Why Backstrom can affect the Buds

So Nicklas Backstrom looks like he is going back to Minni.

“An unrestricted free agent on July 1st, Backstrom said he feels his heart is with the team in Minnesota, and made that point clear to his agent last weekend. It’s believed Backstrom is worth over $3 million per season but re-signing him could force the Wild into trading netminder Manny Fernandez.ESPN.COM/AP

So with this in mind what does this mean to the Leafs, and pretty much the rest of the league, Manny Fernandez, a premiere NHL goaltender just last year will be available.
The Leafs have some big cap hits that they could possibly match Manny’s contract with to pull off a possible big trade that could possibly fix some of the “mistakes” that our boy JFJ has committed. It has already been stated by the former that he has something big up his sleeves in the coming off-season, so lets help it looks like this:

Going to Minny:

Pavel Kubina $5 Million (3 years remaining)
Raycroft $2 million (2 years remaining)

Total salary: $7 million

Going to Toronto:

Manny Fernandez $4.33 million (2 years remaining)
Keith Carney $2.1 million (1 year remaining)

Total Salary: $6.433 million

So before you all jump to conclusions and say this is going to be horrible think about it from both sides.

First off, they get back a quality number 2 defenseman who just needs to get the ice time to prove his worth. He also is a player who rarely sees the press box because of injury, and with the defensive injury woes that Minny saw this past season, Pavel could be a great pickup for them.
In the net they now have the money that they needed in the goaltending department to sign Backstrom to about a $3 million deal. He and Raycroft together would come to $5 million. If you consider keeping Manny in Minny would have over $7 million committed to goal for the wild this is a great move for them.

The Leafs:

So the Leafs get a top 10-15 goalie in the NHL (check his stats). And as we saw from last season, even though we were letting up some of the least shots and providing some of the most in the league we were still getting outscored, so a true no. 1 goalie would be a godsend for the Leafs. Also the 2 year contract at that price takes 1 year off of what Kubina’s salary would have bit into, it also leaves the possibility open for Leafs prospects such as POGGE to step up when Manny’s contract is over.
Secondly, Keith Carney is not a great defenseman, and he is overpaid, but there is only 1 year left on his contract, and he is a pretty good defensive defenseman that the Buds could really use. He had 17 points last season and was a plus 22. These numbers would be very helpful to the leafs lineup. The 1 year contract also allows the possibility of “your boy” Anton Strallman coming up next season or the season following.


This deal works for both teams. Minny gets a contract to match Manny’s, and it fills a hole on defense for them.
Toronto get a great goalie, and gets rid of a high paid defenseman who they really dont need.
People will look at this trade as being lopsided going either way, but in the end it is a matter of two desperate teams (in terms of salary issues) making a trade in the new NHL to match salaries to abide by the CAP issues each team faces. Now both these teams will be able to spend money where they need to.

Tell me what yall think.


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  1. FarFromFreedom says:

    you have the right idea but it will never happen. i say that because look at the years remaining in what the Leafs are giving to Minnisota and what the Leafs are getting back. sure Kubina is a good defenceman and sure he culd be much better with more powerplay time but that 3 years left and 15 million owing .. no team is going to pick that up .. the Leafs are stuck with it simply because JFJ isnt creative .. if we had a gm like Colangino .. sure he wuld have been gone at the deadline .. unfortunatly we dont. I like the idea of Fernandez to Toronto .. ive made several articles with Fernandez coming to Toronto and i can see it happening but when Vesa Toskela is been offered around .. why not take a picth for him .. a much younger and better goaltender. I personally think the Leafs should not pickup Coliacovo deal and just bring in Stralman. Who would you rather have .. a kid whos compared to Lidstrom or a kid who is hurt every 5th game. take your pick. all in all you have the right idea but Kubina aint goin anywhere.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Minny will not wat Raycroft back. A more realistic trade

    Kubina, Leafs 1st for Fernandez, Carney, Minny's 1st

    Leafs move down the draft, but get a number one guy

  3. lukeleim says:

    they have Josh Harding… He's better than Raycroft already.

  4. Hoondog2 says:

    First off, I hate the Colangelo comparison that people always make.  The Raptors had/have youth in the system, second, it is a lot easier to rebuild a basketball line-up especially if you have some youth in the system!  There's no comparison.

    I think not signing Colaiacovo would be a mistake, most of his injuries have been fluke injuries, and giving him 1 or 2 seasons to find out would be the best move.  Colaiacovo can go into the lineup and help, but nobody knows much about Stralman, he could maybe use another season of seasoning.

    I think moving Kubina is not impossible, the main thing being he is a good defenseman, so keeping him until you can get the maximum value back would be the thing to do.  Someone will get desperate enough to make a move for him, and if nobody does, keep him.

  5. lukeleim says:

    Pavel Kubina, Ben Ondrus and Robbie Earl for Manny Fernandez

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    They'll fetch more for him. Thats why adding Carney is a good idea.

  7. BrianColangeloNHLGM says:

    Number 1 Josh Harding has played about 10 games in the big show, number 2, its not a matter of them having him or not, it is the fact that Minny is going to have to absorb some bad to get rid of a big contract, it just the way things work now adays

  8. Hoondog2 says:

    Has Josh Harding won a calder trophy?  Has he got 37 wins in a season?  I'm not claiming Raycroft is the best goalie in the league, or that Harding won't be better, but to suggest Harding is better already is plain ludicrous.

  9. lukeleim says:

    once he gets the oportunities to achieve those heights, im sure he'll accomplish… Maybe he's not better this very second, but I'd rather have Harding over raycroft.

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