Who's going next….?

At the end of every NHL there’s always both the good and the bad. The conclusion to a good run in the playoffs. The definitive Stanley Cup Champions decided (hopefully a team of your liking). And of the course the news of all the players coming and going.

But although many players announce their retirement months, even sometimes years in advance, I’d like to take some of the mystery away, or just state what’s been mentioned.

First to I think is former Red Wing and Shark, Igor Larinov. The professor went to the Devils this season after the Wings failed to offer him a contract. Igor has been a minor, though sometimes effective member of the New Jersey Lineup this year, but his skills have visibly been tarnished. As well as the fact he’s been injured quite a bit. He mentioned retirement last, as seen he didn’t and he has hinted about putting the skates away for good again this season. So I think he’d be first to go.

Another guy that may never tie the laces again might be Dave Andrechuck. Playing 19 seasons for

6 different teams including Colorado, Boston, Buffalo, New Jersey, Toronto, and Tampa Bay has left him with a pretty satisfactory career. His 1302 career pts leave him at the top of the list so i think he’ll give it up after this year. 40 wouldn’t be a bad age for him to retire either.

A Ranger is on the list, and no it is not Jaromir Jagr. Try Mark Messier, the legendary center who played with the likes of that horrible linemate known as Gretzky. Messier was also thought to retire this year, as well as maybe be pick up by his former team the Oilers. But the Rangers decided to pick him back up for one more year. He has played in 1728 games and earned 1869pts in that time. At the age of 42 he has firmly stated that this is probably his last year.

The Hurricanes might lose a captain of their own this year, Ronny Francis. Once a star, Francis has faded in the past few years, probably due to the lack of his team’s contention. Amazingly he has only played for two teams, Pittsburgh and Carolina, his entire 24 year career in the NHL. Reports stay he is seriously considering retirement. He is currently 40yrs old.

This next guy, might not necessarily be retiring just well, FORCED from his duties. As you might have guessed its the Dominator. He’s retired once and I’m not surprised if he’ll do it again this offseason. His comeback, is very short of that, being outplayed by his co-worker Cujo.

The 3rd highest scorer of all time might also be retiring this year too. That’s right, Brett Hull. He’s already 39 and his 17 years with Calgary, St. Louis, Dallas, and the Wings have left him handful and happy.

You might have known this, but Mario Lemiux is also considering retirement again. After having hip surgery, he might just consider ending his career for the second time and taking over the ailing Penguins organization.

This next guy is usually known as the master of assists and well, passing. He’s and Edmonton Oiler now, and struggling. Adam Oates is the name and 41 and still playing the game. Starting a career in Detroit in 85′, many thought his last run was in the STF last year, but someone found a need for him, sadly it will likely be his last.

40yr old MacInnis may have had one injuries too many finally. Following with a detached retina this season, injury has plagued him the past few years. He has neither denied nor acknowledged retiring, but if he doesn’t feel like returning in fear of serious injury, he may put the stick in the rafters along with his jersey soon.

Wow. This name is big and I really don’t want to mention it because I don’t want to believe it. Once he is gone we know an era is gone. Stevy Y. Steve Yzerman. The Captain. 20 great seasons in Detroit. He helped win 3 cups there. Lets just say or call him Gordy Jr and hope he doesn’t retire for another decade.

Well that’s it. Any I missed let me know.

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  1. Donovan says:

    Brett Hull has no intentions of retireing from professional hockey, just the NHL. Brett Hull will join the WHA, I gar-un-tee.

  2. trailerparkboys says:

    Cool artical !! But do you realy think that Yzerman had a better carrer then Messier? If so you are sadly mistaken. (I have so much respect for Yzerman) , But he is not MARK MESSIER. 6 cups ,Playing pro hockey since 1978, Were you alive in 78?

    Messier was such an impact player since the day he started, Yzerman did put up better #’s (well not better #s just played more offence) But he was not a complete player until he was 30 , (or when Scotie showed up ).Yzerman was always said to be on the block

    It is sad but he did not get any respect until he won the cup. Sakic to me is recieving the same attention that Yzerman did !! zero… even tough he won the cup.

    But head to head I would take Messier over Yzerman any day.(not that second pick would be that bad)Just a personal pick

    I think, Messier is more compared to Gordie howe then Yzerman

  3. -MJ- says:

    Scott Stevens, Chris Chelios, Steve Thomas are all possibilities too…unlikely on CHelios though.


  4. GretzNYR99 says:

    Nice, very biased on Yzerman. Horrible linemate known as Gretzky? First of all, they weren’t line mates. Craig Simpson and Esa Tikkanen played with Mess in Edmonton. I love Yzerman, but for the sake of his knees, he should retire. He’s going to have a lot of problems.

    I hope Mess retires so that Garth Murray or Lee Falardeau or Dominic Moore can come up and provide a little more of an energetic physical presence.

    As for Igor, I heard they aren’t too happy with him. Former Canuck too, might I add.

    Andreychuk’s had such a great career, kudos to him.

    Oates needs to go, he isn’t helping Edmonton out much.

    Al Mac won’t go.

    Funny how didn’t mention Chelios at all. I know he won’t, but it’s still funny how you didn’t mention him due to age or anything.

    Francis I think will stay.

  5. Donovan says:

    Who played with Gretzky? Anderson and Kurri right?

  6. ranger_fan says:

    Great chance of Pavel Bure retiring too

  7. ranger_fan says:

    Great chance of Pavel Bure retiring too

  8. trailerparkboys says:

    Kurri and Tikinan [sp]

  9. trailerparkboys says:


    Nuff said!!!!!!!

    Bubbles out

  10. IrishRinkrat says:

    Yes. Gretzky centered Kurri and Anderson until he left, then Messier played with them. Messier played with Craig Simpson, Wally Lindstrom, Ken Linseman, Esa Tikkanen… on a team with four Hall of Fame forwards, Messier played with any quality forwards they gave him and made it work… then when he played with Kurri and Anderson, scored 129 points and won the Hart in 1989-90.

  11. Killa_Bs says:

    Seems as if a lot of great players might leave the game after this season ends. I will surely miss Adam Oates. Even though he hasn’t won Stanley Cup (yet?!) he has nothing to be ashamed of. I will never forget the years when he played with Cam Neely and Brett Hull. 1992-93 was a great year when he almost got 100 assists (97), and almost 50 goals (42). Not bad for a guy who will be remembered for assisting.

    As for Ron Francis I wish him the best, but he shouldn’t have to finish his career outside of the playoffs. I think he should come to Boston so that he at least has a chance of winning again. Maybe the Bruins should trade for him at the trading deadline?

    What about Scott Stevens? I hear he’s not doing too good these days. Maybe he leaves after this season. He’s not getting younger and a concussion like his is no joke.

    Steve Yzerman will also be missed. He’s been through it all with Detroit Red Wings. I remeber when the Red Wings used to suck and Steve Yzerman still stayed with the team. Classy guy.

    Igor Larionov is one of these russian players who makes me wonder what it would have been like if they had come to NHL sooner. I wonder how many points and cups guys like Larionov, Krutov, Makarov, Fetisov and Kasatonov would have had.

  12. Enigma says:

    Brendan Shanahan ?

    Luc Robitaille ?

    Pavel Bure ?

    Forsberg ?

    Joe Nieuwendyk ?

    Gary Roberts ?

    Ed Belfour ?

  13. Enigma says:

    Oh and Cliff Ronning ?

  14. shady_records says:

    Chelios will probably go to the WHL along with teammate Brett Hull.

  15. shady_records says:

    Hasn’t Lemieux stated he will be back next year. He is giving up on the Penguins for the rest of the season so he can be healthy for the World Cup and will play next year. I’m sure TSN posted an article about this, If I find the link I will post it. But for know I’m pretty sure he said he will play next season.

  16. GretzNYR99 says:

    Willy* Lindstrom, there’s a name that most won’t know. He played with Messier in his first year in Edmonton, Lindstrom’s first year that is. Tikkanen and Simpson were moreso Mess’ linemates.

  17. Wills says:

    How about leading your team to the Stanley Cup on one leg, and leading your team in scoring.

  18. Bruins4771 says:

    I sure as hell hope that messier retires. This guy has done nothnig but anger me by hanging around for the last 4 or 5 years. He won the cup for NY( not to mention the handful for edmonton) and that was amazing…but give it up…let your organization move on. I swear he played this year just to pass Gordie Howe and that angers me.

    Oatesy….what can be said the guy was a class act. Amazing passer for a guy with HALF A BLADE. Classiest thing i have ever seen changing to 77 out of respect for Bourque. Still the only Bruin player with the guts to bash the upper management while he was still a MEMBER of the team.

    I hope Stevie Y doesnt retire. Guy really is amazing to watch, hurt or not hurt. And i hear he is a pretty nice guy off the ice too.

    Andreychuk….great name, better hockey player.

    Another guy not mentioned yet (I dont think) is Cliff Ronning… guy is right up there with Oates

  19. kovalev says:

    Chelios is staying put in the NHL, probably for one more year…

  20. wheresthesoda says:

    yea, pavel might be forced to retire, but every day he has been working real hard, staying in great shape. msgnetwork said that retiring is the last thing on pavel’s mind. i think he’ll be forced to retire because his knee isnt healing

  21. dumpsterdiver says:

    Anderson was to Messier what Kurri was to Gretzky! While Wayne was feathering those beautiful one-timers to Jari the Moose was consistently making those between the legs drop passes for Anderson.

  22. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    Val said his bro is not retiring and has never mentioned it in an interview. Pavel will likely pull a Gary Roberts. Leave for a yr or two and return and play well.

  23. Lint07 says:

    right now Messier could play in any NHL team… including your Bruins.

    How many 13 goal-scorers you guys have, again?

    Last time I checked, he had 2 more goals than Joe Thornton…

  24. kidhenry1 says:

    I have great respect for Mark Messier, but for both his own personal good and for the sake of the ranger$, it’s time for him to call it quits and let Jed Ortmeyer or Dominic Moore into the lineup.

  25. Nick13 says:

    Anyone heard about Forsberg?? I know he was suppose to leave after this season but i didn’t have any news since the beginning of the season.

    I hope this guy will stay. NHL need superstar like him.

  26. Spektor says:

    Chelios has already stated he isn’t retiring you stupid bitch. Yes NJ isn’t happy with Igor, why do you think they are benching him dumbass? Biased Stevie Y? Everything you write is biased and unrealistic and garbage. Lay off the Lord of the Rings pal, you’re living in a fantasy world. You shouldn’t disgrace the Great One by using his name and should maybe consider changing it To fecesNYR04. Stuff it where your Dad used to!

  27. habsoverserver says:

    Gary Bettman?

  28. defenestrate says:

    No – we’re all going to wake up and find that the “Bettman era” was a bad dream – just like “Who shot JR?” on “Dallas”.

    Btw, would somebody please shoot JR? Before he opens his mouth up too wide and falls in?

  29. nocuphere says:

    MacInnis could play till he’s 50. He doesn’t age. And he’s a caper!!

  30. nocuphere says:

    How bout winning a cup with out Gretz , and ending a 50 year drought in New York!! Not to mention he’s arguably the greatest leader in NHL history.

  31. nocuphere says:

    I don’t know if you were joking, but Ron Francis would be a fantastic fit in Boston.

  32. defenestrate says:

    Rumor has it that if there is a year-long lockout, many of the Swedes will leave and not return.

    Btw, Sweden is the only country (besides the US and Canada, of course) that has 100% player return after their NHL career has ended.

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