Who would you fill the blank with???

The Leafs situation this off season shouldn’t be to difficult. They need 1 top line winger, 1 second line center, and a backup goalie. Assuming, and I think it’s a fair assumption, the Leafs GM resigns Antropov, Battaglia, Williams, Colaiacovo, Kronwall, Harrison, and Racine. There line up will have three holes, the three I mentioned, and I want to know who you would fill the blanks with for the right budget.So for the mean time lets just worry about the big league contracts. Lets guestimate the Leafs resign Antropov to a 2yr-3.5million contract, Battaglia to a 1yr-.500million contract, and Colaiacovo to a 1yr-1.25million contract. Colaiacovo is a tough one I’m not too sure what he’ll get, long term or short? He’ll get qualifyed at around .950million, but I don’t know what he’ll fight to get.

I’m not going to recommend any trades, for it seems far to pointless. Know one is going to be able to predict trades, you just hope that when they happen with your team your team benifits.
I am going to recommend one free agent though. Michael Handzus to a 2yr-5million contract. He is the perfect center for Antropov and Ponikarovsky, these guys could be very dominant. Would be one of the biggest lines in the NHL, and Handzus and Ponikarovsky can skate well for big guys.

So with that I ask you to fill the blanks….

Tucker (3m) Sundin(5.5m) *Fill the blank*
Ponikarovsky(2.105) Handzus(2.5m) Antropov(1.75m)
Steen (.87m) Stajan(.95m) Wellwood(.95m)
Kilger (.9m) Pohl (.475m) Deveroux(.575m)

kubina (5m) Kaberle (4.25)
McCabe (5.75m) Colaiacovo (1.25m)
Gill (2.075m) White (.85m)

*fill the Blank*

Healthy scatrches: Battaglia(.5m) and Belak (.625m)

The total cap hit= 41.875million dollars

That leaves all of you with 6.125million to fill the two blanks. Let me know, what would you do? Who do you sign? Can you make a realistic trade proposal with the cap space? Let me know.

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  1. oakleyn says:

    1 year 1 mil for Cujo is what other ppl were throwing out all through this post. He would be crazy to take it, but 1.5 – 2 is more likely

  2. Glucker says:

    yup, solely because i would need a top D-man, and who knows, there is a chance that those picks and prospects become something good, we give them enough to make up for the loss of their second line center…

  3. Glucker says:

    ok, those numbers make more sense

  4. leafsforeverrr says:

    id fill it with smyth maybe blake cujo to backup or starter u never know and then sign either peca back or get a guy who can score 20 like walker, hartnell, roberts

  5. Hazzer16 says:

    Gomez –  15mil over 3yrs   (5mil / year)
    Weekes – 2mil over 2yrs    (1mil / year)


    Guerin – 10mil over 3yrs     (3.3mil / year)
    Fernandez – 12mil over 3yrs  (4mil / year)   (make raycroft backup)

  6. carpetman468 says:

    I would like to see toronto trade kubina to oilers who need defense for draft picks and go after souray.I would also like to see the leafs go after wade dudielewicz and drury and michael handzus creating these lines,
    sundin wellwood handzus
    drury tucker poni
    stajan steen ant.I would like to see a trade involing islanders and the leafs with mccabe giving up his no trade.  fill in the blanks makes good conversation.

    goalies dubielewicz

  7. carpetman468 says:

    not bad get rid of belak green
    Tlustyy wellwood steen

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