Who would you like to see be the player on HTRs Logo?

First McCabe, then Naslund, I think that the staff of HTR needs to take a poll of who should be the featured player.This is going to be boring, HTR staff, with the lockout and all, so I’d like this posted, or make a poll like this without being an article.

So here is what I want out of you. I want for you to describe how you would like that banner at the top of the page to look like.

I have a few ideas to start this thing.

1- Evolution of hockey. Have Richard, then Howe, then Orr, Gretzky, and then the next best thing, perhaps Crosby or Ovechkin.

2- Best goalie defenseman and forward, so Brodeur, Lidstrom and Mario.

3- Collage of every team

4- the single greatest player today- Iginla, or JR.

5- greatest forward past or present, vs the greatest goalie. If the forward is a legend, then a current goalie. If a present forward, then Glen Hall, Patrick Roy, Terry Sawchuck…

As anyway, hopefully this will spark some discussion and activity.