Who's The Next HTR Poster Boy?

Now That It’s Confirmed Bryan McCabe and a late round pickĀ  Is Headed to the Panthers For Mike Van Ryn WHO will be the Poster Boy for HTR???

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  1. Rico420 says:

    why not new meets old sort of theme – Brent Ashton and Mike Sillinger hold the record for amount of times traded – Ashton was a 30 goal scorere a couple of times – Dave McLlwain played for 4 different teams in a season – there's someone who deserves to be immortalized haha!

  2. hockey_what86 says:

             JONATHAN TOEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. habswinthecup-again says:

     Once again I must forgive you, but how are you able to remember these things? jeesh

  4. Motherpucker says:

    LIDSTROM.  No question.

  5. Bure96 says:

    Ryan Shannon!!!

  6. Viceroy says:

    Yeah a zombie Luc Bourdon pic would be awesome!  Ermmm… sorry, I guess that was maybe in bad taste.  I apologize to all the Canucks fans out there.

    p.s. I vote for zombie Luc Bourdon.

  7. THEGREATHAB says:

    If Stamkos produces,  I think you will see StLouis moved,  or at least rumored all year, so he would be a good fit for the banner.

    My second choice would be Patrick Marleau,  he has been rumored for the last couple of years,  and may be rumored for the next couple.

  8. Rico420 says:

    How can as a Habs fan you forget Plek's saying

    "Yeah I'm pretty sure I played like a girl tonight"..

    I remember seeing that and thinking "oh boy"

    Alex Daigle in the Ottawa sun Nurse get up – complete with pantyhose..uggh.

  9. 29teamsrock says:

    So many choices, let's see… you can go with a good player like Iggy, Ovech, Lecavallier or Thorton.

    You could go funny like, any Leaf, Manon Rheaome, Seth Rogan or Kramer
    You could go with trade likely guys like Latendress, Baumester, Koivu or Gomez
    You could even go with a sexy look, like any girl named Jessica, Jenny Hedger from TSN, Alisha Cuthburg or Dreamy Mike Ricci.
    But my vote would be for 2002 Team Canada.
    However, I bet we will just get a Maccbaby in a Florida Jersey. 
  10. nordiques100 says:

    haha my hockey knowledge knows no bounds.

    the habs played weak and small after he said that. what a shame too. i wanted them to beat philly and face pitt but the flyers had no fear playing against the ladies.

    thats why i love the signing of big georges. i dont think any mention of nurse outfits, girls and fun accessories will stop the habs from playing big now. they should be able to go into corners with no fear knowing someone is there to kick the skates out of someone.

  11. Plekanec says:

        You should illustrate what this web site is about "TRADES" but also other factors comes to consideration, "I" think it should  at least be a player playing for one of the original SIX and who is bound to get traded. Koivu would be nice but who wouldn't like to see "Jennifer Hedger" as the new face of HTR, preferably in a Bikini!

  12. Plekanec says:

     to be serious, who else than Mike "no home" Sillinger! That guy as seen more address than a Pinay refuge!

  13. kamullia says:

    Listed in Alphabetical order, these 3 are probably the most high-end players at their generic position which will gather the most speculation about their situation and their teams trading them during the year:

      Bowmeester (D), Gaborik (F), Khabibulin (G).

    Sundin is the most important and sought out, but that situation should clear up soon, and even if it does not and Sundin decides to stay in limbo (e.g. not playing for any team and not retiring, but leaving the option to lace them up during the year) he will simply affect specifically one team and not two like a trade does.

    After all the name of the site includes “trade” in it, it probably should reflect just as much.

  14. wheresthesoda says:

    Dupuis was traded from the Rangers after only 3 games.

  15. jrcortez25 says:

    My pick would be a combination of the young core of players from the KINGS.

    Kopi, Brownie, Sully, JMFJ, Doughty, and Bernier.

  16. wheresthesoda says:

    I don't think the Islanders are getting rid of him, and nobody is going to trade for that old guizer

  17. Dadams9 says:

    I agree with Steve Downie, Rick Nash, and Jonathan Teows

  18. rx79msg says:

    F*ck yeh DOWNIE!!!

  19. rx79msg says:

    Kings ??? Not even there own fans care bout king palyers lol!

  20. SpecialSpotExaminer says:

    Come on now, guys. The new poster boy for HTR has to be someone classy. Someone that when their name is spoken, "hockey" is the first thing that comes to mind. Someone who has done more for the NHL than Brett Hull did for the Blues. Someone who gave his life for the game of hockey. No sports fans, I'm not talking about Brittany Cecil. I'm talking about

  21. simplyhabby says:

    After reading some other comments, Mike Milbury is the logical choice.

    One of the craziest players, a crazy GM who has made the craziest trades.  Milbury is the choice!

    In addition, you will get a plug on CBC or any other talk show he is on noting that a website has him as the poster boy.

  22. pezzz says:

    how about Sundin in a bathing suit ?

  23. pezzz says:


    changed teams 3 times before even playing a signle NHL game.

  24. pezzz says:

    Chris Bekcford-Tseu is the man

  25. pezzz says:



  26. pezzz says:


  27. leafy says:

    Haha!  With mugs like this, how can you lose?  Btw, these guys could also be poster boys for the scissors industry!

  28. ChyldProdigy says:

    I'm a Leafs fan, but I honestly don't think there's anyone poster worthy left except possibly Kabs.
    So I say cater to the second largest fan base on this site and go Habs.  Carey Price is my vote.  Goalies just look cooler anyway…

  29. KevinBaconFan says:

    I don't think Carey Price does this web site justice.  I prefer a true hockey hero.  Someone who represents the fans of this web site.  Someone who screams class and is as American as retarded apple pie.  How about Superman?  This was Russell Crowe's screen test. superman

  30. jmarkow says:

    Mike Sillinger

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