Who will the Washington Capitals unload next, and where they are going…

As of right now, it is reported that the Washington Capitals are only in talks with the Colorado Avalanche at trading Olaf Kolzig to them. So far the only stumbling block is how much of Olaf Kolzig’s contract Washington is willing to pick up over the remaining 2 years.

So far, the talk is Kolzig for Sauve and a 2nd round pick in 2005, and Colorado is trying to get Washington to pick up half the 13 million or so remaining on Kolzig’s contract over the next 2 years and Washington doesn’t want to pick up any of the contract and if they do, they are looking at getting another draft pick.

The Avalanche will not be picking up Gonchar, as the Avalanche are not willing to deal some players the Capitals were trying to get in exchange. Very big longshot if trade talks pick up including Gonchar.

Meanwhile, who gets Gonchar?? The trade was almost done with the Leafs for Gonchar and Witt, however for some reason the Leafs backed out of talks almost completely. For Gonchar right now, the odds are he’ll end up in Philadelphia or Boston as they’re the teams in talks with the Capitals right now.

If the Capitals deal with Philadelphia, they are looking to receive Patrick Sharp, Mattias Timmander, Dennis Seidenberg and a 1st round pick for both Gonchar and Kip Miller.

Boston is looking to pick up both Jeff Halpern and Sergei Gonchar in exchange for Carl Corazzini, Kris Vernarsky, Zdenek Kutlak, Colton Orr and a 3rd round draft pick.

As of right now, if it’s not one of those two teams, Toronto is still on the outside looking in, and if you do see a trade with Toronto, look for the Leafs gettings Gonchar and Witt, for Antropov, Pilar, Colaiacovo and a 2nd round pick.

All of this information is coming from high level management positions of the Washington Capitals. I am in some way related to or work for the Washington Capitals and all of this information is very accurate.

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  1. Killa_Bs says:

    As a fan of the Bruins I would OK a trade involving the players in the post. Getting Halpern and Gonchar for these players would actually be nice. Both Corazzini and Vernarsky are good AHL players who have been playing with Boston a couple of times. Corazzini has actually looked really good at times. The way I see it though, none of them are a big part of the Bruins’ future. Zdenek Kutlak has been given plenty of chances and the fact that he is a stay-at-home defenseman doesn’t improve his chances on a team with lots of defensive talent. Offensive defensemen is what the Bruins need. Colton Orr is a tough right wing who can turn into a potential powerforward. He is injured a lot though and hasn’t really had a chance to show what he’s got.

    None of these players would create big holes on the Bruins depth chart so this trade doesn’t look bad. I am not sure how much truth there is to the rumour but overlooking that I would say it is a good trade.

  2. Tradedude says:

    Is that you George?

  3. NHLER21 says:

    Please do you really believe people think you work for or are some way associated with the Caps. If you know so much why would you come on a hockey board to leak information that neithier team probably would want you to. Your no more assciated with the Caps then me, and people really have to stop with letting people post this Shit. This site has become such a joke because of people just like you.

  4. Lint07 says:

    Take it for what it is, dude.

    I posted it because the trade deadline is approaching and it was some different rumors from what we heard so far.

    Perhaps I should’ve add a disclaimer at the bottom. I’ll do it right away.

  5. Heinzee57 says:

    Let me start by saying, I am a Bruins fan.

    Now back to reality:

    Colton Orr is at the very least an injury prone goon who is a potential ECHL player.

    Kris Vernarsky has 15 pts. in 44 games.

    Corazzini has has 21 pts. in 41 games and is a +11.

    However, he’s 5’10 (on stilts).

    Kutlak at 6’3″ 221lbs. and 24 years old is the attractive (prospect) player in the bunch.

    If the Caps accepted this deal their GM should be shot. Giving up 2 NHL players for this collection of AHLer’s would be a joke.

    A better deal would be Kutlak and 2 decent draft picks.

    All that aside…. I’d love the deal to go through but I doubt it will happen.

    This sounds like a sports radio caller wishing for a deadline deal.


  6. Aetherial says:

    Sometimes people *do* have connections although I am skeptical. I have enough of a Leaf connection that I hear interesting stuff from inside the team. I do not hear anything about trades though until I read about them.

  7. kuntakentai1 says:

    A crock of shit!

  8. tj_hooker says:

    I enjoy your speculations, Lint. This site is about rumors and not necessarily about what is going to happen.

  9. kuntakentai1 says:

    This *****sucking, shiteating, *****drinking, mother*****er is full of bullshit. Who the ***** does he think he is trying to pull the *****ing wool over our *****ing eyes? Stick another bowling pin in your cornhole faggot, we’re not buying your bullshit here. Go sell your *****ing crazy somewhere else as we have enough *****ing weirdo fruitcakes in this *****hole of a site!

  10. OttawaUhockeyfan says:

    One player that could attract attention is Mike Grier and possibly Michael Nylander. I have heard that the Caps may not want to deal Grier and wish to keep him along with Halpern and Zubrus to keep a few veterans for next year. But i like his style of play, back in his Oilers days he was pretty good with Marchant and Moreau. A team like Montreal or Ottawa or even Colorado might be interested. As for Nylander, he could be useful for a team seeking some depth at the forward position. He can score some timely goals.

    CBS sportslines ( in the rumours section) mentions that Colorado could deal Derek Morris, draft picks and a prospect to Washington for Golzig and Gonchar. Old news you say? Here is where it gets interesting. Lacroix would then turn around and deal Kolzig to the Hurricanes along with another player for Jeff O’Neill and Irbe ( Or Weekes). Seems a bit far-fectched as i’m not sure what Carolina would need Kolzig for. But very good deal for Colorado if it happens.


  11. Georgey9 says:

    Hey, I understand if people think I’m full of it, but please don’t criticize, until deals are done…and those deals do go through or those players are dealt. If you don’t wait until that time, you better feel really stupid when those deals go through.

  12. DoctorJ says:

    People Calm down…It’s scary how some of you can get worked up….you would look foolish if something close to that happened… It’s just a rumor. That’s what this site is… 90% of the stuff here is false.. if it was really stupid I’m sure the web masters would take care of it…. Calm down everyone..


    Doctor J

  13. BosBrn77 says:

    I could not have said it better myself!! There is no way in Hell that trade happens.

    By adding this to the original post, Georgey9 just shortened his keyboards life for no reason!

    O’Connell would be the laughing stock of the NHL… no… the hockey world…. if he even proposed that deal!

  14. Next_Semenko says:

    Tell McPhee to stop spreading trade rumors on the net….

    Oh ya by the way Im really Gary Bettman

  15. The_Conductor says:

    Yeah but if they dont then all eyes are on you!

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