Whole Lotta Love…??? Not!

Bruce Garrioch continutes to shoot more crap with his brainless head. Do Canadian hockey fans read his stuff? I mean really..how does this guy still have a job? Canadians should SPEAK OUT against this pinhead.

Where does Cujo go?

Annnnnd……………we’ll go back a couple of days ago from the previous Challenging Mikster.
Let me give you a tour of Garrioch’s latest crap that he pooped out of his mouth.

From Spector’s Rumors:

there’s speculation the Ottawa Senators made an offer for Dallas Stars forward Brendan Morrow but it’s unlikely the Stars would part with him. A “league source” claims Morrow is the type of player the Sens are seeking.

What’s the point of even writing that? If nothing happened, then nothing happened. No facts, no truth to it. A total guess. Bruce…..GET A BRAIN!

Edmonton Oilers holdout Mike Comrie might be dealt within the next couple of days as talks are “heating up” between the Oilers and Anaheim Mighty Ducks. The Kings, Devils, Sharks, Wings and Rangers have also been listed as potential destinations and the Senators “might have a mild interest.

You know….i would like to see Comrie traded this week. That’s what Bruce says. Then again, if that doesn’t happen you’ll know who will be on HTR’s big headlines.

Comrie to the Devils? Media has to get over it! See, the media just doesn’t get it…you know? What’s the purpose of the media? To inform the public and listen to the public. Yet, these hockey journalists infrom us with crappola rumors and think we worship their intelligence….when we’re actually praying they get some intelligence. So many fans. and some journalists, say that Comrie has a small chance to become a Devil. GET OVER IT!

The Kings acquired Straka, and therefore…..won’t get Comrie. Yet….Garrioch’s pathetic brain doesn’t really catch that.

The Sharks have a good shot….since their future is not that bright with low value prospects.

The Wings may make a pitch, since they have the goods, and at this point…if I were GM Lowe….I would just ignore the ‘problem’ of trading Comrie to a Western Conference team. Get rid of the problem.

The Rangers are too deep at centre (even with prospects like Lundmark, Moore, Falardeau). Apparently the Canadian media, which pretty much dislikes the Rangers, completely misses the logic train when talking about the Rangers. Before it was a definite, to them, that Cujo would be a Ranger. Then they screw up, both TSN and Sportsnet, back in the summer saying Lindros would be on waivers. Then they continued with the Cujo to Rangers story saying that Dunham was not that good and that the media didn’t like him all too much, and that Blackburn must play in the minors, not back-up. HELLO!!!!!!! Markkanen for Leetch’s rights!?.

So now, they ignore that Holik is centering Rucinsky and Kovalev, that Lindros is centering Simon and Garfunkle…i mean Barnaby. That nedved is centering Hlavac and the somehow awakened Carter. And, that Messier is now centering LaCouture and Ortmeyer. So you tell me, punk, how does Comrie fit?

The only possible way that Comrie becomes a Ranger is with a 3 way trade where the Kings may get Nedved and Carter, trade a part to the Oilers, where the Rangers also trade a part, and then the Kings trade Comrie to the Rangers along with….someone or something.




That was exaciting….

So! Comrie to Anaheim sounds logical. After all, GM Murray has completely ruined the Ducks, why not try to acquire a young talented player…from North America.

The LA Kings made an offer for Anson Carter of the Rangers and might part with Jaroslav Modry as part of the deal.

God….please make this Satanic demon (Bruce Garrioch) stop writing! Ok, once again there is no logic. Actually there is….Garrioch ALMOST got it right. Carter would be a perfect fit on the Kings since they miss a RW, I am sorry Adam Deadmarsh. But, why on erth would the Rangers need a 3rd tier two-way defenseman when there’s Leetch, Poti, and Bouchard? Why would the Rangers need a defensemen in return when Leetch-de Vries are a combined +3, Malakhov-Mironov are +12 (who is still criticizing the Mironov trade?) and Poti and Kaspar a +4?

Garrioch ALMOST had it. Almost….

It’s still possible Curtis Joseph could end up in Boston or New York.

I wish I could describe my face expression when i read that. This is more painful than when starring at the Florida sun and almost going blind.

Do you really WANT me to comment on that?

Anyway…Garrioch is a pinhead as he wants to prove it himself. YOU DID IT BRUCE! Best treatment for Bruce Garrioch is to do what Jared did, go to Subway.

Now, where does Curtis Joseph, whose career is on the verge of being ruined by the Red Wings, go?

There’s the rumor out there about the Chicago Blackhawks, and that they are not really interested but people say they should be. THINK! You’re a team that has from 6 to 8 rookies playing, a big sign that says “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”. You know, they ought to have that the stadium. “BLACKHAWKS UNDER CONSTRUCTION”. Anyway, why would they need a goalie who is finishing his last years? Sure, Leighton and Anderson are not that good, but they are definitely not bad. Say the CBA is solved and next season? What happens? Cujo-Tibault tandem?

I’m sticking with the Avs getting Cujo for very cheap once in March. There is just no other team out there that needs Cujo. Not one team. Cujo, and the Red Wings, will have to hope for a starting goalie to face a long-term injury; that is on a team that has a chance of making the playoffs. That’s the only way.

I’ll just add this one more comment. I think that anyone who feels no sorrow for Cujo…is not a true hockey fan. I don’t care that he left the Leafs and so Leafs fans felt betrayed. That’s actually stupid on their part. Maple Leafs still racking up the yars of no Cup. He wanted to win the Stanley Cup. Who doesn’t? I mean, had Cujo been a long-time Leaf, I would have understood. Anyway, I think it’s pathetic to see a fine career goaltender play in the minors because the general manager of a team made a big mistake. Pathetic. I’ve never been more supportive of Cujo than now.

I was pleased to see 102 comments posted on my previous article, very exciting too. But, sad to see it went down so fast. It felt like unifinished business.

big_booty writes: 1) Cujo v. Hasek:

Imagine for just a moment that you’re Ken Holland. Your uber-successful team just got bounced from the playoffs, one player who’s been a major contributor to your success is unhappy and wants to leave, and your fans are frothing at the mouth because you failed to lead them to the promised land again. A choice presents itself: let one of the most intimidating forces in goaltending history back into the game for another shot at the brass ring, or stay with the “great-stats-during-the-regular-season-but-will-eventually-fall-to-pieces-in-the-playoffs” netminder who was made the inevitable scapegoat to a “failed” season. What do you do?

If you pick Joseph you’re a friggin’ moron.

A horse is a horse of course of course. Look…the WHOLE Wings team stunk aganst the once Mighty Ducks. Cujo did let in some soft goals, then again…so did Cechmanek and barely any Flyers fan agreed that he stunk. You know what? If I saw that chance of bringing back the goalie who helped my team win the Cup, and realized he’s the better choice, then I had realized that I did a TERRIBLE mistake in signing a fine career goaltender. MY FAULT! I used my boss’s money to sign this guy, my whole team fails, and now I am wasting his money. Besides, ONE YEAR!? Come on, Curtis Joseph had every right to deserve one more chance, AND….no Scotty Bowman. Let’s see how WELL the Wings do without Bowman. No duh I’d pick Hasek over Joseph, but then again….I should be fired for making such a mistake, and bringing in Hasek will be a mistake in the playoffs….there will be NO DIFFERENCE! I also say that since I feel very confident that the Blues will make the Finals.

Holland made his bed, now he is lying in it. At least give him the credit for having the cojones to lie in it with the whole world watching. Not every GM has the brass ones to pay a minor leaguer $8 million per.

Really? I remember you crticized the Rangers for having Richter and Dunham, and Blackburn and you said it was stupid to have such a high priced goalie tandem. Holland didn’t have the cojones, if anything he didn’t HAVE any cojones because he is afraid of his mistake. If Holland had the cojones he would have said that he felt confident of his decision with Curtis Joseph and went with Joseph. Instead he backed down like a coward to try and fix a mistake he thought he made. If I were his boss I’d be pissed off as hell. I’ll be stuck paying a fine career goalie, forced to play in the minors, $8M dollars a season? I’d be PISSED OFF.

Funny how you bash Hasek for coming back and stealing ice time from Joseph while you laud Mark Messier for allowing Jamie Lundmark to languish in fourth-line hell.

Come on….don’t bs me Mr. Booty. You know exactly how to respond to that yourself! Hasek is a goalie, Messier is a forward. Messier is a captain, Hasek isn’t. Messier is still making some kind of nice difference. Is Hasek making that big a difference? Look, name the Ranger who should be Captain had Messier not played this season? Leetch? The guy is a nice leader but not captain material. Who else? Holik? I find it wrong to give the C to a UFA player, who has never been captain before. Lindros? He can’t be the captain. Rangers needed Messier. When you have a veteran group, you need a veteran who leads the veterans. And, Messier was the best choice. So, very poor statement you made there.

His (Jagr) reputation as a selfish player, locker room cancer, and coach-killer have all aided in writing his future in stone.

For a moment there I thought you talked about the Flyers.

But, pull your head out of your ass – to make a comparison to the Willis-Stevens collision is ridiculous. That hit was clean, Willis even said so.

PEOPLE!!! GET IT RIGHT! Clean by the books? Absolutely. Dirty and cheap? Absolutely. I find it disgusting for a player to attempt to injure another player, especially when he is young and his career is at risk. It’s sick….Willis will probably be no more than a career call-up from the minor leagues. He may even retire if no one will sign him. And if no one sign him, he lost his dream and his favorite job. Why? All because of Scott Stevens. Call it clean, I’ll agree with you, but it was sick and disgusting.

“Parrish is not a good player, never was that good. But, he can revive himself in another team.”

As in….he can become decent and useful on another team with good players. Put him with Thornton and he’s another Knuble.

“Do us all a favor and think a little more before you go on these Miller-like (without the SAT vocabulary) rants of yours. It would save us all the trouble of pointing out how wrong you are.”

You know what? I am getting quite sick and tired of members on here who think highly of themselves and don’t respect other member’s opinions. It’s really starting to tick me off. You know where you can shove that comment of your big_booty? Right where your member name says it. Do us a favor and put your pathetic “smart” ego aside. You’re just making yourself look too……foolish. And take that as a suggestion.

Mantaray writes:

Just an FYI: the Devils have the biggest fan club in the NHL and a very dedicated, YOUNG fan base. So, don’t be casting aspersions on Garden State Hockey Fans.

Really? If that’s so…too few people at the Cup parade, too few attendances. If the Fan Club was that big, attendance would not be pathetic.

The Devils attendance problems extend beyond the fact that we have the most expensive tickets in the NHL (and among the highest in all of sports) which I will elaborate on in my next article.



Most is $90 dollars in NJ.


That’s NYR’s. Quite a difference.

I know too many people still getting laid off (joining the 3 million already unemployed Americans across the country–in the past 3 years).

Europe is a lot worst than that.

Freeze writes:

What impact has Chris Wasgood made on his teams since he left Detroit?

Isle’s made the playoffs first time in 7 years.

Cujo could have signed with Toronto, but decided to turn his back on Toronto to sign a deal with the Lord of the Rings – Ken Holland.

Cujo wanted a better shot at winning the Cup, which the Leafs did not have, and I still think they don’t.

Babyleaf writes:

i really do not think Jagr coming to the Rangers would be a good idea…the Ranger’s in my opinion do not need anymore stars, they need players like Fitzgerald and Markov who will break a bone to block a shot.

Well, yes and no. Leetch is one of the best at blocking shots and still puts his half dead ankle in front to save a goal. Kasapr blocks shots, LaCouture block some, Ortmyer, Lindros does it, Mironov does it. Carter is starting to play well, though i think it’s just a fluke moment for him. Rangers need to win more games using the PP, and even scoring. They lost to Tampa the other night, they outplayed them for the majority of the game, and a Hlavac-Nedved-Jagr would have easily tied it.

Oh and just a small little thing, not related to the article in any way…but what the hell are the Leafs eating for breakfast? Cause they are soo rocking!

Tim Horton’s new chicken stew in a bread bowl?

You know…one thing I like about Canada is that the food is so very good. I mean, down here in Florida it’s great, but up in New Jersey it’s sickening. Also, has anyone noticed that McDonald’s commercial with the kids seeing if “change is good” with the new chicken nuggets?

I find it digusting when the voice of the commercial says “Now made with real white meat”. I mean…..what the hell where they made with before? People should stop getting lazy and eat at McD’s, it’s unhealthy crap food. No wonder why there are too many obese people out there.

I really hope Bruce Garrioch read that!