Whos Going Where…And For What?


Bruce Garrioch of the Sun gives his look on what all the teams in the NHL will be looking for and willing to give up….


WHAT THEY WANT: The ‘Hawks need everything, but they’re not expected to be buyers. GM Mike Smith would like to deal off an older, expensive veteran for a cheap prospect.

AUCTION ITEMS: Would like to move D Phil Housley, along with D Lyle Odelein, LW Chris Simon, RW Steve Thomas, C Mike Eastwood and F Igor Korolev. Smith won’t deal the kids.


WHAT THEY WANT: Anybody who knows how to put the puck in the net. Ideally, they’d like to get a legitimate playmaking centre to skate with Jarome Iginla and an offensive blue liner.

AUCTION ITEMS: Trying to move C Craig Conroy and D Bob Boughner. D Denis Gauthier also is available and the Flames would love to move G Roman Turek.


WHAT THEY WANT: The Ducks would like to get more size up front. They’ve talked to the Senators about LW Magnus Arvedson, but have only offered draft picks in return.

AUCTION ITEMS: Anybody, but W Paul Kariya. The word is the Ducks wouldn’t mind moving either veteran D Keith Carney or possibly veteran D Fredrik Olausson. They’ll be quiet.


WHAT THEY WANT: The Jackets would like to get young prospects because they don’t have enough in their system. They would love to have Ottawa D Tim Gleason.

AUCTION ITEMS: LW Ray Whitney, C Andrew Cassels and LW Geoff Sanderson are all UFAs. If they’re not signed by March 11, they’ll be dealt. RW Grant Marshall is also available.


WHAT THEY WANT: The Preds would like to have another blue liner or a top-six forward, but they’re not going to get that at the deadline. They’ll wait until the summer.

AUCTION ITEMS: Nashville would like to move D Cale Hulse, who’ll be a UFA, or possibly D Bill Houlder. Meanwhile, LW Brent Gilchrist has been a healthy scratch of late and is available.


WHAT THEY WANT: The Avs won’t be looking for a major overhaul at this deadline. They’d like to add a touch of grit up front and a penalty killer. Let’s face it, they’re loaded.

AUCTION ITEMS: The word out of Colorado is the Avs are going to deal either C Dean McAmmond or RW Dan Hinote to Buffalo in exchange for C Stu Barnes.


WHAT THEY WANT: GM Doug Risebrough hasn’t got any cash, which means he can’t afford to go out and spend. It’s almost a guarantee they won’t bring anybody in.

AUCTION ITEM: Everybody wants RW Marian Gaborik, but he’s not available. Might be willing to move D Lubomir Sekeras to a team that offers a pick. Boring.


WHAT THEY WANT: The Stars have been looking for help by getting a third-line centre. They asked about Rangers C Mark Messier, but were told he wasn’t interested in leaving the Big Apple.

AUCTION ITEMS: Dallas isn’t in the mood to shake up its team. The club is battling for first place overall this year, which means they’ll use draft picks or prospects.


WHAT THEY WANT: Are looking to get younger and cheaper. That’s why W Claude Lemieux was dealt to Dallas earlier this year. They’ll take prospects in return.

AUCTION ITEMS: Will deal D Teppo Numminen, if he drops his no-trade clause, along with G Sean Burke and possibly LW Brad May. Don’t laugh, but RW Tony Amonte could be had.


WHAT THEY WANT: Would like to get a top-four veteran defenceman such as Phoenix blue liner Teppo Numminen. D Jiri Fischer isn’t expected to return until the start of the playoffs.

AUCTION ITEMS: D Maxim Kuznetsov, D Jesse Wallin and D Mathieu Dandenault can be had, along with Fs Jason Williams and Sean Avery. Would rather not touch roster.


WHAT THEY WANT: Guess what? They need a goalie. GM Larry Pleau has talked to Carolina about Arturs Irbe and Phoenix concerning Sean Burke. Either would be an improvement.

AUCTION ITEMS: The Blues don’t have much to give up because they’ve been banged up all season. They can only offer LW Shjon Podein, and that won’t bring much back.


WHAT THEY WANT: They’d love to get help on their left side and have held talks with the Jackets about LW Geoff Sanderson if he’s put on the trade market.

AUCTION ITEMS: Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t going to move either C Todd Marchant or RW Anson Carter, which means they’ll use prospects to rent a player.


WHAT THEY WANT: The Canucks can’t afford to rent-a-player, but they wouldn’t mind a shot at Buffalo C Chris Gratton to add size up front. They don’t need much.

AUCTION ITEMS: Want to be careful with their roster, which means little-used LW Jarko Ruutu could be dealt. Prospects and draft picks are most likely to be used.


WHAT THEY WANT:Younger and cheaper players. The Kings are in a rebuilding mode because team president Tim Leiweke made it clear they’re sick of throwing good money after bad.

AUCTION ITEMS: Take your pick of the litter: D Mathieu Schneider, D Aaron Miller, RW Ziggy Palffy and even C Jason Allison are available. Could be ugly next year.


WHAT THEY WANT: Troubled by a poor year, the Sharks want to dump some of the salary they spent. They would like to add depth in the middle and speed up front.

AUCTION ITEMS: D Bryan Marchment, C Vincent Damphousse and L W Adam Graves are all available. The big question: Will W Owen Nolan be dealt to Toronto for prospects?


WHAT THEY WANT: The Bruins won’t make many changes because they did their big deal by sending D Kyle McLaren to San Jose. Oddly enough, they need defensive help.

AUCTION ITEMS: Boston would give up RW Martin Lapointe in a heartbeat, but no one wants his contract. F Michal Grosek can also be had.


WHAT THEY WANT: The Devils need a gunner up front. They contacted Calgary about RW Jarome Iginla and the Kings about RW Ziggy Palffy because they can afford to spend.

AUCTION ITEMS: Not offering much unless you think RW Brian Gionta, LW Christian Berglund and RW Jiri Bicek are attractive. Forget talk about C Scott Gomez, he won’t move.


WHAT THEY WANT: The Thrashers have a severe shortage of forwards. Need more support for young kids Dany Heatley and Ilya Kovalchuk. Can’t settle for draft picks.

AUCTION ITEMS: Veteran LW Shawn McEachern and RW Vyacheslav Kozlov are also available. GM Don Waddell would also like to get rid of D Uwe Krupp.


WHAT THEY WANT: Buffalo needs a scoring forward and an offensive defenceman. Because of the team’s ownership mess, GM Darcy Regier can’t afford to take on payroll.

AUCTION ITEMS: D Alexei Zhitnik, C Chris Gratton and C Curtis Brown have attracted a lot of attention. It doesn’t appear RW Miroslav Satan will be moved.


WHAT THEY WANT: Stuck with an overload of overpaid and overrated players, they would like to get a No. 1 centre, a No. 1 blue liner and some grit. Is that all?

AUCTION ITEMS: RW Randy McKay, RW Andreas Dackell, D Patrick Traverse and D Patrice Brisebois are being made available, but there’s a shortage of buyers.


WHAT THEY WANT: The Isles would love to get RW Ziggy Palffy back from the Kings, but would also have an interest in Columbus LW Ray Whitney and LW Geoff Sanderson.

AUCTION ITEMS: New York could move G Chris Osgood to St. Louis. They’ll also listen to offers for LW Brad Isbister, C Claude Lapointe and LW Raffi Torres.


WHAT THEY WANT: The Flyers are looking for a scoring winger (Jarome Iginla) and a power-play defenceman (Alexei Zhitnik).

AUCTION ITEMS: Would move LW Simon Gagne or RW Justin Williams in a deal for Iginla that would include prospect Jeff Woywitka. Could move C Michal Handzus.


WHAT THEY WANT: After going to the Stanley Cup final last year, the ‘Canes are suddenly looking to get younger. They’re looking at prospects — possibly Ottawa D Tim Gleason.

AUCTION ITEMS: LW Jan Hlavac, D Glen Wesley and G Arturs Irbe have all been offered up. They will listen to offers for D Aaron Ward and LW Bates Battaglia, but want to keep them.


WHAT THEY WANT: Look for the Bolts to make a move to help them to get to the post-season. They made inquiries about Carolina D Glen Wesley, Isles D Roman Hamrlik and Buffalo D Alexei Zhitnik.

AUCTION ITEMS: If GM Jay Feaster has to give up a player, he’d move LW Fredrik Modin. Would prefer not to touch his roster.


WHAT THEY WANT: Grit up front — especially on left wing after the loss of Petr Schastlivy for the next two months following groin surgery.

AUCTION ITEMS: Willing to move LW Magnus Arvedson, but they want a warm body in return. D Shane Hnidy could also be dangled if something is offered back.


WHAT THEY WANT: GM/coach Pat Quinn would like to add depth on defence because Aki Berg and Jyrki Lumme have been inconsistent. Quinn is chasing San Jose RW Owen Nolan.

AUCTION ITEMS: The Leafs are willing to move LW Shayne Corson and RW Darcy Tucker and seventh D Ric Jackman. Prospect Brad Boyes could be part of a package.


WHAT THEY WANT: More cash? Not. Cheaper? Nah, it doesn’t matter. The Rangers have made a pitch for Calgary RW Jarome Iginla, but it seems unlikely they will land him.

AUCTION ITEMS: Nobody can afford any of the stiffs in their lineup, which means C Jamie Lundmark and G Dan Blackburn are attractive. Ottawa stills like LW Matthew Barnaby.


WHAT THEY WANT: Another team looking to ditch salary, but they did a good job in the Alexei Kovalev to New York deal. Talent doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t cost much.

AUCTION ITEMS: C Martin Straka, who has two years left on his deal, could be sent to a contender. RW Aleksey Morozov is suddenly available.


WHAT THEY WANT: Coach Mike Keenan is concerned about his size up front and he’d like to get bigger. The Panthers are one of the youngest teams in the NHL and need to add experience.

AUCTION ITEMS: Won’t deal their kids, which means RW Valeri Bure will likely be gone. The Isles have called about LW Kristian Huselius, but it seems unlikely.


WHAT THEY WANT: Defence. Defence. Defence. Their blueline has Jason Doig and Joel Kwiatkowski as one pairing. Who? Exactly. They need help immediately.

AUCTION ITEMS: Don’t have a lot to wheel and deal. G Maxime Ouellet and F Dainius Zubrus could be dangled if they could get a top-four blue liner in return.


32 Responses to Whos Going Where…And For What?

  1. Pokecheck89 says:

    the leafs should not trade tucker and corson. they are great come playoff time. they may not be scoring alot of goals this year, but they will make up for it in the playoffs. sure if u trade tucker and corson for nolan ur trading grit + grit for grit + scoring, but the leafs have scoring in sundin moginly roberts and now antropov. plus domi is having his best year, and hoglund and reichel score goals when they really have to. so ur giving up two good gritty players in that trade, sure they may play cheap sometimes, but they get the job done, and whats wrong with playing a little dirty

  2. keon says:

    With Nolan going down with another back injury, it isn’t likely that he’ll be traded, and if he is traded, whoever gets him, will not have to give much in return. Has anybody heard about who the Leafs offered for Iginla, or if they actually did make an offer.

  3. Leaf_Expert says:

    They haven’t made any offer nor spoken to the flames regarding Iginla…

  4. mikster says:

    First of all, Bruce Garrioch is a fat ugly alien. He does not look human at all, and he doesn’t think like a human being. I’ve never seen a human being whose eyes are like 5 inches apart.


    WHAT THEY WANT: The Stars have been looking for help by getting a third-line centre. They asked about Rangers C Mark Messier, but were told he wasn’t interested in leaving the Big Apple.

    AUCTION ITEMS: Dallas isn’t in the mood to shake up its team. The club is battling for first place overall this year, which means they’ll use draft picks or prospects. “

    TELL ME THIS GUY IS KIDDIN`!!!! If anything, Messier would go to the Oilers, and that’s a huge long shot. Messier is playing great on the 4th line , he ain’t leaving.

    Amonte will be had! The Coyotes would be losing around $60M this season. I say the Devs will take him.

    Jason Allison available? Come on Bruce…go back to your stupid planet called Idiotopia!!!.

    The Isle’s cannot afford Palffy, money wise. I’d take Raffi Torres any day. Isbister? Maybe i’d trade a 4th.

    Flyers: Bruce….i mean, i could even say that….heck even a 10 year old can come up with that. “I think the Flyers could move Gagne, Williams, Handzus, and Woywitka”. The only players movable are Gagne and Williams. No reason to trade Handzus.

    Hurricanes: Can’t wait to see their trades. I’d take Hlavac back, but only for cheap. Irbe will be traded soon along with Wesley.

    Out of all the TB players available, he missed the most obvious one. I swear, this guy is a total Idiotian. KUBINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tellin ya….Bruce is an alien.

  5. Leaf_Expert says:

    What happend to the fantasy gambling?…

  6. Roberts4ever says:

    I’ve heard that an offer of Tucker,Boyes, Coliacovo, and a 1st rounder was possible….I heard this from a couple people but find it hard to believe considering Pat Quinn

  7. mikster says:

    Discontinued. Not enough participants, too complicated.

    I am tyring to come up with something for the playoffs or post deadline.

  8. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    forget about iginla being traded it’s not happening, and the flyers will not give up gagne! although if the flames were going to trade iginla which they are not, i would give up gagne!

  9. wayne2 says:

    Lots of speculation eh?

    From Chicago:Thomas and Odelein are interesting.

    Maybe Odelyn to Washington for a pick.

    Calgary:I`d love for Gauthier to go to Colorado for

    maybe Nedorost.

    Columbus:Sanderson would fit in well with Edmonton.

    Colorado:dont know where you got this Bruce but if McAmmond or Hinote(preferably McAmmond) can land Barnes then hope the avs do it.They should take a look at Blackburn from the rangers as Roy replacement in the near future.Maybe Hurme.

    Phoenix:Numminen will probably be dealt to Detroit.Avery,Dandenault and a high pick could do it.Burke to St-Louis for Tyler Nash.

    San Jose:deal Marchment,keep the others as this is just an off year.

    Buffalo:Just sad to see cause on paper(without distractions) they have a good team.

    Montréal:not much buyers for overpayed players.

    NYislanders:Isbister,Torres, to Florida for Huselius.

    Philadelphia:if Gagné,Williams and Woywitka for Iginla is true then the flames should do it without hesitation and Clarke is crazy.

    Carolina:Battaglia is a nice bait.Gleason for Battaglia and a high pick,maybe just maybe.

    Tampa Bay:I`d see Modin go to Toronto to play with Sundin,maybe Lumme + Corson.

    NYrangers:should keep Blackburn and Lundmark,we dont need Barnaby now that we have Varada in Ottawa.

    Pittsburg:same as Buffalo,just sad to see.

    Florida:Bure,dont know where he fits.

    Washington:should get Odelein,Wesley`or Marchment.

  10. jacosta says:

    I really don’t know how realistic some of these offerings are but I sure as hell know what i would like to do if I were the leafs.

    First, I would take some of that 4 million that I was going to offer Pittsburgh for Kovalev and offer some if it with any package to a team that needs the cash. If you were a cash strapped owner and had two offers one with slightly better prospects and one with the same number of players (slightly less quality lets say) but with 2 mill attached, I’d take the 2 mill anyday.

    So, offer Macauley and a prospect plus 2 mill to Buffalo for Satan. Deal done.

    Then Offer Tucker (because Corson will do the same for you in the playoffs, especially after being sat out) and a draft pick to Calgary for Boughner.

    And finally offer draft picks or someone from the Rock for a UFA defenseman like Marchment or add some cash… and go for Milller and sign him to what he wants in the off season.

    Total losses, Macauley Tucker Steen, Ponikarovskt and 3 mill in cash for Satan, Boughner and Miller.

    Or situation 2

    The leafs although really want a defenseman or two also really want to put someone up front.

    offer one of your prospects or two draf tpicks for UFA LW Geoff Sanderson.

    Then make the deals with cash and picks or Macauley for the Two defensemen mentioned above.

    Please don’t comment on how Toronto players aren’t wanted by any team, because this is not the NHL we once knew. Everything became about money when Gretzky was traded and there are very few deals made any more where both team benefit and get what they want. Example, Jagr, Yush, Kovalev, Bure. Note that it was all rich teams buying and all poor teams getting ripped off. Same thing will happen this time. At least with my ideas the poor team get what they really want. Salary dump and cash in return

    Peace out

  11. Roberts4ever says:

    I think the way to go for the Leafs is to make a multi-player trade for Alexi Zhitnik and Chris Gratton. Zhitnik is a legit top 4 defenseman. Gratton will help a lot. Boughner would also be very nice….with Zhitnik and possibly Boughner added to the D, The Leafs would have a legitimate defensive core.

  12. silva21 says:

    the person who wrote this piece of crap must’ve been one of those ppl who have no life, but to analyze each team and still can’t get it right.

    corson + tucker + jackman + boyes??? Who are we dealing for? Iginla? Even that is too much for Iginla.

    Has this person been paying attention to the market out there right now??? Look at what Yusky, Kovalev, and Bure got dealt for when unloads of salary came along… I can’t keep on stressing out the point that, no matter how well toronto does, they’ll have their steady supply of income. Leaf fans are too ‘bright’ to stop going to games when the organization is trying to just make money instead of winning a cup.

    Let San Jose keep their owen nolan if they want. I personally don’t mind a west coast team being banktrupt. Do you?

  13. wieds says:

    jeez if its that easy to be a GM ….. sign me up

  14. TheMinister says:

    Tyson Nash

  15. TheMinister says:

    Too much for Iginla?…hahahahahahahaha. It never stops.

  16. TRADESALO says:

    The leafs better for get about Nolan. After watching him get carried off the ice last night i’de say those rumors are dead. If i were Quinn i would be looking to the Rangers to make deals. If there out of the playoff picture by the 11th. Who better for the leafs first round match up with the flyers that Eric Lindros

  17. Tradedude says:

    Corson will not be moved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Glen says:

    Does anyone think that the Flyers will trade a d-man to Washington to get goalie prospect Oulette back?? Clarke won’t want his big mistake from last season to haunt him in the future. With tons of defense expendable now, I see this as a definite possiblity.

  19. oilerfan9 says:

    Contrary to the leaf moron, Carter has been the talks of trades as of late. So has Janne Niinimaa. Rumor has it that both are destined for NYI for Isbister, Bates and Aucoin. There also has been speculation those two plus Cleary may go to the Rangers for Baranby, Lindros and Dale Puriton.

  20. Montrealsdogg says:

    i doubt Quinn would send two top prospects for Iginla, there is now ay that could happen

  21. Rico71 says:

    You gotta be kidding…

    “Contrary to the leaf moron, Carter has been the talks of trades as of late. So has Janne Niinimaa. Rumor has it that both are destined for NYI for Isbister, Bates and Aucoin.”

    This trade is not bad actually…good players that don’t cost too much for the low budget Oilers.

    “There also has been speculation those two plus Cleary may go to the Rangers for Baranby, Lindros and Dale Puriton.”

    But this one…*lol* Please. Lindros??? He’s staying put in $$$ land. He sucks and would simply mess the team up. Barnaby and Purington are interesting, but Lettuce Head? Not really.

    Where did you get this ‘speculation’ thing from anyway?

  22. Rico71 says:

    Wanna bet on that? Unless an injury takes out a player from Toronto’s line-up, I’m guessing he will be moved.

    Why not include him in a deal to get some defensive help? He might interest a team looking for a playoff hook-slash player. For a rent-a-player like Miller, I’d think on getting Corson.

    There isn’t anymore room for Corson in Toronto. Better to trade him and get some D in return no?

  23. nskerr says:

    Let me get this straight. The Isles are going to give up their best defenseman, the player that leads the league in shorthanded goals and a physical forward with good hands for Carter and Niinimaa? What crack baby wrote this story? Isbister in a very injury plagued bad season has 10 goals and 12 assists, Bates has 12 goals and 26 assists and Aucoin who averages about 30 minutes a game and has 7 goals and 24 assists with a +/- rating of 1 for Carter 24 goals and 30 assists and -10 and Niinimaa 4 goals, 24 assists and a -8 rating? The Isles need a sniper winger that is a lefty shot for Yashin and a physical defenseman. Neither Carter nor Niinimaa solves their problems and would weaken a defense that is currently without Jonsson and Cairns.

  24. guinsfan4life says:

    Garroich is a piece of crap. Morozov suddenly available??! Maybe after the season. Too bad he is out with a broken wrist. What they hell are they gonna trade him for, and who will take him?

    Straka is as good as gone. Five game loosing streaks when you are outscored 16-2 on a three game roadie just ain’t gonna cut it. I mean actually, is there any point in keeping him around? Obviously we are rebuilding, so just deal him for a bag of pucks and some money and go on with it.

  25. Mr_No_It_aLL says:

    how bout this for a trade rumor

    why dont leafs go after some d-men like ANA Carney? hes supposedly amazing defensively.

    or what about phil housley? rent him for the playoffs! hes probly good for a couple draft pics or prospects….hey leafs tried to get him before am i rite?

    or even teppo numminen! wouldnt it be great if the leafs stole him from the wings at the deadline? lol

    im jus sayin tho….there are other “d” out there then just boughner and miller or whatever….

    we need to start spreadin more rumors leaf fans!!

  26. bender says:

    The first deal you have makes some sense.

    But the second one is absolutely attracious. First off, who wants Cleary, everyone knows that he is a bust. Second, what are the Oilers gonna pay Lindros!?!, peanuts. I know that the Oilers were going after him when he was in Philly but they would have to be thinking of retrading him to another team in order for this deal to even be reguarded as more than daydreaming.

    And if the Oilers are gonna trade Carter. Do it now and not later, while his worth is up rather than pulling a Dougie Deal.

  27. matrix2003 says:

    Lindros is having a horrible year in NY, so it’s possible (but I don’t know how likely) that he could be moved by the deadline. He would be a great fit as a No. 2 Centre. The guy has averaged about 100 points per season (including this year’s horrible effort), not many players can say they are doing that well off, some of them would be players like Sakic, Forsberg, Jagr, etc. The question is can he rebound from his current play and play at least as good as he did last season? The Rangers are done! For this season that is. They have played 68 games all ready, they have only 14 games left, they would have to win almost all of the games, so you could see some overpaid (highly overpaid) players move, to free-up some cash for off-season signings and trades by the Rangers, who will try it again next season.

  28. matrix2003 says:

    Carney would be great in Toronto or any team, but is he really available is the question? Carney had a plus 14 (in only 60 games) on Anahiem last year, that is damn good.

  29. matrix2003 says:

    I’ll be possibly the first to say this, but I think there are plenty of Defensemen to go around! Here’s a list of “potentially” available D-Men:

    Carney, Olausson, F. Kaberle, R. Smehlik, J. Patrick, Zhitnik, Boughner, D. Gauthier, Regehr, A. Ward, Wesley, Odelein, Klemm, Housley, Ulanov, P. Laus, A. Miller, Schneider, Sekeras, Brisebois, Quintal, Houlder, Hulse, B. Leetch, Kasparitis, T. Simpson, Marchment, Kubina.

    And There is probably others that I didn’t list that could be on this list and some on the list that are long-shots but I hope you get the idea. There’s 28 there and maybe more, maybe less, but that is enough for two per playoff-bound team, plenty.

  30. Treva says:

    If Colorado picked up Stu Barnes it would make up for the loss of Yelle, Stu is just as good defensively and offers a little more on the offensive side of things. I don’t know that Buffalo would want to get rid of Barnes since he is a reasonably paid player who actually plays.

    T.O. Needs any defencemen they can get, as far as I can see they only have 1 legitimate D-man, and thats McCabe.

    Canucks won’t get Gratton as he has a history of being a cry baby, they don’t want to tamper with the room.

  31. FlyersGoCupCrazy says:

    First of all, about Toronto. When was the last time Quinn made a splash at the deadline? Quinn would simply prefer to keep the group he has, and besides, he doesn’t need scoring, he needs D!

    About Philadelphia: This is just ridiculous. Clarkey has said on multiple occasions that he will not trade his young guys, specifically Gagne, Choiunard (sorry if I screwed up the name), and Williams. Handzus is another one that isn’t going anywhere. As for who they want, I’d probably say Tony Amonte. He’s played with Roenick, and can put the puck in the net. Could you imagine a line of Gagne/Roenick/Amonte?

    About Calgary: Forget about ANYBODY getting Iginla, it isn’t happening. Calgary knows better than to trade Iginla. If they did, nobody would come to the games. Instead, they’ll move Boughner and Conroy.

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