Who's going where New York Rangers Edition

I am having fun with these and I think you guys are too. Without further adieau ….Tom Poti – NYR Florida – Rumors say Poti will be traded on draft day and right know I think Florida makes sence because they need D. I also wouldn’t be shocked to see him back in Edmonton because they are having defensive troubles.

Dale Purinton – NYR – Restricted so easy pick up.

Darius Kasparitus – NYR – Still under contract and they can’t trade him with that inflated salary.

Pavel Bure – Retirement – With his injury problems and job offers from Russia I sincerley doubt an NHL come back the CBA just seals the deal.

Sandy McCarthy – NYR – He won’t attract alot of attention.

Mark Messier – Retirement – Sad to say he is done.

Blair Betts – NYR – Still under contract.

Bobby Holik – NYR – Still under contract. Another one like Kasparitus he has too much of an inflated contract.

Cory Larose – NYR – RFA

Josef Balej – NYR – Still under contract.

Jamie Lundmark – NYR – He has a bright young player and I doubt he’ll be let go.

Tomas Pock – NYR – Still under contract.

Karl Rachunek – NYR – RFA.

Chris McCallister – NYR – RFA.

Boris Mironov – NJ Philly or NYR – All these teams were interested earlier in the season.

Jan Hlavac – NYR – RFA

Dan Lacoutre – NYR – RFA

Mike Green – NYR – RFA

Josh Green – NYR – RFA

Jaromir Jagr – NYR – Still under contract.

Joel Bouchard – NYR – RFA

Eric Lindros – Tor – It pains me to say this but from the sounds of it the concushion king will be a Leaf.

Well I heard the Yashin rumor and that is kinda weird. There is also the Fernandez rumor. And also they could use a Centre men like Rolston.

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