Who's going where – New Jersey Devils Edition

Well Drkballz said he would like to hear my Jersey post and I couldn’t think of another team to write about so it’s time for the Devils.Tommy Abeline – New Jersey – I don’t think there will be alot of interest surrounding him.

Jiri Bicek – Jersey – Pretty Sure he is still under contract.

Martin Brodeur – New Jersey – Still under contract and unless Jersey contracts or goes bankrupt I doubt he’ll be traded or bought out or placed on wavers.

Sean Brown – New Jersey – Restricted.

Sergei Brylin – New Jersey – Little interest.

Scott Clemmenson – New Jersey – Still Under contract.

Patrick Elias – Jersey – Still under contract.

Jeff Freisen – Jersey – He is restricted and there are no trade rumors which is good because he has been alot of place’s lately San Jose Anaheim and NJ. I think the Devils are to smart to trade him.

Brian Gionta – New Jersey – Still Under contract and the Devils like this guy and so they should.

Scott Gomez – New Jersey – As a RFA and I doubt the Devils will let the best (besides Parise) young talent they’ve got.

Jan Hrdina – ??? – Apparently the Devils feel that he was not what they thought he was. And the Devils may try to dump him.

Viktor Kozlov – New Jersey – Restricted.

Jamie Langenbrunner – New Jersey – Still under contract.

Igor Larionov -Retirement – ” The Doc” will need a Doc soon.

John Madden – Anywhere. He is a UFA and as a Selke Candidate, I think he has a good chance of attracting attention. I see him going to Colorado to replace one of the big name UFAs there.

Grant Marshal – New Jersey. I think he had a good time there and will want to return.

Paul Martin – New Jersey – Still under contract.

Scott Neidermayer – New Jersey- He is a RFA and I doubt the Devils will let him go although he might go to Vancouver in the 2005 summer for the 2005-2006 season.

Jay Pandolfo – New Jersey – A RFA who will get another contract for sure because of his good play when they need it.

Brian Rafalski – New Jersey – Still under contract.

Erik Rassmussen – New Jersey – Still Under contract.

Corey Schwab – any where- The best backup goalie in the NHL will attract alot of attention.

Scott Stevens – Retirement – It is sad to say the good hard career of Scott Stevens is over. And by the way I like Stevens but he ruinded the careers of 3 young good players. (Neely (I think Neely) Lindros and you could say Kariya hasn’t been the same since the Stevens hit altohugh he came back and scored a goal in his first shift back.

Turner Stevenson – New Jersey – Not alot of interest.

Colin White – New Jersey – Still under contract.

I think you could see Marchment and Mcgillis there as I said in the Boston post Mcgillis and Marchment could pull a Selanne and Kariya or Roberts and Niuwendyk and try to go to the same team.

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