Why Brian Burke, when Cliff is doing oh so well?

As the 2008 NHL Entry Draft came and went, no one could hide the shear enjoyment of Leaf fans all over the city of Toronto; as they finally felt they took some progressive steps into the direction to a positive rebuild. Though success could be miles away.

This year, the Leafs had the 7th overall pick in the draft, and was looking for the right player to build a franchise around. A day before the draft, news broke that the Leafs were attempting to trade up in the draft and draft one of the big four defenceman, most notibly, Niagra Ice Dogs defenceman Alex Pietrangelo.

On the day of the draft, their was no fear by Leaf fans for trading their 7th overall pick for another goalie as Vesa Toskala seems to be one of the best acquisitions that the Leafs made in years. Toronto was determned to move up in the draft, and they did, trading picks with Islanders to become 5th overall in the draft. With this pick, they drafted a punishing defenceman named Luke Shcenn of the Kelowna Rockets, with comparison to Adam Foote or Dion Phaneuf. Some conisder him to be the defenceman with the most potential in this draft, now its time to see how we do.

With their second round pick, the Leafs drafted Jimmy Hayes, a power forward from the United States. Hayes is known to be a powerful guy, with great speed and great hands, and not afraid to go to the net.

Also, the Leafs traded one of their multiple third rounders for Toronto native Jamal Mayers, a more defensive specialist who would be needed by Toronto.

A look at the Leafs probable top prospects list:

Luke Schenn
Anton Stralman

Justin Pogge

Jiri Tlusty
Nikolai Kulemin
Jimmy Hayes

So for something that was so thin a month ago, seemed to improve a tad after the draft. They have a future great goaltender in Pogge, some forwards in Kulemin, Tlusty and Hayes, and maybe a deadly defenisve pairing in Stralman and Shcenn. We all have seen what Stralman could do this year at the WC in Canada. Hopefully, he can bring it back to Toronto.

Ever since Cliff Fletcher came to Toronto, he has only made great moves for the Toronto organization. After this draft, no one I believe, can doubt Cliff’s ability to lead a rebuilding team.

So, lets ask the real question Leaf fans.

Why Brian Burke, when Cliff is doing so well?

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  1. i_know_hockey says:

    leafs 14-15 in eastern conference next year if without sundin… calling it now

  2. habsrock99 says:

    Ironically, during Gibbons tenure as Manager, the Jays ranked among the Top 3 in Grounding into Double Plays and this year has been no different as they sit at 1st with around 90 while 2nd most has around 70. Gibbons was also the only Manager in Baseball who didn't run. It took him 5 years as Manager to figure out that to be successful, you need a good running game, which the Jays don't really have.

  3. habsrock99 says:

    Everyone think's Jokinen was given away but in reality that trade was more even then people think. No one knows of Keith Ballard but I can assure you he is going to be a Norris candidate when he hits his prime. Cammallari was traded for 1st Round Picks. Like I said the Trade Market hasn't really changed, perhaps Fletcher was asking for too much for Wellwood's services or he would only try and trade him with a contract.

  4. leafy says:

    That's good!  The Leafs aren't contending for the Cup anyway, so may as well get a shot at Tavares or a top 5 pick.

    The Leafs need to get worse before they can get better. That's how Pittsburgh built their team, and the Leafs need to do the same.

  5. buds8 says:

    the Bobcat, what an idiot, he predicted the failure or non-success of TFC Soccer…..now he NEVER comments on it….TFC has a 1,000 person season-ticket waiting list……that's what I call a failure…..McCowan is an idiot and should NEVER EVER be quoted……EVER!!!!!!!!

  6. HABSSTAR says:

    I think not only is it posssible it's also very probable as he has the hammer.  They got nobody to replace him and at his age with the "interim" tag he could walk away if Peddie or any of the other idiots even looks in his direction.

    They're letting him do what he wants because:

    a) it's what the team needs
    b) he loses nothing if he quits tomorrow and
    c) MLSE knows it. 

  7. RealisticNick says:

    I know very well of Keith Ballard, but Boyton is on his way down and only a second round pick.  Ballard is actually coming off his worst season out of his 3.  I would think there would have been alot more and better offers on the table for a player like that.  So either the market is low or everyones expectations have been blow so far out of proportion that it just seems so.  Look at the Hossa deal though, that was for a rental player, I'm pretty sure someone would come up with something similar to have the player for an entire year or two.

  8. cam7777 says:

    I don't think it would take as much as I proposed to get Bouchard, no.  However, on this site you have to overcompensate in your comments for all the Leaf haters who assume that every Leaf player has no value whatsoever.  So i throw in Stajan.  I like Stajan too, but I'd rather have a young impact guy like Bouchard than more middling guys like Stajan.  I don't think he's got much more to offer than what he put up last year.  His value is high now, and Poni quietly had a solid end to the season.  Now is the time to move these guys. 

    I would say the same of Antropov, but I think he can still keep going higher.  I love his compete level, and I love how much he cares.  I loved when he got suspended mid year for freaking out on the ref in OT and throwing his stick.  Earlier that game he smashed his stick in half over his leg.  The guy cares, and he wants to be a Leaf.  You can't get rid of a guy like that.

    Idealy I'd say the same of Kubina, but he has to be traded simply because no one wants McCabe.  It's not right, but yea, whatchya gonna do?

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