Why Cliff Fletcher would be a better choice than John Muckler

All the talk about John Muckler coming to Toronto has got me concerned. I think this would be a bad decision and here is why. Muckler has made some bad decisions concerning his old club the Senators, he has left them in a pickle concerning the salary cap not looking towards the future at all. Martin Gerber was signed last summer for 3.5 million, the year before anyone close to hockey could see he was clearly not worth it, losing his job and when he did play letting in some bad goals. Now the sens can’t give him away. Zedeno Chara is another blunder. Tell me they couldn’t have used Chara against the hard charging Ducks. Not to mention Gary Roberts. Soon Redden will be a victim of poor Management and will have to be dealt.

Cliff Fletcher has been with the Leafs before, he knows how to handle the media and the pressures that come with the Leafs. He doesn’t want to be the domminating figure in the office and he garners a lot of respect amonst his peers and would be the ideal role model for JFJ. The combination of Fletchers savy with Fergusons youth and determination could be the right recipe for success.

Your thoughts?