Who's Gonna Be Crowned??

The HTR Hockey Pool inscriptions are all done and the pool is now up and running.

Thank you to the 76 HTR members that participated, now let’s the challenge begin!

Click “read more” to get all the info needed about the pool…STANDINGS


POOL ID: htr

PASSWORD: rumors


You can make a MAXIMUM OF 3 TRADES during the season, when you do so, you can’t go over your total budget.

When you trade away a player, you keep his points up to and including the time he was traded, and start collecting points from the new player on all

games thereafter. Trades made before 11:00pm PST will be effective for games played that night, so you have all day to make your trades

To make a trade, please follow these simple instructions:

Email adress: HTRpool@Yahoo.ca

Email subject: “Trade”

Write the following in the email..






**Please note that due the amount of emails I receive, all of those missing something (i.e. HTR NAME) will be deleted and may not receive a reply explaining why “the trade hasn’t been made yet”. Also allow a maximum of 24hours for the trade to be completed after the email is sent**

The winner(s) and the prize(s) will be announced on HTR. To receive a prize, you have to be a registered member of HTR so I suggest to anybody who used a fake HTR name on their inscription to register it in order to claim any prize. I will also personally check EVERY inscriptions ONE-BY-ONE to make sure everyone has the same 65M$ budget. Anyone who’s believed to have cheated will have it’s incription deleted.

Please send any question/comments to HTRpool@Yahoo.ca

Good luck to you all!


11 Responses to Who's Gonna Be Crowned??

  1. Naslund4ever says:

    I am thankful for your hard work, but I still cannot access the pool standings. I went to http://www.officepools.com and put in “htr” and ‘rumors’, but nothing happens.

    Any suggestions??

  2. CaptainModano says:

    Are you sure the officepools page is set on “Regular Season” and not “Playoffs”?

  3. Naslund4ever says:

    yes, regular season is in white

  4. Lint07 says:

    When you do so, a new window with the pool in it is suppose to appear.

    You are the 1st one having a problem with officepools yet. Do you have any problems with your computer?

  5. Naslund4ever says:

    Not that I know of???

  6. Lint07 says:

    I suggest you to try and access the pool on another computer.

    If it works, it means the problem is your computer (most likely) it may not really be a “problem”, simply an intern thing like a “cookies” option or something (I’m sorry, I’m not a computer genius!)

    It if doesn’t, it may be that you somehow don’t enter the informations correctly.

    Other than that, I couldn’t say what the problem may be.

  7. Krazykhris says:

    I sent my team in twice, and I don’t think that I’m listed at officepools. Hope I’m in this thing.

    Could you check for me, thanx.

  8. Lint07 says:

    what is your email adress?? It may have slip through the emails…

    try re-sending it to HTRpool@yahoo.ca AND dancinshoes@hotmail.com

    I’ll see what I can do.

  9. ElephantitisoftheBalls says:

    You idiots don’t even realize I have 3 different teams under different names. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I will take my crown now please….leave the queen to Lint07

  10. Lint07 says:

    Yes, I did realize it and know who you are, I have to finish looking at all the entries before I take some actions.

    There are no specific rules for how many HTR name you may have, as long as you are registered.

    But there are however certain limit to how many cocky retards we want to keep in the pool… As you can see you’re not even close to being #1 anyway… with 3 different teams, so it’s not like it’s a big deal anyway.

    Hockey knowledge at it’s best, there.

  11. 24cups says:

    Stupid cunt!!!

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