Who's the Best Right Winger in Hockey?

Oh those were the days seeing Kurri bury passes from 99, or Bossy flying down the wing blowing shots pass goalies, or seeing Guy Lafleur flying hair and all gliding around the ice effortlessly. Those were some of the greatest Right Wingers in the game. But today there is some good ones in their own right. Here is the top 10.

1. Jarome Iginla – Perhaps the best player in the NHL never mind just RW. He does it all for the Flames. He is their spiritual and emotional leader. He leads through reason or by example. He is perhaps the league’s best goal scorer and he does it without the aid of world class talent around him. He can carry the offence and a team on the back of his shoulders and will the Flames to victory. He plays even better when the games matter more. He can play physical, has great hands, a terrific shot and is dangerous on offence every shift. He has the size and speed that is ideal for a power winger. He IS the Flames.

2. Jaromir Jagr – When Jagr is feeling good, there may not be a more dominant hockey player in the world today. When Jagr is on his game he is near impossible to knock off the puck. His vision and creativity are matched by few, he can score at will or find teammates out of nowhere. He can make something out of nothing. His size and long reach are huge assets. He has deceptive speed and unbelievable hockey sense. When he wants to he can carry a team for months. He is probably the most dangerous guy on the powerplay. The thing is, it is unknown if he will show up for games or if he will even play as he is hurt often. But that doesnt overshadow his skills. They are first class.

3. Marian Hossa – talent wise, one of the best in the league regardless of position. The numbers dont lie. The man is productive. He can beat you with his great speed and quickness. He can overpower you with his great strength as he is difficult to contain and knock off the puck. He has such a well rounded game that it often goes unnoticed if he isnt making a highlight reel play. He is a sniper with a great pair of hands. But he can read plays well and make things happen. Many may argue he is more productive now than Jagr and as productive and Iginla but he has yet to prove he can carry a team on his shoulders and deliver when it counts most. His disappearing act in the playoffs is rather surprising for a guy this talented.

4. Martin St Louis – St Louis was not just handed the MVP for nothing. He earned it the hard way. He is underrated due to him playing with players who were stars in their teens. His biggest asset is his speed. One of the fastest players in the NHL, he is shifty, quick and near impossible to catch. He is great at both ends of the ice and is one of the best in transition. The new rules were made for players like him. His other big asset is his heart. He is a terrific leader, leading by example never giving up on any play.

5. Todd Bertuzzi – He will forever be remembered for the Steve Moore incident. But people forget he is a great hockey player. The man can dominate games. When the Bertuzzi train is rolling, there is no stopping it. He will go to the net and park himself there and be impossible to move. He can be devastating physically making opponents sorry they challenged him. But he not only has the size he has great speed for a big man, terrific hands that help him around the net and is swift like no other big man around. he is a threat every time he is on the ice. He simply needs to stay out of the penalty box to maximize his ice time and his effectiveness.

6. Dany Heatley – The adversity that Heatley has faced overshadows his career so far. Hopefully this will make him a stronger and better person in the end. But there is no denying his talents. If he can get back to focusing on playing hockey, Heatley will be one of the best. He is always dangerous on the ice. He sees the play in another dimension and is a terrific passer. But he is a goal scorer too who can light it up. He has good size, deceptive speed and really is one of hte more creative players around. How well he does depends on himself and whether he can regain his form. But there is no denying it. He is a top end talent.

7. Milan Hedjuk – Perhaps the most overlooked man in hockey. It’s a product of playing with Sakic, Forsberg, Bourque, Roy, Blake, Foote. Simply put, Hedjuk is a goal scorer. The man can score at will and perhaps may be the best goal scorer in the NHL. one of the last to notch 50 goals, he has the talents to do it again. He has terrific hands. His release is so quick that it catches goalies off guard. While eyes are often on the Avs other stars, Hedjuk can quietly find the open space and get himself into dangerous offensive position. you cant teach these kind of smarts. he has great speed and is a danger whenever he is on the ice.

8. Daniel Alfredsson – He is often made fun of for his crusty the clown hairstyle (which he has now gotten rid of). He sometimes speaks his mind too much making off the wall predictions of Cup wins but underneath all that is a terrific hockey player. He plays with sandpaper which is courageous for a player that small. His work ethic is second to none. He owns one of the best wrist shots from the point and is usually dangerous every shift. He will either create things using his blazing speed or his puck skills. What is often overlooked is his defensive play. that is first rate. He is an underrated penalty killer and checker. He is a leader. Yes his performances in playoffs are nothing great, but is the undisputed leader of the Sens. One of these days he must deliver on some of his promises.

9. Alex Kovalev – perhaps the best pair of hands in hockey. there is no player I find more mesmorizing than Kovalev. His moves borderline on the unreal. He is the best stickhandler in the league. He can blow by you with great speed, or power by you with his strength. He has one of the best shots and can be a devastating sniper. But he can also create something out of nothing with his terrific moves and wonderful vision. Perhaps a bit complacent, perhaps too fancy, perhaps too soft, but perhaps one of hte most exciting players to watch in the league. Often leaves everyone wondering how he did that?

10. Bill Guerin – Bloated contract or not, Geurin is one of the primier power forwards in the game. He is strong, big and very willing to mix it up physically. He has great wheels that really help him on the forecheck. The man is a great sniper who can annually pot 30-40 goals a year. He has a terrific shot. His days as a Devil turned him into a very good two way player. But he is a bull with a mean streak, going to the net willingly and making things happen with his speed and strength.

There are many quality right wingers that simply didnt crack the top 10. Players like Marian Gaborik, Zigmund Palffy, Shane Doan, Pavol Demitra, Brett Hull, Mark Recchi, Glen Murray, Miro Satan are all deserving of some consideration but simply do not cut it against the guys listed above.

The future is bright in the NHL as there are several young stars who are ready to carry the torch and be the next group of top RWers in the game.

1. Tuomo Ruutu – strong, gritty and skilled, the perfect player to turn Chicago back to the old blackhawks of their glory days in the Stadium. Could be an even more skilled version of Esa Tikkanen.

2. Nikolai Zherdev – Has all the tools to be the next exciting player to enter the league. great speed, terrific hands, great puck skills, offensive smarts he has all the offensive tools to be a dangerous player for years.

3. Patrice Bergeron – has a nose for the net, terrific offensive skills and good speed. Will be one of those guys who gets overshadowed by bigger name players but who in the end you will see on the scoresheet almost every game.

4. Michael Ryder – showed off great speed and skills in very productive rookie year. has great size to be a power winger without the physical player. reminds me of another maritimer Glen Murray.

5. Jonathan Cheechoo – this kid is a highlight reel. can score some amazing goals. has the size you like, the willingness to mix it up to make the play and speed that reminds me of a young Glen Anderson.

The star winger will get all the press time but many teams rely on certain players in all situations especially defensively. it’s these players that go a long way to determining a team’s success. Their impact may not be on the score sheet but their contributions are invaluable.

1. Steve Yzerman – turned from being one of the most dangerous players in the 80s and 90s on offence to a defensive stalwart. Perhaps the best leader in hockey. He is an inspiration to all players. unfortunately injuries are far too often for him to be effective long term.

2. Jere Lehtinen – one of the best two way players in the game, can win a selke but pot 30 goals. speed and smarts are why he is so strong on defence.

3. Scott Walker – Brings defensive smarts, grit and leadership to the table every night. Can give you 25 goals but also yoemen work in the trenches. is the face of the Preds, speed, grit, determination.

4. Martin Lapointe – Player that opponents and fans love to hate. The guy is an agitator. He scores big goals, throws big hits and can check a top player into the ice.

5. Jamie Langenbrunner – can fill in any role asked of him. He has good size, speed and skills but leaves many asking for more. comes up huge in big games.

Well there you have it. The best the NHL has to offer in terms of Right Wingers. There will be plenty of arguments here as I have made controversial picks in Daniel Alfredsson and Bill Guerin in the top 10. There may be guys excluded who have better skills than Alfie but I love what this guy brings to the table every game. Bottom line is that if he isnt scoring, he is doing many other little things that impact the team. And Guerin is a proven winner, and a guy who is one of the league’s better scorers. Power forwards are at a premium but he has shown to be one of the best. The guy hits, fights and score. Gotta love that in a hockey player even if he is a total you know what. you may love to hate these players as I do (i wrote a hateful article about Guerin once and as a Leafs fan I dispise Alfie) but as hockey players they are two of the better ones in my mind.

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  1. mmatras says:

    Agreed: Iginila is #1. I hate to admit it as an Oilers fan, but I really believe Iginla is currently the best player in hockey. I can’t imagine anyone else I would want to build a team around for a cup run. He is to the flames what Smyth is to the Oilers: and ambassador for the team, the city, and the game. He is to the flames what Forsberg is for the Flyers: A guy that scares the hell out of you when he’s on the ice in the final minute of a tie game against your favorite team. He logs minutes in all situations, never complained about when he was a 52 goal scorere on a terrible team, and he wasn’t scared to drop the gloves with Lecavalier in the playoffs. He sticks up for his teammates. Iginla commands respect not because he runs his mouth and touts how good he is compared to others (Hossa and Kovalchuk come to mind), he commands respects, and gets it accross the league, because he plays with respect for the game, for its players, and for its fans.

  2. robinson19 says:

    Kovalev all the way. How can you blame him for not having heart with the RANGERS? Darcy Tucker wouldn’t have heart with the rangers. Now that Kovalev is somewhere he loves and is loved he is back on top of the league’s wingers.

  3. habs79 says:

    Of course you have your opinion and I have mine. We just don’t see this issue the same way. However I do have to bring up that Datsyuk doesn’t seem to be returning to the wings this year so Yzerman will probably end up at center.

  4. habs79 says:

    Great points one question. Does Lecavalier scare alot of players from dropping the gloves?

  5. wingerxxx says:

    He still plays quite a few shifts at center. In the last season played, he still took a ton of faceoffs and stayed at center ice. I have a good friend in Michigan who watches the Wings almost every night that can confirm this. But he plays a lot of shifts at wing too.

  6. Scruffy05 says:

    He plays left wing buddy.

  7. wingerxxx says:

    Playing badly just because you don’t want to be in a certain city is no excuse. He didn’t exactly light it up during his regular season games in Montreal either. It was only playoff time that he came alive…and even then, he was wildly inconsistent.

  8. Scruffy05 says:

    Bertuzzi is an easy top five.

  9. wingerxxx says:

    Kovalev IS the most skilled player in the league. Doesn’t make him the best though.

  10. nordiques100 says:

    we sure do. i am glad we can discuss it in a civilized manner instead of it getting personal or nasty or completely off topic like many disagreements here seem to be.

  11. nordiques100 says:

    funny thing was he wanted to be a ranger. that is where he started. i htink that is where he wanted to finish up. unfortunately alot of things didnt work out in NY.

  12. Veggetto19 says:

    Bull iginla is not the best right winger every one on the list is better except i hate bertuzzi more so iginla is better than him.

  13. FLAMESOWNU says:

    i picked iginla cuz he is the best, flame or no flame

  14. Veggetto19 says:

    Bull iginla is not the best right winger every one on the list is better except i hate bertuzzi more so iginla is better than him.

  15. habs79 says:

    As for that we do agree. There always seem to be alot of bashing although I have to admit alot of the rumours I read on here seem like people just come up with them off the top of their head. It’s like well I could do that trade in NHL 06 or 2k6 so it could work in real life.

  16. habs79 says:

    Just wondering are there any valid reasons or are you just complaining cause you feel like it?

  17. dcz28 says:

    So your saying that Kovalev has more skill than Lemieux, Federov, Datsyuk, Hossa and others?…..I like Kovalev but personally i dont think he has the best skills in the league…he is up there but not at the top

  18. wingerxxx says:

    Just what exactly do you base that on? I can’t think of a single logical argument you could possibly make to back that up. Although you are entitled to hate Bertuzzi all you want.

  19. dcz28 says:

    Actually Yzerman played centre today in the scrimmage at camp and was -3 against Zetterberg who had 2 goals one assist before getting injured (Zetterberg that is) but its not a serious injury…Zetterberg was playing with Williams and Shanahan but they did not say who Yzerman had on the wings (no pun intended)

  20. FLAMESOWNU says:

    ummm thats the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. Iginla isn’t just the best RW in the league..u could also make an argument for best forward in the league

    ur comments are absoultly ridiculas

  21. gamer88 says:

    Are you absolutely brain dead??? Perhaps you didn’t pay attention when Iginla won his 2 Richard trophies?? Or when he won his Lester B Pearson award?? Or olympic gold medal, a game in which he had 2G and 1A?? Or perhaps you didn’t see when he won the scoring title??

    I also beleive it was the Great One himself who said that he had never seen a single player dominate a game more then Iginla did in game 7 vs’s the canucks.

    Man your stupid

  22. FLAMESOWNU says:


  23. FLAMESOWNU says:

    ummm thats the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. Iginla isn’t just the best RW in the league..u could also make an argument for best forward in the league

    ur comments are absoultly ridiculas

  24. gamer88 says:

    Not only is Iggy an offensive leader, he’s the locker room leader, he works hard, leads by example. He grinds, plays defnese on every shift and he even drops the gloves to stand up for his teammates, which is a rarity. Most star players shy away and let the enforcer step in for them, whereas iginla goes in to stand up for his guys. I believe he had a total of 3 fights in the playoffs. Thats unheard of for anyone.

  25. muckies says:

    Love Iggy at #1, the best in hockey

    As a die hard Sens fan, Hossa added the most intensity at the forward position of any Sen ever. He scored a goal aginst Philly in game #1 that will probably be the best goal ever scored in the Corel center. he tried to lead the Sens in the playoffs, and on many nights he did, but with the game on the line there was no way Hossa would pass the puck to Bonk. he tried to do it on his own, which i don’t blame him for.

    its to bad he isn’t on a playoff team. with a guy he could pass the puck to -and know he would get it back -this guy could be the best in the game.

    He kills penalty’s, on the PP, sick 5 on 5, and wants to be remembered as one of the greatest players ever, and he understands that will be done in the playoffs.

    People used to say Stevie Y. underachived, but he stepped over the Blue line in Game 7 against the Blues and nobody has said anything since. that was 10 years into his career.

    Hossa will go down as one of the greatest ever, he will make it happen in the playoffs, he will win a Cup, he just needs time.

  26. gamer88 says:

    “Now that Kovalev is somewhere he loves and is loved he is back on top of the league’s wingers.”

    That is one of the laimest excuses ever. Not playing hard cause your not “where you wanna be”??? Thats radiculous, did you ever once hear Iggy complain while he was in calgary all those bad years?? NOO!! A real star player works even harder in a bad situation to do what he can to take the team over the top, whereas Kovalev NEEDS to be on a good team where they can win without him, and then and only then does he go out and try.

    What a useless piece of crap this guy is.

  27. habswinthecup-again says:

    Obviously not as much skill as Mario in his prime, but right now yes. Kovalev is the probably the most skilled player in the NHL, he just does not show up enough to make it count.

  28. Tuner44 says:

    I am in shock that Marcus Naslund is not mentioned. Highest scoring winger averaged over last 4 yrs. Voted MVP by his peers. top 3 in order




  29. Scruffy05 says:

    Nazzy is left wing… this is best right winger…

  30. Deke says:

    Knock out punch with a keyboard and passion for the game !!

    Nice work

  31. habs_punk says:

    Lemieux is a hard read, he isn’t as good as he once was, but he is still an incredible talent, but hands down, he’s got a ton more pure skill than Federov and Datsyuk, Hossa’s close though. Federov is the better overall player for sure, but I don’t know why you’re throwing Datsyuk in there. A couple more years and it’s possible, but definately not yet.

  32. FLAMESOWNU says:

    very nicely said

  33. FLAMESOWNU says:


  34. FLAMESOWNU says:

    maybe nasuland isnt a right-winger?

  35. bammer91 says:

    i thought that too but then i looked at the top and it said right wingers not left wingers

  36. dcz28 says:

    For Datsyuk i just meant that he is very very skilled but not for overall play… he is also more of a playmaker (thinks pass first) but a good shooter when he decides to shoot…about Federov vs Kovalev i dont know i’ve seen Federov play for years since i’m a Wings fan and to me when he is on his game he can be deadly and like Kovalev when he is not you can hardly notice him on the ice…my choice would be Federov before Kovalev but that is my opinion and i respect yours

  37. cwthrash says:

    The NHL just played 52-card pickup. It’s a free-for-all.

    Very few teams can be considered a lock to get into the playoffs. On the flip side, very few teams can be considered out of the running from the start.

    Predictions of which team will do what were always speculation in the past, though many were an educated guess. This year, who the hell can tell? So much movement, so many new players on each team, so much unknown chemistry with the players and/or coach.

    Make up 30 note cards with each team’s name, throw them into the wind, pick up the first 16 you find. That’s pretty much the best odds you’ll get this year.

  38. GretzNYR99 says:

    Kovalev can dominate on any night he wants to, it’s whether he’ll show up or not. Mario Lemieux and Mark Messier were both quoted as saying that Kovalev’s hands are bar-none, the best they’ve ever seen, and that’s obviously saying a lot. He’s incredible offensively.

    The most offensively skilled winger though in the NHL would probably have to be Jagr.

    I’ve seen Jagr make moves and completely rip through defenses with a defender or two on his back. This is a guy who just gets it all done offensively, and doesn’t make haste of it. Defenders fear him, he’s the most dangerous player in the world from the blueline in, being that unlike Iginla, Hossa, Hejduk, Guerin, and Kovalev, he passes just as much as he shoots, if not a slight bit more. He makes everyone around him that much better.

    I may not like Jagr as much as some of the other left wingers on here, despite the fact that he is a Ranger, but there is absolutely no denying his skill. He doesn’t need a Lemieux or a Francis to be effective. He’ll score big under the new rules, and hopefully lead the Rangers into the playoffs.

  39. Resmo112 says:

    actually Yzerman played right yesterday and today, the day zetterberg got hurt he played right. also Yzerman was playing with maltby and murray.

  40. Sundinfan says:

    since when in the bloody hell has steve yzerman been a right wing? seriously when?

  41. hockeyhead says:

    glen murray (size, speed, big time shot)

    35, 44, 32 goals last three years

    has to be ahead of guerin….just has to.

    dany heatley should be second….complete hockey player.

  42. porkchops says:

    I have to agree on the Jagr comment, there is noone that has more talent than Jagr in the NHL currently (Maybe Lemieux, but at his age I dont think so). Jagr makes everyone around him better, can take on 2, 3 defenders at a time. Too bad he only plays when he feels like it.

    Kovalev is the same way, plays when he feels like it. I agree he has talent but nowhere near Jagr type talent.

  43. PSU_Penguin says:

    Personally, I’d rather have Kovy or Hejduk than Palffy on the pens this season.

  44. CanDude says:

    Dude… you just said that Jagr sucks since he left Pittburgh… when in fact he’s averaged over a point a game SINCE then.

    Not even Iginla has that.

    But you’re calling a guy a retard for mixing up left and right wingers?

    haha. nice.

  45. CanDude says:

    You have to admit…

    … it IS still true. Regardless that he’s a flamer.

  46. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:


  47. wingsfan13 says:

    actually i have no like or dislike for the flames whatsoever, I think they have a respectable team.

  48. wingsfan13 says:

    I like to generate controversy, not just go along with everything everyone says. Just because I have an opinion or don’t have a post every week doesn’t mean I’m an idiot or know little. I just dislike Iginla’s mannerism’s during the playoffs especially. If one is to much a follower he tends to overlook the subtle things. I’m not gonna list the stats for or against wat i said.

  49. thekeyholespy says:

    as for the future right wingers i’d like to see Havlat in that list

  50. thekeyholespy says:

    as for the future right wingers i’d like to see Havlat in that list

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