphia

Flyers are the most interested in Tkachuk, who by

the way makes $7.6 million dollars this year but a

much more cap friendly $3.6 million dollars next year. He has a no-trade clause but can waive it if

the right team calls up. The Blues could get some

great young talent in return if Tkachuk agrees to a


Mike Ribiero-After the signing of Saku Koivu to a

3-year 21 million dollar contract the hopes of getting a big center probably spells the departure of

Mike Ribiero.

Darcy Tucker-Tucker is having a great year and could be valuable trade bait to try to get the Leafs

out of their current slump.

Tyler Arnason-Arnason isn’t what the Blackhawks expected him to be and he has been shopped around. The teams most interested are the Toronto

Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadians.

Sergei Samsonov-Samsonov and the Bruins have had bad relations this year and the Bruins have clearly been shopping him around. The teams interested are the Toronto Maple Lefs and Chicago Blackhawks.

Keith Carney-this defenseman has reportedly been

targeted by the Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers, and the Vancouver Canucks.

Brendan Witt-This guy can help out any team defensivly and has said he wants out of Washington.

Jason Cullimore-This guy brings so much depth to

any defense-core and is a great 3rd-4th d-man.

Willie Mitchell/Filip Kuba/Mateus Tjarnqvist- These

guys are all on the Minnesota Wild and can add depth to any defense-core of a team looking to make a run at the cup.

Martin Biron- This guy has been really good this year but there is a goaltender crisis in Buffalo right

now. The Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers have been most interested.

Andrew Raycroft- This young goalie is currently under the sophomore curse but excpect him to break free of it soon. The teams most interested are the Chicago Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers.

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  1. Neely4Life says:

    sens might be able to swing those 2 in a package, Joe would add some depth down the middle, and Roberts will give them some Grit.

  2. Neely4Life says:

    this is what i think another option for the sens could be.

    To Ottawa



    To Florids



    1st round pick in 06

    (jeff glass if needed also)

    This gives them more depth up the middle, a gritty winger playoff testes, and goes without saying vetern leadership in the dressing room. They wanted to sign as a package when they went to Florida, maybe they would accept being traded as a package as well? juuuuuuuust a thought.

  3. thinice987 says:

    Gonchar is not going to be traded. His salary is too high, but good news for the Penguins he is starting to play like his old self again. Even if he plays to his potential, his is still over-paid, but he will be helpful in the long-run.

  4. flyersfan10897 says:

    The Islanders have three good players that would all fit in very well with the Flyers. I would have no problem at all with the Flyers picking up Parrish, Blake, or York. None have exactly had career years, so it’s not like they would need to sell the farm to get them, and they are all hard working energy players with some offensive upside.

    I think I would rather take Blake over Parrish. He’s the kind of gritty player the Flyers are lacking now without Primeau and Radivojevic, and Stevenson still can’t play to potential because of his hip problem.

    As for Tkachuk, i really wouldnt want him unless we can get him at a bargain price. You never know which Tkachuk is gonna show up, and the Flyers dont need to be wasting that much money on John LeClair part 2.

  5. lynchmob540 says:

    I’m NOT a Sens or Panthers’ fan…and here is a deal that makes absolute sense.

    The Panthers get kids and a high draft pick for a couple of guys who will NOT help the Panthers, but CAN help the Sens try to get deep into the playoffs.

    Nice trade, Neely! (finally someone who isn’t throwing out a ridiculous deal!)

  6. Neely4Life says:

    yeah, well, most people can put together a complete thought, if its well thought through. This trade makes great sense i though too.

  7. mojo19 says:

    If the leafs added another centre. (Not necessarily Jokinen) but just another centre. I’m sure Lindros would move over to wing.

  8. Neely4Life says:

    i dont even think they should go for jokinen, they should go after roberts and nieuwendyk as a package. these would be the two best players for the sens. The sens when they played the leafs always had the most tallent, and whether leaf fans like to admit it or not, these two were the reasons that the Sens could never get by the leafs.

  9. FLAMESOWNU says:

    No, That’s Nagy

  10. Realistic says:

    Why make that comment? As a Leaf fan, i find it super annoying, but beyond that, by positng comments that attempt to slag the leafs while having nothing to do with the actual article only starts up yet another ‘Leafs vs everyone who hates the Leafs’ debates. Let’s all the Leaf hatings & love-ins on only one article so people on this site can read about hockey, not childish (myself included at times) arguments back and forth endlessly!

  11. Realistic says:

    Biron and Raycroft would be better longterm, but I’d like to see CuJo go back to Edmullet to make a run.

  12. Realistic says:

    Tucker (cheap, plays hard, can score, fan favorite) and a 2nd for a UFA….how is that horrible?

  13. Laus723 says:

    2 totally different players! tucker doesn’t provide near the scoring ability that olli has shown over the last couple years…i’d like to have darcy on the team, but not for olli!

  14. rene says:

    maybe o.jokinen, luongo, gelinas for toronto’s whole team

  15. rene says:

    ottawa will get jokinen but he should go to the habs for zednik and a pick ao komi. jokinen and koivu will play well together

  16. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Personally I don’t believe Jokey for Tucker is a good deal.

    I mean, Jokinen is better then Tucker, no doubts about it.

    Tucker hits more then Jokinen, and in 8 fewer games, has 2 fewer goals. Jokinen is a play maker, we’ve already got too many guys who pass the puck alot. Not to mention he’s a centre, and we’ve already got 3 first line centres, and 2 first/second line calibre wingers (O’neill and Tucker). Not to mention Jokinen is gonna cost a hell of alot more then Tucker.

    Just my opinion, if I were say an expansion team looking at free agents, Tucker versus Jokinen, and salaries do’t matter. I’d take Jokinen. But in the Leafs case, we don’t need Jokinen, the only thing he can do for us is keep him from going to Ottawa.


  17. Neely4Life says:

    there both centers

  18. Matt20 says:

    agreed, we need more heart on this team, loosing tucker isnt helping the problem, just pushing them farther away

  19. kicksave856 says:

    I’ve been laying off the carbs (at a sexy 6’2″, 175 lbs, I have somehow started to develop a little beer belly – which is ironic, because I drink gin and tonics), but I have to admit to enjoying some of those cooler ranch doritos myself, while watching the Finland – Canada game the other day.

    I concur. I am a fan of the cooler ranch.

  20. Tuner44 says:

    If your going to post these please do your homework. keith Tkachuk is at 7.6 this yr and 3.6 next yr which is true but under new CBA it is averaged which means this yr and next yr he is at 5.3 towards the salary cap.(not salary cap friendly)

  21. NemiNA says:

    Beleive it or not, I’m 6-4 213. Subway and Powerbars man! Then you throw in those cool ranch! Chase them with a coke. Then a powerade!

  22. Realistic says:

    I agree that Olli is much better than Olli, but Olli is a UFA and for that reason, you (likely) will not get back the talent that you are giving up. I don’t think Olli is coming to Toronto anyway (at least not through a trade)

  23. FlamingHomer says:

    Sutter wouldn’t give up a first round pick for anybody. He loves his draft picks.

    I can see Lombardi being traded since Sutter has traded away almost all of the players that were hurt during their last playoff run.

  24. FlamingHomer says:

    Don’t forget that a few days ago you ONLY wanted Cujo. I’m watching you now.

  25. oilers_rock says:

    except they r not looking 4 a long-term goalie.(just a one 4 the playoffs) They have Devon Dubnyk, who could either be ready next year, or the year after to be the starting goalie.

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