Why A Trade Between Toronto and Detroit Would Make Perfect Sense

Yes I know it seems like the last thing Detroit would do would be to part with one of their young offencive stars but a trade with Toronto would make perfect sense. The trade would look something like this.
Pavel Datsyuk

Darcy Tucker
Mike Peca(would be healthy for playoffs)
and conditional 2nd rounder(if the leafs can resign Datsyuk)

This trade would give the Red Wings sandpaper that they despritly need and it would give Toronto a consistant regular season performer and a young star to follow up Sundin. At first sight anyone who looks at this article would laugh but think of it. Why has Detroit gotten kicked out of the playoffs so early the past 3 years? they had the lack of someone with offencive flare and some grit. Peca may have lost his offencive flare but Tucker has got it more than ever. Also with the loss of Shannahan and Yzerman the wings have a serious lack of leadership past Lidstrom.

For the Leafs this would make sense because Darcy Tucker is going to have a serious raise at the end of the season and if the Leafs are smart they should deal him. Peca they could resign in the off-season for maybe
1.5 million. Datsyuk would look great on Sundins wing because Sundin works well with skill and grit which is why they would keep Poni up on that line and move Antropov to centring 3rd line. Toronto fans also deserve some excitment on the ice. Sundin has been providing that for years and its time for him to hand down to someone who can light the lamp in the most phenominal ways. Each teams lines would look something like:


For Toronto


(those lines are for the playoffs should Toronto get in)
Now I am not saying that this trade will happen but would it not make perfect sense. Comments?