Who would you trade for Malkin

If you were the GM of your favourite team, wich player(s) would you trade for Russian superstar Evgeni Malkin?

Ottawa (my favourite team)

I’d offer a package of Antoine Vermette, Ray Emery and Anton Volchenkov.

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  1. Atomic_Wedgy says:

    Gretz was washed up by the time he left EDM eh?

    Wayne went on to score 918 points in 539 games in LA. That’s good for over 1.7 points per game!!!! In his first 3 seasons in LA he scored four hundred and seventy three points! 473 in 3 seasons!!!!!! Not too shabby for a washed up player.

  2. kaoz says:

    I think it would be incredibly hilariously funny as hell if Malikn comes in and doesn’t do anything. Some of these trade projections are absolutely ridicuolous. Spezza, Heatley and a 1st… Nash, Zherdev, 1st… has everyone gone mad.

    1. I wouldn’t deal Nash straight for an unproven Malkin.

    2. Healtey and Spezza for Malkin. Best be keepin that 1st because you will need it when your team flops.

    Getting really ill hearing all this “Malkin is god”. The BOY is yet to play in the NHL. Being a bruins fan, what would I deal for Malkin… absolutely nothing. He won’t bring a cup to the team he is on, he is a rookie, and Pittsburgh would want too much an unproven talent. Sure he plays great elsewhere, sure he looks to have great talent, but he is yet to play in the NHL.

    “Oh but he’s playing in a man’s league!” Whatever, there is only one true elite league, and thats the NHL, and he hasnt played there yet. He plays two years and proves he’s worth all the hype sure, I’d offer what he was worth then, personally, I would much rather have Thornton and Cheechoo, and get to keep my first. Good god. Insanity. —>Commence Pittsburgh fans (worst team in the league for the last how many years by the way) whining now.

  3. bruin37 says:

    brad stuart, savard and 2008 1st rd pick. to boston malkin and 2nd rd pick 2007.

  4. OldGoalie says:

    Geez…awfully venomous, don’t you think? Still holding a grudge over the ’91 and ’92 conference finals or something?

    That having been said, I agree with your basic premise…it’s highly unlikely that most teams would be willing to part with enough to make it worth pulling the trigger for the Pens. Which is just fine by me…now that it appears he has a genuine desire to play in the NHL, I want the kid here in Pittsburgh.

    Trades are inherently risky propositions. Assume for the sake of argument that Bobby Clarke has a fit of temporary insanity and agrees to give Simon Gagne to the Bruins for Patrice Bergeron…you would think that the Bs win that trade hands down (at least in terms of talent level). But what if Gagne destroys his knee in training camp? Then the Bruins have given Bergeron up for nothing. Similar concept with Malkin…if he turns into the next Mario Lemieux, every GM will be kicking himself for not trying to snag him (assuming Shero would be willing to part with him at all). But if he turns into the next Brian Lawton, not so much.

    And that’s how I read the basis for the original post. Everyone sees that risk differently…some people think Malkin is a mortal lock to be brilliant…some people see just another unproven rookie. The idea of the post (I think) was to see how many people fall on which side of that line and generate some discussion about how we all are thinking about this kid who’s front page news, but whom not many of us have seen play much. You can’t blame people for their opinions on something like that.

    Oh…and just a suggestion here…but save the angst for when the Bruins and Pens are duking it out in the playoffs again.

  5. Andy-O says:

    From the Flyers circa 2002 I would send Dopita (remember he too was the best player outside the NHL), Brendl, Therien, Manderville, and Checkmanek.

    Of course I am just kidding!

    From the Flyers I would send Gagne, Richards and a conditional pick… I can’t give the whole team away!

    I hope this kid is the real deal, it should be exciting to see him play.

  6. jonnygf40 says:

    Add at least one 1st round pick to all of those and you might even get a counter offer.

  7. mikefisher01 says:

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  9. mikefisher01 says:


  10. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

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    and i wasnt talking about FORE checking at all…..that something completlydifferent. i think that you misunderstand i use of the word checker, anyways, it aint that big a deal

  11. kaoz says:

    haha angst. Your right, I’m still holding a grudge from ohh 15 years ago, seeing the bruins eliminated from the playoffs is just something Im not used to anymore (sarcasam eh). Bergeron for Gagne, do you watch hockey, why would you want to do that deal.. I’m just wondering what your ideas and comparison between the two here is.

    Next, scroll up, read almost all trade ideas, as stated farther up in the thread, it’s like the Lindros deal. ANYONE who would trade the core of a team for a player yet to play in the league, just plain doesnt know hockey.

    As far as me being upset at the 91 92 series between Boston and Pittsburgh, I dont think. Much respect for Mario man, Jagr, Tommy B, the old penguins were too say the least, deadly. Of course, no respect for the new Penguins, who seem to get 1st rnder after 1st rnder, oh oh, we lost 2 of our first four games, time to throw the season.

  12. OldGoalie says:

    If I’m Bobby Clarke, I actually would not trade Gagne for Bergeron under any cir*****stances…I think Gagne is a far superior player (he’s one of the VERY few Flyers that I actually like a lot). I was just looking for two names for my hypothetical example that would give one team a clear win in the trade. But hey, if you’re Chiarelli, I think you take that deal in a heartbeat.

    And…like I said…I agree with your basic premise that it’s extremely unlikely that you’re going to see a Lindros-like trade. But I suppose that doesn’t mean it cannot happen…I mean…Philly had a GM who was that stupid once. There might be a GM who’s similarly thought-impaired out there (although with Milbury gone from the Island, you might have to look for a minute or two to find one).

    I always find it odd that Barrasso and Jagr don’t get as much respect here in Pittsburgh as they do elsewhere. Jagr is hated because – gasp – he asked to be traded from here…and Barrasso had an issue with the press in which he claimed to have been misquoted and then refused to give interviews, so they barbecued him at every opportunity. But Barrasso in particular…for him to do what he did with his daughter’s illness and everything hanging over him…wow.

  13. kaoz says:

    man Im with ya on everything except Gagne and Bergeron. I mean wow, gagne, ya have to compare his numbers when Forsberg is injured, vs when Forsberg isnt injured. Bergeron I think is the superior player. But IMO, which is all it is really, I wouldnt trade either guy for Malkin.

  14. Genejoke says:

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  15. broc says:

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  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    too bad nobody did that for Alex Daigle

  17. mikefisher01 says:

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  18. mikefisher01 says:

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  19. trademan says:

    can you say suspended

  20. BruMagnus says:

    But in 2 or 3 years when their rookie contracts are expiring, then they could trade them for real goods before they become UFAs

  21. bennyj says:

    well that’s a bit low, but point is malkin kicks ass

  22. bennyj says:

    that’s what they said about ovechkin…

  23. bennyj says:

    well if u threw in a first rounder id take it, even tho im a leaf fan, spezzas the shit…winked at me too when i waved to him at a sting game and he still played on the spitfires in the pregame (no not in a gay way), hes probly my favourite player in the NHL

  24. bennyj says:

    ok w/ ur draft picks ur swapping the 2nd rounders and pittsburgs CLEARLY not goning to finish ahead of ottawa so they get burned there, but the heatley + meszaros isnt bad…maybe a first rounder too

  25. bennyj says:

    haha caliplayr21 remember watching that game, pretty effed up with the power outage and stuff…was it true u guys were chantin ‘new arena’? thats too great, and kilger OWNS, lol hes the last forward now that id want to take a penalty shot on the leafs

  26. midwestHCKY says:

    asite from on the powerplay when will malkin and crosby be playing together? can malkin or crosby play point on the pp or will one line up on wing?

  27. caliplayr21 says:

    i was at that game as a season ticket holder for the pens. it was great, the power went out twice (ironically both times when toronto was attacking or had momentum). so they chanted “new arena” and decided to postpone the period to the next by adding 7 minutes.

    it was acutally 7:08 and i said they better add the 8 seconds too and some smart ass (with a crosby jersey that decided to buy a ticket plan) reminded me that that could mean a faceoff win and a shot on goal. thank you hockey dad.

    the game was boring, esp in the new nhl to end on a penalty shot. (even though he got a shot off after being hooked. i thought it was no ps if they get a shot off. idk.

  28. Francis10 says:

    i wouldn’t even give him twelve… maybe 6…

    Is there a way to block post from certain people?

  29. Atomic_Wedgy says:

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  30. midwestHCKY says:


  31. Doctor says:

    But an older superstar like Jagr might be worth the risk in a trade. This would never, ever, ever happen, but I guess it could.

    You are right that a proven, young all star such as Nash would never get traded (ESPECIALLY with a 1st pick) for an unproven, yet highly regarded rookie.

  32. BruMagnus says:

    Those lines won’t happen buddy.

    On a PP unit it may, that is all.

    Pittsburgh has little depth at center.

    There is 100% certainty that Crosby will be the first line center and Malkin the 2nd line center to start the year.

    You aren’t almost positive about anything cause you have no clue.

  33. sundin131313 says:

    yo any sen who makes fun of the leafs has another thing coming. the sens i bet will do good in the regular season again with there one good line and then get knocked out first or second round. during interveiw alfredsson cried because he had promised to many times that the sens would win the cup. and guess what he promised again but its not going to happen! the sens got another proven regular season goalie who played poorly in the playoffs. so forget about playoff beards, big parties or celebration becuz the senators suck!

  34. segalkiller says:

    r u kidding?

    heatley(110) spezza(110) eaves(75)

    Hennessy(60) kaigorodov(80) alfie(95)

    schaefer(55) fisher(50) vermette(55)

    niel(35) Kelly(35) hamel(50)

    compare that to

    Nik Antropov

    Chad Kilger

    Jeff O’Neill

    Ben Ondrus

    Michael Peca

    Johnny Pohl

    Alexei Ponikarovsky

    Matthew Stajan

    Alexander Steen

    Mats Sundin

    Darcy Tucker

    Kyle Wellwood

    Clarke Wilm

    I dont know your lines, but i will eat my own head if you can porve that the laffs have better lines… and thers no debate on d.. slow and old=laffs, Young and fast=Sens

  35. segalkiller says:

    r u kidding?

    heatley(110) spezza(110) eaves(75)

    Hennessy(60) kaigorodov(80) alfie(95)

    schaefer(55) fisher(50) vermette(55)

    niel(35) Kelly(35) hamel(50)

    compare that to

    Nik Antropov

    Chad Kilger

    Jeff O’Neill

    Ben Ondrus

    Michael Peca

    Johnny Pohl

    Alexei Ponikarovsky

    Matthew Stajan

    Alexander Steen

    Mats Sundin

    Darcy Tucker

    Kyle Wellwood

    Clarke Wilm

    I dont know your lines, but i will eat my own head if you can porve that the laffs have better lines… and thers no debate on d.. slow and old=laffs, Young and fast=Sens

  36. segalkiller says:

    go e-z on mikefisher01… you guys have to understand that once a month a young female goes through pain and gets upset easily… fisher01- u make me ashamed that i watch the same team as u do.

  37. Veggetto19 says:

    Malkin + Malone for:

    Forsberg, Gagne, Pitkanen, Carter, Niitymaki + Potulny

    malkin isnt even proven and you want foppa for him get real and you wouldnt get both carter and pitkkanen lol why would they even want nitty with fluerry this is just a dumb proposal it would be more of an offer like this

    Gagne , Picard, potulny and a first rounder for an un proven talent i dont think any team will trade away sure fire talent for a toss at the dice.

  38. sundin131313 says:

    the sen have one solid d and thats redden. the leafs have mccabe kaberle kubina colaiacovo. sundin is twice as good as heatley spezza or alfredsson any day no matter what the stats say. he has more talent like lecavalier has more talent than richards but richards has more points. and uh when was the last time the sens beat the leafs in the playoffs? if we meet again no matter how good you did in the season you will lose. and to end…


  39. sundin131313 says:

    Are you joking??????? no one in the leafs roster thatwouldnt be worth malkin? sundin is already proven himself maccabe kaberle your so stupid with this oooo malkin is so good i bet he will play like shit he cant compare to sundin oveechkin kovalchuk crosby.

  40. MarioLemieux66 says:

    The only reason Calgary wouldnt trade Phaneuf for either Crosby or Malkin, would be because they are a defensive based team…. Phaneuf fits their team better then Crosby or Malkin would……. even with all that being said, i am pretty sure Sutter would still jump on a chance to trade phaneuf for either pens phenom. Look at all of the high profile defenceman that have been on the move lately, calgary could replace phaneuf with the likes of Pronger, Chara, Neidermeyer (last season) if they needed. 100+ point scorers are a rarity in the NHL and the penguins will have 2 for sure next year, barring any injury to Malkin or Crosby. Colby Armstrong could mooch 100 points off of Crosby. Armstrong had 40 points in 47 games as a rookie with a plus 15 on a team that gave up far more goals then they scored. if this happens and they have three 100 point scorers, it will be the first time since the 95-96 penguins when mario, jagr and francis finished 1,2 and 4 in scoring respectively.

  41. segalkiller says:

    Redden #1 dman

    Phillips top 3 dman

    Corvo top 4

    Meszaros top 2

    preissing top 3

    and btw… the sens will never meet the leafs again. the leafs arent making the playoffs till weer all dead

  42. BruMagnus says:

    Check out my post on How good IS Malkin [Malkin vs Ovechkin] to see why AO was chosen first overall.

  43. BruMagnus says:

    I still believe Calgary fans would be moronic not to trade Phaneuf for Malkin.

    Tanguay – Malkin – Iginla

    Yikes!!!! Wo cares about defense when you have that line!

  44. BruMagnus says:


    It is extremely hard to win a Norris. Since Mario entered and exited the league only these players have won it:

    Paul Coffey (3)

    Ray Bourque (5)

    Chris Chelios (3)

    Brian Leetch (2)

    Rob Blake (1)

    Al MacInnis (1)

    Chris Pronger (1)

    Scott Niedermayer (1)

    Nicklas Lidstrom (4)

    Although Phaneuf may indeed become such a player one day, he would be up against MASSIVE competition, including veterans like Pronger, Lidstrom and Niedermayer and other young guys/prospects like Pitkanen, Whitney, Boumeester, Erik Johnson, Staal, etc.

    Malkin may get 100 points next season. If not in his rookie campaign, then surely in his sophmore.

    So if you want to bet that Phaneuf gets a Norris in the next two years, by all means, let’s to it.

  45. MarioLemieux66 says:

    When was the last time the leafs won a stanley cup???

    I believe it was 1967.

    were any of you moron leaf fans that are talking trash alive to see that????

    I was alive and cheering for the penguins in their back to back cups in 91 and 92.

    Pens made the conference finals in their last post season appearance in 01. They have missed the playoffs since then and i dont mind at all because they have built a team that will be dominant and a cup contender for years to come, drafting the likes of fleury, malkin, crosby and staal.

    there are only 2 types of teams in the NHL…. ones that make the playoffs and ones that don’t. so for the pens missing the playoffs for a few years they have built a team that will win the cup a lot sooner then the leafs will.

    So congrats on the 9th place finish in the east last year leafs. with that 9th place finish, the maple leafs got the 13th overall pick. I am sure Jiri Tlusty will bring you guys a cup pretty soon.

    With the morons running the leafs, i am not worried at all about the leafs doing better than the penguins. Toronto has three 2nd line defenceman earning a total of 16.4 million next season. Not to mention they are paying Sundin 7.6 mill. Thats a lot of money for a guy who has posted only one 100 point season (and that was back in 92-93 with the nordiques).

    Wait a minute… i almost forgot…. the leafs picked up raycroft too…. i take back everything i just said, they will win the cup for sure now with him in net (just a little bit of sarcasm).

    I love how a good 10 game run at the end of the season has filled you retard leaf fans with a false hope that they might actually make the playoffs. If by some fluke chance they actually squeak into the 8th playoff spot, it will be a quick 1st round exit. Most likely at the hands of the Ottawa Senators.

  46. sundin131313 says:

    Don’t worry Bow wow used to be lil bow wow but when he popped his first pube it was bow wow.

  47. sundin131313 says:

    Don’t worry Bow wow used to be lil bow wow but when he popped his first pube it was bow wow.

  48. midwestHCKY says:

    Name the last dman to win the norris on a sub-500 team. how bout just a non playoff team. ok say bye to Whitney, Jay et. al before Phaneuf. the norris is a kinda biased award and takes into account point totals over other stats more meaningful to a defencemen. now before i say anything i love Nick Lidstrom and he is one of the best defencemen in the history of the game. However do you think hes up for the Norris last year if he put up 46pts liek Phaneuf? Pronger and Niedermayer will have a tough time winning individual awards playing on the same team and having their mins reduced because i doubt you’ll see them on the same pairing asite from PP, PK and end of game situations. Phaneuf will put up around 60+ points this year getting more time with the departure of Leopold. He is still on the deepest defence in the league but he is now the clearcut number 1. The teams point totals will increase with the addition of tanguay and even talks tho i take none of them seriously of aqquiring or lookin to aqquire marleau. At least one Calgary line will be able to score goals and that along with the best defence and goaltending in the league puts them in a top 3 seat in the playoffs. Phaneuf will be a finnalist this year for the Norris. will he win it this maybe? but look at sidney crosby last year barley eclipses 100pts. He played on the 1st line and got 1st line mins. unless malkin is planning on moving to wing hes gonna be on the second line. getting pp time on a sub-500 team.

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