Who will the Canucks go after?

Pretty much everyone who knows anything about the Vancouver Canucks, knows they need help up front. So who can they go after to add to their top six forwards?Over the last half dozen games or so, the Canucks have had tremendous success with their top line of Sedin/Sedin/Naslund. The trio have a combined 20 points over their last 6 games, showing some tremendous chemistry. With their first line finally starting to produce, it’s time to focus in on the secondary scoring.

After watching the Canucks over the last couple of seasons, it’s obvious that the Canucks need at least one more top six forward. This was especially evident in the playoffs last year when Anaheim shut down the Canucks top line, and thus shut down their offense.
With obsolutely no offensive additions in the off season, the Canucks started off this season the same way they ended last season…no depth up front. So how are to Canucks going to get another forward. Nonis has already said he doesn’t want to trade away Vancouver’s future, which is the smart thing to do, and he doesn’t have anyone on his roster that he can trade and get someone worth while in return. So what can he do? Well, try to land someone who is having a slow start or isn’t being used on his respective team. One example that jumps out is Brad Boyes in St. Louis. The Blues pryed Boyes away for Dennis Wideman? Who you ask. Exactely my point. St. Louis landed Boyes who has 12 goals in 20 games so far this season for a number 5 or 6 defenseman. This is exactely what Nonis has to do.
I’ve made a list of a few possibilities that could be had for relatively cheap based on their current statistics. All of which are right wingers, since Vancouver’s current roster doesn’t include a natural right winger.
San Jose – Steve Bernier – 7 points in 21 games – averaging 12 minutes a game
Buffalo – Ales Kotalik – 10 points in 18 games – averaging 14 minutes a game
Montreal – Michael Ryder – 10 points in 22 games – averaging 15 minutes a game
Ottawa – Patrick Eaves – 8 points in 20 games – averaging 12 minutes a game (I know he was just injured but he would still be a great fit with the Canucks)
NYI – Trent Hunter – 8 points in 19 games – averaging 18 minutes a game (He does average more icetime than all of the other players, but he would be a perfect match)
Philly – Scottie Upshall – 6 points in 11 games – averaging 14 minutes a game
Now, with all of the above options, the second piece of the puzzle would be who would you play him with. With Kesler’s steller play this year, he could be looked upon as the second line center, but his offensive production still isn’t that of a second liner. So … Morrison would in turn be the middle man. If one of those players were to be added, the line combinations would probably look like this:
Sedin Sedin Naslund
Pyatt Morrison Eaves (or whoever)
Cooke Kesler Isbister
Burrows Ritchie Linden
I know, not the major move that most Canucks fans are crying for. But I think it would definately help. Getting a top six forward would be a tremendous addition to a lineup that has only 3 or 4 bonaified top six forwards.
So, who would you give up for some help? A draft pick? A prospect? Well a 2nd rounder would probably do it for most of these guys, but if not, Bourdon’s stock is starting to rise. And with Edler’s tremendous play thus far filling in for Bieksa/Salo/Ohlund, Bourdon wouldn’t be as hard a lose to the Canuck’s prospect system as once thought.
Well, that’s my two cents.

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  1. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    I would trade Alex burrows, matt cooke and kevin bieksa for SYDNEY CROSBY… oh.. im not in NELIOS dream world anymore… O.o

  2. MR40 says:

    ahahaha that was great.

  3. 27roenick97 says:

    as a flyers fan, i doubt you could get upshall, especially for just a second rounder.  he's an intrinsic part of a young flyers team which has one thing you obviously covet–the ability to roll multiple scoring lines. 

    more likely to be moved, if you're looking for a short term solution, is mike knuble.  he is very good at the cycle game down low and is good for 20-25g.  once again, we'd probably look for a roster player, probably from your wealth of defense men.  what would it take to balance a deal with knuble for one of your d-men?

  4. habsrock99 says:

    I hope Gainey trades Ryder and quick. Carbo's been patient enough with him and he hasn't responded. Time for a new 1st line RW.

  5. wayne2 says:

    Out of that list the only ones i think the canucks could land without giving too much is Hunter or Ryder.They both are playing under whats expected of them and have a relatively high salary(as per their play).I'm an Ottawa fan and if(big IF) the sens were to trade Eaves i hope they would get something good in return.Kotalik is just having a slow start,he's a great player and too young to give up on him.Same with Bernier although he is slow to devellop.Got to say i dont know much about Upshall.

  6. BruMagnus says:

    I had a huge diatribe in waiting .. that is until I saw the brilliant punchline.

    Well done sir.

  7. BruMagnus says:

    What about Bourdon and Rick Rypien for Knuble?

    I do admit that West vs East trades are more plausible, but after that laughable Jeff Carter for Kesler rumor, and let's not forget the bad blood between the two teams over last year's fiasco, I doubt any serious trade happens between them.

    And even were the Canucks to grab Knuble, it would hardly help them. They can never win a Cup.

  8. BruMagnus says:

    I agree about Ryder, and to some extent Hunter.
    But Ryder definitely seems like he could be traded.
    Bottom line though, the Canucks won't be an improved team no matter what they do this year. They've gotta free up $9 mil by letting go of Nazi and B-Mo, no matter how well they are suddenly playing in this, oh guess what, contract year.

  9. Boud says:

    I think the Nucks' should go after Ryder. He's probably the cheaper option and he's proven that he can score easily 30 goal per season. For the others I don't personnaly think that the Sens would le go Eaves especially for a Pick. Upshall won't go out of Philly. He's young and fits real well with the Flyers. Maybe Bernier but I dont know much about him.

  10. FlamingHomer says:

    Nonis is far too cautious to deal for higher profile players. He's more concerned about making mistakes than he is making improvements. The names mentioned in the main topic are fairly realistic but certainly would be at the top end of the risk scale for Nonis.

  11. BruMagnus says:

    Very very few players can "easily" score 30 goals in a season. Ryder is not one of them.

  12. svenki says:

    yah i can see ryder in a nucks uniform, thats about it

  13. bigscoup says:

    And who do you see going the other way?????? The naucks really have no one.

  14. noisetherapy says:

    bigscoup, you're pretty wrong. vancouvers top 8 defense is very solid and up in the tops of the league. canucks can spare a very decent d-man, a depth bottom six forward, or a prospect. the only thing nonis can't get rid of, are the top six forwards.

    i see nonis parting with any of the following

    cooke – fan favorite
    isbister – has met expectaions, still underachieving…
    cowan – whats the point if you are an enforcer and only fight once a month
    ritchie – has been coming into his own recently, but still not working hard enough
    salo – NTC i think, but may go, and could pull in someone pretty decent.
    mitchell – though he is a fan favorite, great defense
    krajicek – young, very good offensive, smart defense
    miller – good defensive player
    weaver – solid 6th d man

    from the farm


    and the shiny goalie – schnieder (has to be for an incredible top 6 forward though)

  15. 40grulingyears says:

    Im a leafs fan, but like watching the canucks when they're on, i could see Ryder in a nucks uni. He needs a change and Vancouver wouldnt be a bad spot. If u want a good gritty guy who can put up points chris kelly wouldnt be too bad either but he'd be more of a second lienr which u guys dont need.

  16. habsgod says:

    well i could see you guys parting with luc bourdon!!!so 'd say bourdon and 2-3rdpick for ryder!!!

  17. mitchamac says:

    ive seen on a couple sites that vancover is very interested in sundin
    a few sites said if toronto was willing to trade sundin the trade would look like this

    To Vancover

    to toronto
    G Cory Schneider
    D Luc Bourdon
    1st2nd Round pick 2008
    and a roster player kesler or raymond (possibilly)

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