Who will the Washington Capitals unload next, and where they are going…

As of right now, it is reported that the Washington Capitals are only in talks with the Colorado Avalanche at trading Olaf Kolzig to them. So far the only stumbling block is how much of Olaf Kolzig’s contract Washington is willing to pick up over the remaining 2 years.

So far, the talk is Kolzig for Sauve and a 2nd round pick in 2005, and Colorado is trying to get Washington to pick up half the 13 million or so remaining on Kolzig’s contract over the next 2 years and Washington doesn’t want to pick up any of the contract and if they do, they are looking at getting another draft pick.

The Avalanche will not be picking up Gonchar, as the Avalanche are not willing to deal some players the Capitals were trying to get in exchange. Very big longshot if trade talks pick up including Gonchar.

Meanwhile, who gets Gonchar?? The trade was almost done with the Leafs for Gonchar and Witt, however for some reason the Leafs backed out of talks almost completely. For Gonchar right now, the odds are he’ll end up in Philadelphia or Boston as they’re the teams in talks with the Capitals right now.

If the Capitals deal with Philadelphia, they are looking to receive Patrick Sharp, Mattias Timmander, Dennis Seidenberg and a 1st round pick for both Gonchar and Kip Miller.

Boston is looking to pick up both Jeff Halpern and Sergei Gonchar in exchange for Carl Corazzini, Kris Vernarsky, Zdenek Kutlak, Colton Orr and a 3rd round draft pick.

As of right now, if it’s not one of those two teams, Toronto is still on the outside looking in, and if you do see a trade with Toronto, look for the Leafs gettings Gonchar and Witt, for Antropov, Pilar, Colaiacovo and a 2nd round pick.

All of this information is coming from high level management positions of the Washington Capitals. I am in some way related to or work for the Washington Capitals and all of this information is very accurate.