Why Cliff Fletcher would be a better choice than John Muckler

All the talk about John Muckler coming to Toronto has got me concerned. I think this would be a bad decision and here is why. Muckler has made some bad decisions concerning his old club the Senators, he has left them in a pickle concerning the salary cap not looking towards the future at all. Martin Gerber was signed last summer for 3.5 million, the year before anyone close to hockey could see he was clearly not worth it, losing his job and when he did play letting in some bad goals. Now the sens can’t give him away. Zedeno Chara is another blunder. Tell me they couldn’t have used Chara against the hard charging Ducks. Not to mention Gary Roberts. Soon Redden will be a victim of poor Management and will have to be dealt.

Cliff Fletcher has been with the Leafs before, he knows how to handle the media and the pressures that come with the Leafs. He doesn’t want to be the domminating figure in the office and he garners a lot of respect amonst his peers and would be the ideal role model for JFJ. The combination of Fletchers savy with Fergusons youth and determination could be the right recipe for success.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    Fletcher definitely would be a better choice than Muckler(who I am no where near a fan of). But I don’t think Fletcher would be the best choice. The Leafs organization was on the right path by trying to bring Bowman in and they should continue in that direction….

  2. mojo19 says:

    Fletcher was in that type of situation before too as Barnett's senior advisor in Phoenix.

  3. masarume says:

    I am going to have to disagree with you there.

    Yes the Gerber signing was terrible and the money should've went into resiging Chara. Keep in mind that the Sens are not one of those teams taht are given a budget that pushes them right up to the Cap.

    Have we forgot how solid the Sens team actually is? The deal that sent Yashin to the Isle for SPEZZA and CHARA? The deal that sent an older Hossa away for a younger Heatley (plus the money he saved there). Ottawa has one of the BEST offensive defense corps in the league right now.

    They have weaknesses, but that's what GM's do… they address a team's weaknesses year by year till they win the cup. I think Muckler has done a fantastic job of that. A lot more than I can say for Fletcher.

  4. beefjerky says:

    There has to be somebody better than those two available…of course I can't think of anybody…

  5. leemon says:

     I don't think you could go wrong with either of them as much as i'd rather have muckler,I think that fletcher might be a safer bet.As he knows the city and media in toronto then muckler. Since he was GM here before he knows the ownership and could smooth things over for everyone. 

  6. wielerj says:

    yeah, you know, a muckler contract at this point seems to palpably desperate to me.  the problem here is that the leafs need somebody – not just to teach that twit jfj – but more importantly they need a respectable name to bring some credibility back to our organization which – i hate to say it – has turned into a bit of a laughing stock – and jfj is of course the star, front and centre, tied like  a marionette to the strings of the mystery board.  

    catch 22 is this.  that's why we need bowman.  that's why bowman would never come.  damn.  that sucks.  that's it.  that's all.
    ps – we could always bring quinn back. lol.  wouldn't that be a soap opera?
  7. wielerj says:

    hey check out hockeybuzz.com.  according to howard berger, fletcher is interested in coming to TO.  whether TO wants him is another story.  after all the board is still comprised of a number of members that actually fired his ass back in '97.  can i say 'ass' on this thing?  sorry, if i can't.

    that's it.  that's all.
  8. vindictiveb says:

    Howard Berger is a clown

  9. cartino says:

    If the Leafs want John-Mucklehead he's all yours.

    As a sens fan I'd have to honestly say he did some good in Ottawa but in the long run he didn't do enough and made more bad moves than good ones. I think he is one of those people who still rides his reputation from when he was with the Oilers and the game has passed him buy.

    First I'd like to clarify, he did not trade Yashin for Spezza+Heatley, it was his predecessor Marshall Johnson who made the trade on draft day (filling in I might add until the Sens could find another GM and he was going to step down)… Pretty good trade franchise cleansing/building trade for somoene on his way out.

    To give credit he has done some good moves:
    -Traded Hossa+overpaid De Vries for younger/cheaper/better Heatley
    -Traded Sami Salo for Peter Schaefer!! this can be argued but at the time Ottawa had too much depth at defence and he was expendable.
    -Traded the dysfunctional Kangaroo-ov for Mike Comrie
    -Offloading Radek Bonk
    -Signing Dean McAmmond

    Muck-a-luck bad moves
    -Signing an unproven starter Gerber for 3.7m/year
    -Signing Redden for 6.5 mil/year (too much) and not going for Chara
    -Basically giving a game breaking player Havlat away for an avg defencement and a prospect
    -For years this team has been critiqued for not having size, toughness, leadership, heart..etc, and his trade deadline moves are:
       -Pickup Smolinski (decent player but career playoff underachiever)
       -Tyler Arnason (had a reputation of being unmotivated/lazy yet still got him)
       -Petr Bondra (Ottawa doesn't need more flashy Europeans who don't get their nose dirty)
       -Greg de Vries (A rangers-overpaid underachieving d-man)
       -Vaclav Varada (decent scrappy player, but not really what was needed)
    -With possibly the best team on paper in 2005-06 season, when Hasek goes down fails to even pick up a quality starter as insurance and leaves rookie Emery to shoulder all the wait.
    -Picking up Freakin Saprykin, who is hardly used and qualifies him for next season at 1 mil.

    What Muckler never did but should have addressed:
    -2 years ago he should have signed Gary Roberts after the lockout, I refuse to believe he'd prefer to have gone to Florida had Ottawa offered the same amount.
    -with 2 big d-man redden/chara 1 year from UFA and neither in a rush to resign… they shoul d have made a blockbuster deal and shipped one out.
    -Has not done enough to fill Ottawa's one weakness in 5 years which is size+toughness+grit.

    Ultimately I think he's more of a liability than an asset, what's worse is he is very stubborn and will not admit he makes mistakes, ie if he makes a bad trade-deadline deal and the player didn't pan out (ie Saprykin or Smolinski) instead of cutting his loss's and save face he'll resign them. (kinda like the way the government works, if a project is going to fail instead of cutting your loss's throw ridiculous amounts of more money at it to "try" and fix the proble).

  10. cartino says:

    My Bad, meant to say YASHIN FOR SPEZZA+CHARA not HEatley

  11. leemon says:

    Thanks for saying marshall,Iknew it wasn't mucler and i was racking my brain trying to remember who came before him.

  12. mojo19 says:

    I disagree, the Gerber signing showed very little foresight.

    Yashin trade great! Heatley trade good cuz they save a couple bucks but they're only 3 years apart and neither would be at all considered old. So I wouldn't say that point has validity. And Hossa is a much more complete player than Heatley and they got DeVries in the trade too.

    And re-signing of Oleg Sapryken to 1.8 mil, making him the 16th guy on the payroll and an expensive spare part when they still needed to get 7 guys under contract with $4-6 mil including Emery. Stupid signing.

  13. maudsley says:

    Muckler has built a playoff ready team for a couple years(teams that could not beat the leafs). Hes a good GM, but why not get an alumni player like Glen Healy, who is  all around hockey smart. Either way we need some one different who has played in toronto and take this team to the cup, the only thing DumbyFerg has done is sign ridiculas contracts with no trade clauses. 
    A smart GM is a gm who will trade McCabe away to a desperate team with some money and get more skill for the money.  Trade broken Antropov and upgrade everything, clean house. Build  a team like Anahiem some key veterns and young players who will knock ppl out everygame, Either way there is a bad decision that JFJ is going to make, only hopefully with his dumb managing will get the 8th spot , with dumbyferg prolll only make it in by 1 point though.

  14. RealisticLeaf says:

    I completely agree. I have been sitting here thinking i would rather have JFJ then Muckler.

    Only thing i can say about Muckler is at least he will get Richard Peddie out of the GM's office.

    Richard Peddie is the real problem with the Leafs. This guy tries to run the Leafs and everyone knows it. That is why Bowman did not take the job(besides his loyalty to the Wings). The Leafs are too top heavy and anyone close to hockey knows it. The chain of command is impossible and the board of govenors only make the day to day functions that more hard to do.

    Yes Fletcher would be a better guy than Muckler for any millions of reasons. Fletcher is savy and makes much better deals then Muckler. That coupled with the decent drafting JFJ has done would be a better fit. If JFJ would actually keep a first round pick in the system.

    Someone mentioned Glen Healy. I think he would be a great guy as well as he has great hockey smarts. I know he is just a TV personality but look at the good John Davidson has done with the Blues bringing them back to respectability and making great deals for both Tkachuk and Guerin. The Blues have many great draft picks thanks to both the deals. I think Healy could step in and make the same kind of difference with the Leafs.

    A name I would like to throw out there is Neil Smith. This guy can flat out GM!! He has won a cup and last year when JFJ was overpaying the likes of Kubina and McCabe, Smith was getting bargains like Witt and Poti. He signed both of these players for what JFJ paid for McCabe alone. I believe Smith would also make a good "ADVISOR"… LOL(GM).

    I am sorry for being sarcastic but the Leafs have to get that ass Peddie out of the hockey operations before the team will ever be a cup contender. Look what happened to the Raptors after Peddie was told to get out of the operations by Colangelo. Any guy who is brought in has to have total run of the team for this to work. The Board and Peddie have to get their hands off the team. Too much politics is dragging the Leafs down.

  15. LEAF_FAN_1990 says:

    Mark Messier??  Steve Yzerman?? I know they're not experience but Yzerman proved that he can assemble a team….messier wants a front office job. Any one of these guys would be a upgrade over JFJ

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